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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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coincidence. that previously the earth was just messy chemistry. the improbable but. the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery there is a little. earth. starts feb 11th on t.w. . the game started frenzy ends the week with fury outrage among small investors after online brokers restricted the buying of the company's shaz so what will happen next in this wild ride on wall street. forum was consigned to online but that didn't stop major world leaders taking part we'll hear
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from the forums managing director. in the spanish town was a byword for the beach holidays but now benetton sandy shore life isn't. there some reports in berlin welcome to the program this week the goliath's of wall street have met that david the game stop shares frenzy has seen a surge of stock purchases by small investors lead to losses in the billions for hedge fund pros but now go on the online forums where this rebellion was coordinated after brokerage apps blocked any more trades. they're placing their bets a group of small time speculators not professional traders have been coordinating the purchase of game stop stocks in online forums even though the retailer is virtually broke this has been causing share prices to skyrocket at the peak of the frenzy the stock had risen 2500 percent from its price at the start of the year
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well it played out that those who are pushing the share prices higher are on the winning side but those hedge funds that are short the stock. believe that the price will be going down are getting squeezed and so i'm certain is that when maybe we end up with some hedge funds that have financial difficulties. game stops rising share price has already caused problems for hedge funds and major investors who were banking on the firm stock dropping in value now every penny it increases by no means a loss for the short sellers but on thursday the surgeon share price was halted when brokerage apps like robin hood barred users from buying game stop stocks a move that's left many small investors furious well let's get the latest on this from our financial correspondent ashutosh pandey joins us from frankfurt so why have the online brokerages felt the need to step in like this. well robin hood
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says it is trying to protect itself and also the customers from little itty typically during the time of wallet ilithyia the capital requirements for brokerages do go up which means that they have to keep boruc collateral with the settling companies the clearing houses and who's actually say that look we're not really sure whether your customers would be able to be able to make the commitment or would be able to honor the commitment when the prices for this particular thing goes down and that's the reason why they asked for walker lateral and that's what is happening here also but of course the traders are not happy and they are venting their fury online and they've blamed robin hood for siding with the of the financial elite just another day of trading to go on wall street this week where does it go from here. for one robinho that said that it
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is going to ease some of those buying restrictions it has in fact of built a watch just of more than $1000000000.00 to deal with any trade frenzy. when those restrictions are lifted but as far as the broader saga is concerned it's interesting to see how the hedge funds are going to react are they going to change their strategy as far as short selling is concerned how are the regulators are going to react because just on the face of it there's nothing illegal about what these retailers are doing they're coming together and actually taking a position in this company something that has funds have done in the past. monday and frank thanks for joining us. now time for a look at some of the other business stories that are making the news general motors says it's planning to phase out all gasoline and diesel engines by 2035 the largest u.s. car maker is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2040 g.m.
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sold around 2 and a half 1000000 vehicles in the u.s. last year only about $20000.00 of them were electric. they were germany's dime that had a surprisingly good 2020 despite the pandemic the mercedes car maker beat expectations with a profit of $6600000000.00 euros that's around 50 percent higher than the previous year it was boosted by 4th quarter sales in china and rising demand for hybrid cars . now the world economic forum is 50 years old this year but it wasn't bigger and better than ever before with the pandemic making in person gatherings a no go world leaders came together over the internet doubles hasn't been this quiet in decades no signs of the usual hustle and bustle instead a thick blanket of snow the locals like it that way. i enjoy it there are no greetings there is little traffic it is quiet there's fewer
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guests i would be happy to not have the w e f here anymore. i mean. you know it's really clear that everything is open not you know security checks a lot less people of course and like it you know. what the locals enjoy however is a painful sign of what has happened to the world over the course of the past year online world leaders offered their plans and solutions with regards to the ongoing pandemic and stressed that international cooperation is key to overcoming the crisis. she she she just how china will continue to take an active part in international cooperation on covert 19 containing the koran of ours is the most pressing task for the international community does the employee doesn't it we need to choose a multilateral approach
