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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2021 3:00pm-3:15pm CET

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this is a dublin news live from berlin today is international holocaust remembrance day 76 years after the liberation of the nazi concentration camp auschwitz world has called on to commemorate the 6000000 jews and others killed in the genocide. but also on the program. complains about vaccine delays the c e o of drugs manufacture astra's that goes on the offensive he says the company did not commit to a specific timetable for delivering vaccines to the e.u. calls for the contract to be published. and to football made in germany much in
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demand in the english premier league thomas to call takes the rights of chelsea and joining his fellow countrymen club in the top tier. and for gael welcome to the program. germany's parliament has marked international holocaust remembrance day remembering the 6000000 jews and other victims of naziism there's also got a version of the liberation of a nazi concentration camp at auschwitz. because you haven't leaders including the present front roughish dima on the chancellor angela merkel as well as representatives of the country's jewish community this year the ceremony also not 1700 years of jewish life in the country of the guest speakers was shot to not block a former head of germany central council of jews
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a survivor of the holocaust she describes a worrying resurgence of anti semitism in the country. it was in english because i don't need to present you with a timeline of anti semitic incidents in our country they take place openly blatantly almost daily conspiracy theories are becoming more and more popular once again anti semitism is bringing in votes it has become socially acceptable again from schools to coronavirus demonstrations and of course on the internet the hotbed of hate and abuse of all kinds it and that let's get more from the donors chief political correspondent melinda crane welcome milind auschwitz was liberated 76 years ago lifetimes ago for many people so it was today's commemoration therefore still a significant event. absolutely still a significant event because as we heard there anti-semitism is on the rise again in
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germany elsewhere also and the fact is that a key purpose of a commemoration like this of remembering the horrors of the past is to ensure that they're not repeated so this is the 25th time that this commemoration has been held and this year as you mentioned it's the most 1700 years of jewish life in germany and that i think serves as a reminder especially to the right wing nationalists who reject judaism as alien to germany the jews in fact have been here far longer than germany's been a nation state so it takes place at a moment of some urgency when as the president of the bundestag put it anti-semitism is once again rearing its ugly head and he the president of the bundestag referred to this commemoration as an opportunity to renew germany's commitment to protect its jewish citizens and what else did we hear from today speakers well we heard
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a consistent message focused on the ambivalence of jewish life in germany today on the one hand there is a diverse flourishing jewish community and at the same time members of that community are subject to threats and insults and live in fear some often longing for a normal see that they don't have the 88 year old head of the munich jewish community whom we heard in that earlier sound byte talked about her lifelong mission as being one of trying to translate coexistence into togetherness and both she and marina vice bond a young jewish immigrant to germany talked about the fact that the fight against hatred is an ongoing process so let's quickly hear shylock to cannot close stark warning that that process must begin with an effort to root out the hateful words that precede actions. this is no mean anderson it is the issue of anti semitism is bigger the motive here is on the surface if you want to get to the reach of hatred
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against jews you have to get to where it hits the very heart of society if and when acceptance of democratic values has been rejected and where insurance has been alone to fester for too loner under the guise of tolerance ski and if to speak up about poland with melinda crane shelton. clearly talking about the rise of the far right in germany some of whose members seem to be trying to diminish the significance of the holocaust under the guise of free speech absolutely in fact one of those who was sitting there listening to her speak one of the heads of the party has said that the holocaust and the nazi era were just 12 years a little speck in germany's glorious history a speck a kin to byrd done so in fact a lot of cannot laugh at the end of her remarks turned to the benches of that right
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wing party the a.f.d. and said quote i won't hide the fact that i am disturbed that you're sitting here we will fight for our germany you will fight for years that perhaps some of you are unaware of the footsteps you follow when that in fact you lost your fight 76 years ago of there a stark message to the right wing here in germany but perhaps elsewhere as well chief political correspondent melinda crane thank you and of course as each year passes fewer and fewer holocaust survivors remain to tell their stories one man who survived the concentration camp has been speaking to d.w. about his experience and about the importance of remembering. peter you hancox had a sheltered childhood in a jewish family in transylvania but it suddenly ended when he was 13 years old and
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. the germans occupied transylvania 1944. a short time later we were deported to auschwitz my entire family was murdered there through various coincidences or i can also say with god's help i stayed alive. his sister and mother were immediately killed in the auschwitz gas chambers. pretended he was older and was sent to various concentration camps for forced labor. for the persecution of the jews and that year in auschwitz. and cal furthering might have hardened or non me emotionally to have that i was no longer able to react to things as a normal person would. shortly before liberation got off managed to escape he
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later went to university built a career and started a family. with. the my wife and i lived together for 7 years before we got married. and i never talked about my past with her. sometimes i feel as if it were sunk in concrete. this is in cement. for this internet. but now it is important for him to talk about it and about anti semitism today that worries the 19 year old very much. of the store was sawing grape fruit from south america and israel a great fruit from john far i bought the ones from java not out of jewish solidarity but because they are better they taste better a lady behind me said don't part from jews. regrets that he can no longer go
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into schools as a contemporary witness due to the pandemic talking to young people brought him much joy yes we. are 90 now there aren't many survivors of my age left and i guess none of us will be left in 20 years or so it's good if it's recognised in schools and history books whom we see smooth it would be but you can't make the young generation and the next young generation and the one that follows them all responsible for it to be raised together. you can't do that all you can say is never forget the east. coast turn to other news and russia's lower house of parliament has approved the extension of the last remaining nuclear arms control pact with the united states the state duma voted unanimously to extend the new start treaty for 5 years the vote came a day after u.s.
