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it is rather shaky the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal. and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status in position in the world view the fish if above was really. china's gateway to europe george feb 19th d.w. . this is the news and these are our top stories germany is imposing a travel ban on countries most affected by new coronavirus variance measure comes into effect on saturday and will remain until at least mid february early and says the restrictions on necessary to prevent infections starting sunday france will close its borders to non-essential arrivals from outside. the european commission has approved astra zeneca as corona virus vaccine for use
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across the e.u. after medical regulators gave the go ahead for use with people i think years and over astra zeneca as vaccine is the 3rd to win regulatory approval the e.u. is facing widespread criticism for the slow pace of its vaccine rollout. after a 13 year legal battle a dutch court has ordered the energy multinational shell to pay compensation for oil spills in the niger delta the case was brought by $4.00 nigerian farmers whose land was polluted the amount of compensation still hasn't been set shelton as the allegations and has blamed the leaks on sabotage. this is data news from but then you can follow us on twitter and instagram at the deadly news or visit our website to be found at d.w. dot com. the rabbits were in the european union and vaccine manufacturer astra zeneca took
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an ugly turn today as the world's largest trading bloc gave member states the power to ban the export of vaccines so what is the difference between this at a vaccine nationalism at the e.u. and the world health organization says it's such a bad thing i'm phil graham bell and this is the day. we think this is going east with increased production and knowledge we expect simpler to do it if we hoard votes and if we have a lot sharing. that will be sorry major problems that aim. to provide a stimulus lead was full transparency one i save it would be a catastrophe the more i'm feeling the protection and safety of our citizens piece of fruit and. it keeps the funding me better be.
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very mindful of fully committed and commitments and 3. very slow economic global economic recovery. also coming up the battle between small traders and the giants of wall street's but can anyone really win that's what it is it's the regular joes versus wall street and that's when i put money into it i said even if this goes to 0 and i lose everything i like being a part of it and that sentiment is shared amongst a lot a lot of people. welcome to the day will regulators have approved astra zeneca as corona virus vaccine for use in the european. union the european medicines agency gave the go ahead to begin inoculations in people over the age of 18 the approval comes amid a bitter dispute between the e.u.
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and astra zeneca over vaccine delivery delays the e.u. accuses the company of not fulfilling its contractual obligations the contract in question has now been made public. this contract is at the heart of an ongoing feud between the european commission and specter swedish family company astra zeneca over delays in vixen deliveries the e.u. has made the contract public but many of the crucial parts have been blacked out by astra zeneca a scandal so members of the european parliament from the from your column are simply not acceptable that pharmaceutical companies which gives a lot of european money to her experience miley. i'm not really. it's those who all of the information last week astra zeneca shocked e.u. states by announcing significant delays in its big scene deliveries to the bloc
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especially because the e.u. has paid hundreds of millions of yours to. because projection and because supplies to the u.k. do not face the same shortages the dispute prompted the use introduce the scheme so monitor vaccine experts but the e.u. commission emphasizes this is not an expert ban we're not in competition or in a race against any country the only race we are in is against the cyrus this comes as the block is facing criticism for its slow vaccine rollout so it is days are released that the vaccine has been recommended for use in the blog this by the difficulties with astra zeneca it's a 38 seen to gain approval. well let's have a closer look at this with tele mets who is a member of the european parliament for the green party and joins us from walks and welcome to the w. is the new right to introduce export controls on coronavirus vaccines.
