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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2021 2:03pm-2:30pm CET

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equally what legal experts i've been reading from have said is that the argument that best efforts to keep that timetable. that has been promised to e.u. member states is only a best effort and is not a firm commitment that legally that argument is not watertight so goes off on the line and said the contract was crystal clear and now apparently it is not well it is to still clear in terms of the timetables what it is not is that i can see because those parts have been by have been blackened out the key point for the commission is that they still wait from astra zeneca and another meeting is yet to be scheduled for that to to answer questions why actually the prepaid and pre-purchased vaccines that have been promised to the e.u. have not been delivered and also the questions where are these vaccines because you
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see the european union has spent hundreds of millions of euros in advance even before approval from the european medicines agency so that a vaccine can be produced so the moment it is approved it is there to be vaccinators so but that's also part of the problem astra's is supplying vaccine to the united kingdom isn't it. exactly and the argument of the european commission is that stress anika is a close call company that is producing not only in the e.u. but also in the u.k. also in india and that supply chain problems must then affect all those countries that are buying vaccines and europe is the biggest customer and it can't be that it's just europe that is carrying the burden just because the supply chain problem appears to be in a belgian factory but both are strong and the e.u. have said it's states in the contract that they respectively were right and now the redacted version of the contract that you have in front of you still doesn't shed
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any light on the core issues here why do you think this has all been redacted i think the key problem you get is that you it appears we have a company has been making promises to 2 sites and now it can't keep those promises on one side if it were to be the case that actually it's there's a 1st come 1st serve policy that the u.k. scattered 1st then that should have been marked in that contract if it were to be that vaccines that are produced in u.k. factories should be going to the u.k. 1st then it should be marked instead what this country does say is that there are 4 big factories producing those vaccines for europe and those include the factories in the u.k. so there's a lot of questions that that still need to be answered and what the e.u. commission is now trying to do is actually find a way out to get hands on those vaccines rather than pursue a legal lawsuit which would take obviously months and years what the u.a.e.
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you commission now hopes to achieve what by the way with a meeting for instance on sunday well all vaccine developers will sit together with it was a lot underline the head of the european commission and find a way how vaccines can be supplied so that everybody in europe profits from. this story is far from over. in brussels for us thank you. this astra zeneca vaccine is one of 3 being used as part of britain's vaccination drive the country has well the highest death tolls in the world but as we've said is also making more progress than many other countries especially here in europe when it comes to inoculating its citizens to. fill takes a closer look. this is the most advanced bank scene program in europe just like that this lady joins a to 7000000 people in the u.k. he received the 1st dose of a k. the vaccine the u.k.
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is on track to vaccinate some 15000000 people by the middle of february that's every one of the 70 care home residents and the clinically vulnerable as well as health and social can stuff. lovely was quite happy to get it actually it was very nice that people were so friendly so polite. when i was happy it was dead easy to work on line lots of appointments all very efficient it's a great program the government has undertaken and it's extremely rarely organized the u.k. started its funk scene rollout in early december it was the 1st who approved both the fines of biotech and offered astra zeneca vaccines it's since set up over $1400.00 sites with everything from cathedrals mosques and cinemas converted to roll out the scheme there's no doubt that the u.k.'s vaccination program is an impressive the just a cool feat but this is just one side of the u.k.'s 19 story well it might be
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leading the rest of europe in terms of the number of people being vaccinated it also has one of the highest death tolls in the world and that's a fact not lost on anybody here. over $100000.00 people have died in the u.k. within $28.00 days of a positive test that's more than the entire capacity of london's wembley football stadium. the emergence of a new more transmissible variant of the virus has further deepen the crisis it spread like wildfire across the country and left hospital struggling to cope with numbers now harder than any other time we've got a journalist i'm demick so the system is on the massive stress we have. operations cancer treatment we're running and she crosses might look after it was proud of our mission and also is associated with such is this desperate race between the new variant and the vaccine shaping the u.k.'s rollout strategy it's
