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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2021 9:30pm-10:31pm CET

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as long. as we'll see. there's no use no love. for the word. doesn't. work using the word or the. i can't sleep. could soon. become a strong. in the u.k. 12 percent of the population has been vaccinated against the corona virus that includes all nursing in care homes in the country all one of the that makes the u.k. fast in rolling out vaccinations the fastest among major nations plus the european union and the pace here in the e.u. is painfully slow 2 percent of the french 2 and
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a half percent of germans have been vaccinated and it's already said you where i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. they were the special they really are and we've all heard the same to you one of our patterns in england it's important for the people of every country to understand that because it's just something. we want as many a strategy and that's ignited as quickly as possible just will continue to unless we do it at the same time what we need now is a supreme national focus on the next minute the supply of vaccines even if it feels like it's not in your interest rate is in your interest to get those people vaccinated in other countries. also coming up sick and tired of the walk down we'll take you to the netherlands where the resistance
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against the restrictions has turned violent the rioting and the looting here in the netherlands has stopped for now but boarded up shops like these service a constant reminder that the threat isn't over yet ok there is a problem as i say there is a prono fighters is there and it is a problem but the rules are to have it. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day caught in europe's vaccine war that is how some are describing the mixture of a. envy and animosity felt in varying degrees on both sides of the english channel tonight the u.k. full steam ahead with its corona virus vaccination and the e.u. with a vaccination train that has barely left the station for months continental europe watched as the pandemic pummeled the u.k. more than 100000 people there have died from cope at 19 national sorrow has come
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along with national speed among the large countries rolling out backs the nation programs the u.k. ranks number one here in the e.u. slow approval of the vaccines was followed by a supply shock the amount of vaccines being delivered dramatically smaller than expected here in germany where the 1st approved vaccine was developed the public mood has turned so sour that the health minister is not ruling out allowing vaccines from russia or china today german chancellor angela merkel convened a summit with the country's regional leaders a vaccination crisis some. mitchell knew not to and he european union decided against emergency approval we know that britain approved astra zeneca within 24 hour as this is about trust i think there were good reasons for the e.u. to stick to the approval by the european medicines agency which is not an emergency approval but to preliminary approval it has
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a different quality. for the teeth. in it and finally the european union negotiated for a very long time because of questions of liability to put the entire liability on the side of the e.u. and not to the manufacturers take some responsibility was a good decision by the european commission and a support the fact that there were long discussions about liability because if something were to happen it would be of major significance here in germany and in europe. if you know appears in enough and is there are let's pull in our political correspondents i mean you know he's been following this story for years so i mean we had a vaccination crisis summit do we have a vaccination crisis solution to not. what we've got a range of solutions brains and that's laws leigh because the government and the regional leaders he was speaking in this video conference today they say that
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germany should be able to put into circulation around 3 $122000000.00 doses of vaccine this year and that would be enough for the chancellor to fulfill have promise of offering vaccine to all adult germans by the end of the summer and us decide by the 21st of september so there's a lot of positive noises being made at the chance to remember lynn tonight saying that the 2 new vaccines that johnson and johnson cured back substances are also expected to come on on stream the government saying of course there's lots of problems and painful weeks ahead because right now there isn't enough vaccine for everybody in germany who's waiting to get it but they're putting some money up to help. the manufacturers ramp up production and also to provide the regional states with that certainty and reliability of supply the
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vaccines they were purchased by the european union the e.u. has directed the entire back to nation program so far so why hold a german banks a nation some. you know well my understanding is that the european commission was represented at this event some of its people were being detained but i think actually this is something was not about looking for what problems there have been in the process up to now it was really about looking for what is the way forward in the german context and politically it's really sensitive because some people law feeling bad of course vaccines are the way out of this pandemic that the way out of lockdowns the way back to school for kids and so on so politically the politicians don't want a repeat in future of the delays we're seeing that yeah that's very true i'm to take a listen to what the chancellor said this evening to reassure the public to let's
