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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2021 5:00am-5:30am CET

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you. know what secrets lie behind us will. discover new adventures in the 360 degree. and explore personating world her interest starts. world heritage 316. this is news and these are our top stories the kremlin's most vocal critic alexei nevaeh has been jailed for 30 days at a hearing held in a makeshift court at a moscow police station now about me was detained immediately on returning to russia on a sunday he'd been in germany receiving treatment following a nerve agent attack in august germany has joined many other countries in condemning these arrests. video footage has emerged from the new yorker
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magazine showing rioters inside the u.s. senate chamber as the capitol was being ransacked it comes as president donald trump prepares to issue over $100.00 pardons the clemency is reportedly won't include a trump himself. even tougher coronavirus restrictions are looking increasingly likely for germany chancellor angela merkel will hold a virtual meeting with state premiers later to discuss the country's pandemic measures although infection rates have improved slightly they are not declining as quickly as was hoped and concerns are growing over new and more infectious strains of the virus. this is to get you news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram at the w. news service our website w dot com. the united states is bracing for a peaceful transfer of power this week bracing because the threat of armed violence
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is at levels not seen since the 911 it terror attacks the 20 years ago the u.s. faced an enemy from abroad now the enemy is from within the f.b.i. is getting all 25000 national guard troops sent to washington to secure the you know if you're a should the nation that declares in god we trust is keeping the peace by trusting no one i'm pretty often berlin this is the day. as if we've seen that sometimes the enemies are a little closer to the concept this if they think we feel like their theory will take over but i do think that there was some logic brought in was there but there was to take this all in or not i don't think trump have appeared played you don't know who to trust these days i don't know what it was that worked i can trust i don't know all social media i can trust we're clearly here to show the government.
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we're not intimidated by the lessons learned is that. we'll need to take those that level threats seriously. also coming up when he left russia his wife was in danger now alexina volney he's back in russia behind bars but his message of defiance and democracy it's as free as ever he says people power can bring down vladimir putin. it's a political fact that the con be ignored the main most important one is some of the essence of politics but don't be afraid to take to the streets done call for me to look out for yourselves and your future. onto our. our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of our viewers around the world welcome we begin the day with the seizure of america by americans in less than 48 hours president donald trump will leave the white house and joe biden will be sworn in to replace
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him the seamless flow of democracy that this time is anything but donald trump will not attend the inauguration of joe biden on wednesday no congratulatory handshake no dignified handing over of power leaves a nation on high alert 2 weeks after a mob of his supporters stormed the u.s. capitol the threat of domestic terrorism is as real as ever and we are learning more and more in sabbat what happened inside the u.s. capitol on january 6th videos revealing the violence committed by americans against americans in the name of donald trump today the new yorker released this video of the rioters as they invaded the chamber of the u.s. house of representatives. because. the airline had raised the debt. reduction is going to sell us out on all other.
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jets. and. we know that from. this fight on. where. there is no reason. why not all over. her. promise. that was obviously there the senate and not the house of representatives. now that is what was going on inside the building but what was going on inside the minds of those men and women who stormed the u.s. capitol correspondents deafened signs was on the capitol hill on january 6th trying to give a name and face and voice to all of the anger that was being unleashed in this
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exclusive report he talks with the founder of a group called gays for truong a man who describes himself as a gay republican a band who became part of the mob that assaulted the seat of american democracy. remeet 43 year old supporter peter point. on the day before but president trump had promised to become a quote wild protest what's what's scary right now is you've got the senators and you've got the congress and you've got the president they're going to find out a strong supporters in there come and find us and are going to start walking us up they're going to get a list of us and they're going to find us and they're going to do it once and you should know you're from your from your you know you're from germany you know how was in jeopardy they came down and they pulled people out of their houses and took them to work hands on and that's what we're worried about you know you hear your potential democratic let go yeah you talk about real nazis they're not thinking
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this secret police the biggest yeah they're fascists look what they do on facebook and big and big tech so the democrats are fast yes they're the real fascist because they don't well you know you can't go on i can't go up and talk to a democrat when the democrat then i can talk to when i know the minutes out of thoughts on the ground time that's going to yell at me. what many say was an insurrection incited by the president who attempts by radicalized from supporters in the moment peter boyd can watch just what ensues from but just my question is it is ok for people to break down. i don't look at the constitution states that we feel like they're steering they will take over over there are people in their 4 year these people don't believe their words that we have a we were out of power for 8 years by a person who probably was a real citizen. to do
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some day generally temp peter meets us in graham a small town neighboring map and where he lives peter doesn't want to talk about his private life smothers a very sick mean internet troll so everywhere he says things at home are complicated and making ends meet driving for is a challenge he's had 3 days to digest and think about what he experienced in washington peter one thing is crystal clear. shot did nothing wrong nothing on what all wednesday he didn't say destroy the capitol in or the capitol anything like that immediately said stop don't do that peter's point of view has nothing to do with what really happened president trump was silent for hours before reacting to the run sucking off the capital p. just next observational analysis is also a blatant lie peter blames anti fact of his for storming the capitol not trump supporters they were there. when i saw regardless of c.n.n.