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a self isolating approach won't solve our problems we see that 1st of all on the question of vaccination since it's the root out of the pandemic and that's fearless and that's an option. people to lose but poor countries say wealthier nations are not looking for global solutions to the crisis and only thinking of themselves. we are all not safe in some countries. rocks ability to have people in other countries on the books in a team we all must act together in. a career not guard us because it affects all of us equally while global leaders can meet virtually to speak to each other the coronavirus pandemic reveals that international cooperation has many challenges politicians generally seem to put their own citizens 1st and businesses profit even when trying to solve a global crisis. but i've made
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a change since the last summit is the election of joe biden to the white house i asked adrian monk managing director of the world economic forum whether that has made any difference to the time this year a new administration means big changes for everyone and you know joe biden is no stranger to the world economic forum he's been with us as vice president a couple of times he's been to other meetings that we've held around the world so you know we know the president and you know we're looking forward to working with and we had john kerry his climate czar speaking this week on the plans that the united states has to really get back behind the wheel in terms of driving the agenda on climate change so i do think there's a whole number of different ways in which this administration will make a difference but it's not just the u.s. you know i think one of the things we've seen through the crisis is that every single major economy has a role to play and i think hearing from those leaders and seeing that we're now in
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very much a multi-polar world has been a big part of what travels this week online has been about. yes it has been online it's been without the private jets and all the trappings of a usual davos a green a divorce this year could this online to be us be here to stay. funnily enough you know you say that but actually private jet traffic into dallas is no more than a busy week in 0 fat in actual fact emissions in dabbles the town go down during dapples week so the air is cleaner pura a nice when we're in town that when the locals are left to themselves with buses cause everything running through the center of the lovely alpine town but it has made a difference to us in one very important why it's enabled us to bring in many many
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more people into these conversations and the impact on line has been enormous is something like 5 or 10 times the number of people who normally join in the world of me for my thing on 30000000 followers across social media that number has gone exponentially higher this week so it really has been for us a fantastic experiment not one we planned for but nonetheless a great experiment in bringing in new voices and really sharing what we're doing online. at your monk managing director of the world economic forum thank you for joining us on data we have business. now new figures show spain's economy contract had by 11 percent in 2022 a coronavirus pandemic took a devastating toll on various sectors including the country's crucial tourism industry and it's by no means over white beaches of the costa blanca a still empty. alone under the piles in been a dorm that's usually an impossible dream. but hotels are now either empty or
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closed completely more than 90 percent of all tourist accommodation has pulled down the shutters normally this 4 star hotel would be at 75 percent occupancy at this time of the year but now there are more employees than guests and the spanish government aid package is totally inadequate to keep the industry afloat. by. donors only deploying 3 percent of its g.d.p. to help us that's a lot lower than the e.u. average this has to change because brain can't function without its tourism industry the sector accounts for 20 percent of all jobs in spain making it the most important source of employment in the country. in the in play or their base. although businesses here are technically allowed to remain open many have thrown in the towel. no tourists means no income. to party strip of benetton particularly popular with british tourist has become
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a ghost town around 18000 jobs are on the line here. restaurant certainly signor garcia has put his entire staff on reduced hours he fears a wave of bankruptcies will sweep along the coast. that alter phones and other cash rich people will take advantage of this to buy up knock down prices what we've built up with a lot of effort the situation is very difficult. as we've got legal at this hotel the mood. similarly. they have more than 50000 euros in fixed costs that must be covered the owner has been forced to borrow money his entire hope rests on having a good summer season. tourism in europe can be revived but action must be taken immediately vaccinate faster the
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rising infections must be stopped and then with a little luck we'll be able to stop the summer well. but right now that seems an eternity away. in been a dorm they disinfecting the streets and the police up the trolling the waterfront boulevard i just tourist town will need a long time to fully recover from the coronavirus. me. check out our website. about. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. the latest research. information and context. around a virus update. on t w. has
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a virus spread. through the town. and. show is called spectrum and this information on the virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you. can also find us at. science. this is the plane this is the plane in gold mining north a lot of heavy reading. the white house finally has its own plan for distributing vaccines. 100000000 doses in a 100 days. the new president also wants 100 you back to nation centers.