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then and doesn't see it from what the manufacturers told us today we can say that by the end of the 3rd quarter or by the end of the summer every citizen in germany will have been offered a vaccine stuff and if an abode cannot. simon how credible is this explanation do you think going to be with the german public. well i think this is what people are waiting for as i say there are there are difficulties it's an extremely complex process producing vaccines and the supply chains are incredibly complex involving a substances that have to be produced in the e.u. that leave the e.u. then returned to the e.u. and some of that was what the vaccine manufacturers who were also part of this conference today were explaining to the politicians but the angular medical said the government will put as much money as is needed to help them you know ramp
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up production and to deal with problems where they arise they also for instance want to make sure that when there is a lot of vaccine available they'll be able that people will be able to use it because you also need syringes you need bottles you need to refrigeration and other infrastructure so there are all these kind of if you like low level problems and then the chancellor and the other leaders we're dealing with today and i suppose it's it is about promoting confidence in the structures and they're saying a few more weeks really until the 2nd quarter we won't see really enough vaccine for all the people who have been told to expect some here in germany so i mean seen by the russians they may be coming and they may be bringing back scenes germany's health minister has not ruled out using russian and chinese vaccines to stop these supply shortage saying if the vaccines are proved in the european union germany
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should use them no matter where they come from russia's sputnik 5 is already in use in a number of countries because like stan started its vaccination drive today top health officials were the 1st to get the sputnik shot russia says if sputnik is approved in europe it can supply the european union with 100000000 doses in the 2nd. corder . simon to be clear here if germany were to distribute the russian vaccine it would set germany apart from other major industrialized countries and show the world that it was not capable of producing its own vaccine well are they talking about a european approval process so i suppose it with such vaccines would then potentially be used elsewhere as well i think politicians have been up front from the start is the process of generating vaccines isn't it but an international
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co-operative process and it's science led so if substances get the medical approvals and they will the safeguards have been observed there's no reason why they couldn't be used to having said that as i mentioned that the politicians today were really suggesting that you know germany will have the capacity it doesn't right now but it's ramping up massively and will soon be able to offer vaccines to all adults across the country w. so i mean young with the latest tonight here in berlin simon as always thank you. well the anger over the slow vaccination rollout here in europe it is rational and it's reasonable science was able to develop numerous effective vaccines at lightning speed a medical miracle so the thinking goes the world should be able to get that miracle the back seat from the web to people's arms quickly the 1st ration here in europe
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is surpassed only by fear the corona virus claimed more lives in january than in any month in the pandemic so far in the u.k. the number of coded deaths you see it right there 100000 last month the number of british civilians who were killed during the entire 2nd world war was 30000 less january was also the month when variants of the virus became what researchers are calling a game changer there's the british variant there's the south african varia and the brazilian variant now we don't know how many there are but we knew we do know that the variants are more contagious and perhaps more deadly the one european country where the viral variant appears to be getting the upper hand is portugal during one week in january the country had more infections and deaths per $100000.00 people that any country in the world for trickles viral monitoring agency predicting the
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british are very it will be responsible for 60 percent of all coded $1000.00 cases in the nation this month and despite these dangers despite the slow road out of vaccinations the calls for an end to lock downs are only getting louder. sound there takes us to the netherlands where protests against coronavirus restrictions have become violent 6. don't mistake this for a festival this is a protest and each of the participants showed up with their very own men. which there is no virus and you cannot stop the spread of an iris it's impossible so i find that the measures that the government takes a disproportionate so it's not a matter of that we deny coronado but we think there's a different way and. it's going too far at the moment the one thing that unites them is their discontent with how the dutch government is handling coronavirus for
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the 3rd time now this an authorized event has drawn different groups of people to the museum plain square and amsterdam police presence is high this afternoon and with reason. a week ago cities across the netherlands were overrun by protesters rioters attacked police said vehicles on fire and broke into shops 3 nights in a row and 9 o'clock curfew that was put in place by the government on january 23rd is believed to have triggered the protests the rioting and the looting here in the netherlands has stopped for now but boarded up shops like these serve as a constant reminder that the threat isn't over yet violent episodes like these shouldn't necessarily come as a surprise sociologist jacqueline french declan burke tells us we have to like a little bit a little bit and then there's closed and then that close and then sports was not allowed anymore and so on and chalk but that was never never a full package it might well be that eventually. people got