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opting to leave up to 12 weeks between doses deviating from this 3 week camp trial by pfizer by giving some immunity to the maximum number of people authorities hope to cut fatalities and reduce pressure on the health service. professor rob it reads a member of the independent committee which approved this strategy under normal circumstances you must adhere to the regulated because all of our other these are not normal circumstances we have to bergson it as many people as we can as quickly as we can and it's our judgment that by doing this no harm is one population the corroboree of that is that if we don't do this there will be considerable harm through lost opportunity. but this strategy has its critics with some warning there isn't enough child data to support it all the u.k. rollouts off to a strong start this is a marathon not
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a sprint and potential hurdles still lay ahead but in a world where vaccine supply is becoming increasingly challenging those driving away today know that the lucky ones. it's good times have a look at some of the other developments in the global pandemic the makers of russia's sputnik venier vaccine have said they can provide 100000000 doses to the e.u. but hungary's so far the only country in the block to have approved the russian jobs and as of today also a covert vaccine made in china mexico has surpassed india as the country with the 3rd highest covered 19 death told over 155000 have died and the united nations has called the 2020 the worst year in tourism history with global losses of more than one trillion euros. well the united nations secretary general is calling the distribution of covert 19 vaccines a quote global emergency secretary general tony
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a good terrorist said more than 70000000 doses have been administered worldwide but fewer than 20000 of them are on the african continent he warns that while every country has the duty to protect its own people no country can afford to neglect the rest of the world for this is a global crisis cd. is free you get us all myths about fair distribution not only about money when you flog a fund get fair access to corona virus vaccines around the globe that's what the european union promised the world even before the 1st vaccine was approved the new has invested heavily in research and development and member states have put millions into helping poor nations acquire vaccines in the future but as the world scrambles to produce and distribute enough japs india and seems europe das come 1st if you can't help that's fine rundowns former host minister and years be
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a long while want tells me but then don't cast yourself as a savior be frank and say my people 1st don't lie to me and say we will be quote with so so because we start to prepare the we uplift it but we just see that. we cannot and. while the corona virus continues to spread rapidly in africa only a few countries there have begun immunizing their citizens each ordered vaccines from china for example and guinea is rolling out a russian vaccine these 2 world powers were quick of the mark of that deal they are practicing vaccine diplomacy for 2 army didn't they our foreign policy object but in the meantime we need to look at the outcomes why you know you feed our right to mitigate you know the access gap between poor and the rich nations why not
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even the europe's closest neighbors in the western balkans have here to see the block deliver on pledges to help here to chinese and russian vaccines are filling the void the european union have that they wanted their global public good they wanted to ensure a quick block that but we're just seeing even today and yesterday then you know suggesting or threatening that there might be export bans on the current of our thought in the e.u. and so obviously that's very concerning sign of the nationalism here and brussels officials say humanitarian vixen donations will be exempt from tougher export controls they promised help will come soon to say that the e.u. is not doing anything i think it's it's is really not correct that we are actually in discussion both with the member states but also with the pharmaceutical companies in order precisely to help this advance the you was quick to call for global cooperation against a pandemic but so far it's been too slow to live up to promises of global
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solidarity. well a certain toss look at this issue with an ameri of c. is a health policy adviser oxfam international joins me from the other white in the u.k. the report we just saw highlighted significant inequalities in vaccine distribution despite promises of the risk on trees to the contrary what's your take on this. right so just 9 months ago we were seeing well and leaders particularly you lisa is lining up to to declare that once we have an effective prevention and safe vaccine for private 19 it would be a global public goods but all research is the people's vaccine alliance finds that unfortunately. 9 out of 10 people in the poorest countries are set to miss out on a vaccine this year and we've got 2 very big interconnected problems here at the
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1st is that not enough vaccines are being made and the 2nd is that rich countries have bought up the vast majority that we have now this really doesn't need to be a competition between vaccinating people in jamey in france in the u.k. or the u.s. i'm getting the fact thing to malawi zambia or mexico if we fix that supply problem and to do that we need the pharmaceutical corporations to share that vaccine science and know how i met technology so that we can get more manufacturers on board across the globe to scale up the manufacturing fix that supply problem and if you like flood the world with a safe and effective vaccine so we can end this crisis as quickly as possible no you just mentioned if only people in certain countries are immunized can the virus ever be beaten. no the simple answer is is no time and if we if we don't fix that's why programme current predictions are that the poorest