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and when list scores of or type doctors trained nurses and medical students. we will get through this we will defeat is pandemic into a nation waiting for action let me be clear stand this poor help is on the way. the corona virus has infected and killed more people in the us than anywhere else in the world. or biden better get cracking close to half a 1000000 people have died in the united states officials are converting sports stadiums and grocery stores into vaccination centers mobile units are on their way to underserved areas the plan's ambitious but it needs to be surrounded by the coronavirus in her illustration it's all i think about visual artist sandra battleaxe expresses her feelings about the pandemic her biggest hope was getting
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a vaccine and the date was already set. when i got the appointment i called everyone i told everyone i thought it implying that i was there was like what a lot of but the new york city ran out of vaccine doses. i didn't know that it had been changed until i saw something on the news and some friends sent me things saying that they were canceling all the rest of the appointments on thursday personally no one emailed me no one called me she's one of at least 23000 people in new york city whose appointments were cancelled 15 vaccine have shut down over the weekend new york authorities blame the federal government new york blames the federal government. they said they had additional dosages in the rate that they would send they say will increase the supply. they never did this is one of the facts you have here in new york city had to close due to the
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vaccine supply shortages thousands of apartments had to be cancelled and many other parts of the us experiencing very similar problems the by the administration is under serious pressure to solve this problem quickly this is the plan better vaccine distribution is part of joe biden's coronavirus strategy. but he wants stronger federal coordinator in the entire vaccination process by contrast former president donald trump left most of the decisions up to the individual states experts warn current problems won't be solved without increased production. i think number one is increase maxine supply very very important motivate companies to accelerate the production of. could meet the demand. americans have high expectations. i mean my family for almost a year now. and i really want them to get vaccinated too so it's not just new york
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it's everywhere that. kind of problem so the federal government needs to step in but i think there's a lot of order that needs to take place in these testing and vaccination sites that are asking a lot of patient the people that people are going to wrap for more than days. center a bed lax appointment was rescheduled but after the last cancellation she's now much more skeptical and just like hoping that they're going to come through with the knowledge don't believe them anymore you know like i trusted them last week but not now it'll take more time until the vaccines free americans from the virus. how much time monaco gandhi is a professor of medicine and associate chief in the vision of hiv infectious diseases and global medicine at the university of california san francisco good to see you again monica attard how much longer do you think this will take this vaccine dr yes so we have been plagued by
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a many difficulties in the us with this transition of power but president biden has committed to purchasing 200000000 more doses which meant that we have 400 before supposedly 600 this enough to vaccinate the entire u.s. population with its huge oses and the current estimates are by the end of the summer so things are slower than we had hoped and anticipated in the united states what about his promise of 100000000 shots 100 days going to achieve that. we are not yet at that goal either but i actually think that that can happen i do think that can happen we he signed in what's called the national defense production act last week actually was one of his 1st executive orders when he came into office which allows more supplies in a sort of a war merchants they'd like situation to help produce more doses so we thought we
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had the doses and we didn't have the doses so i think the 100 is achievable biden also wants to release all available vaccine for immunization according to reports rather than withholding half of it for the 2nd doses trump planned how wise is that . i actually think that is a very good idea the image of necessity or the amount of alibi production that you get with a single dose is actually extremely high and of course we do need the 2nd dose that to ultimately what's required but increasing the duration between those 2 doses is likely to have no harm in the ultimate efficacy of the vaccine and the purpose is to get as many people some immunity as we can we have been the epicenter of the pandemic since march 26th the united states we have had the worst pandemic in the world so anything that we can do to increase vaccination rates is indicated if
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you're waiting though these these poor people who are waiting weeks to hear whether or not they're going to get that 2nd is how much longer can they wait. so i mean that 1st dose will at least give over the 1st couple weeks 52 percent efficacy be depending on the vaccine it can go up to each percent they can go up to 6 right now the c.d.c. is that 2nd dose can be given 6 weeks later for the there is no even though the trials are 3 in 4 weeks. in vaccines in general increasing the duration usually does not diminish the efficacy and word of urgency situation so this one dose strategy and then getting a 2nd later i actually think is biologically absolutely indicated the u.s. also wants to boost surveillance of new variants but critics call for a systematic nationwide strategy for sequencing the genomes of coronaviruses i mean
