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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2021 12:00am-12:45am CET

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this is deja vu news the wire from berlin and joe biden is sworn in as u.s. president promising to repair a justified nation birth church to read the constitution of the united states constitution regards to and so help you god the romans go to graduation mr. president biden is already getting down to business in the oval office signing executive orders to put his agenda into action. and comedy harris makes history as the 1st woman to become vice president she's taken up her seat as head of the
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senate giving her democratic party control to remake america. hello i'm claire richardson welcome to the show joe biden has become the united states 46th president and he's already gone down to work reversing the policies of the previous administration by it and has signed a series of executive orders including rejoining the paris climate accord and stepping up measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic hours earlier he took the oath of office promising to bring together a divided nation. by the sea change in u.s. politics. this is america's very. this is democracy day. a day of history and hope are no i resolved
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through a crucible for the ages america has been tested a new america has risen to the challenge. in his inaugural speech as president of the united states joe biden appealed to americans to overcome their divisions without mentioning his predecessor by name he sounded the beginning of a new era in which he said truths would prevail. recent weeks and want to have taught us a painful lesson there is truth and our lives. lies told for power and for profit. an age of us has a duty and a responsibility as citizens as americans especially as leaders leaders who have pledged to honor our constitution to protect our nation to defend the truth and defeat the lies. what made this day truly extraordinary in the history of the us
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was the swearing in of come on how us the 1st black american the 1st asian american the 1st woman to hold the office of vice president. it's. knocking on was her predecessor mike pence unlike donald trump he had come to the ceremony to honor the new administration. former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton were there. and say to barack obama and biden served as vice president to stop our always intensified with lady gaga singing the national anthem. jennifer lopez with a medley of this land is your land and america the beautiful. and
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country singer gulf brooks asked everyone to join in amazing grace. but the future was heralded by 22 year old poet amanda goldman who took up the themes of biden's a new group speech in a poem addressing the problems of the divided nation and offering hope for there was always light if only were brave enough to see it if only were brave enough to be it. and joe biden 46th president of the united states is taking up that challenge. and joining us now is washington bureau chief even as paul you know is let's get down to the details of what to expect from joe biden's administration what are some of the trump policies that he's rolling back on his 1st day in office well it took him less than 2 hours in the white house to rejoin the paris peace agreement to rejoin the old the world
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health organization and to stop the muslim band so these are all signs that the u.s. under his leadership is trying to come back to the old days of governing that took similar to the obama era as he also picked many of. the of people who have been working for obama already. and those are of course his executive actions that he's able to do unilaterally but let's talk about the congress a vice president comma harris has sworn in 3 new senators now officially giving the democrats a majority in both chambers of congress how much of a game changer is this. come along harris will be huge for this administration she will be the tie breaking vote in the senate so a lot of policies will be brokered by her also or the good thing is that she really has a senate experience so she probably will be able to bridge to the current senate
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to the republicans and this is very necessary because the democrats have a razor thin majority so they need really need to work the aisles and she will be a very experienced and hopefully successful vice president doing that now joe biden takes over the presidency in the middle of the pandemic with more than $400000.00 americans dead so far what is he planning to do to get it under control . well that's also something he signed today he made it mandatory to where mosques on federal property he asked all americans to where mosques in public for his 1st 100 days in office and he would put in all the energy he has i think and his. his administration to get the vaccinations going and to get enough vaccine nation so that everybody in the united states can vaccinated in this