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all they were in disguise there was plenty of stately ali knew that they were going to be in this guy's peter's rationalized narrative of the events in washington is utter nonsense by reciting these trumped talking points he exposes himself as part of one of the biggest problems this country congolese faces the worst separation at this moment and there's no way. you know it's just a cloud over this whole election biden will never be a legitimate president and that's our turn 4 years later i may say and not my president because by the votes the whole process is. the united states of america seem to be and may remain in distress for some time to come. amazing there all eternity of reality there that people are living in let's go to washington over my colleague joins me live or you were at the capitol u.s. capitol today what's the situation like there right now
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it's hard to recognize the area today if you compare it to how it used to be in the whole downtown area is essentially under lockdown it's a close perimeter really militarize so and so in that sense a d.c. doesn't feel like a city anymore you need special credentials to get in there and when we arrive capital area itself was also under a complete lockdown for a fire that broke out so you can really see there's a tense atmosphere thousands of soldiers inside and outside that perimeter patrolling still arriving for inauguration day we witnessed an arrest yesterday someone who broke the security regulations there was arrested by the f.b.i. in front of our eyes but then we also saw some normalcy there that were rehearsals under way you could see we could see a marching band preparing a sound check right at the spot in front of the capitol facing the national mall where joe biden is to go is going to be sworn in in less than 48 hours and that
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will certainly be a ceremony unlike any other that we've seen before he will be sworn in in front of an empty field overlooking an empty national mall authorities say just stay away for the sake of your own safety and we also have a situation where looks like the police are having to police the police if you will the 25000 national guard troops who are in washington right now we understand they are being vetted being checked for extremists in their raids who is vetting them. now the f.b.i. is in charge for vetting those $25000.00 national guardsmen as you mentioned simply the concern is that you have some heavily armed soldiers that are inside the security perimeter those are the ones who are actually getting close to joe biden and the concern is of course that you might have an insider at tech that those people those soldiers would not have difficulties of course getting closer and they are heavily armed so what's happening now is they're being vetted by the f.b.i.
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commanders are being asked to be on the lookout for any problems within their own ranks i also had the opportunity today to speak to one national guard major and he said of course it's pretty clear that there are both sides of the political aisle represented so it's a big challenge of course but the f t i f b i is optimistic that they have the situation under control and what about the investigation into the storming of the capitol well that is what got us here to this situation of course the interest of geisha is still underway there have been some several 100 individuals arrested. 2 arrests in washington d.c. in the last days and hours one that i've witnessed myself another one where an armed individual with $500.00 rounds of ammunition tried to get inside the perimeter with fake credentials so there are more investigations underway of course regarding that what also becoming what's also becoming clearer now is that lawmakers were involved 3 republicans at least actively involved in the planning
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process of storming the capitol and other active and former lawmakers were in the crowd other conservative insiders it really shows not only in see it was not only inside it by the president but also orchestrated and organized by his very own party members incredible oversell it with the used tonight from washington all over thank you. now to jesus christ and donald trump evangelical christians they played a prominent role in the story of the capitol 1 january 6th and they have counted among don't want trump's most devoted supporters during his presidency. the. exit polls that show that 3 quarters of white evangelicals voted for trump in the a number virtually unchanged since 2016 they stood behind the president despite the multiple accusations of sexual assault against him and his repeated lives to the
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american people. so how can we explain this is ellis devotion to a leader who's an unrepentant sinner my next guest says it may have not so much to do with prayer and more to do with power catherine stuart is the author of the book the power worshipers inside the dangerous rise of religious nationalism kathy joins me tonight kevin it's good to have you on the program when we talk about trump's base we're including evangelical christians who share a vision of the u.s. and that vision correct me if i'm wrong here but that vision would render separation of church and state meaningless. that's absolutely right christian nationalism is central to an explanation of the crisis that we're seeing in america today you really can't explain how trump came to power and how so many other
