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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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as a. very warm welcome to focus on europe thanks for joining us today following your dreams and overcoming your fears that's what a turkish woman did she wanted to make it to the top and she succeeded nazli yelm as is a pioneer and she has to buckle up for her job she is the 1st and only woman in turkey who works this high up together with her male colleagues she cleans the
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windows of skyscrapers in east. traditional patriarchal roles have gotten a boost under islamic conservative president in turkey many women are oppressed by their husbands most are homemakers and financially dependent on men but in the modern city of east some will one woman is showing how things can be different she hopes to be a role model for other young women who are striving for an emancipated and independence life now her story him is not for people who are afraid of heights. the cleaning team keeps a firm grip on their equipment as they balance a long barge. they proceed slowly secured by a steel cable the red rope is assigned to nazli as. she gets into position. the mat under the safety rope keeps it from being damaged by the roof
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sharp edges. her life will be hanging on that rope. at last the actual work can begin. we are 130 meters high up and it's a wonderful feeling. with i feel absolutely free. i feel like i don't depend on anything except these ropes. nazli uses techniques similar to mountaineering she learned these during her training which was both mentally and physically tough but she believed in herself and overcame all the obstacles signals they said it was no use training me that i wouldn't be able to do the job even my friends told me that. up until 5 years ago nazli worked as a receptionist in high rises like this one she'd see the facade cleaners through the windows and admired them one day she plucked up the courage to ask her now boss
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was definitely for a job she's the 1st woman on his team. well literally up to the usual business that will move nothing has proven that women can do this too. it doesn't matter if you're a man or woman all that matters is whether you are someone who can take on this risky work or not. to pick up get it could be shoes work nastily became the 1st woman to break through this glass facade in turkey the view over istanbul from up here is stunning the metropolis on the bosphorus is home to over 15000000 people and 161 new skyscrapers over the past 20 years high rises have transformed the cityscape but every job needs to be taken seriously no matter the height i only feel safe once i'm properly secured. today she and her team are taking on 35 floors. up here you
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can't drop anything for cleaning at such lofty heights nasty gets has a k. she earns over 30 percent more per month than the average for turkey. as a single mother the 35 year old needs the money and as least daughter darian suv is 11 years old. and. she's a passionate fencer nestle's supporter and provides for the training. debt ensues father moved out single parents are rare in turkey only one in 4 turkish women is employed marriage and tradition hold strong in this country. coming your way if you did look at them you know woman is supposed to stay home in the kitchen take care of the children and serve her husband and his family. that's
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what counts as normal and there's no gratitude for it no appreciation which the. nobody says thanks for cooking today you make up in this home when she's at work nicely you can sure counsel frustrations she appreciates her independent life it isn't always easy but she hopes to set an example and give other texas women the courage to go their own way. for months the citizens of belarus have been taking to the streets calling for fresh elections and democracy they are accusing the autocratic president look i shan't call of rigging last year's vote there is a man is cracking down on its critics 30000 belarusians have already been arrested opposition leaders are either behind bars or in exile thousands have fled to neighboring with way mia and many more are still trying to escape oppression and
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persecution in their home country we met one woman who has made it her mission to help the protesters find safety in lithuania. the tell you was born in bella reuss but she's lived in lithuania for 20 years no where she's taken on the task of helping her countrymen to cross the border and escape the regime of alexander lukashenko in bello groups the people coming to us have to get out really fast like they're running from a fire they don't have anything to eat and no roof over their heads because they're on the rani so far we've taken in 210 people that's quite a lot i never would have thought we could do it it's a call comes in from a political activist and bella reuss with. the border name is alumina she asked italia for news of her children natalia let her know that lithuanian immigration has approved their entry visas is a huge relief for illinois she thanked the talia for all her support but there's.
