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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2021 5:15pm-5:31pm CET

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in many african american especially also younger women they see that as the hope for their generation all of these 4 years of a very very vides administration and she will be strong as just pointed out if one says she's only one heartbeat away from a president who is the oldest president ever been sworn in today she will be very energetic she comes from california who saw her talking and acting she is this smile this energy. she puts out but i mean she also has a huge burden on her shoulders because she will have to play a big role in bringing this country together again as she is the 1st female vice president but the 1st nonwhite president i have to be many many moons yields especially from the african american american community these all who things
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happened the last years and you know as as your reporting we see house speaker nancy pelosi arriving as well william she is she is also another force to be reckoned he is yeah and now she's leading the impeachment against the outgoing president mansi palosi has really come into her own i would say over these last few years she has been around the block in washington for a very long time i think we can see there mitch mcconnell indeed outgoing majority leader seem to be the minority leader in the senate as the power there shifts to democrats nancy pelosi has really kept the democratic party together bridging people quite the far left side of the spectrum at least by american standards and more centrist almost almost republicans themselves and certainly come from republican districts that have won. those flip those seats as you were saying from
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red to blue more per believe hysterics she had to keep that party together through a very divisive time in the country and a divisive time within the party and will be interesting interesting to see she works she works with barack obama in this position she's in now to work with joe biden and it will be very interesting to see what that relationship is like as well in the months ahead. of course it's also very it's been proven also a little bit controversial and there's been no discussion you know is about whether it's wise to pursue this a 2nd impeachment of the outgoing president particularly when he's no longer there . right i mean many people say you know it takes all the attention away from from the 1st days of joe biden and it makes it harder for him to really restart to put all these energy in kind of not bringing only the 2 kind of parts of this country together but also look at these most crucial things started i
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mean he has this journey to fight the economic. the economic situation a year is devastating for so many people they're losing their jobs by the day they're facing evictions and they're many people say the critics of that say let's donald trump leave leave him behind and then say look forward the other side says we have to make sure that presidents are our high level polly titian politicians who really kind of encourage people to storm the senate to commit a crime to after all are responsible for the death of people they have to be hold responsible before that and then that's the 3rd argument that many republicans seem to share that lately they want to make it impossible for donald trump again to run as president and as we just heard when he left a washington he kind of hinted out we will see each other again so that's for maybe
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a reason to impeach him again and we should how that 'd will take place over the next couple of days and weeks in as we're seeing people are clapping we expect there he is the man who is supposed to put america back together joe biden and incoming 1st lady jill dr jill biden. william. this is the day joe biden has been waiting on the fly and yes you know he ran and i say da he ran in 2008 he failed both those times c. has overcome personal adversity has come overcome political diversity national. versity. this is a man has been waiting to be president for a very very long time. and we're going to some where people stand on the issues of him and there's going to be plenty to pick apart in his agenda in his administration in the months and years to come. the fact is the united states has a professional in the white house who knows how to pull those levers of power who
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knows how to work with the senate who is in the senate himself. please listen i think things are about to get started well the quiet. please welcome the owner of a neat little show. by this former opponents in this and early race to be president senator thank you. mr president. branch former presidents and 1st ladies vice presidents leaders from a bride and a whole bunch of biden's america welcome to the 59th presidential
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inauguration where in just a few moments joe biden and camila harris will take their solemn owes this ceremony. is the culmination of 244 years of a democracy it is a moment when leaders brought to this stage by the will of the people promised to be faithful to our constitution to cherish it and defend it it is the moment when they become as we all should be guardians of our country. have we become too jaded too accustomed to the ritual of the passing of the torch of democracy to truly appreciate what a blessing and a privilege it is to witness this moment i think not 2 weeks ago when an angry violent mob stage an insurrection and desecrated this temple of our democracy it awakened us to our responsibilities as americans
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this is the day when our democracy picks itself up brushes our the dust and does what america always does goes forward as a nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. thank this conveyance of a sacred trust between our leaders and our people takes place in front of this shining capitol dome for a reason when abraham lincoln gave his 1st and now grow address in front of this capitol the dome was only partially constructed braced by ropes of steel he promised he would finish it he was criticized for spending funds on it during the civil war to those critics he replied if the people see the capital going on it is a sign we intend the union shall go on and it did and it will.