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country will overcome and get out of this incident torah bill crisis which already took quare 100000 lives here in the united states and during biden's inauguration today it was a celebration in washington but also surely a disappointment for the 74000000 americans who did vote for donald trump what reactions have you been hearing from them. right so the trump support is most definitely moving they are still. they are still angry you saw the humans unfold and generally 6 but what do you see to maybe look a little bit more on the right side today on this generally 20 is that republican leadership totally finally showed grace today so mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy were there today and also the former vice president mike pence so the leadership
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seemed to try to reach our done to try to work with the democratic party but as you said the die hard trump supporters probably feel encouraged by the last words of then president trump when he said i will keep fighting for you and we will see soon again that kind of sounded for some people here in washington like a threat and you've been reporting on racial justice protests that have been sweeping the country what does job. i don't need to do to start to address the systemic racism and inequalities in america. yeah that is. a huge task for him and he really has to focus on that because it was after all the votes of the african americans that delivered the vin in the senate. i mean he has to work on police and racial justice just as they have to be
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some major changes otherwise he will not be able to keep his own party together care because we have to keep in mind the democratic party is a big tent and there are many many people. who are many many democrats and people who are affiliated to the democratic party who really say race racial injustice has to and now. it has pull in washington d.c. thank you very much for that. and the inauguration of a u.s. president joe biden has been welcomed around the world nato and the e.u. hope that his administration will make the united states a reliable ally once again spoke to ursula fonda lion president of the european commission here's what she had to say when he said i would but i am so pleased that we once again have a friend in the white house come on i'm also very pleased that incoming the harris we have the 1st woman vice president of the united states of america or not it is
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certainly the case that we have much in common begin by the independent that begins with the task of managing the pandemic and. combating climate change as well as digitalisation but there are other issues where we have differences of opinion for example on the question of additional tax on big tech and digital platforms there will certainly be tensions there but the good thing is if we are friends if we are like minded then we can have welcome discussion of these issues and we can hold them fairly openly and above all reliably and then develop a common approach together and on the talk when done under the minds of men. and we can. and joining us now from brussels is data of your correspondent banta regard to see you there when european leaders say they are welcoming a friend in the white house with president joe biden what exactly are they hoping
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to see. expectations running high here in europe finally the nightmare of the trump administration is over this is the overwhelming mood amongst the majority of european leaders only a few right wing populist leaders in hungary poland for example and also in britain not so happy today but the rest of the politicians are expecting a new partnership a real partner in the white house who's reliable predictable trustworthy and also some more civilized than trump had has been after 4 years of trump america 1st a doctrine when it comes to defense will nato and the put more trust in the biden administration as an ally but the conflict of interests between the leading partner in the nato the u.s. and the rest in europe with a certain to remain the conflict of burden sharing and defense spending is not over
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and it started already under the obama biden in the situation but the europeans are pledging that they want to do more for their own defense that they want to create a kind of european independence europeans to energy and we have to see how that pans out the foreign minister of germany for example says at least we want some consultation and cooperation in nato many things would change and many would change for the better biden has signaled that combat and climate change will be a top priority what does he need to do to convince european leaders that he's serious about this. but the europeans expect now that the u.s. is rejoining the treaty that the new administration will come forward with some real climate goals and will set an example for the rest of the world because the u.s. is one of the major polluters in the world and so they have
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a central role now to fit to foster and to use the treaty and to do really something for climate change a thing trump never has done. in brussels thank you very much. but the inauguration of u.s. president joe biden is not the only story making news around the world today here are some other headlines at least 3 people have died after an explosion rips through a building in central madrid one building partially collapsed and the residents of a neighboring nursing home were evacuated the city's mayor says initial investigations suggested that a gas leak caused the blast. hospitals in the u.k. are under pressure as daily coronavirus deaths rise to record levels over $1800.00 people died of the virus on tuesday this comes as a variant of the virus believed to be more contagious spreads across the country.