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extremely fucked up with it by the by the curfew being on top of it and you know in the netherlands freedom is a big thing. this man is worried about his freedoms as well. as one of the initiators of the protests at museum plane but because of last week's violence he's not participating today to underline his peaceful intentions he asked to meet us at the national monument for the victims of world war 2 the rules are too heavy for the problem ok there is a problem as i say there is a groan a fight is there and it is a problem but the rules are too heavy 14000 deaths people means 0.08 percent and if you see the problems we're having in the whole country. shops are dying it's terrible for everybody. and supporters want to see
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restrictions rolled back and they're good to government leave office following the elections in march. but with a majority of dutch people still in favor of both the government and its pandemic strategy this seems very unlikely to me why. across town riot police have cleared the square this protest might be over but the next one will follow suit. among other things that the united states is taking though. in this difficult. is that perhaps in this instance i. think it's a message to all countries in the region and countries who you know will be asked to respond or to consider what the appropriate response will be in reaction to the events that happened over the past couple of days. well me and maher woke to the news today that the military is seizing control of the country
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the move followed a landslide win by the country's civilian leader aung sun suu g.'s party in an election in november that the military claims was marred by fraud the takeover was announced in a statement aired on a military owned television station suit she has urged her supporters to not accept this and to protests against this coup. as you just heard there the white house offering condemnation of last night's military coup in me and maher and threatening sanctions against the country this is the 1st foreign policy flash point for the biden administration after 4 years of donald trump how much credibility does america have in the world when it preaches democracy and the rule of law let's pull in jonathan katz now from the german marshall fund in washington d.c. jonathan served as adviser at the u.s. state department and he was a foreign policy adviser on capitol hill johnson's going to have you back on the
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show the united states as you know has condemned the military coup in me and maher president biden is reportedly threatening sanctions economic sanctions there one thing how much of a moral force the does the u.s. have at the moment. well i think 1st and foremost the new administration president biden has is chemically to condemn what's taken place in burma let's not forget it was the obama administration with vice president biden that help move burma forward to her craddock lee several years ago so there's a lot of history and experience with the u.s. working with the current government force in the current government that's actually now jailed and so i think this administration is moving very quickly want to express its concerns and then expressing what options might be on the table if those that have been locked up are not release so i think there really quickly of
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course the issue of a president trump this the situation in burma looks an awful lot like you saw in the u.s. election where you had a free and fair election and then you had somebody trying to say this in this case it's the military and burma that it wasn't legitimate election so this new administration is doing the right thing we should have to allies and partners in the region and saying that it's going to stand up for democracy and this is critical early on in this administration to draw a line of the sand on this type of an issue the leader of mia more on song sujit she is a nobel peace laureate she once enjoyed tremendous goodwill in the international community she doesn't have that to lean on now does she. well i think you know we could debate whether or not the engagement over the last 4 years particularly the united states and others has been at the right level with her government obviously concerns about the writing about treatment and human rights
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should have been on the top of the list of concerns but right now what we're talking about is an election that took place. several weeks back in november what looked like a free and fair democratic election and in this case the military coming in and locking those people up because they don't like the results and what you have now is a diplomatic standoff in crisis there are wires u.s. attention but that of our european partners and issues partners and of course there is a china factor involved in this as well let me take you know for me a more to russia we've got the detainment in the imprisonment of crim ling critic alexina bolden talked to me about what if anything the bard did ministration can do to pressure president vladimir putin here. well they're ready you know and the 1st conversation that the president biden had with mr putin he put the no volley issue