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you know we're now in a situation where the order to kill match backs indows this for the european citizens and now suddenly just all littering astra zeneca says ok instead of 80 millions the are only able to give you certain millions at mom moment and you can commission said ok we have to take a little bit control of what's going on there so they want to see now they want to get resistor it where did those this promise today you can use and when did they go is it really that they have trouble it's in the production side it's do they give it to other countries because maybe they open now at the last moment about the price so that's why they say we want to see we want a registration where the x. sports out of the european union goes now so i think that's that's right thank you there is a contract that has been that. what you did what you just did there is outline the
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situation i was asking you if you think it is right for the e.u. to introduce these export controls on these coronavirus vaccines that they want to see where they go i think that there are you know lots and so it's an easy question to say yes or no is it right is it right for the e.u. to impose these controls. controls yes but we are not speaking about the band here we are in contrary to you peeing commission owners talk about silly darity but just that we get those dozes contracts that we made used to 6 from a surgical companies that the doses they say they would deliver in different cracow that they should deliver them right there so it's controls now but the whole point of controls is that the companies involved would have to ask permission in order for they vaccines to be exported outside of the block so if you have to ask
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permission that permission can be granted or denied so we'll come back to that point 1st i'd like you to listen to the world health organization director general speaking today if we hoard vaccines and if we have not sharing there will be sorry major problems one isolated it will be a catastrophe more than failure. and 2 it keeps the pandemic bettany and 3 very slow economic global economic recovery so today the e.u. gave member states the power to block exports of vaccine so how does that action square with the with dr ted ross's. view that
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vaccine nationalism is a bad and immoral thing. i think we have to understand really nobody is safe until everybody is safe so and there too to cover x. program we committed ourselves to solidarity so now we just want to see when a farmer citic a company says we are not able to live to deliver the crime to t.v. we promise we recommit to 2 in the contracts than it is derived of the european commission to see but where is the problem i didn't live outside. outside the european union of what's going on so they also have a notice also written in the parts of the contract of us cars in inca now also allowed to do some audits to really understand where the money goes but also to see what is the problem was not delivering and that's part of the just analyzing where
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is the problem when they say we can not deliver 80 millions but only certain millions they have the right ok i do have a good i just read what we get when you read that point i want to keep us moving has the a you have done a good job of coordinating europe's coronavirus rollout. i think in general they did a good job by disadvantages to cheer me mint yes that was a success compared to 2009 when we had displaying to what every country tried to have this medication is tax in so it's really a progress and the european commission showed that we can act together and that we can deal with better prices better conditions so on it's of course but now this lack of transparency it really is a it is it puts a shadow of bad dark light on dissent sisterly and that's definitely the pity because if you want you have to citizens that they have to trust in the vaccine but
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also to proceed years behind that you have to be transparent right ok you so what you seem to be saying is that the vaccine rollout is good because it was not as bad as it was the last major health emergency that it had to deal with but we see that it was what was it was signed something like 3 months after the u.k. and others assigned their deal the u.k. has rolled out 11.4 doses behoved people the u.s. has doled out 7 point one doses for 100 people the e.u. average is 2.3 do you stand by your assertion that the e.u. is handling this well. you know because we have out of conditions for example i simply did very strongly e.m.a.p. the european medication as you see did a very good job also by analyzing the clinical trials probably and that also when
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do you team news i'm sorry i don't want to interrupt you there because it's just you just what you just told me is that the a.m.a. did a very good job of doing their job that's their job i don't see why they get credit for doing their job and they did their job it took them a lot longer to do their job than it took them to a british medical aid is to do the same assessment and they the u.s. medical agencies or to come to the same conclusion. sorry to interrupt you did do you know to do the same assessment i don't know that i don't at all you know that each of you but each of those medical regulators has to pass those drugs as being fit for use for their people and their european benson's agency was much slower and took much longer than the british and the americans but you say they've done a good job no i just saying that that we have the principals i seen that in the u.k. in union for example also mega-state during the close of pliability negotiating the
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price and also considering the different to make to different analyzes of the clinical trials i have confidence that there would be m.h. was doing this job was a lot of scrutiny i'm not saying that the u.k. didn't but i know to fill out the thinned principles of the you've been union i know e.-m. a really weird 24 hours and 24 hour or so i think they did. the problem why they had gold about about liability and about price people died. i seemed it's not a question now of one week 02 weeks more and it makes now it's we need to have they have to negotiate very key of principles of liability date need to do with negotiating of course there were 27 member states around the table but i sync they did they did their very best and it's not not all week later oh yeah that's going
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to be such a big difference it's also that you have the need to lose this stick have to be done also in the different member states the complaining has to be done ok so it was it was do little to. thank you so much for joining us and making that clear to me mat's member of the european parliament for the green party thank you. for astra zeneca vaccine is one of 3 being used as part of britain's vaccination drive the country has one of the highest death tolls in the world but it's also making more progress than many other countries especially here in europe when it comes to inoculate ing its citizens they don't loose all that chelsea impel takes a closer look. this is the most advanced vaccine program in europe just like that this lady joins at the 7000000 people in the u.k.