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the hope the proposal. to tell you has to hurry to pick up the activists children at the border their mother in luna has to go underground simply because she did the victims of police violence she faces criminal charges and the loss of the custody of her children. is barely 30 kilometers from vilnius the border yet delarue says a world apart e.u. member lithuania has opened its border to dissidents and their families in spite of the coronavirus pandemic the love of my beautiful mouth hello i have to pick up refugees from belarus my antenna. danny was 6 years old his sister ksenia is 13. there's water if you want something to drink and juice in the back down there. you know it's up to the telia to direct the loan until a through a nia again speller. luna's going to try to slip across in her room she wants to
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tell you is a map if she doesn't make it she says she'll follow the route natalia shoot her. ilona your children will give you strength and you'll make it just pick up the trail like a tigris to tell you to get over his phone temporary lodging for some of the better the recent excels in a hotel in the old town until 2 days before this mickey took me as a was imprisoned in minsk serving 20 days for taking part in the student strike and since he was released his parents can tighten italia and followed her advice to bring him into lithuania just in time now the borders are mostly closed. and there's the mind of either the up to the bush 6 people we're not allowed out of the roofs that's how it goes but if you make all the preparations direct the person as far as the border and you suddenly find out you can't help anymore you feel sorry for these people and what will happen to them is unknown that. anyone who protests
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against who is taking an enormous risk artist students and workers suddenly they find themselves in with you in here and homeless get whatever. what's happening and bella who is sick thousands are being tortured and oppressed they're getting great night people have been killed the brutality is taken on ever more terrifying forms i never thought anything like this could happen but who for the. 2 days later at last. she needed to use and can't wait to talk to her children. i don't know yet. i had no choice but to cross the bell or a sand border illegally on foot. i was terribly afraid they'd start shooting at me. but almost 50 years but now that i am safe what i wish for most of all in my life is to hug my children yet. i know it will be easier for us here in the thawing
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mia. training i won't be harassed here and nobody will make fun of my children and bully them because their mother has different views. you know. i am. a vigil so this it seems a police brutality is held in front of the bellison embassy in vilnius here natalia meets up with many of the bill received she helped escape and which freedom from oppression and threats prison here propping him up would have little by simply can't do it any differently i can't go on vacation and close the door on this helping these people here has become my life you understand that everything you've accomplished before your business and all your skills only vasser you can fulfill this task. and i tell you who continue helping courageous activists as long as they need her support until the regime comes to an end.
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france has a colonial history that dates back some 300 years and while many french know that some caribbean islands like what a loop are part of their country's territory a few are aware that it was once a french colony but the sentence of slaves that were forced to work on plantations once to find their place in today's french society photographer cedric is some is calling for an end to racism and discrimination in france and for more respect his message to his fellow citizens don't be ashamed of your heritage but rather embrace it. well said i think shallow directs his model to the right spot where like everyone in the photographer series this woman was born in one of france's overseas territories city taking sham says people from these regions still face discrimination and racism in france he hopes his work can help
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open the eyes of those holding on to prejudices stand the home yak an actress born in french guiana and it is simply a singer from martinique also in the series. ensuring their presence i want to shine a light to what's inside of them. but that what he shows is a bit like black lace matter but there's less violence in france so i recruit is also different. question but i mean from cedric was born here in guadalupe in the caribbean he says his native home isn't taken seriously by some french people and gets written off as a tourist destination with inhabitants who are mainly hotel staff. there's little public awareness of the teaches archaeologists and doctors from these regions.