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leaders on the sort of republican side of the political aisle are hostile to democracy unless you know something about this movement and the attraction to donald trump. it can come from his religious convictions i mean this is a man who has bragged about rarely if ever going to church i mean is this where religious strains merge with those in a culture war in the united states is that what we see. absolutely it's a form of identity politics in that it ties the idea of america to specific religious and cultural identity so christian nationalism let's make clear it's not a religion it's a radically anti democratic political ideology that makes use of religion it's sort of exploit religion for political purposes and it's also a device for mobilizing people to vote in support of the hyper conservative
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candidates that the movement favors and it's you know i mentioned earlier it's radically anti democratic it's you know i use the term religious nationalism in the subtitle of my book because it makes clear it similarities with other forms of religious nationalism around the world so when you see leaders like putin in russia or erewhon in turkey or or bind in hungary when these leaders bind themselves to conservative religious authorities in other countries in order to consolidate a more authoritarian form of political power we rightly see this as a form of religious nationalism that's what we saw with donald trump he was basically exploiting religion for political purposes and is there or is there a next generation in u.s. politics that represents an even more developed sense of. religious nationalism and the youth for example josh holloway in the u.s.
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congress. absolutely you know leaders like josh holy and ted cruz and many other republican leaders are also exploiting the rhetoric of religious nationalism trying to draw people to their side and often they do it by through these so-called cultural wars through these issues like abortion or same sex marriage and the like they know very well if you can get people to vote on one or 2 issues you can control their vote you know over the last decade that i've been researching my in this movement i go to the right wing. and christian national strategy meetings and gatherings and. then it's like this and many of the movement leaders will talk about how important it is to create single issue voters because they know if they can get the rank and file to sort of play along and vote on abortion they can control their vote and then they use it to and that a wildly anti democratic agenda and also an agenda that's not just about abortion
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has a lot to do with economic policy and foreign policy and things that those sort of you know anti abortion voters may not themselves agree with yeah and this agenda of course oftentimes it ends up in the courts and there we talk about maybe the legacy of donald trump he was able to appoint a record number of federal judges he appointed 3 supreme court justices they are all conservative supreme court judges social conservatives so we're talking about these people being around for the next 20 to 40 years to interpret legislation in laws should americans be worried. salut we i mean i think we're going to be dealing with that trumps legacy in the courts for quite some time to come and if you look also at the judges that he appointed a lot of them are. have been nurtured by these sort of right wing legal organizations like the federalist society which plays an enormous role in finding
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him nurturing the legal candidates and promoting them for for a different point minutes and sort of sustaining their careers and then. you know you also have a lot of trump appointees who have worked for right wing legal or christian nationalist legal organizations including the alliance defending freedom which is known as a sort of legal juggernaut of the christian right and again they don't just take right with the dishes on the so-called culture wars like you know same sex marriage and abortion they're advocating for sort of. policies that i think it's really under appreciated the extent to which the republican party and it has allied itself with the sort of far right libertarian economic wing of the republican party and you know a lot of the big ticket funders of the movement and many of the people sort of pouring money into that these organizations are as committed to sort of
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a must like a free market fundamentalism as they are to right wing positions in the so-called culture wars it's just it's amazing to when you think all of this comes together and the notion of separation of church and state just. goes up in smoke catherine stuart author of the power worshipers inside the dangerous rise of religious nationalism can we appreciate your time in your insights tonight thank you thank you for having me. sure what's the total freight of the sleeves hiding in a bunker you will not an admission people taking to the streets it's a political fact that you can't be ignored the main most important one is some of the essence of politics but when you don't be afraid to take to the streets don't call for me to look out for yourselves and your future well that was a legacy of only the kremlin's most vocal critics he has just been jailed for the next 30 days at a hearing that was held in a makeshift court in
