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this is the. reconciler in chief job becomes president of the united states promising to bring unity to. protect and defend your friends the constitution of the united states constitution of the united states so help you god. congratulations mr president i and with that joe biden became the 46 president of the united states in his inaugural speech he told the nation there is much work to do and much. also coming
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up history made today is the u.s. capitol thanks to him her. self. helping. becomes the 1st woman vice president and the 1st person of color to become vice president of the united states and those new faces arrive leaves the white house after 4 turbulent years the 45th president along with his wife departed the white house. early morning. and biden's inauguration the 1st president to skip. in more than 100 years.
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i'm brant goff to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to our viewers all around the world welcome the united states have a new president joe biden took the oath of office today becoming america's 46th president in his inaugural speech biden made a call for unity to his fellow americans he takes power met a time when the u.s. is reeling from the coronavirus pandemic the country faces deep divisions over racial justice and is confronting the threat of right wing extremism you know a gratian went ahead with fewer dignitaries than usual and no huge crowds of spectators because of covert 19 restrictions thousands of troops provided security with washington d.c. on edge after pro trump rioters stormed the u.s. capitol exactly 2 weeks ago. during his speech u.s. president biden held a moment of silence for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic and he said
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americans have to come together to confront these challenges with unity we can do great things important things. we can right wrongs we can put people to work in good jobs we can teach our children in safe schools we can overcome the deadly virus we can reward reward work and rebuild the middle class and make health care secure for all we can deliver racial justice and we can make america once again the leading force for good in the world. lots of promises there from the new president was jake is now to washington d.c. our bureau chief in this poll she's been following these historic events today good evening to you the news so a plea for unity coming from the new president joe biden he clearly made unity the core theme of his inaugural speech there are some people though who doubt that he can unite the u.s. how will he go about unifying the country so very
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very tusk brenden he pointed his role oh it's i mean he addressed all the major crisis this country is in there is over all cope with 19 and with more than 400000 deaths he actually mentioned that in his speech can all existed what his successor . predecessor don't trump never did. he has to be able not only to reach out to the other male but also to unify his own party we tend to forget that the democratic party is really a big tent and he has to be able to bring the rather right leaning or more conservative part of his party together with the rather rather left leaning part of his party so there are many challenges on many many levels but on a personal level i think he delivered a really strong and powerful speech so that was a good beginning of this presidency a call for unity and at the same time
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a rejection of alternative fact take a listen to this clip. politics doesn't have to be a raging fire destroying everything in its path. every disagreement don't have to be a cause for total war. and we must reject the culture in which facts themselves are manipulated and even manufactured. and you see got an applause there by saying we must reject the culture where facts are manipulated to me that's a clear condemnation of the divisive nature of american politics under donald trump do you think biden's presidency will be able to reduce the divisions that we've seen starting in u.s. politics. he has to i mean also these 4 years this country is more divided than maybe ever before in modern times and he addressed
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a core issue and that conflict is really the issue and it's reality people live we experience that 2 weeks ago i was out there at the mall when the people stormed the capitol and i also why they're doing that and they told me stories which are just not true because they are fed by false informations by a lie which we have to say that came out of the white house as well and this will end but this is one of the court's costs he has to find an answer for how does he get information out to his people to the american people which is really true so that they can really build their own opinion on facts and not unlike these you know that's right this battle between the truth and why i'm to take a listen to part of what biden said about that today there is truth and there are
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lives lives told for power and for profit. you need us has a duty and a responsibility as citizens as americans especially as leaders leaders who have pledged to honor our constitution to protect our nation to defend the truth and defeat the lies. in his it was very clear there by talking about lawyers told for surely that was a reference to his predecessor donald trump was an absolutely i mean this is how he kind of started his whole presidency during his come paining like 5 years ago and that's what we experienced over the last 4 years that we that's what we are experiencing since one year since the outbreak of covert 19 that's exactly what he experienced until his very last minutes as being
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a president and his very last speech when he again told things which are just not true like as he helped the stock market to grow in the stock market will break down now president joe biden in power yes so he addressed the core core issue of this united states yes that's right always measuring the economic health by the stock market and not by the employment rate for example history today was also made in the form of the 1st woman vice president the 1st person of color becoming vice president i mean that is a big day a big moment in history isn't. it is absolutely and not only during the swearing in ceremony ceremony at the capitol also later when they paid respect at the arlington cemetery this is the 1st time that a woman stood there and next visit with the president together to pay respect to
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all the fallen soldiers that's huge that's big and i'm sure that many not only many women but many many americans see that as maybe one of the most moving moments of this whole day that this is very true and it's it's really hard to overstate the importance of that and it's almost been covered up by all the talk about the pandemic and of course about the controversy surrounding donald trump donald trump he did not attend today's inauguration but he did observe a tradition of leaving a note we understand for joe biden do we know what is inside that. know yet not yet this is probably the best hidden secret worldwide right now that is indeed a tradition that's what presidents do they leave a note for their successors i really do hope that joe biden post that on twitter
