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tv   Nuhr im Ersten  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2021 9:30pm-10:16pm CET

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sirs. there are many. there are many alternatives to. make up your own mind. made for minds. 2 weeks ago a mob of donald trump supporters stormed the u.s. capitol it was a near death experience for american democracy and the entire world watched in horror today in the same space american democracy's resilience joe biden became the new u.s. president come a harris the new vice president there was no mention of trump instead
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a promise to end 4 years of america's split screen reality show no more lies against the truth no more americans against americans i broke off in berlin this is the day. the 46 president of the united states just said biden jr this is america's day. this is democracy's day i will be your president for all americans all american politics doesn't have to be a raging fire we must end this civil war. that pits ready gives blue we can do this if we open our souls so the hardening our hearts thank god bless america and may god protect our troops thank you america.
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is also coming up in the history being written and embodied in paris today she became the 1st person of color and the 1st woman to become vice president of the united states. did you are going to change. the whole thing. i'm sure not things that. doctors want to hear. please raise your right hand and repeat after me i joseph robinette biden jr do solemnly swear joseph robinhood by you do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states office of president of the united states and will to the best of my ability well
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that's the motto preserve protect and defend serve check to defend the constitution of the united states constitution of the united states so help you god help me god congratulations mr president a hit. i and with that joe biden became the 46th president of the united states today to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to our viewers all around the world welcome we begin the day with a new u.s. president a new u.s. vice president and a declaration to end america's uncivil war today joe biden became the 46 us president coming to harris became his vice president the significance of this day for democracy around the world cannot be overstated the challenges facing this new administration the home made crises where they are just as great tonight we take
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a pause from the politics and focus on the people who today began a new chapter in u.s. history the faces and personalities on parade today called our attention we were transfixed by the mixture of power fame talent and even the surreal and the absurd and there were former u.s. presidents in attendance today the clintons the bush family and the obama there was an amazing performance of the national anthem by lady gaga and oh the irony of it all sitting among the d. president of a. president were members of congress such as ted cruz who 2 weeks ago claimed biden's election may not be legitimate and there was also mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader who for the past 4 years up until that storming of the u.s. capitol had been donald trump's strongest congressional support in. all of this speaks to the diversity of america but also to the division within the
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nation the united states is arguably almost as divided as it was when the civil war began in $860.00 president biden made it a point to address this division and his commitment to unity today this is america's day this is democracy day a day of history and hope every know every zone. through a crucible for the ages america has been tested a new and america has risen to the challenge. there's a lot to talk about from this historic day to do that i'm happy to welcome back to the day yasha munk yasha is an associate professor at johns hopkins university he's also a fellow at the council on foreign relations he's written extensively about the former administration as well as the new president and the new vice president yasha it's good to see you again i have heard many people describing today with
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a big sigh of relief almost as if they were being liberated from the recent past how would you describe today and its significance for the world. well i when you said the. former administration and i fought in my mind form of president donald trump that border big smile to my lips. i have argued from the very beginning that donald trump as well as i will for a town populists a real danger to democracy around the world donald trump was a danger to democracy i think he has ensured. that he would end of the history books as that before that it might have been a little bit difficult for teachers 50 or 100 years from now to explain to schoolchildren how and why exactly the president was such a danger to our constitutional system i think his unwillingness to accept. the
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legitimacy is incitement of protests. absence today. proves that point more eloquently than any books by political scientists like me might have done and we know from around the world that most of this win reelection is that we have to displace them through free and fair elections and so joe biden's victory was. a great important victory in a long drawn out war against. it is a day that i was not sure would ever come and so the fact that we have had this transition of power today and that we have a president that very likely will not. anybody's particular views about who might be is katie a decent man and a man who's deeply committed to a constitutional tradition. is if they have a meaningful i've heard that word
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a lot decency decent man these divisions within america they have certainly kept you they've kept us busy for the past 4 years the pursuit of unity will keep this new administration busy as well i want you to take a listen to part of what joe biden said today. with unity we can do great things important things. we can right wrongs we can put people to work in good jobs we can teach our children in safe schools we can overcome the deadly virus so we can reward reward work and rebuild the middle class and make health care secure for all we can deliver racial justice and we can make america once again the leading force for good in the world it's a national unity the top seam of today was unity