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generations of americans gave their lives to preserve our republic in this place great legislation to protect civil rights and economic security and lead the world was debated and crafted under this dome now it falls on the whole of us not just the 2 leaders we are now grading today to take up the torch of our democracy not as a weapon of political arson but as an instrument for good we pledge today never to take our democracy for granted as we celebrate its remarkable strength we celebrate its resilience its grit we celebrate the ordinary people doing extraordinary things for our nation the doctors and nurses on the front line of this pandemic the officers in the capital a new generation never giving up hope for justice we celebrate
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a new president joe biden who vows to restore the soul of america and cross the river of our divides to a higher plane and we celebrate our 1st african-american 1st asian american and 1st one and vice president. connally harris who stands on the shoulders of so many on this platform who have forged the way to this day when she takes the oath of office little girls and boys across the world will know that anything and everything is possible and in the end that is america our democracy a country of so much good and today on these capitol steps and before this glorious field of flags we rededicate ourselves to its cause thank you. it is now my honor to
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introduce to you the senator who has worked with me and so many others to make this ceremony possible my friend and the chair of the inaugural committee missouri senator roy blunt. and we just heard their senator in clover shar one of the 2 what did you make of hers speech that was clearly some emotion there in her voice. oh absolutely and i mean you know we just i think have to remember of ourselves what just happened at this very place 2 weeks ago when the mob stormed these days there's destroyed windows was chasing. palosi there were shouting pelosi reload pelosi we want to get you and i think to use it could hear that in her voice
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she still seems to be shaken and she tries to put out that hope which is also in the d.n.a. of this country people are very optimistic they have a tendency to rather look at the bright side of the glass half full and this has been shaken the last couple of weeks and she try to bring that feeling back and as you just said before her speech carola hair is to play a major role in that not only for african americans 4 for asian americans but also for all these women who put so much hope in hillary clinton 4 years ago was meant to scatter the class ceiling in become the 1st female president of the united states so 'd that's kind of the hair is who is the 1st female vice president who you know brings this energy and hope to many many women here in the united states and we've been seeing
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a cutaways as they call it in our business of incoming president joe biden very solemn william a very focused you i mean does he feel the weight of what's about to happen in terms of i mean it is so daunting what he will have to meet tackle and what is left in the wake of the trumpet ministration that article he will have to his long somehow i mean. the transition team what will what will become the new administration has been very clear. the joining of crises the overlapping of crises that the united states faces that joe biden faces that being the pen demick the economic crisis that's resulted from the pen demick the climate crisis the racial justice crisis which is certainly nothing new but has been has certainly bubbled up to the surface over in this past year and those were all inward looking issues that's not even dealing with the rest of the world as the united states as still a superpower the united states still is the leader of the western world as as many
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countries look to it as it's not even looking towards the fact that china is a rising power and compete and setting itself up for competition in the asia pacific theater that predictions right now show that the chinese economy will actually outstrip the u.s. economy in 2028 to become the world's largest economy that's not so far away that would be at the end of joe biden's theoretical 2nd term there are so many challenges the united states faces now it's never been easy i think it's easy to look back in history and say things are you know we're better back then but i it's also very true to say that this is a moment of particular huge amount of crises that joe biden has the face all at once and you know is that we just saw senator ted cruz we now see a former president bush and bill clinton and hillary clinton the secretary of state i want to talk about the opponents of mr incoming president
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joe biden what was remarkable is that today the mass that he attended he included opponents what does that tell us that. well it's going to be a how big challenge for joe biden as you mentioned earlier sure he has now the majority in the how is and in a couple of hours in the senate at $430.00 actually local time but these majorities are razor thin and he will use all our needs all his experience and knowledge to worry chris both sides you know he doesn't have these huge majority and just can do whatever he wants to do he has to reach out to the republican party and most definitely also try to include the left and the right wing of his own party we have to keep in mind the democratic party is a big tent so he will need again all his experience but he's more than 50 years in
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the political business and if there is anybody out there who will be able to do that it will be him i knew it's fair to say in our ads how we're going to take a listen now some more to the ceremony here let's go back to that. because. that's like despite a. gracious and merciful god. at this sacred time we come before you in need indeed.


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