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right on the table saying that he needs to be released this is a sea change from literally literally 2 weeks ago when president trouble wouldn't even raise this issue with his counterpart so what you're saying is increase u.s. political pressure there certainly the threat of sanctions if he's not released but there's also concerns longer term concerns about how mr putin is going to go about duma lections this year real concerns about fraud and so i think this administration may be looking at potentially targeting russians close too close to mr coote for sanctions that list is not exhaustive mr deval me and his people just within the last day produce a list of those that could be sanctionable i'm not saying that the u.s. should do this but it may be something that they should consider will talk to me let me pick up on this the stark difference that we're seeing now in terms of the u.s. state department the u.s. secretary of state and of course the white house reaction to these 2 crises
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compared to what we experienced when donald trump was president. yet i mean it's really night and day and you're seeing the u.s. under under president by his leadership under secretary of state like it moved very quickly to address these challenges previously you wouldn't see a direct reaction from president trump particularly to anything related to mr putin he stepped back and played in fact in many cases what what democrats or republicans felt was was the wrong role so i think there's a lot of people applauding this immediate effort to address these challenges and i get said you know this is sort of like trying to hide the sad issues that the u.s. is back on the global stage that we're going to be leading all of these issues and i think the conversation that president biden had with mr putin really laid out the marker particularly about interference in the united states whether we're talking
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about cyber issues whether we're talking about interference in elections but the president but also raise ukraine and number of key issues of concern to the united states directly so i think it's a it's a new day yeah i think it's a new administration but i think that the message that said to moscow to the united states particularly this president is aka stead for interference and for their efforts to harm us interests both in the united states and globally you know the difference and certainly remarkable to say the least john think outs with the german marshall fund joining us tonight from washington d.c. junkie we appreciate your time and your insights thank you. good to see. britain has begun offering citizens of hong kong a fast track to u.k. citizenship the move comes in response to china's controversial national security law and beijing's crackdown on protesters on congress with british national
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overseas status and their close family members are eligible for the visa but as you know when you show it shows until reports for some the path to a new future in the u.k. it remains an elusive one up until last summer looms wife and his 2 young children have never set foot in england now they've left their jobs their home and their loved ones back in hong kong to start a new life here in the u.k. . my parents they support communist. they will if. that means i have to live my mother but i have no choice i have those choice because of my children i have to raise them i have to let them know the truth they do have the right to live better. long says he's long been concerned about democratic freedoms in hong kong but it was beijing's decision last year to impose a sweeping national security law which proved the final straw. but we don't have
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freedom to speak we are just asking for something we already we should have we we are having before we start to think there is no future in hong kong hundreds of thousands of hong kong as are expected to follow you home and his family of the next year is a leap of faith made possible by new u.k. visa scheme it's open to those born before the british mandate or of hong kong to china in 1907 as well as their dependents you know if is some 5000000 hong kong as a pathway to citizenship. the loan it's a lifeline but the true test is still to come activists say there isn't enough infrastructure in place to support the arrivals and questions remain if the integration officials admit this is a work in progress clearly there are going to be some challenges there's a lot of work going on to make sure all of the essential things are in place around housing around how to settle and integrate and you know if children go get
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children in schools that some things are everything you would expect in terms of and now you bring people to settle china has slammed these are all for accusing the british government of meddling in internal offense while others in the u.k. say the scheme doesn't go far enough i welcome the government in providing a safe lifeboat to many hong kong ors but i do feel that those who are not eligible like me are a bit left out of the scheme douglas is active in the pro-democracy movement he fled hong kong after the security deal was introduced like many activists he was born after $997.00 and isn't eligible for the visa without his parents here alone his savings are running out and now so too this is tourist visa he'll soon have to leave the u.k. but with kofi travel restrictions in place around the world he and others like him a finding that doors a firmly closed. as we always say during protests no matter we go up or
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down we go together i hope that those who are eligible for be a know will think about those who are not and bear in mind that some are still struggling to find a safe place to settle. well the day is almost gone the conversation continues online every member no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow another day will see you they never.