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a nation in need of unity do you agree with them. absolutely. you know it was very clear. the last 4 years that event president of the united states ford but it was to his political advantage and it was in his element to put rise as much as possible to drive headlines as much as possible to make is supporters love him as much as they might but also to make everybody else hate him as much as they could joe biden he has a very different attitude about the world is what made him the nominee of the democratic party when some other candidates fought that they had to match donald trump. and to feel anger outrage for outrage and they had to take the fight to him understandable to take but joe biden from beginning said no i believe in unity i believe that even people do good for don't even his supporters deserve better than by getting from him and this country can come together again i think it is
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absolutely right for him to emphasize that in this very important noble speech he said explicitly that he intends to be the president of. the you will pay particular ticket care to fight for those who didn't vote for him. that message wouldn't arrive in the inbox of every american not every person who watched this in or will speech will believe him but he means that a lot of this way to people sway to bill people will a lot of people who might not vote for joe biden who might be unhappy to see don't trump leaf will nevertheless know that this is a president who promises to actually calf of them who doesn't look down on them who doesn't sit in judgment of them and hopefully that can help it went on its own do that but it can help to know of the political temperature in this country and ned and you know i'd like to talk in a moment about what lays before this new president but 1st i want us to take a look at the 50 year path that led joe biden to the white house today as u.s.
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president. it began half a century ago at 29 joseph biden was one of the youngest candidates ever elected to the senate his success laced with sadness when just weeks later his wife and daughter died in a car accident by and remarried and launched his 1st presidential bid in 1907 and again 20 years later my grandmother would yell out spread the faith. barack obama chose him to be his running mate. the best buy's president barack has ever had mr joe biden. biden looked resigned to never quite reaching the nation's highest office and tell donald trump came along that's why the day i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. president we have to put with his decades of experience biden said he was the man to restore america's standing in the world that he was the man for the moment i'll be
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a president will stand with our allies and friends and make it clear to our adversaries the days of cozying up to dictators is over he promised to show leadership in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic it's estimated that nearly another 210000 americans could lose their lives by the end of the year and nuff no more let's just set partisanship aside let's end the politics and follow the signs. ultimately the voters agreed electing by the nation's 46th president but the election was divisive and his opponent donald trump refused to concede instead pushing conspiracy theories about his loss biden refused to engage with trump's attacks seeking to stay above the fray that became difficult when a mob inspired by trump stormed the capitol building. like so many other
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americans i am genuinely shocked and saddened that our nation. so long the beacon of light hope for democracy has come to such a dark moment. but america survived that day and by now has 4 years to offer the leadership and healing he has promised. so yes what do you say is joe biden is he the right man at the right time for america. yeah absolutely i think this is one of the strange things about him let's go back for a moment to the time of democratic presidential primaries in a with dutchy every journalist in this country and a lot of operatives in the democratic party had a very clear vision of what the party was and where it was had it they fought that this was a moment in which a base of democratic party wanted somebody on the far left wanted to fight or
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wanted somebody as i was saying earlier who matches donald trump anger. and joe biden when he held his opening speech of a companion in philadelphia talking about the map as a constitutional tradition talking about the need for reconciliation talking about the need. for country catches decency forward you know who is this old fuddy duddy who doesn't get this political moment who talks as though it was 20 years ago this is completely the wrong thing for this time nobody is going to vote for him and he was consistently underestimated consistently written off of throughout the compay i want to turns out that perhaps precisely because don trump is a little bit less online than a lot of other politicians precisely because he's not spending his days scrolling through twitter or watching cable news in the way we don't trump does. he actually has captured the heart and soul of his nation much better. america as a country with people have a broad range of political views some of them
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a base in the fatted to joe biden of us less so that the great majority of americans does not want to be as divided it does not want to be in the middle of fights with friends and family about politics does not want to wake up every morning having to worry about politics having to think what unnerves a president going to do today you know one of the promises that joe biden has given to the nation is that he will fight for people who will try to improve their lives he will do what he can to end this terrible pandemic but he's not going to polarize and allow them to go back. back look after the children go to. get through this pandemic but having to think about the president every single day of the year and i think coming after don't trump and that makes interests hi steve the right person for his mother and i think a lot of people are going to be reassured to hear that the heart and soul of the country cannot be found inside a tweet of like for us if we could for