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and don't trump then won't be able to comment on that well. that's a very good point is that's right he would not be able to send a tweet out about that is the sure we'll find out what's inside that maybe sooner rather than later in his poll the latest from washington thank you well as joe biden is the 46 president now in the united states the world is watching to see what kind of country he will lead back onto the world stage 4 years of trump's america 1st turned the idea of u.s. leadership on its head is replacements 1st task will be to rebuild and reshape some very crucial relationships. chaos in washington a pandemic out of control. an economy on the brink we do not get a nation profoundly divided ruled that religion will not run the u.s. has enough crises going on at home to take up the energy of any new president but
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the rest of the world looks every bit as daunting. as china is now a rival superpower. russia is openly hostile and climate change threatened everything unveiling his foreign policy team joe biden said he would tackle all these challenges by rejecting trump slogan of america 1st and reviving american leadership at the head of the western alliance america's back ready to lead the world not retreat from it once again sit at the head of the table ready to confront our adversaries and not reject our allies this new spirit from by being warmly welcomed here in berlin and in other capitals around europe and yes on this crucial issue of china the europeans have started doing their own thing. the e.u. has just agreed
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a sweeping investment treaty with beijing ignoring requests from the biden team to wait and work together i'm glad merkel herself was the driver of the deal which will be a money maker for german companies. it's not a great omen for biden's plan to hold a summit of democracies he wants free societies to line up together to challenge china seeing it is a growing threat democracy everywhere you want europe fully on board european leaders too often condemn china over human rights abuses but that really turns into action and many a wary of being sucked into a long term conflict between the u.s. and beijing but any european heading on this could expose the underlying tensions in the transatlantic relationship which burst into the open under donald trump if europeans believe they can remain neutral in a growing rivalry between the united states and china and sort of have equally good
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relations with beijing and washington and at the same time expect the united states to be the 1st responder whenever anything happens in europe i think they're living in a dream world that that's not going to be possible this was the heart of the crisis between the u.s. and europe during the trump years school and european allies as freeloaders and that has shaken trust perhaps even permanently because one day trump or someone like him could be back now if europeans look at the transatlantic alliance that is stronger degree of course and that world and who are good and europeans need to build up their own research and their own strategies to be able to act in a more indeed and the death throes of the trumpet ministration have added to fears that the u.s. has become fundamentally stable a power that allies can never again depend on in quite the same way. ultimately
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that means that biden success or failure at home will profoundly affect what he can achieve abroad he says america is back but the rest of the world is asking is it too broken to lead. it was richard walker reporting there let's take this now to our chief political correspondent belinda crane she's here in berlin good evening to you melinda it's amazing isn't it 4 years of donald trump it feels like it's been a lot longer than that now we're talking about rebuilding transatlantic relations between europe and the u.s. what will that look like. indeed those were pretty much exactly the words that joe biden in his inaugural address saying we must repay or the u.s. must repair relations with its allies in order to tackle the challenges of the present and the future well one thing this is going to look like is
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a return to multilateralism as you know trump's credo was transactional it was all about this moment and winning this deal he went so far as to refer to the europeans as as rivals. and opponents and that certainly will change joe biden has made it very very clear that he wants and needs partnership and he will certainly be looking towards europe which is of course the world's biggest collection of democracies he will certainly be looking to work with europe and i think what we'll also see is a great deal more reliability meaning with trump you never know what you got you never knew where things were going to go and certainly that will change now there may be differences of opinion there surely will be differences of
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opinion but i think for sure both germany and europe can count on the fact that the communication processes will once again begin to work as true this day we've heard many times that joe biden is considered a solid partner what about german american relations moving forward. well i think germany as the biggest economy in europe is absolutely going to be a key partner for the trumpet the behind ministration and what's important to remember is that joe biden has decades of experience he knows the leaders of all european countries pretty much were told that when when european leaders would visit the senate they'd be going from person to person they'd be introduced and say hello senator and when they got to him they'd say hi joe in other words those lines of communication are already up those channels they are ready to move and i think
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that will certainly be helpful in terms of german u.s. relations there have been many people here who were hoping that biden might come to the munich security conference which is normally held in february but it's not going to be held because of the pandemic but i know there's going to be a lot of people hoping that this will be one of the 1st places joe biden does travel to melinda's what about the nord stream to natural gas pipeline between germany and russia. he is an opponent of that project and vetted something that he and trump had in common is there any sign that going to change. there are a couple of things that joe biden and trump have in common that will create some challenges in german u.s. and european u.s. relations we just were hearing about one namely china policy there will certainly be pressure on europe and germany to be tougher on china at the same time
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there are opportunities here to work together on china the statement goes forward north stream what we do know is that europe would like to see the u.s. return to the 4 old when it comes to the w t o to the world trade organization and certainly if joe biden is serious about multilateralism he needs to be looking into that and looking into how he can work with his european allies to reform the w t o so that has broad implications for trade policy on many levels including north stream as you know the u.s. imposed sanctions on germany companies that were involved in this project is not clear that these are in conformance with rules. there may be an initial impulse on the part of the by administration to leave those sanctions in place it doesn't like the north stream project as you mentioned but i think certainly we will see the communication open up in terms of north stream in terms
