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plate. this is due every news live from berlin the e.u. threatens retaliation after vaccine maker astra zeneca cuts its deliveries to the block the u. commission is now calling for controls of all vaccines manufactured in the e.u. before they are shipped abroad germany's health minister says it is not about europe being 1st it's about being fair. but i can tell german and u.s.
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citizens suspect scenes produced in europe are available all over the world but not in europe. also coming out of india's former stage mass protests on a national holiday they are demanding that the government drop the aquaculture reforms they say would destroy their livelihoods. and house democrats in the us deliver a single article of impeachment to the senate launching trial proceedings against donald trump for inciting and insurrection. i'm sumi so much going to it's good to have you with us the e.u. commission is calling for tighter controls on the exports of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine produced inside the block those calls come amid growing frustration at the vaccine. makers' decision to cut deliveries to e.u.
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members the company is blaming supply chain problems but brussels has accused it of failing to keep contractual promises all 27 e.u. countries are struggling with slow vaccine roll outs. this may sting a little but it's over in the blink of an eye getting vaccinated maybe a speedy affair with a vaccine rollouts across the you have proved painstakingly slow the blocks executive is pointing the finger at the pharmaceutical industry the european union wants the order and 3 finance doses to be delivered as soon as possible and we want our contract to be fully fulfilled that's the message for a vaccine developer astra zeneca the u.k. based firm recently announced it would be unable to fulfill its you orders in the it reach timeframe astra zeneca says that's down to supply problems in the e.u. possibly here at the belgium had quarter of
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a company that works with astra zeneca to deliver a key vaccine components the astra zeneca jap is due to get the green light from e.u. regulators in the coming days so last minute news of a 60 percent cut in delivery service came as a nasty shock to lawmakers here in brussels who governments have been rolling out the red carpet for the pharmaceutical company we do not have the vaccine thanks to them but thanks to populate funneling the public paid for the production capacity on the deal to secure supplies of the astra zeneca vaccine was an e.u. 1st that brought a big smile to the health commissioner's face back in august 2020 the bloc purchased 300000000 doses with the option to it 100000000 more in other words the european union is astra zeneca biggest client it paid hundreds of millions of euros upfront in order to ensure smooth production and supply but with promises unfulfilled the block is not
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a happy customer the big question is now where have all those 3 produced vaccine doses gone they may have been sold to the highest bidder elsewhere that's why physician and politician peter liza welcomes new ads that producers may soon be obliged to notify the e.u. before they export any kopechne 1000 vaccines outside the block. we want to cooperate but if. you don't play fair the european commission has to show their weapons and the 1st step is to register the 2nd step is an export ban pharma giant pfizer has also been in the firing line recently it too announced delays earlier this month citing production issues that its main site here in belgium produces say they're moving as fast as they can but in the race between vaccine and virus every delay could cost lives. that report from to give you scared matus and he joins us now from brussels for more hi garrick to help us understand this is the e.u.
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really implying here that astra zeneca been selling the use doses of this vaccine to someone else clearly izumi that is a concern here and if you look at the sheer numbers of vaccination you you can see that the u.k. has vaccinated for instance at 10 out of 100 residents where's the u.s. yet to reach 2 out of $100.00 residents 2 doses per $100.00 residents and so the concern clearly is has a vaccine been has the prepaid and brief funded vaccine that the u.a.e. you has died in the contract already been given to u.k. residents of course in the u.k. it's the approval has been given earlier in emergency approval and only a 1st vaccine dose is given so we have to see when the 2nd dose will be given so the u.k. is ahead but a concern clearly is is the u.k. had because they had their hands on more vaccine that were meant to be for the e.u.