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a moment to focus now on biden's vice president a couple of heris she made history today take a listen. please raise your right hand and he left and. i come up to paris to summer school. take care of me that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states to support and that. and i guess all the enemies foreign and. that i will be here to think that we can still say that we're going and i believe. that i take the salvation freely that i take the public good feeling without any mental reservation or purpose of the day without any mental reservation or purpose that i will well and faithfully discharge that i will be the duties of the office on which i am about to enter the duty of the of the office upon which i am about to self-help so
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help me god. i was. so young if joe biden if he is the link to the past and the anchor for the president is coming to harris is she the beacon to america's future. yes i mean i think they both. in way and i think there's a slight danger in talking about things as the future is only one part of america but certainly coming to harris represents america in all of its breadth and diversity. you know. obviously a historic presidency because she's the 1st female president you know states of the 1st black president of united states for us we've had a black president. but also because like barack obama she has
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a very interesting history of migration and of somebody who has. an inheritance from many different parts of the world. you know one of the most positive developments i think the united states over the last decades is that it's quite stark racial classifications in categorizations which helped. define the country for many centuries and increasingly. not up to the job of describing what community states is actually like those. whose mother of course was white and who's . born and raised in kenya and is true of heris whose mother is indian and whose hails from jamaica. i think that is. a very nice image of what the united states today is today in contradistinction to the idea of new markets to find that whiteness will be idea that in america only
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those who are white house of truly members of the community as many people would have for a number of decades and though but also in contradistinction to too simplistic a view of what took a racial categories in the united states of patchwork family is one that represents . everything in. that is that you have a strand of manhattan but i think it's i mean it's very good point here is the story is it's truly one of the america's immigrant i did see and also the american dream of being able to become whatever you wish if you work hard here's more about that take a look. kaamelott harris grew up here a quiet neighborhood across the bay from san francisco her mother raised her to be strong and to prove herself through her work she studied at the historically black howard university in washington d.c.
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then got her law degree in san francisco her career ascent began in california in 2003 she was elected as san francisco's 1st female district attorney and 2011 she became california's attorney general or she oversaw the state's legalization of gay marriage in 2017 harris was elected to the u.s. senate she quickly gained a reputation as a tough question or a grilling facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg and donald trump supreme court pick brett kavanaugh i'm not remembering but if you have something you're one of the i'm just trying to think do i know anyone who works that firm i might know that if you had that's not my question my question is have you had a conversation with anyone at that firm about that investigation it's a really specific question. in january 29 teams she announced her run for the white house. i don't think. i
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stand before you today to announce my candidacy. harris dropped out but then became joe biden's running mate she proved to be an avid campaigner and debater. paris's father is from jamaica and her mother was born in india that makes her the 1st black and the 1st asian american president hopes are high. and. i'm sure. it's been a long way to the vice presidency but america has spoken and harris is now headed for her place in history. about 30 seconds let me ask you have we seen the last of donald trump. you know he will do what he can to stay relevant
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as he said he will have presence in the nation for the next day use the impeachment trial that he will dominate headlines for some of the next months but i don't think it is at all guaranteed that he will manage to win the republican nomination in 2024 if he tries to win it and he may end up fading more than seems imaginable at the moment. ok. there an associate professor at johns hopkins university a member of the council on foreign relations it's always good to talk with you we appreciate your insights tonight thank you. my president. well before the inauguration of joe biden began at the u.s. capitol today there was a final departure from the white house donald trump and his wife along the left the white house for the last time headed for florida trump in another break with tradition did not attend the inauguration of his successor the image in today
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incredibly stark and sobering truck began today as the most powerful man on the planet he ended the day out of work sitting by a swimming pool what kind of legacy does he deserve will donald trump go down in history as one of america's worst leaders. thank you very much and we love you and i can tell you that from the bottom of my heart this is been an incredible 4 years it is my greatest honor and privilege to have been your president i will always fight for you. i will be watching i will be listening and i will tell you that the future of this country has never been better i wish the new administration great luck and great success. i think they'll have great success they have the foundation to do something really spectacular things that we've done have been just
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incredible and i couldn't have done of done it without you so just. a goodbye we love you we will be back in some form so have a good life we will see you soon thank you thank you. thank you. the final words there velma trump in his final moments as u.s. president well the day is almost done the conversation continues online to find us on twitter either at g.w. news you can follow me at brant goff t.v. we want to leave you now with some of the images of this very historic day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody. you seem to. love it biden. us.