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countries are set to miss out on sufficient doses to get to that critical herd immunity for perhaps years to come and the problem is is this if we have patchy access to the vaccine some countries getting it some countries time that means that the vaccine the virus is allowed to continue and that the greater the chance of those mutations that we are now seeing what that could also mean is that those mutations render the vaccines that we have and the vaccines that many people in the richer countries have already received less effective or ineffective and then we need to modify those vaccines and start again creating more and more delays so i think it's really important for people to understand that it's you know not only a moral obligation to ensure everyone in the on the planet has access to these vaccines but it's in the south interest of people in those richer countries because they know that public health and economic security will continue to be
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a risk as long as this pandemic continues. oxfam thank you very much for your input thank you. let's not have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world experts from the world health organization visited a hospital in the chinese city of one it was one of the 1st places to treat patients with the corona virus the team also said to visit the city's food market which is suspected of being the origin of the global counter. there's been a 4th night of unrest in the northern lebanese city of tripoli with protesters setting fire to cars and the government building they're angry about the combined effect of lebanon stick coronavirus lock down and the country's ongoing economic crisis. ordered an appeals court in the netherlands has ordered the british dutch all on gas company shell to pay compensation for damage caused by oil spills in the
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knees adult of the case was brought by 4 nigerian farmers who allege widespread pollution on their land. was. china will no longer recognize the british national overseas passport many hong kong residents hold beijing's move to revoke the documents realty comes after the british government recently announced it will open its doors to hong kong residents following china's clampdown on the territories freedoms. a gay couple has been caned in indonesia as conservative akshaye problems for having sex. each of the met men received nearly 80 lashes archie is the only region of indonesia that opposes islamic sharia law which outlaws homosexuality. now it's been called the david versus goliath battle on wall street the game stop
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frenzy as in a group of small investors buying a surge of stock and creating losses in the billions for hedge fund professionals but now there's. the online forums where this rebellion was coordinated after brokerage apps took action to stop it. they're placing their bets a group of small time speculators not professional traders have been coordinating the purchase of game stop stocks in online forums even though the retailer is virtually broke this has been causing share prices to skyrocket at the peak of the frenzy the stock had risen 2500 percent from its price at the start of the year played out that those who are pushing this year prices higher are on the winning side but those hedge funds that are short the stock. believe that the price will be going down are getting squeezed and so the concern is that we maybe we end up with some hedge funds that have financial difficulties. game stops rising share price
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has already caused problems for hedge funds and major investors who were banking on the firm stock dropping in value now every penny it increases by means a loss for the short sellers but on thursday the surgeon share price was halted when brokerage apps like robin hood barred users from buying game stop stocks a move that's left many small investors furious. more on that fury from robots from the w. business what have you and brokers like really not been saying why are they blocking trades in these companies now you know they've been very clear to point out that they haven't been you know got to buy dark market forces that want to stick it to the little guy i mean actually robin hood for a statement saying to be clear this was a risk management decision and was not made on the direction of the market makers we root to so what's behind this is the fact that brokerage apps like robin hood at times of market volatility particularly we're seeing with with game stock are
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required to give more money to what are called clearing houses these are the organizations the coordinate the transfer of cash between the buyers and sellers and also the movement of the shares the money that the brokerage has to put forward is kind of like a. security deposit security against the fact that maybe down the line the people who've been buying the shares won't be able to pay up from is robin hood was running out of money to be able to do this because it requires liquidity so it froze sales of these shares and in the meantime what it's done is it's been seeking extra credit and it's found more than a $1000000000.00 of extra credit so that when it does restart trading which is planning to do later restrict to trading but it's planning to restart it it will have enough money to give to the clearing houses do you think that absolute robin hood have. done a good job in communicating that to their customers but i've had discussions with