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. what about this question of the export ban that you mentioned in your report that vaccine producers might have to notify the european union before exploiting how big of a difference can that make. well so far the u.k. france is not of affected by the supply cuts announced by astra zeneca and astra zeneca of course produces not only in the u.k. but also produces its vaccine in the e.u. and now with this transparency mechanism that the you suggesting is a clear signal to the industry that they are now ready to play hardball because of course what the you could do is say we will look exactly how much vaccine is being delivered into the u.k. or so elsewhere into the world to the u.s. for instance for in case of astra zeneca hasn't even started approval so nothing has been going there but the you can you can clearly monitor now where things are going and in case they have the feeling that too much is going there that should be
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going to europe they could even introduce a ban meanwhile there have been reports and german media that the astra zeneca vaccine is essentially ineffective for people over at the age of 65 and that really has stirred controversy can you tell us more about those claims clearly zoomie i'm not a medical expert so i can't exactly comment on that issue what i can tell you is that astra zeneca has disputed these rumors as they say and what i also can tell you is that in europe the medical agency is is now looking at tons of material from astra zeneca and what they will do is they will not give an emergency approval but the normal approval of fast approval and they will give a recommendation per each age group so we'll have to wait until the end of the week most likely that is when the approval from the european medical agency is expected . to be a scared not just reporting from brussels thank you so much well
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germany's health minister declined to comment on those reports about astra zeneca efficacy this morning but he has backed the e.u. calls for more export controls on back seems made in the bloc he told chief political editor michel it's about fairness. with me now is germany's health minister spawn mr spawn so well you know i asked the european union to implement a break just for the export of vaccine outside the european union is fence if and if and when they get it would be a good idea if companies had to obtain a license to export vaccines so that we can monitor which vaccine leaves the european union after having been produced or bottled in europe when i live licensing does not mean a bushel of exports but they are at least in need to be registered and approved and that will happen in many cases that it is approved we do not want to keep everything to ourselves but i want things to be fair so that when there are supply
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problems the impact is felt by everyone and not just by the european union this is an area where we are somewhat uncertain at the moment whether the consequences of problems in production evenly distributed. in the united states is following an america 1st policy ensuring that its u.s. citizen gets vaccinated before those exports take place does it do you know what to follow and you 1st start to see news and skip in the mail no i am talking about a fair share that we have a fair share of the material that we financed in advance after all in almost all contracts that the european union that go show that we invested hundreds of millions of euros in advance so that production capacities could be established so it is not a matter of being 1st it is a matter of being fair that is the point that i'm. but of course we as europe as
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the european union as the german federal government will always stressed that we are also thinking about the supply of vaccines to the rest of the world still. in the end we are developing vaccines here in europe in germany for the whole world that it is our goal that. others to come profit to soon as possible but one thing remains true icon told german and e.u. citizens that vaccines produced in europe are available all over the world but not in europe. and window but there's no new news minister spawn thank you very much for the interview ok let's get some more perspective on the story now we have rob watts from d.w. business with us hi rob we heard from the german health minister they are being pretty even handed on this question but we also have heard voices of real frustration and anger from the european union is that warranted. without doubt they are angry because what we're talking about here is a contract the e.u.
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has as young shawn was saying invested hundreds of millions in this particular vaccine it got in good in delhi back in august it was the 1st vaccine that the place in order for it gave its money over saying look astra zeneca you can take some risks here in developing this vaccine and then when you've got it ready you can get it to us as soon as we can approve it now if you believe what astra zeneca is apparently telling the which is that they've had problems getting the materials for their vaccine and that they've had problems with the mechanics at one of their plants then that's to some extent not under their control but if you believe what some e.u. officials clearly do believe and that astra zeneca is instead choosing to send its vaccines abroad to countries that are maybe willing to pay a bit more then yes the i suppose has a justification for being angry the italians are particularly angry because they're going to get this quarter less than half of the $8000000.00 vaccines that they were
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expecting in a concert far as to say that they're going to launch legal action against astra zeneca we may all see the same from the year this is all putting astra zeneca under a lot of pressure isn't it yann it's not the only pressure the they're under so we obviously as you've already discussed have the the questions a very it's efficacy among the over 60 five's but there are also discussions going on about the prices that astra zeneca is charging to different countries for example doesn't just produce them in europe it's vaccines it produces the more so in india and south africa has just placed an order for $1500000.00 doses from its indian factory and has been charged $5.25 for that now the e.u. is charge just over $2.00 per dose so south africa is being charged more than double what the is being charged so there are clearly questions to be answered over why wealthier nations appear to be paying less for this vaccine than less wealthy nations so the. various bottles being formed by astra zeneca a very interesting read watson did of your business thank you so much.