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this is g.w. news from berlin tonight democracy enemy of maher the military seizes power declaring a state of emergency for at least a year soldiers have detained me here on songs who cheat western nations are condemning the us is 3 things sanctions also coming up tonight german chancellor angela merkel is defending the slow growth of vaccinations after
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a crisis meeting today with vaccine makers she is promising that everyone in germany who wants a shock will get one by the end of the summer. and vaccination sites in some eastern u.s. cities closed as a huge snowstorm. in new york city transport has ground to a halt as the city braces for a possibly record breaking amount of the white stuff. it's good to have you with us tonight from europe to the u.s. there is condemnation of last night's military coup in me and mark the army has seized power and imposed a year long state of emergency the move follows a landslide win by cheese party in an election that the military says was rigged soldiers have detained suchi and other members of her government in response he was
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president biden is reportedly threatening sanctions the united nations security council has called an emergency session for tuesday. off to the arrests the power grab military vehicles lined up in myanmar as capital make pete our soldiers now patrolling the streets a clear sign of who's in control. will this was the moment a member of parliament was whisked away in a pretty torn razor one of many from aung san suu cheese ruling national league for democracy or and party the door of her home is once more looks she previously spent nearly 15 years under house arrest in opposition to an earlier period of military rule in a statement suchi said i urge people not to accept this to respond and wholeheartedly to protest against the coup by the military not easy in myanmar but here in
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thailand me and mas ex-pats made their allegiances clear honoring suchi times burning photos of the country's most senior army chief. i'm terribly upset i've been crying all day be crying all day he's the bad guy how could he do something like this is that. while curry military supporters free flags in celebration on the streets of myanmar the coup is a setback for many others a little more than a decade after the country began its transition to democracy the army is back in charge. is it only now you know that you know that i feel the army assaulted all the people when it's states this you know when the civilian government a government is elected by the people. i not then you are our country's just a bird learning to fall for like you know all the army program wings yet give
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another go oh my god when i think about how. residents have been queuing at cash machines and rushing to stock up on essential as myanmar is catapulted into an uncertain future. oh a short while ago i asked the un special rapporteur on me amar tom andrews how the international community should respond to the coup in myanmar well number one strong strong voices of condemnation unequivocal statements with ject in what has gone on and we've seen that now across the world very strong statements coming in as you noted there is security council is going to be meeting and emergency session tomorrow i think it's really important that the words of condemnation as welcome as they are be followed up by by action and we're talking about about sanctions the imposition of the reimposition of of economic sanctions a arms embargo other options that the international community will have before it
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but it's very very clear that the international community up as an extraordinarily important role given the fact that democracy advocates as you mentioned political leaders government leaders but also democracy advocates human rights defenders they've been locked up and they've been silenced inside the country so it's a very important for the international community to not only speak but at outside of the country in a language that the need maher. will understand and we know from experience they understand the language of economic sanctions mr andrewes let me just ask you about the reports you prepared ahead of last november's election you accused the civilian government and the military of me and more of persecuting opposition supporters and protesters in that sense does the army have a point when they try to justify this to me the election was marred by your regularities. this is in any and every election that
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i'm aware of there have been issues there have been concerns and of course there's no exception here issues and concerns but the bottom line is is that you take the concerns you have the problems that you have the objections that you have about an election or anything else for that matter and you use a legal process to bring those concerns forward you don't overthrow of a fledgling democracy you don't assault an entire people with a military coup that is the point and it's the way in which they responded the illegal action that they've taken that really needs to be the focus of the world there have been some suggestions that maybe even former u.s. president donald trump's refusal to accept the u.s. presidential election results maybe that provided a playbook for dictators around the world do you think we're seeing that in action
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in me and mar now. well there was there wasn't a coup d'etat in the united states thank god and what we have in me in morrow ever is a very systematic lock up of people that believe in democracy that have been advancing human rights government leaders for months on and many of our colleagues in these pre-dawn raid the cutoff of communication and systematically throughout the country the lock up of leaders who could be mounting opposition are not on the streets. so this is a true coup d'etat they have locked this country down. and we've seen nothing like this certainly in the united states but what's important right now is that the united states the u.k. the e.u. the international community act in a coordinated fashion to address this outrageous action that was the u.n.
