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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2021 9:00am-9:15am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin and hope for hong kong citizens unwilling to live under chinese rule the u.k. opens a new visa scheme offering millions the chance to gain british citizenship london says it has a moral duty to the people of hong kong also on the show russia braces for more on the rest another day of planned protest authorities warned government opponents not to join mass rallies in support of the jailed opposition leader on the same level name. and in the just legal byron get their revenge against
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a side which trashed them earlier in the season will have all the goals as the bavarians stand up and i'm talking. america evan stephen thanks for joining me millions of hong kong residents are getting the chance to become british citizens the u.k. is offering a special new visa after china imposed a security law and crackdown on the territory's pro-democracy movement on kong was a british colony until its return to china in 1907 and the u.k. says the scheme fulfills a moral and historic commitment to the city's residents china has called at the visa offer a gross violation of its sovereignty. for more let's bring in
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w. correspondent phoebe kong who's in hong kong hello to you phebe so how has this you k. visa scheme been received in hong kong what have been the reactions there. well the reactions. from today hong kong residents who are as usual 4.4 b.n. a passport or a possible holders they can make appointments online to see if the application starting from today and 3 weeks later they think they can even the complete the procedures on like you anyone they fear for any kind of pressure to show up after it is chance late of the piso issuing center so britain is now really offering a very generous and easier path for from her residence to move the u.k. and to leave the city as far as i and we have spoken to some of the some of the residents who are willing to take the offer and move to do came through the new
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scheme they say they think this is a better option for them to leave the city because many of them they are not there this come to the with the current political situation especially after the implementation of the national security law and i think that ha ha it's no longer civil place for them to leave and especially to raise this children so for many citizens and especially the pows has says they think this would be a good power for them to leave to towards free ok so you mentioned the people who are just satisfied with the with the chinese treatment of hung congress say there's no future for their children but who are these people who are the most likely to actually go through with applying for a new u.k. visa and just how many people are we talking about. well
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the i mean the number is huge like currently hong kong there is 7500000 population in hong kong and over 5000000 of them are actually asked for for the a new u.k. citizenship scheme that means over 70 percent of the population as full for move to move to the u.k. . passports being being their passport holders dependents so we're talking about a large group of people and expect that in the next 5 years that at least 250000 people will. move to u.k. by doing so so i'm that effect will be significant but it helps that the group of people who are actually taking that offer is not only the activists and the politicians or the protesters but many of them are just all of them there is citizens and especially we see a lot of the past educated professionals people they are considering to move to
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leave the city and the peaceful protests who like even they are not facing any kind of charges but they think that the policy will change in a shop here of time for the middle class people they fear that the economic and also the social institution and the longest of all for their children and and their oil and both of them to build up their career so it's not only other protesters but the lashley of the on the resistance one not happy with the current situation and who feels out is no longer the place they were born and raised. reporting from hong kong thank you. it's to russia now where police are warning activists not to join protests in support of the jailed opposition leader alexei and a volley in security forces have sealed off parts of cities including st petersburg
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where a demonstrations are planned later on sunday nearly 4000 people have been detained at rallies since no one is arrest earlier this month. russian authorities are determined to prevent any repeat of the mass protests which followed the arrest of alec seen a valid need much of sin petersburg has been barricaded against demonstrations officials warn they will crack down hard on troublemakers but that is the only yes the living interior ministry and other loren foresman units will use all necessary means to ensure public order any violent action against offices or refusal to a pay their lawful orders will be prevented individuals who commit illegal acts will be detained and held accountable but he caught. a moscow court has ordered the valleys brother and several other supporters not to leave their homes they are alleged to have breached coronavirus rules during recent rallies nonsense say their
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lawyers. you'd use the only motivation behind this criminal case is to put all political activists under house arrest and forbid them from using the internet. in another twist russian t.v. has been to a building which the opposition claim is a multi-million dollar palace belonging to president vladimir putin state television says nothing more than a hotel is being built here and a leading business figure insists he is the owner. meanwhile security forces remain on high alert to deal with planned protests in st petersburg and elsewhere. here in germany chance or uncle americal has appealed for patients during the coronavirus lockdown schools shops restaurants and leisure facilities have been closed since december the government has been widely criticized for its slow roll out of vaccinations merkel has called for high level