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don't you need to be able to act quickly on mutations. yeah the problem. with that is there's actually very little you can do about new variant in less they feed the vaccine so there are 3 things new variants can do they can increase transmissibility they can crease very limits and they can evade the vaccine luckily we haven't seen the latter to any great degree in and increasing surveillance does little in the us we can get the vaccine out into people's arms so if i were to focus on anything or focus on vaccine rollout look at certainly surveil will always be able to hopefully tweak the vaccine in the future if we must to evade the variants but the vaccine codes for the entire spike protein and these variants have little point we teach and along the rest i think we're focusing
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a lot of the variance when we should be just literally there's nothing more important than getting people meaning being it's this virus in this epicenter the pandemic really briefly if the u.s. does get its act together what sort of a difference can it make a broad buy by saying in the world health organization for example and back in kovacs to get vaccines to poor countries yes i completely agree that actually no country clearly is safe from crown of arson tell we have a whole world wide distribution of these vaccines so i think it's imperative to kovacs it's imperative to have other companies that patents. make sense not during an emergency this is an emergency and so with equitable distribution of vaccine we're never going to reach herd immunity without worldwide distribution monica gandhi university of california san francisco thank you very much for being on the show again thank you. derek williams
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a science correspondent has been looking at your questions on the coronavirus. what possible adverse events are they looking out fall asphyxia proofed and rolled out a notch number. temporary side effects like fatigue or headache or a slight fever are fairly common with many of the vaccines that have been launched but but around 70000000 people worldwide have received at least 1st doses so far and major adverse events remain extremely rare a handful of people per 1000000 have had serious allergic reactions after vaccination which is a side effect that occurs by the way occasionally with vaccines for other diseases as well but so far no deaths from an awful lactic shock have been linked to getting a covert vaccine in norway over 30 deaths recently among very
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frail elderly people that occurred soon after they received a shot might have been linked to their vaccination and authorities there have adjusted guidelines for the moment but only for that specific group a few isolated cases of facial paralysis usually temporary have also been reported but the experts say that any link they are is very tenuous monitoring systems are of course in place to to watch out for any other possible adverse effects that might not have been identified in trials for example anything that might be longer term moving forward authorities will be looking very closely to see whether for example certain rare auto immune disorders occur more frequently in people who've been vaccinated although there is current. really no evidence that
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the vaccines that have been authorized so far can actually have those effects in general experts are in wide agreement that with a few exceptions almost everyone should get vaccinated when they had the chance because the benefits simply far outweigh any potential risks. you heard it from derek williams i've been fizzling thanks for watching stay safe and say you against it.
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to the point shawn opinion is clear positions international perspective such. a real threats of bloody made putin found some commentary to say the kremlin suffuses critical legs are not found so who is he or courageous in kerry's moscow position leda to work opportunists writing
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a personal vendetta find out also the point showing to this point. which coming through from a spondee w. . in good shape there are pissed animals provide valuable support during crises something that dr legged cat and his dog slow already know dogs can be really heroes and life saved. that's what you say about that show short. what could any most do what doctors and nurses can't. even good. 90 minutes on. it's about billions. it's about our work. it's about the foundation of
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a new world order. the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network and so in europe the conflicts are inevitable the consequences unpredictable the can is the shaking of the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal for the finale to expanding and asserting its status and position in the world in the face of the bulge. china is promising its partners rich profits but in europe there's a sharp morning you could never accept money from the new superpower will become dependent on it. china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th on dope show.
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this is the news live from above it going to war over vaccines while the european union's vaccination drive is failing the dispute between the e.u. and pharma company astra zeneca escalate its accusations are flying back and forth it's no longer just a political issue it's deadly serious for millions of europeans waiting for their jobs.


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