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special repertoire on me in march tom andrews talking with me a short while ago here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world delegates from libya are meeting today in geneva to choose an interim government for the north african country ahead of elections scheduled for the end of december the libyan political dialogue forum is being mediated by the united nations and aims to select transitional leaders by does coming friday turkish president richard tanya bear to one says he will discuss drafting a new constitution for turkey with his party's allies he criticizes the current constitution for containing traces of military influence in 20 transition to a presidential system which concentrated power in air to one's hands. well now to the coronavirus vaccine supply shock here in the european you get today
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german chancellor angela merkel met with the prime ministers of germany states and members of government as well as vaccine manufacturers the e.u. has faced criticism for the slow rollout of vaccinations across the continent one of the purposes of today's meeting was to look at ways to speed up the pace of vaccine distribution. for more now we want to take this to our political correspondent thomas sparrow good evening to you tomas so is there an outcome from this vaccine summit. it's not a big outcome but there is an outcome the conclusion from this summit is that they will be a new vaccine nation plan a national plan here in germany where the vaccine amounts and the distribution will be registered this according to german chancellor angela merkel to give more security to german regions that are then in charge of carrying out all those vaccinations in other words to inviting people who will then go to the specific
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centers to receive their vaccination this national plan is something that will be developed now to try and give more certainty and more security the 2nd issue also related to certainty on the security has to do with the doses that are going to be delivered to germany under merkel once again reiterated a big promise that she had made earlier saying that any german who would like to have a coronavirus vaccine will be able to have it by the end of the summer will be able to have at least have an offer to have a scene by the end of the summer this essentially means that germany now has what i'm going to describe as more predictability when it comes to the amount of vaccines of the country will be receiving in the next few months although officials clearly stated that in the next few weeks some shortages will still remain and we know that this vaccination road well this is a european union program and yet we've seen problems here in germany what's been
10:11 pm
the problem with germany's vaccination program. both elements are actually related so you can't understand the problems here in germany without understanding those bottlenecks at the european level the fact that the vaccine procurement was done under european level and that means that when there are difficulties with procurement when there are difficulties with receiving different vaccines and obviously this also means problems for the distribution at a local or at a regional level but it's not only about problems at the european level here in germany they have been also organization of problems they have been bureaucratic issues as well that german officials have been dealing with that have been an issue specifically at a local level and that's why this plan that has been announced this plan that is going to be developed should be able to give more security to local and regional authorities when it comes to the number of vaccines that they will be able to receive and how they then will be able to distribute those vaccine accordingly to the german population in 2 months today is the 1st day of february and here in
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germany we are still in the walk down health the want no working we're still in the lockdown that goes at least until the 14th of february may be extended for those are still discussions that are ongoing what is for sure is that the trend is positive when it comes to the number for example of daily cases or the number of daily deaths from coronavirus or the 7 day incidence rates you know there are many different ways of analyzing that but in general the trend is going in the right direction what is not necessarily going in the right direction the infections by those coronavirus variances is something that certainly is a matter of concern for german authorities and it will certainly be an issue that german authorities will be discussing when it comes to announcing what will come after february 14th whether the lockdown will actually be extended to be used to muster with or used or not you're in berlin thomas thank you. in the united states
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much of the east coast is being pummeled by a major winter storm that's causing widespread disruptions cities including new york and boston have suspended their coronavirus vaccination programs as they brace for what could be record breaking amounts of the white stuff. authorities started sending out winter storm warnings as the 1st flights began to fall on sunday night public bus and commuter rail services was suspended in many areas across the northeast of the usa thousands of flights were canceled and schools closed meaning disruption for daily life in new york city mayor bill de blasio said the snow meant the city's fight against kovac 19 would also have to go on hold. obviously the 1st thing to say is that the storm is disrupting our vaccination effort and we need to keep people safe we don't want folks especially seniors going out in unsafe conditions to get vaccinated shortly afterwards new york state governor andrew
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cuomo declared a state of emergency in the city and the 9 other counties he won't residents have a tough 2 days ahead if the storm reaches its maximum potential the white out could threaten the previous record snowfall set back in 2016 that storm sold the city pummeled with 70 centimeters of snow. but heavy snowfall and strong winds didn't deter many who were determined to make the most of the wintery conditions on monday . were it central park on a drive and the planned it is see until i get too tired have to go home. with officials urging people in the region to stay off the roads and avoid nonessential travel be either in the park or at home seems right now to be by far the best option. i would have to agree all right here's