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says. we are a people of many races creeds and colors national backgrounds cultures and stylists. close under you president to reconcile the people of our land. helping. us.
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oh my god the graduations mysteries of. us this is america's day. this is democracy.
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soon. curtis. this is. the united states has a new president and he's about to set foot in his new home fresh from being sworn in as the $46.00 us president joe biden has arrived at the white house after and historic day in washington d.c. . earlier the new president played the role of reconciler in chief promising to
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bring. his nation to protect defend preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states constitution of the united states so help you god help me god congratulations mr president. and with that those words of joe biden became the 46th president of the us in his inaugural speech he told the nation there is much more to do and much to retain here also coming up history made today at the u.s. capitol thanks to him and her. to be. on the path so that nothing can. come about here is to come sleep 1st woman vice president and the 1st person of color to become vice president. and as those new faces are trump leaves the white house after 4 turbulent years for the 45th president along with his wife for
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monny is the part of the white house a final time early on wednesday morning. voice this inauguration the 1st president to skip and inauguration. and in more than 100 years. i'm brick office good to have you with us the united states has a new president joe biden took the oath of office today becoming america's 46th president and he has just arrived at the white house to begin his duties as leader of the country the president and 1st lady greeted well wishers on their way to their new home earlier in the day president biden was sworn in at a scaled back inauguration ceremony he was joined by the 1st black woman vice president come all the hair is she took her out of office as well afterwords the presidential team visited arlington cemetery to pay respects to the war dead at the
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tomb of the unknown soldier president biden inherits a country facing deep divisions over racial justice and is confronting the threat of right wing extremism and it's a nation really from the effects of the coronavirus and. president biden called on americans to come together and he said that democracy has triumphed this is america's day this is democracy day the day of history and hope every know every zone. through a crucible for the ages america has been tested a new and america has risen to the challenge. and was joe biden there speaking let's take the story now to washington our bureau chief in his post he's been covering these historic events today good evening to you enos joe biden saying today this is democracy is day
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a day of renewable what is joe biden mean when he talks about renewing america. well brant you know we have to keep in mind the former president donald trump didn't acknowledge that joe biden won this election and he's not alone out there we saw that 2 weeks ago and during the storm of the capital that millions of americans do not believe that joe biden really won this election so this and therefore he addressed address that also in his speech we just listened in to that he addressed that fact that he has to kind of not only restore the economy to overcome covert 19 i t. kind of has to be stored democracy in the united states and this is one of his really big big challenges and joe biden also addressed the battle against alternative facts today this isn't a clip from part of what he said politics doesn't have to be
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a raging fire destroying everything is passed. every disagreement don't have to be a cause for total war. and we must reject the culture in which facts themselves are manipulated and even manufactured. so indices that there we have to reject the culture in which facts are manipulated that's a clear condemnation of the divisive nature of u.s. politics today do you think that joe biden as president will be able to reduce the divisions that we see in u.s. politics. f.-o. he needs to find a way that people really believe in facts again i mean donald trump did that from the very 1st day on and off is to use lies. saying that there were alternative facts such thing doesn't exist so pure lies. this inform to misinform
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his followers and to keep them with him to stare anger and fear and this is something joe biden has to overcome that alone i mean the civil society will be needed that everybody really tries to come together and find common ground to discuss these very urgent topics and find solutions for this many problems the united states is facing this notion of the truth against lies that got a lot of attention today here's another clip from the new president there is truth and there are lives. lies told for power and for profit and huge of us has a duty and a responsibility as citizens as americans especially as leaders leaders who have pledged to honor our constitution protect our nation to defend the truth and defeat
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the lies. you know we heard president biden there talking about why i was told for how we're it sounded like a clear reference to double trouble. it is indeed that was one of donald trump's strongest weapons and he really used the opportunity to sell off social media to. bring this lies to his followers he didn't use like the common ways to communicate communicate with the public he didn't really allowed journalists journalists to challenge things he said and that was the absolute reference to donald trump and i'm sure that joe biden and his whole administration really will set a totally different tone when they talk to the public and make clear where they