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are lazy hard workers. are intellectually these are the traces of slavery and the black man was an item of merchandise a piece of furniture not capable of thinking. that is what they said we were. sitting on the. france continues to be proud of its capital paris and of its long history full of wealth and power many french kings are buried in the basilica of sound any not far from paris. just by the basilica stands this monument it's a sort of family tree commemorating the many people enslaved during france's colonial past many were known only by number they didn't receive names until after the abolishment of slavery i measure schaeffer i'm looking for my ancestor claire besley. there she is. she only got her name in 8483 men we did
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a lot of work to find out how they lived. i don't know that there was a shame at 1st about having ancestors who were slaves. but there we know darned her kind of pride because of the courage that they showed during slavery. that that's was a strength and it guides me and all that i do. don't. look we're. all here many people from the caribbean needed to do this work on the past can to explore the lies of their ancestors who went from being slaves to citizens of the french republic this guy had just created a set monument you would see this integration and the transition. for. the world. but one monument isn't enough for cedric a sham with each of his photos he hopes to draw that little bit more attention to
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french citizens from overseas territories he also post on social media to show what life on guadalupe really looks like. he's also interviewed his friends just because you have a dream for god a loop one way of sort of. my dream is for us to appreciate ourselves as citizens of guadalupe to be proud of our history is that of hiding it. somehow we knew and that's also how said ricky shall see. yes his time ask he is doing his part to bring people from france's overseas territories into the spotlight so far he finds government officials are falling short of doing that as. sit down with caribbean intellectuals. and. that's what i like to tell the government. reports because this.
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city will continue his fight against discrimination with his photography which is becoming increasingly popular on social media and in galleries theater decker and his wife ellen made their dream come true when they bought a house in the north east of the netherlands it's a beautiful home surrounded by green but snow climate change is turning their dream into a nightmare for centuries the dutch have been dealing with fear of rising sea levels and flooding yet recently they are also facing water scarcity because of drought a problem that homeowners feel in particular. when this 19th century farmhouse went on sale in northern holland the daycare's seized the opportunity. here had had enough of the city. they wanted their children to benefit from countryside life with its clean air and home
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grown projects. daycares bought the property in 2005. this is our dream house so we have a large vegetable garden an orchard and lots of space. could you ask for the life here is great since 2008 things have gone from bad to worse. off and. dream has started falling apart. but we can forget the house. the thing is that it's projected to collapse sometime in the next 3 years. the problem that the daycare's face is that the land beneath their home is sinking this is linked to the groundwater for years the netherlands has been lowing groundwater levers for agricultural reasons it keeps
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the prose of couse dry and heavy farming vehicles from sinking into the ground recent droughts have made the groundwater situation worse mors are drying and emitting large quantities of c o 2 which further accelerates global warming it's a vicious cycle the daycare's 1st noticed something was wrong when one of their doors started jamming since then their house has sunk by 12 centimeters already to be no no you go you can see what happens when the ground gets away the supporting elements of russians and the bricks of come loose if you go to washington with a legal c. a human you can pull them out of. the repairs would cost at least half a $1000000.00 euros. i call it it's a very slow process 1st you discover a crack and think to yourself well that it's fixing then you spot a lever and think that's all that after the dry summer of 2018 we could hear the
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woodwork creaking and splintering loudly so we contacted the municipality the provincial authorities and the water department. but none of them could help in the netherlands homeowners are responsible for maintaining the foundations of their own houses meaning they must deal with cracks sloping walls and subsiding foundations. this is also true in cities. rotterdam resident edwin fandor hyder is determined to save his home. he called the team a foundation experts after his windows started jamming over the course of several weeks his home centuries old wooden foundation has been laid bare. the findings are to comforting. this needs to be supported otherwise it will sink. to stabilise the house new concrete pillars and a base are being constructed
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a little like a concrete table for the house to sit on the structure will cost. 100000 euros. my bank account is empty. but i'm happy that all this will be behind me in a few months and that i don't have to spend years living in fear and uncertainty if the guys slate's. edwin's neighbors have jumped on board it's a good idea to have several commissioning parties because. the kind of damage isn't covered by insurers it's whom owners responsibility to ensure the upkeep of their friend. so that's tricky because you can't control the water levels. construction experts and city planners estimate that up to 400000 properties across the netherlands could be affected as some 4000000 homes have been built with wouldn't support structures. daycares also hired a foundation expert take some in their home. at some point in the next 2 years