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health officials have it converted cathedrals into mass vaccination centers as the vaccine roll out continues. with the new mosquito visuals into a have given emergency approval to a vaccine made by chinese companies sinopec but authority said corona back should only be given to under the age of 60 and not to older people as after recent trial data raised questions about the drug's effectiveness the vaccination campaign has already started in the country. and rescuers in china are redoubling efforts to communicate with a group of miners trapped underground for 10 days a new handwritten note sent up from the stricken miners requested that they be given another phone so 22 miners were trapped in the coal mine when an explosion sealed off the entrance to the site. that is your news update at this hour stay tuned for deja vu news africa and don't forget you can always get the latest news
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and information are around the clock on our web site that's dot com or you can follow us on social media at do you have news of course on twitter and instagram and richardson in berlin for me in the entire team it's not for watching. it's about billions. it's about powers. it's about the foundation of the new world order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network. but in the uk there's a sharp mornings whoever accept money from the new superpower will become dependent on the commission of the state. the chinese state has
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a lot of money at its disposal the focus and that's how the expanding and asserting its status and position in the world because. china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th on d w. this is the news africa coming up on the program con if you jump on them make be prevented. research as our role in the jungles of governing in search of the next deadly virus in wild animals as a well grapples with a cool 1000 and then also coming up. us one era ends the new one begins and what i see by the lead out a new station mean for africa u.s. relations but here expectations from across the continent and. can you
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free style better than this footballer from nigeria i highly doubt it as he looks to juggle his way yet another world record. i imagine michael jr welcome to the program the spread of covert 19 a disease that is believed to have sprung from an animal host i was driven to say it's full novella viruses to the forefront in governing a small group of researches rambow through the vast jungles searching for wild animals and the next dangerous virus their mission is to collect samples and identify pathogens stock would pose a future risk to ask humans on potentially stock if you jump on that make deep in the gap a nice jungle scientists are hunting for the next deadly virus. it's
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hot and dangerous work. and this is what they're looking for a colony of bats. and i was going to clip it is it if we study the bats here because they're suspected the hosting several pageants including the ebola virus we also monitor the virus is responsible for viral fevers and humor retic viruses including new on known viruses. and it is spread across the cave to catch the bats. their mission to find out how hydrogen's like the corona virus could jump from animals to humans transmission often happens through on hygienic handling of meat from weeks arctic wild animals. you see the people here are not worried about the virus we all eat wild animals but don't know much about the risks. of covert 19 is just the latest in fiction believed to
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have jumped from animals to humans scientists say other viruses like hiv be it paula or sausage have similar origins. it may have to stop thinking that humans are on one side and animals on the other what is going to happen in human health will also impact animal health and the other way around. it is experts estimate that over $800000.00 different viruses exist in animals that could potentially infect humankind so for monk and his team this research is not only a race against time it's also crucial for humanity joining me now is professor where you are led to lori from nigeria easy for our world health organization a viral edges for africa who's worked on several hour breaks like. you alice there thanks for your time so we just heard from our reports that there's possibly over 800000 different viruses in animals in fact humankind now that sounds very
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scary. yes it is believed there could be more than that number. so what does this mean i mean are we doomed not exactly we have to be proactive in this situation is that each species. have their own verus is common to their needs and will we still keep our distances this way as we circulate within each but will we be in there and not cause they were exposed to all that or else we can jump into us and the closer we have to the more intimate our relationship the easier it is for the person to jump in jaws ok and our definitely not want an intimate relationship with a virus so what does this mean. we just stop eating wild animals like bots or is
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there a way to go around it i think one of the things that groups like the group of project is doing is to have a free knowledge of what type of viruses there is there and we studied them within the image a new head of time how to prevent people getting infected ok so in terms of people that already eat a lot of wild animals ringback. of all the so if you knew all what is already exists in the element of pollution by going out to study them and took in the proper care not to get just everything then you have the starting point to which you can take action so yes the $1000000000.00 question condom next viral related pandemic be prevented. and you said you're educated if you are but then i don't believe you can because the look of illusion is expanding we need more land
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we need to expand to different areas development is coming up and therefore we're encouraging on the doomy of these animals and emote we do that the more the better chance that something they have will jump into into us so i said to everybody yes but if you're with me if you don't control up opposition on the needs of the human population without being too good to develop into depopulated already. stipulated invariably they. we're in for a tough time ahead of course ok professor of biology are you a little more from nigeria many thanks for your insights thank you very much and a pleasure. the integration of the incoming u.s. presidents joe biden signals a new dawn for u.s.
