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theme like. people didn't care the industry didn't care they continue to target their money and their resources to get people addicted so that they become wealthier. sweeten the world's tide because the markets no longer were growing in europe in
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the u.s. so coke and pepsi and all the clones all the local companies that do the same thing exploded their marketing and in low and middle income countries mexico was the 1st country to be colonized by these agribusiness conquerors. today 73 percent of the population is obese or overweight 10 percent have diabetes which has become the primary cause of death. that's in the attention of the whole world focused on mexico to figure out why the rate of obesity and overweight and sort of. sugary imperialists attacked one of mexico's greatest treasures its cuisine valued by unesco as part of our world heritage.
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the consumption of fruits and vegetables dropped by 30 percent for consumption of pizzas fallen by 50 percent in 20 years in 14 years consumption of sweetened beverages has grown by 40 percent. and make it in mexico there are one and a half 1000000 places to buy soft drinks and junk food. which. is for public health it's a criminal situation where the police are. nothing else. each mexican drinks a whopping $144.00 quarts of soda per year on the average a world record. in a country that elected a former coca-cola executive to the presidency challenging the food industry might appear to be impossible but not for a $100.00 qalqilya. is the perfect day for here we are in front of the ministry of
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health with a frankenstein symbolizing the monstrous obesity prevention policy created in collusion with the junk food and soft drink industry it's. kind of a small consumer advocacy group and the under organized the resistance. he found a precious ally within the health ministry itself simon baca a researcher and nutrition i do not have that 2 different visions are at war one is public interest health policy and the other is economic interest who is going to win us because we're right. it took 11 years of fierce struggle battling censors who rejected clip after clip before the researcher and the activist finally succeeded in taxing sodas and junk food in mexico. it was the 1st soda tax in north america east opposite to them what
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the tax was really effective because in the 2 years that followed consumption of smeaton beverages fell in mexico had been the world's largest consumer of soft drinks in with and it went down to 4th place where. encouraged by the success of the tax 20 associations joined the effort led by kelly oh and back era they demanded a nutritional labeling system and they also hope to raise the tax from 10 to 20 percent. apparently these demands were unacceptable to mysterious nameless opponents. your theme is i got a message on my mobile. a text with a link joy it clicked on the link. in me i would hear it took me to the website of mexico city's main funeral. they may think. those understood it is
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a death threat. cmon simon your daughter and they cited her name has had an automobile accident and she is at the hospital in critical condition for further information click here. so i mean your daughter is just had an accident it is very serious come quickly she's been taken here. police are still trying to identify the suspect who sent these threatening text. me now we live in paradoxical times other merchandise can easily cross borders endangering local producers and junk food is conquering the world barriers are raised to keep human beings out the. eat eat eat was yes 6 6. the revolution came from
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a country at america's southern tip chile despite the fact that for 30 years it has been the darling of free market enthusiastic the anti obesity movement is led by a senator. for years he has been fighting to dislodge his people from their ranks as 3rd world wide in overweight and obesity and if you don't get beyond you know i was called the devil in one newspaper editorial a devil persecuting those poor corporations they have tried to discredit us they have threatened us and assaulted us i miss you but if we were not intimidated by pinochet we will not be intimidated by the multinationals no matter how powerful they mean business. in the past several years senator greedo girardi a former pediatrician has attracted the industry's ire he has been a fearless crusader in public health protection. first he prayed to billionaire
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president sebastian pinera as official data then he had to overcome the industry's campaign to denigrate him. finally the law passed in 2016 it was the type of bomb agribusiness dreads most if one of them to be the 1st right we gain with this law is the right to know that we created labels that tell you at a glance whether the product contains excessive sugar salt fat or calories. in seconds you're informed if we wanted something a 6 year old child could understand. that if it were products that they're a warning label are banned from television commercials because we refuse to have trash advertised on television they're also banned from online advertising they cannot contain toys or stickers they are banned from using those sneaky ways to grab children's attention. to be with. the
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bully saying that your struggle in advertising violates the human rights of children and all the united nations treaties that are supposed to defend children's rights and health. we accuse these corporations of pedophilia because they abuse children that is why i have had extremely violent conflicts with some of them. what the industry argued that the legislation would be an effective and would penalize the poor but only 2 years after it would into effect a virtuous circle for. level a little piece of good news is that many of the products we thought it would be impossible to reformulate because the industry told us that it was technically impossible are now made with less sodium and less sugar. the industry itself says that 20 percent of its products have been reformulated for certain categories of products if the improvement is even greater from this viewpoint it really is