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my friends on facebook about the dark forces this well i would say they've not communicated it well enough to those who do still believe that this is a move by robin hood to do exactly the opposite of what robin hood being a little legend would do which is it take from the rich and give to the poor they say they are siding with the the big guys on this nephew areas about it but it's not just you know uses of apps like robin hood that i rang green as well we've got politicians in the night. states from both sides rip democrats and republicans saying that what the apps have done is unacceptable because while these small fry traders have been prevented from trading in stocks of the likes of game stop major traders hedge funds have been able to continue because they have the liquidity not because they have the liquidity but because they're not relying on these apps functioning and allowing them to sell into their own brokers would have the liquidity but it's just the fact that these small traders rely on these maps to actually carry out the transactions very briefly what's what's next in this saga
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well so we're going to see where the stock goes when the likes of robin hood do start to allow trading again on this whether they go up whether they go down we still get to see some more winners and losers in this group was from business thank you. well definitely a big step up for an ambitious project in argentina to reintroduce jackie was to the natural habitat female and her 2 cubs have been released to prowl the massive granny bear on national park it comes after years of conservation work to re wild the wetlands in the north east of the country q what cool relaxing did 70 years in the making ducks how long it's been since jackie was were last seen here in ne argentine is he below wetlands hunting and habitat loss drove them to local extinction after painstaking work by conservationists this adult female and her
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cubs were the 1st to be cats reintroduced to their natural habitat and they're settling in just fine. the 1st 20 days of going very well because the mother has established herself very quickly she's getting to know the territory bit by bit we've already recorded that she has killed and fed on several cappie barrier rodents in just jaguars are endangered across the americas but particularly so in argentina just 2 to 300 remain in the wild they're important to the ecosystem because they control price species and balance out the effect of other predators conservationists have spent years building up a huge park within these wetlands to do what's called rewilding the giant you are. the 1st time an attempt has been made to reintroduce a jaguar to a place where it had become extinct this is never been done before this over the
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next year more of these majestic felines will be released and it's hoped this project will lead to similar conservation if it's elsewhere too. so the world's top tennis stars have been let out of covert 19 quarantine ahead of next month's australian open. often a down over joke of agent crna williams among those stuck in australian hotels for 14 days but they were the lucky ones as they were able to train outside for 5 hours each day $72.00 other players had to undergo full quarantine with no auto practice after possibly being exposed to the virus on their flight to the country. masterpiece by the italian painter. fetched a record price for his work. in new york the painting sold for $80000000.00 that's $92000000.00 with commissions and fiends
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young man with a roundel is thought to depict a young nobleman showing off his own prize our possession a decorative medulla and bearing the image of a saint is considered one of but he chose his finest portrays it probably dates back to the 14 seventeen's or 38. you're watching news here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you the european union's fights to secure coronavirus vaccine supplies is intensifying today the you will outline plans to partially stop exports of vaccine doses produced in the e.u. the block is in a dispute with astra zeneca after it emerged that the drug maker would not be able to fulfill its delivery targets to the news. coming up next in the news asia a message to the u.s. and taiwan help chinese military incursions into tie with his territory are raising
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tensions in the region. and a proposed change in our immigration rules hong kong residents to political upheaval in the city. will have all these stories and a lot more after a short break that's it for me. that's for sure.
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national drama competition rivals marketing numbers atmosphere by at time intuition love money millionaires fans from 5 spams and found. on you tube joining us. we're all set to get to go beyond. government. take on the world
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just next day but every day. thousands of children still waiting for their delivery sponsor a box today so together we can deliver features. this is the w.'s a shark coming up today a message to the u.s. in the midst of rising china taiwan tensions. to contain china we shouldn't think possible. china also warns any push for taiwan's independence means war i asked an expert what on thursday u.s. and taiwan have to china's challenge plus.


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