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africa relations it provides a chance at least resets the agenda consider an africa did not feature prominently and i don't know trump's administration biden has promised to promote diversity so could this impacts the media future of the relationship with africa let's hear from some of our correspondents across the continent. many people believe that a biden presidency will improve nigeria's relationship with the us what historically speaking we are all likely to see any remarkable difference especially when it comes to policy us like to our relations have been quite consistent over the years we've got less of who is in office but if biden's promise to ring gauge with a walled president. expect in more friendly u.s. president. as u.s. president joe biden enters the white house some people wonder if you can be an inspiration like his democrat produces a barack obama who preached good governance you know africa here in uganda with
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just prison to a woman 70 declared winner of the highly disputed election but in victory 2 has been disputed by he's open to it and for the 1st time the u.s. has abstained from officially observing uganda as election while many people are happy for biden's wien some are skeptical about the u.s. is new or perceived role in inspiring global democracy. well i'm not sure if i can say these whole boy you know and i guess we'll have to see you in tears to bring to the table we saw the former president using social media to. violence so i think the u.s. still has so many new points to inspire africa you know question of president joe biden has attracted a lot of attention in south africa that those that are saying they expect him to speak loud and clear to show that indeed to place lives meant to say and of times administration there was a lot of undermining of people that others are saying they want him to improve
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relations between america and africa especially the economy commission saying africa is the lot that it needs. in terms of assistance from the united states and the fundamentalists are saying they expect america to be picked in the. climate change thing because america is a key player in changing them vironment there and also but not everybody is in agreement others are saying they don't expect anything because america joe biden has to be dealing with a lot of corporate 19 issues with the numbers they're rising with infections and that and other say he's going to be concentrating more on the economy of america trying to also to create employment there so divided views coming out of south africa are doesn't favor but are saying they don't expect anything better for me. let's now take a look at some other stories making headlines across the continent zimbabwe's foreign minister says see so more you know hostile after testing positive for
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cocaine 19 istep times i made a rapid spread of the virus in the country while you was one of several military officers who led the coup. along 7 president robert mugabe won 2017. south africa is those are experience and he said in corona virus infections the situation its government says is more severe than predicted health minister. has blamed public complacency for the spread of a new variant of the fires. swarms of locusts have reappeared in east africa after recent invasions that devastated farms in the region the un food and agriculture organization says funds is bring the fight against the desert locusts. now when it comes to juggling a football have to say i am the west but the 12 year old free style football from
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nigeria is already in the guinness book of records he's now to break his own mark on once to become a professional footballer but what makes this free styling so unusual is that he does tricks with not just one but 2 balls. juggling one ball with your knees is hard enough but nigerian 2 non-so ha does it while balancing another ball on his head. he's so good at it that he set a world record 2 years ago. 111 touches in one minute and not a single wobble from the ball on his head it looks like it's glued into place. he's only 12 and learned his skills from some footballing greats. nobody to show me what my father made in part in my life some videos of.
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peter fonda but he is now an online sensation videos of his football skills have received thousands of views but not everyone took him seriously. his record changed all that. before well 1st was crossing the love not to me what. will my fans say they want to be like me. and the king of multitasking is not satisfied he is now aiming for another world record 2000 touches all while balancing a ball on his head a career as a professional footballer is his ultimate dream you wouldn't bet against it. just incredible that's where it will blow the full time whistle for this show but if you want to check out more of astar is go to do you dot com slash africa you can also visit our facebook and twitter pages as we just talked about football which is
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a caution for many in africa we leave you with some pictures of young kids playing the sports they love by for now about see you soon. conflict zone with team sebastian the e.u. and britain klitschko 3 trade deals for the post directly to you now at least in the u.k. there's a whole of realities to deal with my guest this week the nominee new scotland is on to bali conservative m.p. and vice chairman of the conservative party but as far as josue so you can only go with the truth bloody great so many conflicts. in 60 minutes. what secrets lie behind.