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we've received the 1st days of the k. the vaccine the u.k. is on track to vaccinate some 15000000 people by the middle of february that's every one of the 70 care home residents and the clinically vulnerable as well as health and social care stuff. was quite happy to get it actually it was very nice the people were so friendly so polite. when i was happy it was dead easy to book on line lots of appointments very efficient it's a great program the government has undertaken and it's extremely rarely organized the u.k. started its funk scene rollout in early december it was the 1st who approved both finds a biotech and offered astra zeneca vaccines it since set up over 1400 sites with everything from cathedrals mosques and cinemas converted to rollout the scheme there's no doubt that the u.k.'s vaccination program is impressive just
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a cool feat but this is just one side of the u.k.'s 19 story well it might be leading the rest of europe in terms of the number of people being vaccinated it also has one of the highest death tolls in the world and that's a fact not lost on anybody here. over 100000 people have died in the u.k. in 28 days of a positive test that's more than the entire capacity of london's wembley football stadium. the emergence of a new more transmissible variant of the virus has further deepen the crisis it spread like wildfire across the country and left hospital struggling to cope numbers now harder than any other time we got a hand in this undamaged so the system is under massive stress we have can stop rationing is cancer treatments we're running in blood she crosses looking after it with corona virus and it also is associated with that is this desperate
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race between new variants and the vaccine that shaping the u.k.'s rollout strategy it's opting to leave up to 12 weeks between doses deviating from this 3 week camp trials by pfizer by giving some immunity to the maximum number of people authorities hope to cut fatalities and reduce pressure on the health service. professor rob it reads a member of the independent committee which approved the strategy under normal circumstances you must adhere to the regulated because all of our other these are not normal circumstances we have to birds in nature as many people as we can as quickly as we can and it's our judgment that by doing this home. the horror of that is that if we don't do this there will be considerable home through lost opportunity. but this strategy has its critics with some warning there isn't enough child data to support it all the u.k.
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rollouts off to a strong start this is a marathon not a sprint and potential hurdle still lay ahead but in a world where vaccine supply is becoming increasingly challenging those driving away today know that the lucky ones. are the world of finance has been turned on its head this week a small traders networking on social media sites like ready and facebook a talk on the might of the head. funs big gains in the share price of a company called game stock of led to big profits for some records hughes headaches for wall street giants well unpick what some are describing as a david versus goliath battle in just a moment 1st this report. this is game stop a brick and mortar retailer specializing in video games it's pretty popular with gamers even though much of the market has moved to streaming a trend that will likely continue threatening to put game stop out of business just
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like record stores and video rental chains some big time investors on wall street have foreseen this and try to make a buck on the obvious trend hedge funds have been short selling the stock which means they have borrowed shares and sold them hoping to later buy them back i don't know what price and that's where things got out of hand and gamers and hobby investors came together to go after wall street. yeah my name's column mccloughan i'm here in houston texas i'm 31 years old and i have been in the stock market for the better part of the last 10 years and i bought games stop earlier this week on tuesday when i saw some traction around in the wall street. read. wall street bets is an online forum way users discuss their big plan to buy up as many game stop she has this possible driving up the price and hurting those hedge
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funds who had bet against it their plan worked and looking at an insane rally in the stock price multibillion dollar hits funds found themselves in the squeeze quickly buying back shares to cut their losses among them high profile names like melvin capital citroen capital and point $72.00 asset management the total damage to the hitch funds over $5000000000.00 wall street cried foul and warned the new invest. about the danger of losing in the long run it turns out they already knew. that's what it is the regular joes versus wall street and. when i put money into it i said even if this goes to 0 and i lose everything i like being a part of it and that sentiment is shared amongst a lot a lot of people. so it's not only about money it's a david versus goliath fight that goliath might win after all under pressure
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trading platform robinhood which most game stop bias used has now limit to trading with the embattled shares sparking protests in the community and even on capitol hill. they were only given the option to sell and not given the option to purchase which would necessarily and or rather you know quite expectantly drive down the stock price you know i think it's i think they're just calling a lot of attention and and as i mentioned earlier the financial services committee is probably to look at it so it's off to another round as the future of game stop share is unclear as is the future of the company itself. let's get more from daniel winter from d.w. business welcome daniel so we're talking about short selling stocks this is borrowing shares at one price with the obligation to sell them back later at the market price and hoping that that price actually thought so you can make money by pocketing the difference and this is normal and perfectly legal it's normal and