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collapse leaving the family as victims of climate change. me mobiles elsewhat a clone if no one comes to help just have to get some trailers and then we'll have to see how it seemed. in the netherlands now rising as well as thinking watch her novels have become an existential threat. life on an island that's why as many people dream of and it's even better when you can spend the rest of your life at a place like this with the person you love well giorgos and. are living backstreet on the greek island of castles the been together for more than half a century and yes they have faced some ups and downs and now they have the usual complaints that come with old age but in general life is good and the 2 don't want
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to live a single day without each other. you are ghosts and. collecting food for a fire. the smallest inhabited islands in the. us is less than 6 kilometers in size but it's big enough for the calypsos they wanted to live out their days on a loop the island their children and grandchildren continue to live in athens the collapse so simple and love certain for 60 years he's 82 and she's easy for. that we are about it's an island it's not like the mainland there and you can take the car and drive somewhere else here you can't do that if you don't like it or if the people or the lifestyle as you are you can't just sell the house and leave. me
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well as a. number nor. do i only feel safe here with your boss i wouldn't be able to live here without him not even a day when we're together i don't think of anything bad to live. with them and here you. i'm 20 people normally live on castoffs other at the moment there are about 10 more because of the pandemic. there are new stores on the island. have to wait for the ferry to bring them everything they need that they can't grow in their garden or find in the scene. you're just loves fishing even though it brings in a lot of joy. it's
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the train couldn't see and the nature of the island he treasures. your things has never regretted moving out here with his partner 21 years ago. the one subject the couple fights about is food. aside from that your. could not be more harmonious and incredible feat after 60 years of marriage. and therefore you're left with about 5 without what the right food is tricky only it's a few dishes. he doesn't like anything aromatic or spicy. he has as if he were permanently on a diet. he is a very complicated person he's peculiar about everything. good sides to you. i like everyone i love you.
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the couple like reminiscing about the 6 decades they've spent together they used to have this is often but now amid the pandemic nobody is dropping by. but the 2 don't mind they have each other. they have plenty to talk and joke about including themselves go around it many years have gone by you cannot tell your beloved partner you for. i no longer like you as time passes other things become important for love warm heartedness empathy or you hold these things so important and strengthen our relationship you know your the number of. your close intricate value these qualities in each other even more so now that the you know many people are struggling to see the coronavirus and the pandemic has reminded the couple to treasure each day they get to spend together. and we wish them
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many more years of happiness thank you so much for joining us this week take care and good but. in the polls.
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conflict zone with terms of asked him feel in britain please feel free trade deal for the post read studio now at least in the u.k. there are some flood realities to deal with my guest this week some of a team in scotland goes on to bali conservative m.p. and vice chairman of the conservative party one is boris johnson so economical of of the truth bloody great many conflicts of. 90 minutes double. life on earth
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one of a kind and. gigantic coincidences. where the probable happened. it's a bit like winning the lottery. what if bush were unique starts feb 11th on t.w. . guy telling me oh and i'm game did you know that 17 trillion land on the move was killed worldwide i'm sure so that we can get into but it's not just me on a multiple suffering it's the environment we went on a journey to find ways out of the movie shoot if you want to know how or when clicked on the priest i'm the culture has changed as lethal as listen to our podcast on the green comes. to children. continents. one giant problem and when you're at
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it in no mood to see a picture you. denied it could lead to features including a flu shot getting. how will climate change affect us and our children was. born and g.w. dot com slash water. frank's food. international gateway to the best connection sells a road and radio. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. allan guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from bought.
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this idiot of the news alive from very lead in joe biden is sworn in as u.s. president promising to repair a justified nation earth. the constitution of the united states constitution of the united states so help you god help me god congratulations mr. last president biden is already getting down to business in the oval office signing executive orders to put his agenda into action. and come alive paris makes history as the 1st woman to become a.


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