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a success. that they will say yes that would expose the. chemical level. in that same 18 month with 25 percent reduction in purchases of sugary beverages in chile that's unprecedented and we're saying large reduction of all the ultra processed junk foods as well. that is the 1st time we've saved the glimmer of a country that life changed the norms toward healthy eating. the chilean food revolution has inspired action in neighboring countries peru has instituted the same labels and iroquois is about to do so and dramatically mexico is joining them its new president and congress have just passed new legislation requiring the same
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kind of labeling was chilly when i did so well on the other side of the atlantic the contrast to striking europe's nutri score labeling is fairly tenet compared to the black labels in chile only a few countries have adopted it and it is not even mandatory. but is back in 20102011 the european union debated instituting a clear mandatory labeling system of course the corporations opposed the measure by their own admission they spent over 1000000000 euros lobbying to remove the mandatory stipulation. so students feel another winning strategy for corporate interests in germany has been to play the role of allies in the fight against obesity. this commercial produced by a supermarket chain promises a commitment to promoting healthy foods to help children make their dreams come true. but is it really wise to trust the industry.
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and a wave of overweight and obesity the size of a tsunami is headed for germany but politicians refuse to admit it yes it is hard to understand how such a highly developed country can be so backward when it comes to prevention at least as. does hurt him but the corporate lobbies are extremely powerful in germany and even today economic interest is invariably a higher priority than public health. the german government counts on the industry's ability to regulate itself it does not impose either taxes on sugary beverages or restrictions on advertising. it is estimated that by 2040 about 12000000 germans will have to have babies this is tragic.
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the challenges of our times are clustered in obesity. an explosion of chronic diseases in danger is health care systems. market leviathans limit action on government policy. capital intensive agriculture drives the junk food juggernaut. the whole sugar peddling mass market food industry wants to addict us to cheap empty calories that lead to chronic disease. let's refused to.
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is deja vu news live from berlin the u.k. sounds the alarm in the fight against covert 19 prime minister bars johnson says there's evidence to corona virus variants 1st identified in the u.k. could be deadlier as well as more infectious. and another setback drug maker astra zeneca warns it will fall short on delivering supplies of its fox seemed to the european union to coming up in sports news. gold school or as club put a dent indorsements been listening to title hopes and
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a thrill. of the forests. i'm powerful yes welcome to the program we begin in the united kingdom with disturbing news about the new coronavirus variant at that was 1st detected there last month prime minister barres johnson says there is evidence there that as well as spreading faster the mutation is also more deadly let's hear what he and his top scientific adviser had to say. i must tell you the softer mood that we've been informed today that in addition to spreading more quickly it also appears that there is some evidence that the new variant the very that was 1st identified in london in the scythe east may be associated with
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a higher degree of mortality if you took somebody in the sixty's a man in the sixty's the average risk is that for a 1000 people who got infected roughly 10 would be expected to unfortunately die with the virus. with the new variant for a 1000 people inflicted roughly 13 or 14 people might be expected to dog well tough restrictions are already in place across the u.k. but will the government now be looking at ways to tighten the measures even more w. correspondent very good mass this report from the prime minister says that already we are in quite a severe lockdown only essential travel is allowed schools are closed however we know from data that there is actually more mobility people are travelling more around who are then in the fast locked and so i think this debate as to whether
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they need to be more restrictions or whether they need to be tough and forstmann by the police for example more fines tougher fines whether this has to be the case i think these questions will continue to be asked also here there is a debate as to how britain can protect itself from other new variants for example from south africa where there is a debate that very and that might be less susceptible to the vaccine so this debate is taking place all all over europe and the u.k. position is also that here we have quite a successful vaccination program of over over 7 percent of the population have already been vaccinated so that the u.k. is also looking to the future and is hoping that this will be successful and i think people are already quite worried because not only is there now the possibility that this virus is more deadly but really know for sure that it's more
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easily transmissible if you walk around where i am and london the streets are pretty empty so people are taking this seriously and particularly vulnerable people i have a friend for example who used to be quite pragmatic about it but now she's shielding completely so. so i think people are definitely worried about this this is the state of the affairs and especially when you also look at the hospitals that are at capacity or maybe even overwhelmed and parts of london the southeast so yes it's a severe situation in the u.k. of the moment. europe's coronavirus vaccination rollout is facing a major setback drug maker astra zeneca has told the european commission that it won't be able to deliver the agreed volumes of its covert 19 vaccine astra zeneca which developed its vaccine with oxford university said it would cut initial deliveries to the e.u.