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discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 316 get the map now. joe biden is sworn in as president of the united states taking the reins of power in the middle of an economic crisis look at the massive stimulus package at the center of biden's recovery plan and talk about what business can now expect in the new administration. globe welcome to the program i'm susan busy in berlin it's good to have you with us. joe biden has become the 46th president of the united states following wednesday to unify the country and pledging that pledging rather to shepherd the u.s. into a post pandemic economic recovery and spoke in his inaugural address of the
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millions who have lost their jobs and the hundreds of thousands of businesses closed. take a listen to what else biden had to say with unity we can do great things important things. we could right wrongs we can put people to work in good jobs we can teach our children in safe schools we can overcome the deadly virus we can reword reward work and rebuild the middle class and make health care secure for all or the by the administration will have its work cut out for it one of its 1st priorities is a massive $1.00 trillion dollars stimulus package which it hopes can both soften the pendennis blow on workers and fuel the economy and by the treasury secretary nominee janet yellen made the case for the spending tuesday take a look almost a 1000000 americans made fresh claims for unemployment benefits at the beginning of
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january that's 5 times more than before the pandemic the unemployment rate in december was hovering at 6.7 percent big challenges for the woman said to be key economic advice. keeping people safe well getting them back to work better 1st ask but then there's the longer term project we have to rebuild our economy so that it creates more press for more people and ensure is that american workers can compete in an increasingly competitive global economy no half measures here this last week joe biden announced plans for a $1.00 trillion dollars economic stimulus package interest rates will remain low as the federal reserve has already stated janet yellen plans to make the most of this with new borrowing members but right now with interest rates to distort
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close smartest thing we can do is act big in the long run i believe in fits will far outweigh the costs especially if we care about helping people who've been struggling for a very long time and. the u.s. economy has shed $10000000.00 jobs during the pandemic the goals of the biden administration are to reinstate those jobs and to revive the economy as a whole. or i will take a closer look at that stimulus package in just a moment 1st let's bring in yens quarter in new york hello yes yes give us a picture your best picture of the american economy in this moment as biden takes office. to a standstill and the economy dropped in this speed and intensity that the country hasn't
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experienced before and then coming summer we had this massive rebound also the strongest in history but we are still we still see about if you look at the labor market to roughly 11000000 people to people being without a job we see millions of americans who might face eviction so we have some parts of the recovery economy that clearly recovered very strongly other parts and not so much and so clearly very challenging times for me at least the most challenging experience them since i came here a good 20 years ago so joe biden will be the 5th president that i'm allowed to witness here being a correspondent in new york have an audio problem with your 1st answer yes we got you now i want to ask you about the business climate that comes in with this moment on the one hand you have you have the stimulus package this had to pass on the other hand tax cuts would businesses make of this. well clearly i mean
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that is one thing that all to wall street for instance and also a lot of companies are watching very carefully so what's going to happen was possible a tax increase is i mean there are going to come sooner or later my guess is rather later than sooner because 1st it's really to get through this pandemic and that actually will decide how quickly the u.s. economy will recover what's happening with all the vix scenes for instance if you look at corporate america and the business world to them so they really are looking for a calmer involved environment than what we've seen in the past couple of months and also when it comes to international trade so there's also the hope that the whole retore actually will get a bit better especially when it comes to the european union and the united states and if you look at wall street overall we touch new record highs here was the s. and p. 500 was not stuck. in the business world and also wall street at least for now
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looking forward to the new administration. thank you. talk a little bit more about that stimulus plan my colleague has been looking into the details there's a lot of elements to this plan what sticks out for mates the sheer cost because joe biden says the economy cannot get back on track on less the virus is brought under control and to do that he is spending an awful lot of money his $1.00 trillion dollar stimulus package in clude $1400.00 in direct payments to most american households and he's also got $400000000000.00 in measures to control the pandemic these include a national vaccination program and a plan to reopen schools safely in the spring he also wants to raise the minimum wage to $16.00 an hour up from $725.00 now taking
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a more long term view he's pledged to spend trillions more on infrastructure clean energy on buying american made products none of this of course will come cheap as well as borrowing a whole lot biden is hoping to bring in additional cash by raising taxes on the wealthiest americans from $37.00 to over 39 percent. in that stimulus plan you've been looking at this is there a common thread in these programs you know well i think in many ways biden's plan really builds upon donald trump's america 1st rhetoric especially when it comes to investing in american products and in u.s. supply chains his method is a little bit more progressive though he's not promising to bring back jobs and coal instead he's investing in renewable and in digital infrastructure like 5 g. network and he's hoping that that will create 5000000 jobs jobs that are really desperately needed in this economy he also wants to prioritize entrepreneurship among women and people of color to address some of those systems systematic