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of china in terms of all the other difficult areas including common security and defense policy contributions to nato all of those could still remain sticky thorny issues but the multilateral approach will be back and that will certainly help in our chief political correspondent linda gray with redeveloped stork day melinda thank you. we're done with trump has arguably been the most divisive president in living memory he leaves office as the only president to be impeached twice and he up ended america's position in world politics attacking longstanding alliances at the same time building a wave of support back home with his america 1st promises so how will history remember donald trump we take a look now at his legacy. i am officially running. for president of the united states was and we are going to make our
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country great again the it was his campaign slogan and became his mantra but once in office did donald trump make america great again ask a trump supporter and they'll say yes and point above all to job creation and tax cuts as major achievements. ask an opponent and they'll disagree blackly citing terms handling of the coronavirus pandemic as proof of his failure will be hard to do just so we're on a narrative referred to the birth of the world. after 4 years in the white house there's a range of issues that define trumps legacy and divided opinion some of them will continue to shape american society long after he's gone such as the new makeup of the u.s. supreme court his appointment of 3 new judges has ensured a conservative majority for years to come. on the streets police brutality
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continues to enrage people and racial tensions are running high in the recent study by the f.b.i. found that hate crime is at its highest level for more than a decade and critics say trump has done nothing to bring people together give me what is a protester who i really can do outgrow a certain right probably do is stand back and stand by but i'll tell you what i'll tell you what somebody has got to do something about anti for and the left because this is not a right as we. trump also leaves the controversial legacy when it comes to the environment he's reversed more than $100.00 protective regulations and left the paris climate accord environmentalists say it's cause damage that will be difficult to reverse. as the sunsets honest time in the white house the united states is a deeply divided nation and donald trump stands accused of having undermined dialogue and democracy itself is just trust of science and journalism and just
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complicated relationship with the trees have not only polarized us society but been connected to the spread of conspiracy theories around the world. or look at look at all of the failed. and that may end up being donald trump's most profound and engineering legacy based in and outside of the united states. well there is other news around the world let's take a look now at some of the stories making headlines arabian president hassan rouhani has called on u.s. president joe biden to return to the 25 to nuclear agreement and to lift sanctions against iran rouhani says his country promises to fulfill its commitments under the deal if the united states does so was well honey was quoted as saying that quote the ball is now in the court of the u.s. rescuers in china are redoubling efforts to communicate with a group of miners trapped underground for 10 days and new handwritten note sent up
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from the stricken miners requested they be given another phone 22 miners were trapped in the gold mine with an explosion sealed off an entrance to the site. at least 3 people have died after an explosion ripped through a building in central madrid one building partially collapsed and the residents of a neighboring nursing home were evacuated the city's mayor says initial investigations suggest that a gas leak holds the black. we want to head down to the black sea to a sprawling palace that has its own amphitheater a teahouse and even hell a pad he won't sit well the kremlin critic alexina volley has released a 2 hour video of the results of an investigation claiming that the palace was built for russian president vladimir putin using taxpayer money the kremlin has denied the allegations. they calling it's the new versailles
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in the 2 hour video only explains how his anticorruption foundation had been able to film the property from above for the 1st time using a drone he says is nothing like it anywhere in the country. without exaggeration it is the most secretive and guarded facility in russia it isn't a country house or a residence it's an entire city or rather a kingdom it has impregnable fences its own harbor guards churches and checkpoints no fly zone and even its own border point if it is a separate state inside russia. details of the past were leaked by construction workers said to be shocked at its opulence among its many features this green mountain's reported to house an underground ice hockey rink. this is an m.p. theatre. never only points out the exits of a tunnel used by putin to access the beach. he also
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emphasizes not just the size of the palace but also the vastness of the area its occupies which is 3 and a half times the size of the nearest city. the kremlin rejects all the claims calling them nonsensical. these are ground us allegations they are nonsense and a compilation of complications and nothing else that's the place of all goal of such documents such pseudo investigations it's a scam we want all the people taking into account the big number of. then a volley insist that not only does this property belong to putin but that it was financed through corruption and the misuse of public funds at least calling it the biggest bribe in history to which the russian president must be held to account for me well you're watching. me back to take you through the day tonight complete
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coverage of the new u.s. president and vice president but 1st some of the most memorable images from this historic day. music. lover that. we are a people of many races creeds and colors national backgrounds cultures and style. close under
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a new president to reconcile the people of our land. holy god graduation mr president.
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life on earth. are coming to an end. but a gigantic coincidence. that previously the earth was just a messy chemistry not at all i thought mission. where the improbable but
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such was the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery the dam is a good. one if earth. starts feb 11th on t.w. . in the height of climate change. africa's most of. what's in store. for the future. c.w. contests are going to make a series double to get insight. into. what people knocking for coverage. there are many answers. there are many reasons.
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and there are many alternatives to. make up your own mind. d.w. made for minds. 2 weeks ago a mob of donald trump supporters stormed the u.s. capitol it was a near death experience for american democracy and the entire world watched in horror today in the same space american democracy's resilience joe biden became the new u.s. president come a harris the new vice president there was no mention of trump instead a promise to end 4 years of america's split screen reality show no more lies against the truth no more americans against.


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