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perfectly legal i mean it used to be the preserve of the pros because the trades are slightly more complicated and you can end up losing a lot of the of money if you're the trades go the other way if the stock price rises but now anyone can participate in short selling through apps like robin hood which has become famous through this whole game stop saga all right so we've got this group of small investors now involved in this why are they targeting short sellers well short sellers in general like i said anyone can participate in short selling but hedge funds tend to do the vast majority of short selling activity and some of them have an extremely bad reputation because they're known for being almost vulture like you could say targeting weak companies and then trying to distort information about them not in a way which is against the law but let's say emphasizing the downside in order to bring the reputation of this company down and so their trades end up giving them
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lots of money lots of profit in the end because that is sounds like the sort of thing that ought to be illegal it ought to be illegal for you to bad mouth a company so that you can drive its price down and make money out of it well you know but it depends in what kind of range you do it so if you make up facts about a company that is clearly illegal and the f.c.c. will be knocking on your door if you do that the securities as a securities and exchange commission in the united states which is the financial regulator there but if you simply emphasize a fact which is true then that's entirely up to you and there are good reasons for that because you may want for example as a short seller you may want to hold a board to account or something like that. they're not managing the company well so there is a there is a good side to that as well so why is this suddenly taking off now well there's a long history to a game stop on this particular forum which has caused all this excitement but recently a short selling hedge fund called citron research put out a document saying we think that game stop is worth half its current share price it
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was $40.00 they say it's worth 20 because they're betting that it will go down they put their research out there thinking people catch on to that but reddit is took that as an affront reddit is the web site where all of this this took off and they saw what citron did as generating pad pessimism for game stop now remember short selling can actually damage firms because if the price does head south that makes it difficult for a firm to be able to borrow against their shares in order to be able to fund let's say a turnaround of their fortunes but this is this is the thing which which is why i was so invested in this on reddit there's one particular user called keith gill who back in summer of 2019 invested $50000.00 on game stop betting that the price would go up. now thanks to all of this frenzy that's come out around a people of a getting behind him on reddit his initial investment is worth between $30.00 and
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$50000000.00 so he's winning on this even if the hedge funds $100.00 so the game still investors say the short sells of the bad guys. of u.s. regulators likely to take the same view it's really hard to say because what the f.c.c. is looking out for the regulator in the us is is there any market manipulation going on here now what the rules say is extremely fuzzy you can interpret it either way but the f.c.c. has released a statement and they say that they will protect investors identify and pursue wrongdoing which is extremely fuzzy but this is the key bit they say they will watch out for anyone who hinders traders ability to trade stocks now they're referring to the likes of robin hood which put a halt on orders in order to try and you know shore up their own particular finances so yes you see may be seen just as lightly as coming out on the side of
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the individual investor so those of us who aren't in the world we can lots of us will look at as a world good for the little guys give it to these both a billionaire hedge funders but this could come back and bite all of us couldn't it it could in a way yes so pension funds for example they can often invest in in hedge funds so they will use the money from your pension or my pension and put some of it into a hedge fund the hedge funds job is basically to make money no matter what happens on the market market goes up market goes down you make money now pension funds are meant to keep our pensions safe so they don't invest a lot of their overall amount of money that they're in charge of into hedge funds but still it will affect us in that kind of way but also if you look at the market more broadly so short sellers they have racked up their. expenses because of the likes of game stop and other bets which have been made by these people are completely burnt out that doesn't just mean that they news what they initially
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invested it racks up their costs massively now what the short sellers of have to do is they've had to sell all of their good bets the things that were going well in order to be able to cover the costs here and that means the overall market has gone down happened on wednesday we've seen it happen during the day today as well and that means if you're invested in some way in one of the broader index as the s. and p. 500 the dow or whatever then your investments going down as well aren't i understood that so i could argue for that you're very welcome daniel wilson from antediluvian . the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you can join us on twitter i've. use which will allow me to fill get hold of you have to use a hashtag of the day i was watching a good day. passengers
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