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by 60 percent the company was expected to supply about $18000000.00 doses by the end of march it's blaming the reduction on production problems at a factory in belgium the vaccine has yet to be approved for use in the european union. well the reporter joel dole roy has been following this closely welcome to the program joel so how is this expected to affect the rollout of that the european union's the countries in the e.u.'s vaccination plans well the european commission has said it is deeply dissatisfied with us for zeneca over this unexpected announcement and it is now damali that the country given a precise share jule for delivery sort of its countries can adjust their vaccination programs deliveries were expected to start within around 8 weeks and astra zeneca insists that that won't change however supply will down by around 60 percent and that of course is left europe is a very unhappy customer the block has paid over $300000000.00 euros in advance for
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these shots and now it's only going to be getting them at a very reduced rate of course rituals are of the it's going to have a cost in lives to now this particular vaccine has not yet been approved that approval is expected to come later next week however countries that already factored in supply into the program so inevitably there will be delays well astra zeneca actually isn't the only drug maker to tell europe that it can't deliver as planned right now so the early of this week we heard from pfizer the u.s. drug maker they are also cutting deliveries to europe they say this is necessary in order to upgrade their product. and facilities where they are producing the vaccine that has been developed alongside the german company by own take as a result several countries are receiving less than 50 percent of their expected doses this week and 2 countries is only in poland threatening pfizer with legal action over those delays one country croatia said it is stopping all new in
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occupations because you can't deliver the 1st dose unless you show when the 2nd one will come along and this comes at a time when europe is already under performing on its expected to nation programs while in the united states they have an ocular added around 8 percent of the population here in europe they've only reached around one percent so certainly is a lot of pressure it in the us for sure so far europe has only approved 2 vaccines right at made by european or u.s. companies what about those other vaccines from that we're hearing about from china and russia so the europeans medicines regulators currently considering the russian vaccine sputnik v but one a u country said it cannot wait and it has gone ahead and ordered $2000000.00 doses that country is hungry the leader from hungary viktor orban said if there is no vaccine coming from the european union let it come from elsewhere so you can see how this is also becoming a geo political issue we've been talking this whole time about europe but let's not also forget the rest of the world because there are some countries where they have not received any vaccines whatsoever and kovacs which is the program designed to
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help share out vaccines equitably across the world is only going to stop deliveries in february so while here in europe there's been a slowdown we really should be happy that we're getting any vaccines at all and he showed indeed chilled oldroyd thanks for that update for you. president joe biden is warning that the economic crisis in the united states is deepening he says that decisive and bold action is needed to help struggling families biden made the comments as he signed an economic release program at the white house he's now looking for support for his 2 trillion dollar plan from both liberal and conservative economists biden maintains the package will strengthen an economy battered by the pandemic we're going to finish the job of getting a total of $2000.00 in direct payments to folks $600.00 which is already passed is simply not enough if you still have to choose between paying your rig putting food
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on the table will extend unemployment insurance benefits for millions of workers beyond the deadline that's now said it means that 60000000 americans who are currently relying on unemployment benefits while they look for work can count on these checks continuing to be there in the middle of this crisis. while washington correspondents cut only night she more has more on this story for us hi kyra nina now how is joe biden planning to address what he calls a deepening economic crisis. well there are 3 if he announced today probably he signed this 2 executive orders and he also sent a bill to congress requesting a $1.00 a last 2 trillion dollars economic rescue plan and this includes increasing the amount of food stamps for example for americans that cannot put any food on their table to give you a bit of context the current statistics show that one in 7 families don't have