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talks of vaccine makers on monday and is urging people to remain vigilant. to all of our efforts the infection rate is dropping. we are making progress but at the same time we must be mindful of the danger posed by the new highly contagious mutation of the full in the coming weeks we must proceed with caution we're not yet in a position to reopen schools and take us into is the more consistent we are now observing social distancing and following hygiene rules and wearing masks the sooner that will be possible again. well germany has tightened border controls for travelers from hotspots of new coronavirus variants including the u.k. portugal brazil and south africa the variant from south africa was discovered just
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6 weeks ago and has already spread to dozens of other countries at home the mutation is responsible for 9 out of 10 new cases so many are dead there's hardly room to bury them. the numbers speak quite loudly in itself and that is a clear indicator that there's something more serious happening in terms of. the mortality rate we are putting all our hopes on the vaccine official figures sure around 40000 have died from current virus in the rhine by night but the real number is likely to be much higher. the new south african variant of the virus accounts for the huge death toll scientists sorry it's not deadly but it easy extremely infectious many hospitals are completely overloaded. patients are being treated in tents and only after a long white bed stuff and ventilate is in short supply oh at the
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food you would think they voted before the 3 of them because those in the goods want to do for. someone must die very quick personal protection equipment is all side lacking among the dead hundreds of doctors and nurses who themselves became infected. and now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world. 8 afghan security personnel have been killed in attacks claimed by the taliban militant group a suicide bomber drove a vehicle loaded with explosives into an army base the u.s. planes the taliban are not sticking to commitments agreed to enter a peace deal. protesters march in the tunisian capital to denounce police abuses and to demand the release of demonstrators detained during recent rallies security forces have arrested more than a 1000 protesters this month alone one person died after being hit by a tear gas canister. well tens of thousands of people have joined protests against
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a proposed new security law in france police clash with demonstrators in the capital paris the legislation would criminalize so-called alicia's publication of photographs of police officer is civil rights campaigners and journalists want the measured to be scrapped. police and protesters face off in the heart of paris. scuffles broke out during fresh demonstrations against a draft security law that aims to increase police surveillance tools and limit the public's right to circulate images of police activities the government insists it's needed to protect officers but activists say it would prevent the exposure of police brutality. matters to be allowed to film police because we have a lot of problems with violence and then there is the use of drones and facial
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recognition during demonstrations it's not worthy of a lawful state like france. france has seen a serious of massive protests against its proposed security legislation the government said it would review the text which is due to be examined by the french senate in march but this weekend's protests were not all about the security bill many also used the chance to vent their frustration at the restrictions imposed to do to 1000 demonstrators included members of the anti-government yellow vests movement and activists calling for increased support for the cultural sector. in the western city of nonce scores of young people turned out to protest for their rights to party. another rally in fear turned into an open air raid. as the evening approached riots police intervened to enforce
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a 6 pm nationwide coronavirus curfew. a right to been asleep a soccer now and byron munich host of their engines opponents hoffenheim the visitors beat the reigning champions 41 earlier in the season but this time it was the other way around. by in munich with a case of the pre-game goes little did they know they'd have plenty more to smile about at the end of the match even though they needed a corner to finally break down often times defense not to mention the jumping skills of jerome boyd taking his head off on the back of the net to head by in the lead in the 38th minute a taste of what was to come thomas by n.z. 10 minutes later for his 10th goal of the season but not without the help of robert live and off ski sniffed the footwork. by and had barely finished celebrating
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when hoffenheim put one back just before half time thanks to andre crumb or a choice 13th goal of the season but that's as close as hoffenheim would get laver nasi made it 31 after just 57 minutes. king c c'mon with some slick play and the poland international finding himself in the right place at the right time. the floodgates had opened search cannot riyad it another to see a 41 victory for bye and a scoreline that might sound familiar as by an event therefore one loss against hoffenheim earlier in the season. all right let's take a. a look at all the latest results from the bundesliga as we just heard byron beat hoffenheim while dortmund and frankfurt both got 31 wins when you drew just like brave men and show them in saturday's late game like they beat liver coups then on friday stood guard beat mines and later on sunday cologne will who's be the
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fed and 1st dog will play freiburg. there watching w. news i'll be back at the top of the hour with another update for you in the meantime you can get lots more news and information on our website just go to u.w. dot com american and his team thanks for watching. on the old and i'm game did you know that 7 through. 4 killed world war i but it's not just you on a little suffering it's the environment if you want to know how it was when the priest a hunch was strange to us as we think through listening to our podcast on the dream .


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