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to the netherlands where there has been a 2nd night of unrest sparked by a nationwide coronavirus curfew rioting and looting hit around 10 cities and police made at least 150 arrests authorities say coppa deniers and football hooligans are behind the protests which they are struggling to deal with. on monday riders in rotterdam fought more street battles with police. that were similar in harlem and in other cities too where protesters also vandalized buildings and shops authorities said they were mainly people in their teens. the country's prime minister condemned the violence. in the air supply. to begin with writing is on acceptable limits and that any normal person could only watch it with their votes you really wonder what got into those people that had nothing to do with protesting it's criminal violence and we will be treating it as such. the protests had begun
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peacefully over the weekend when people demonstrated against the continued lockdown and the country's 1st nightly curfew since world war 2 parliament had narrowly approved a measure because of the more infectious variant from england hitting the country. let's get a quick roundup of some headlines now from around the world at least 5 people have been arrested in sydney and otherwise largely peaceful australia day protests the holiday celebrates the date that a british fleet sailed into sydney harbor in 1788 to start a penal colony but thousands are rallied across the nation to condemn the mistreatment of indigenous people. and vietnam's ruling communist party has opened a 9 day congress in the capital hanoi to set the country's task for the next 5 years more than 1500 delegates are poised to select the country's future leaders communist party general secretary when few truong is expected to be chosen for a 3rd term and the country's top shot. in india's capital delhi several
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1000 angry farmers have been gathering in mass protests on one of the country's national holidays republic day some farmers breached barricades and clashed with police who fired tear gas to restrain them the protesters are demanding the government permanently scrap an agriculture reform that they say helps big companies at the expense of food producers for the farmers have been camping outside delhi for almost 2 months now. and let's go right to delhi get his numerous attacks while standing by for us there and it's good to see you so several thousands of farmers are demonstrating and you were just out there covering these protests tell us what you saw. the issues that have been seen on t.v. on streets and oil was lost to me as well as what we know starts out i've just matic and i'm expected this was supposed to be a peaceful protest that hat would be happen that was supposed to look
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pre-designated troops which were dreamed of on the daily glee's how well the bombers met against the decision that these protests should only start after but the public didn't really had concluded they started beforehand that kids we saw the calm was beaten medicaid's tear gas being deployed and they were jubilant when they successfully janel security forces from the streets because even why and security forces tried to stop on this there in such massive numbers that they failed to do so now to actually see the bomb was impeached sentient at least they would actually supposed to just do it with the benefit of betty and it plan to continue marching on their deeds to the i going to court of that yes but and despite pleas pressure the are not backing down and nimish it can you explain to us why these laws have made farmers so angry. i mean these people also bought stock in september as the bomb was floating protesting in their own. damn it's all in the not once the you have to get in
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a point because the elected government is more accurate in the air and english he's bought a lot for the 1st time with the promise to sell out late government as needed markets the farmers what do you think this is what the government control and existing trysts order has or then simply because the bomb was there now even to send to let the government think this can be beneficial up but the pharmacy that the government is in courts with the last documents and is simply trying to withdraw from its almost possibility and handle it remains to. well the farmers don't appear to be backing down so why is the government so intent on pushing these reforms through well you are becomes important to consider the perspective of the government the government is that these reforms are crucial to the aggregate just as india because they put the west and i'll promise to look at competitive prices instead of the place the government the government is trying to operate that you can actually access more profits as consequence of these costs it's also become
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a matter of trying to have an $11.00 johnson nicholas evasions but the bottom lines of each time he said he will is always the government is each try and i'd convince them that they're actually beneficial the strongest admonished for the bombers the strongest step back for the government was when decency of the government offered to suspend these gosport 18 months but the bomb was pushed back this and more to this awful and they said they would only back down when these laws that affect all right our correspondent reporting on those protests in the heart of delhi today thank you. italy's prime minister giuseppe conti is set to resign this morning after a small coalition partner pulled its ministers from his cabinet earlier this month the resignation would spare country a humiliating defeat in parliament and a vote on judicial reform slater this week but observers believe that after his resignation country will try to form a new government with broader parliamentary support let's get some insight into the
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story now journalist seymour got the standing by in rome hi sima explain this to us what led up to conscious decision to resign at this point well he did win that confidence vote in parliament just last week and that was as you said because matteo renzi a former prime minister the former florence cool the support of his tiny party the italian party from the government yanking his ministers from their triggering this crisis treaty and it led to that confidence what we saw there was that he got an absolute majority in the lower house of parliament but in the senate you only got a relative majority and so it was very clear from that point that it was going to be a struggle for condi to pass legislation to move forward with any policy agenda and when this judicial vote was expected later this week rather than risking defeated that he'd be the decision looking at the fact that he didn't have enough support
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support to eventually resign on tuesday what now for country will he be given a mandate to set up a new government. well the ball now is really in the court of the president that will last now he will be meeting with content and he expects that there are a couple of options more here 1st he could either offer her account to another mendi as well to form with a similar coalitional perhaps a different parties where he has more broad support alternatively he could also hold consultations with different parties to see where the support lies and figure out who could perhaps be a new leader will it be content will it be another political figure or will it be a technocrat leader too to see the country through what is a very difficult time it's dealing with a pandemic the option the last resort what most people say is possible elections now no one really wants an election as the country is dealing with the cold got it