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enough food in this country and this is the case specially among the black community and also the latino community and this also includes a financial relief of $2000.00 for each american citizen we already heard president biden saying that but we should say that a financial relief $600.00 per person has already been passed by congress last year so this would be the 'd remaining amount to complete those 2000 this is specially meant for the families that can't pay their rents anymore or the americans who have lost their job due to the pandemic these are the executive orders we don't know if the bill is going to pass the congress so it's safe to say that joe biden's agenda is pretty full for the start of his presidency he's got plenty to deal with there but also we can't forget that on friday of course the speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi confirms that the former president article of impeachment will be delivered to the senate about triggers the senate trial that
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one impact made on joe biden's plans. yes that's sort them everyone asks here and biden made it very clear that he is leaving the impeachment and the trial to congress that they should decide and he wants to focus on his priority number one and that would be the fight against the pandemic here in the united states the white house press secretary was asked today about whether this could delay of the trial could delay the other decisions in the senate like for example this rescue bill or the comparing of the cabinet that has also to become free of the different pics that biden made and she said the president by the believes that decided should be able to multitask on the trial and also tackle present guidance early agenda so the senate also still has to come fair some of the pigs and well we'll have to see if they can really multitask or not.
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we'll have to we'll find there pretty soon. in washington frontrunner. hong kong has ordered thousands of residents into lockdown for compulsory covert 19 testing around 70 buildings are in the densely populated restricted area on peninsula poor plumbing and ventilation may be partly to blame the lockdown is hong kong's harshest restriction so far the government says people must stay at home until everyone has been tested authorities have been battling a fresh wave of infections since november. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world dramatic pictures show threatening storm clouds rolling in over j. that province in northern spain lightning heavy rain and strong winds battered the catalonia region the market square in one town suffered extensive damage as the
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fast moving storm swept through no injuries were reported. a rare portrayed by the renaissance old master sandro but the challenge is set to fetch as much as $100000000.00 the work they did to $1418.00 is titled young man holding a roundel the painting is the star attraction at an art auction in new york next week. the sports news and in the bonus league a bottle of the. dortmund arrived in the buff desperate for a win to get their title back on track but the visitors defense was once again in generous mood i'm glad both took full advantage in this 6 goal thriller. there was a hug beforehand between ed in tears each and the man many to to succeed him. both sides have been scoring for fun this season well neither defense has exactly been
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watertight the cool video got this latest cool fest underway on 11 minutes top and left him in splendid isolation from eunice hoffman's free kick 11 minutes later darkman were level predictably through eleanor hall and he didn't have to cheat and such was delightful 3 ball. more quick feet from central 6 minutes later lead to hall and 2nd to one dog and. but that lead lasted just 4 minutes again l.v. was given the freedom of the penalty area to top $22.00 at the break. cloud back went back in front 4 minutes into the 2nd half and plan showed why he's not noted for his defensive progress as rummy bence about any skip past him and curled home. 12 minutes from the end gladbach sound of the dortmund death knell almost inevitably the goal came from the sec play marcus 2 was
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the man left a mark this time. for to the final score a result that leaves the visitors title hopes in tatters and shows dortmund's powers that be just what marco can do. while you're up today for me and the rest of the news team here take. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. as the root of infection in developing . the latest research. information and contacts. virus update.


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