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inequalities the american economy. we know that we've heard economists say that they're on board for the most part right they've been saying. spin big where the wall street is already all and they've really been rallying on this say about this plan cheryl biden really wants to benefit from a very cheap lending environment he just want to pump more and more money into the economy but this is not without its perils of course the present the u.s. debt to g.d.p. ratio is 136 percent that's the highest it's ever been only set to rise under biden he does want to bring in more revenue by increasing corporation tax from 21 to 28 percent and as you mentioned earlier by increasing taxes on the wealthy but even then he's not going to break even and some critics also say that his plan to double the federal minimum wage is not going to be good for job creation all right so that used to be a bad word now it seems like middle of a crisis obviously much more of a call to spend one step back a little and take
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a look at the view from here in europe obviously there's a lot of hopes for this administration especially when it comes to trade there was a difficult relationship under trump to say the least you expect something to change under biden well the tone is already softening tonight european commission president came out and she said she was glad that she's not going to have a good friend in the white house but really that said biden inherits a lot of really contentious issues let's just look at big tech for example the e.u. wants a global digital tox and that would affect most of american companies like apple and facebook and amazon and why biden does say he wants corporate america to pay its fair share this may be a step too far even for him especially because he depends a lot on tomato nations from these big companies there's also the question of trade of course as you mentioned before trump came to office the e.u. and the u.s. were negotiating what would have become the biggest trade agreement in the world but there doesn't seem to much from either side night to revive those talks and i
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think the one thing that could change that is if the u.k. and the u.s. under trade negotiations that could spread them on a bit and finally the airballs boeing dispute that's been going on. for 16 years that for a woman out so that you have seen both sides on each other there is some hope that could find a resolution under biden it's interesting though that the dispute has been going on well before a lot of the straight dispute of course that trump 16 years of flu that's of china that's obviously on a lot of people's minds right now too that has geo political ramifications around the world that trade dispute we've seen biden signaled that he might continue to some extent transposes i mean how do you see that you know biden says he will be tough on china he has a lot of the same issues that trump it when it comes to what he sees as unfair business practices especially when it comes to state subsidized nation in china on the insistence on joint ventures for foreign companies doing business in the country but he's really going to have to walk a fine line here between progressives on principle because the chinese economy is
12:41 am
expected to become the world's biggest by the year 2028 overtaking the united states no big economy can afford not to do business with china so it'll be interesting to see what he does with this trade deal because about a year ago trump a great phase one of a trade deal with with china but all the macy's stuff like joint bases that was all kept for face to be interesting on the road right salutes the does he want to complete the deal or an office and i think his policy towards china will be really be a defining feature of his presidency or a business reporter kate ferguson thank you so much. and now we will take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. york based investment bank morgan stanley posted a 57 percent rise in its 4th quarter profits volatility in the markets boosted the group's trading business to more than 3 and a quarter $1000000000.00 compared with just over 2000000000 a year earlier. the dutch subsidiary of. all 200.
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from friday after the government there announced new coven 1000 rules new regulations out a requirement for passengers and crew to show a negative. taken just before departure. that's it for me and the d. w. business team here below as always you can find out more about these and other stories online dot com. has a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss. just 3 of the topics covered in the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like and the information on the clone a virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us at. science.
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double talk show. strong opinions clear positions from international perspectives some. every week we get to the point on our current topic. that. is open controversial how come it is not right. to point. out on t.w. . why are people forced to hide in trucks. but. there are many reasons. there are many answers. and there are many stories.
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make up your own body. double. made 4 minds. trumps out and biden as an american artists expressed their hopes and fears for a new era i think anyone can can try to help begin to heal the divisions in the country i think he's the person we'll hear from pulitzer prize winning novelist jeffrey you genovese and other voices from america's cultural scene. it's a new chapter and i can't wait for it and later on the show that world tour so many of us are longing for remembering those take offs and landings with
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a new photo collection. well after 4 years of growing divisions in the united states a newly sworn in of president joe biden has promised to bring the country back together can he do it and what is a biden presidency mean for the arts we talked to leading american artists just before the inauguration. conductor marin alsop is one of many american artists who say they are relieved that a new administration has moved into the white house she's currently music director of the o r f radio symphony in vienna and the baltimore symphony. x. now says though we've been holding our breath for 4 years not knowing what was.


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