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president joe biden and russian president vladimir putin reached a deal. so let's consider what this means with the w. correspondence and the show and moscow nato expert teri schultz in brussels welcome both of us start with you tell me show what does this tell us about russian and u.s. defense strategists. well phil what it means is that the long tradition of keeping nuclear negotiations separate from other aspects of the bilateral relationship is continuing under president biden both sides have have always acknowledged that regardless of how well or how poorly the bilateral relationship is going on many would say it is going quite badly at the moment you don't use your nuclear arsenals as leverage so i think all sides will welcome how quickly president putin and the
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russian duma acted to to extend the treaty after many months of torturous renegotiation efforts by the trumpet ministration and that said president biden has also been very methodical about bringing up his complaints about russian behavior at the same time as he hoped for this extension so it's pretty clear that he's signaling to the kremlin that he's not going to let these other issues drop and i would expect it's going to be a pretty rocky relationship from here on forward and this is extended without change or without significant isn't yeah that's how the treaty is written that it could be extended for another 5 years without change and one expert i spoke with in fact the woman who negotiated this treaty for the us a rose garden miller says the verification issues are quite strong and there have not been complaints among our arms control experts about russia fiddling around the edges of this treaty they're quite pleased with how compliance has gone and there
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wasn't a need for an extension in the use of many arms control experts it can be renegotiated now during the next 5 years and really show when in moscow president putin enjoyed a suspiciously warm relationship with donald trump how does he view president biden . well i think russian officials here in moscow certainly have no illusions and not very high expectations high hopes about how the u.s. russia relations will develop under the biden administration and in a way that sense of things was kind of confirmed yesterday in the phone call between putin and biden when biden brought up hacking he brought up the poisoning of opposition politicians in the making it clear that he would be kind of much tougher for including on human rights issues but the kremlin readout of the phone call also noted an open and businesslike tone and i think the hope here in moscow
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is that perhaps joe biden's administration will be stick to the rules more and in a way what we're seeing now with the extension of the treaty confirms that after all trump was actually kind of a disappointment for many here in the kremlin and in moscow he was seen as kind of a bull in the china shop you know destroying international treaties left and right and i think the hope here is despite the difficulties despite the tough tone that we're seeing from biden that he'll be much more predictable for the kremlin thank you. moscow to. brussels. take a look now at some of the stories making headlines around the world the chinese government says it flew warplanes near taiwan last weekend as a warning against foreign interference and separatist forces on the island taiwan scrambled military fighters on saturday and sunday to monitor a chinese aircraft inside its air defense identification zone. at least 53
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people were killed when a passenger bus and a fuel truck collided in court fire in western cameroon with r.t. say dozens of others were injured in the crash near the town of to shan and nearly 30 people are being treated for burns in nearby hospitals. united nations says cycler eloise affected a quarter of a 1000000 residents of the mozambique port city of beara and surrounding regions after making landfall last weekend a powerful storm brought to wrench the rain and strong winds up to 160 kilometers an hour destroying houses farmland and frighten infrastructure. the netherlands has seen a fortnight of protests against coronavirus lockdown measures over the latest arrest was more isolated than on previous nights the countries are 1st curfew since the 2nd world war came into effect on saturday as a precaution against the new virus strain 1st identified in the u.k. . now the c.e.o.
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of pharmaceutical company astra zeneca has told media that the firm is not legally tied to a particular delivery timeline when it comes to coverage 19 vaccines pascals soros comments came after the british swedish company announced a cut in supplies to the e.u. in the 1st quarter the european commission has publicly expressed frustration at the company over the holdup in take a closer look at this and other matters arising with dr. swamy nathen who's chief scientist for the world health organization joins us from geneva welcome to day w. but what do you make of this route well you know the fact.


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