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air facts come from and i'm sure that they will work with the science to scientists to help them you know to 2 percent themselves as reliable as trustworthy leaders and we know that history was made today in the form of the 1st woman becoming vice president the 1st person of color becoming vice president. or having trouble there with the audio let me pick up on history being made today with the harris the 1st woman vice president the 1st person of color to become vice president. right i mean this moment when she and president biden stood. at the top of the unknown soldier in arlington
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i mean there were many really moving moments today but for me to be on this friend this was one of the most moving moments it's not only a blank person it's a blank woman who is the 1st vice president and to be there in contributed. to all the soldiers who lost their lives in this many many wars the united states was involved and this was a moment which is very important i'm sure not only for many women in the united states but also for many many males who are fading and fighting sorry for the equality of gender all right with the latest on this historic day in washington d.c. thank you joe biden's inauguration is being welcomed around the world to nato and the european union issuing statements saying that they hope the new u.s. president will make america a reliable ally again we spoke earlier with ursula from the lawyer and president of
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the european commission here's what she said. when he said i would but that's fair i am so pleased that we once again have a friend in the white house come on i'm also very pleased that incoming the harris we have the 1st woman vice president of the united states of america or not it is certainly the case that we have much in common begin by an independent that begins with the task of managing the pandemic. of combating climate change as well as digitalisation but there are other issues where we have differences of opinion for example on the question of additional tax on tech and digital platforms there will certainly be tensions there but the good thing is if we are friends if we are like minded then we can have welcome discussion of these issues and we can hold them fairly openly and above all reliably and then develop a common approach together and on the i was talking done under the minds of men. we
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can. underlie and they're speaking earlier about the new u.s. president let's take this story now to our very own riggers he is in brussels tonight good evening to you bear and we know that many european leaders are hoping for a reset of transatlantic relations under president joe biden what is that reset what's it going to look like. the nightmare should be over this is the mood amongst european leaders at least amongst the last majority there's some populist writing he does like and potable hungry or in great britain that are not so happy about this but for them majority now the relationship should be more reliable predictable reasonable and also more civilized this is what europe is hoping for that they can engage with the normal political again and reset this relationship and to have a real partner in the white house again sharing
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a common interests we know that under donald trump's america 1st policy that many at nato solve the alliance in an existential crisis do you think that europe will calculate its defense strategy differently now that we have president biden in the white house. the conflict of interest will still remain when it comes to burden sharing and defense spending because he had the americans complaining for a long time not only a drum but also his predecessor barack obama complained about this but the europeans are now pledging that they will do more to have a more this achieved independent europe and to spend more money of the euro the german foreign minister said at least even now talk to the americans again and again about strategies and. the cooperation this is in it's of
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real progress from nato and we know also that president biden promised a date for the u.s. to rejoin the paris climate agreement what kind of commitments do european leaders want from the u.s. when it comes to battling climate change. the europeans expect from the new administration to engage in this climate treaty again and to get engage in climate talks in to come up with real climate goes you have to recall that ms fission just declined that there is something like climate change and the u. s. is also wanted as an example for other countries it's one of the main polluters in the world and if the u.s. joins the climate we meet again it has much more power much more enforcement power for other countries alrighty w.'s bantry get with the latest tonight from brussels european reaction to the new us president thank you very much
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you're watching t w news stephen beardsley's up next with business news but 1st we're going to leave you with some of those images from this very historic day in washington d.c. . isn't. robinette biden junior. league. us. whose sons say. we are a people of many races creeds and colors national backgrounds cultures and stylists
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