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a reminder of the top story that we're following for you me and mars military has seized control of the country declaring in one your state of emergency soldiers have arrested leader aung sun suu kyi western leaders have condemned the coup and the u.s. is threatening sanctions the u.n. security council has called emerged. see meeting for tuesday. you're watching news up next is g w business news with stephen frears and stick around he will be right back. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get the maps now. imagine how many push the homeless us thrown out of the book
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right now climate change to fend off a story. face is one place the way from home just one week. how much worse can really get. we still have time to a. subset. of subscribers like those. silver surges as amateur traders pile into the precious metal the hype investing that drove shares of video game retailer game stop last week appears to have migrated but are commodities like silver really is easy to manipulate talk to our financial correspondent. also on the show german chancellor angela merkel says
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berlin will streamline coronavirus vaccination plans across the country as it tries to kick start slow rollout. and will look at the struggling eurostar rail service with a pandemic and brags that taking a bite can stake holders get it back on track. well welcome to the show i'm stephen beard. good to have you with us well silver appears to be the latest target of the game stop crowd that is the coordinated groups of retail investors who pushed that video game change to new heights last week the silver futures surged by 9 percent at the start of this week they've been driven a 6 month highs after users on reddit message boards organize an investment pile on retail investors say they want to deal of blow to big banks they accuse who they accuse of keeping silver prices artificially low but many others in the forums the night that there is a coordinated plan for silver trading. and with more on that we go to our financial
10:18 pm
correspondent in new york yen scored a yens good to see you how is wall street dealing with this new iteration of this hype investing from from retail traders. well i mean it's clearly fascinating to watch and you already mentioned the price of silver but also some of the silver mining companies were up here on monday by 20 percent. but as you have already hinted at it's not that easy to really manipulate the silver market and even some of those some credit investors as they are also partly called are actually warning their peers that they might be betting on a shake and so that could be pricey in the end it's also difficult to tell how much silver there is really out there on the market but clearly affects an aging development so that we also see it at the metal markets what's happening on wall
10:19 pm
street at the moment now you really the primary trading at behind a lot of this activity is robin hood. it's now seeing a surge of investments and incredible growth of users over the past few days does this mean that we can expect more of these kinds of investment campaigns in the future. well that's obviously what some of those investors up betting on because just here on monday robin hood received some new investments and the amount of almost $2500000000.00. by the way is also expected to go public in the next couple of a month if this trend is really going to stay it's not really clear yet and you hear that from some sources but also if we talk about robin hood in particular they've also been criticized from some of those new investors because
10:20 pm
they were limiting the trading off the game stop shares for instance so we could also see some anger piling up but yes those youngest those freshest investment rounds do show that a lot of people believe that all the craziness we've seen in the past couple of days might stay for a live longer and even if the craziness disappears maybe more people in general. to play around with stocks maybe even in the more sane manner than what we've seen of hoss copy of to us already doing financial correspondent yens corner keeping us up to date on that craziness from new york over germany now we're chancellor angela merkel said monday the berlin will streamline coronavirus vaccination plans in the country and that she still believes every german resident will have a chance to be vaccinated against the coronavirus by the end of summer their
10:21 pm
comments followed a so-called vaccination summit held monday with leaders of german states and events spurred by growing anger over the slow rollout of vaccines across the e.u. . germany's vaccination effort is off to a painfully slow start at this 3 some fear it will be 2 years before a majority of germans get the jap. it's a heavy blow for a country that one global praise for contain the virus and the 1st half of 2020 it wasn't supposed to be this way much larger quantities were ordered but vaccine manufacturers have fallen far behind on deliveries to both germany and the e.u. due to supply bottlenecks after sharp criticism from leaders companies are now working to make up the shortfall germany's biotech agreed monday to provide the e.u. with up to $75000000.00 additional doses in the 2nd quarter a day earlier british swedish company astra zeneca agreed to provide an extra
10:22 pm
$9000000.00 doses even so the e.u. is expected to get just half of the $80000000.00 doses it was promised by the end of march is good for we have made good progress sure we now have a difficult phase in february and march without a question and the 2nd quarter the johnson and johnson vaccine will also become available. and the pharmaceutical companies will have by then overcome the initial difficulties so we can then expect significantly more vaccine doses of all can. if wealthy countries like germany are having trouble securing back scenes poor countries are at an even bigger disadvantage according to public health experts they see what seated now as mass mobilization of manufacturing capacity are around the world. but this should really be a global global approach many of the large scale manufacturers are actually based in developing countries the production capacity that exists should be exploited now
10:23 pm
should now be used and there were a connection capacity can be built we need to make investments to make that happen . building out new facilities will take time patience and money a year into the corona virus pandemic those are in short supply. time now for a look at some of the other business stories making headlines russia says its economy shrank by 3 point one percent last year that's a smaller drop in the country's central bank have bank had previously forecast of the rostock statistics agency said the contraction was due to coronavirus lock downs and falling in a g. demand hitting the oil producing country. american automaker ford will use google's android as its main operating system in future models the 2 companies announcing the partnership monday almost 2 weeks after g.m. announced a partnership with microsoft silicon valley is making inroads into the u.s. auto industry the rising digital demands of autonomous and electric cars. u.s.