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19 crisis of course and we'll have to see what he decides to see you mentioned it is a very difficult time with the pandemic just quickly if you can how is all of this political torm turmoil affecting the government's response. well it's leigh's dealing with more than 85000 people who have died because of kogut 90 you've got a lockdown in place in certain parts of the country so yeah restrictions a vaccination program that started is facing delays now in issues as well as dealing with new variant so really it's a lot of issues this couldn't happen in the worst possible time let's not forget e.t.s. had 66 governments since world war 2 but they've never had to deal with the situation the health crisis as well as economic crisis that the country is dealing with journalist himachal for speaking to us from rome thank you and more than 370 migrants have arrived in sicily after they were picked up off the libyan coast
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fire rescue ship most of the migrants are from subsaharan africa and many are unaccompanied children the ship's crew says it was a huge relief that they were given permission to dock. the ocean viking mirrored in august in sicily its latest rescue voyage behind it. after being tested for covert 19 survivors begin to disembark their voyage aboard ocean viking began after being lifted from these rubber dinghies the new passengers had left their homes in guinea sudan and sierra leone to cross to europe despite the improved transport they were still in for an unpleasant trip. if the naginata of the sunday was very difficult it was bad weather and rough seas people get seasick especially children. $165.00 children to be exact many of them unaccompanied 3 pregnant women were also one board. viking turned to italian and maltese authorities after calls to libyan
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officials went unheeded after a tense wait it was finally given clearance to dock in sicily know the migrants must be patient once more miners are to be held in the reception center for everyone else it's back aboard another ship in august the harbor where a period of quarantine awaits. in the u.s. and democrat lawmakers from the house of representatives have delivered the article of impeachment against former president donald trump to the senate that triggers preparations for in a pitchman trial which would be the 1st face by a u.s. president after leaving office trump is charged with inciting a violent mob of his supporters to attack the u.s. capitol and track previously faced impeachment in 2019 over his attempt to pressure ukraine for personal political gains but there were public and led senate at the time acquitted him our washington bureau chief in s. poll told us how u.s. senators democrats and republicans are viewing the upcoming impeachment. it's
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a decision that divides the country across party lines is it the right thing to attempt to convict former president donald trump for a historic 2nd time or is it only putting fuel in the fire to stir up even more anger and hate many democrats don't see any other option but i told him the former president accountable for inciting the interaction in the 6 of january even though the chances are slim that they will get enough support from republicans in the senate to convict trump and prevent him from running for office ever again most republicans just want to move past this impeachment trial and figure out the so called post world president biden is now in a tough position despite staying out of the impeachment process as a trial will hold up his political agenda last time it took $21.00 days
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until the trial came to an end nobody knows how long it'll take this time. to sailing now the round the world vendee globe yacht race is entering its final stretch boris how man is currently in 3rd place and is vying for the lead with the finish in france less than 2 days away how one of the 1st german to take part in the race he's known for taking environmental activists credit to across the atlantic but it hasn't all been smooth sailing for him he had a dangerous run in on the high seas with a container ship yet to convince the huge vessels captain to change course here's what he had to say about the incident as it were about that because right there to this very beginning was the guy. who half an hour 71 big thing you know there are my words that aboard my employer would.
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regard. dark non-student would be. right and in the bundesliga had to berlin have announced that they are hiring tall dark guy as their new can head coach this will be deiced 2nd stint at the helm for him to after serving as head coach for the berlin club for 4 years until 2019 catarrh are now dangerously near the relegation zone and will be hoping i can turn around their fortunes now the club sacked love idea on saturday. let's get a reminder now of our top stories the european union is stepping up pressure on vaccine maker astra zeneca accusing it of not delivering what it promised and threatening to block the e.u. made vaccine exports the company blamed its supply chain bottlenecks for its slow delivery of the coping 1000 back seeing. and indian farmers are gathering for mass
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protests on one of the country's national holidays republic day they are demanding the government scrap in agriculture before that they say helps big companies that expensive food producers their protests represent one of the biggest challenges so far to the authority of india's prime minister the renderer building. up next our documentary series close up takes us to egypt 10 years after the arab spring revolution to find out how female activists are fair to say to. the few.
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they dreamed of more right and more freedom freedom does not feed them. chips and women in the alice springs we fought in 2011 that will be going away to me we're going to. tell a story of a fight for liberation as told by 3 courageous with. a friend's apartment
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close up. millions for this law. the largest charity organisation is supporting people who are more to me. allegedly. in the whistleblower discloses a confidential document. the suspicion that the target is financing radical islamist. in 45 minutes on d w. why did this person lose his home. there are many answers above the. law
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but there is a mosque that can be done playing the but. make up your mind good luck w. me. in the small village where i grew up i think a girl should stay at home and raise children. but i think that girls have a right to their freedom. i believe that the situation in egypt was wrong and
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needed to be changed people have suffered a lot of injustice and have seen a lot of corruption.


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