10:24 pm
electric car maker tesla is reportedly set to receive at least a 1000000000 euros in public funding from the german government that's according to business insider magazine the money is meant to finance the building of a battery cell factory near berlin. well 2021 was supposed to be the year that air travel began to take off again but with many vaccine campaigns lagging as we saw earlier the industry outlook is damning and airlines are now changing their forecasts. the easter season is known as a time of bringing the dead back to life after a dismal 2020 for the airline industry ryanair officials have set their sights on the spring for a similar resurrection now that optimistic timeline is being extended because an investor call the c.e.o. of ryanair pointed to what he called a dramatic recovery later in the year thanks to cover $1000.00 vaccination programs would you buy into the. reach of the. company is moving.
10:25 pm
some of these to the beach in portugal greece and italy and certainly there's a short repeat of demand. this reassessment comes after ryan air an ounce to its expecting its worst annual performance of ever with a forecasted loss of nearly a 1000000000 euros that would be 5 times worse than its previous worst year on record in 2009. but right here maintains that it's well positioned for future recovery given its focus on shorter continental flight at a time when especially long haul business travel has collapsed. well for many it's not just a cross channel connector but a symbol of cross cultural relations now eurostar the train line connecting the u.k. with europe is in need of help in the pandemic have taken a toll on passenger numbers are all sides ready to commit to a bailout it's. normally around 10 euro star trains arrive at paris is god nor station from london every day now it's just one brick sit in the pandemic of guilt
10:26 pm
the business of double whammy. the few people still travelling see this cross channel transport link is to porton to be allowed to fail. to get the whole if there are some financial difficulties at the moment i think that the service benefits the public so it's up to the government to ensure that it can survive they should really ensure that all the transport services are not affected by the crisis so there should be some government aid towards helping the likes of years star eurostar is heading for a crisis the company's leaders fear cove it will be the end of the line. and that's just one case i think shoals dogood in a situation is critical for eurostar the new hygiene regulations in the different countries which aren't the same between britain friends belgium the netherlands it's complicated the successes if they compete. passengers may agree that government should step up to the plate but what's not clear is how much funding different governments can pledge the french or the majority stake in eurostar have
10:27 pm
already open dialogue with the u.k. . oh yeah we're working with the english on aid mechanisms which would be proportional to each country's stake in eurostar. st pancras station in london. the british government is much less enthusiastic in its approach than the french. the government refused to comment but experts think that it will come to the party. if we are serious that we do want to stay friends with france and germany and belgium. that we oversee have to ensure that u.s. it its present form survives once again there are tuchman goes ahead to keep cross-channel relations on the rails. and finally you might think that alcohol sales will be up in 2020 given the lockdowns and the general mood german breweries
10:28 pm
however struggle their 2020 sales drop by 5.5 percent and with good reason when you think about it the lockdown mandated closures of bars restaurants and beer gardens put a major crimp in their sales cancellation of big events the biggest perhaps being germany's world famous october fest also did not help only retail sales did well with more people having a glass of beer at home. all right that's it for me and the business team here in berlin to check us out online dot com slash business i'm stephen beardsley thanks for watching. they dreamed more rights and more freedom freedom. than. cheap should women in the arab spring we thought in 2011 that will be going for way anyone. can study for liberation as told by 3
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courageous women teams of rap part 2. 60. pounds of virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this. just 3 of the topics covered and weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information. on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. science. it's about billions. it's about power. it's about the foundation of the new world order the silk road. to china wants to expand its influence with this trade network. but in general
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there's a sharp mornings whenever accept money from the new superpower will become dependent on the commission that. the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal the book and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status and position in the world took place china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th on d w. this is the news africa on the program today ending child labor that millions of children are being forced into working often at the expense of going to school so why are some apes fits pretty cool of the un's new ambitious goal to end child labor in 4 years time. and the siege of a hotel in the somalia camp.


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