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a moscow police station not only was detained immediately upon returning to russia yesterday he had been right here in germany receiving treatment following a poisoning attack germany has joined many other countries in condemning you know all these arrests a spokesman for german chancellor angela merkel calling the arrest arbitraries. are for more i want to bring in mr andreas nick he is with chancellor angela merkel's conservative c.d.u. party he is a member of the german parliament foreign affairs committee as well as drink it's good to see you again what are the german government's actions over russia i mean will we just be hearing tough words from germany or is there something that can be done to force russia's hand. well he clearly we are concerned for the missile of our nice safety it was quite a bold. courageous move him to go back to russia
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but he did it very consciously very deliberately also i think as a political demonstration of it's his will not to be exiled from his own country. what we have think demanded his immediate release i think what happened today is particularly yesterday's particular provocative as mr of and he is supposed to be present tomorrow morning in a in a hearing of the council of europe's parliamentary assembly legal affairs and human rights committee where he is. request it and invited to testify on his case and if there is no russian cooperation on that investigation the russians have announced they would not participate we will have to see whether they will commit missed an avanti to appeal which may be doubtful and i think this is going to be a major provoke ation again against an international organization in this context and it will have to be considered which consequences will derive from the well you
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say it was bold of a bold decision for him to go back but mr have only could have stayed here in germany he chose to return and he does his decision to return to russia does it automatically then have to become a diplomatic problem for the german government. i think we're not talking about. problems in the bilateral relationship i think we have always resisted it's the attempts of russian authorities to buy lesser eyes this issue in this than the one it was st it in the charity in berlin i think we've always taken it to multinational going as asians to the o.p.c. when it came to the ep use of chemical poisons we're now supporting with a fully fledged investigation run by the french. in the council of europe's parliamentary assembly and we have to that was that in the context of the european
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union and that i think is the way it will go into with this is not a bilateral issue this is a very fundamental issue about the rule of law human rights in a member country of the council of europe and russia would have to be taken to account in $42.00 that this of course is happening at the same time that you've got u.s. pressure growing on germany to kill its nord stream to gas pipeline project with russia bloomberg is reporting that a major ensure has quit the project do you think it's time for germany to do the same thing. i don't not consider it very helpful that the same force 2 didn't want. we don't want to go nasir project had to immediately hijack love on you any other issue for the purposes of the north stream project i think to have been very differentiated fuels when our own party on this project terms of its huge she implication and also in terms of its economic
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justification i think we it is not helpful i think is a particular what we see from the united states in that regard to have a sensible and deliberative discourse over that in germany i think the other issues we need to talk about i think we are in the process of an active markets lower to. prosecute human rights offenders on a bill scale also in the european union. i mentioned the investigation in the council of europe i think there's a lot that can still be done and was are going to s. it freezes or travel bans to those who are responsible for human rights violations and so there are many more options on the table. this is not a favorable context also for economic projects like the most you project. you know the people who will agree with you a bit but you know there is bipartisan opposition to the project in the us president elect joe biden he's also against the pipeline now you've got the
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devonian element and you've got chancellor angela merkel who has been very good at maybe keeping business in geopolitics separated you know she's leaving office this year i mean when is enough enough in the eyes of the german government do you think . again i think you can have. a very skeptical fuse on some of the aspects of the most a project i would. still not recommend to create the immediately just use the value case in its in its dramatic and i mentions just as an instrument to leverage your political position on the austrian i think this is much more fundamental issue that we would have to address in a different way and if the united states wants to sanction russia i think even by more. city $1000000000.00 of crude oil every year from russia which is much more than would ever go through that wall street and so put your money where your words and then would have a maybe easier discussion but we should not distract from the fundamental issues
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that are at stake in the one case all right mr andreas nic member of the german parliament foreign affairs committee some clear words there mr nic we appreciate your time your insights tonight thank you. if you. move into the history books and maybe the museums as well when you as president trump made a state visit to the u.k. a couple years ago with giant inflatable blimp depicting him as a crybaby hovered over the protests there it is the truck baby blimp has now been donated to the museum of london one of the british capital's most popular museums. of the day is almost the conversation continues online we will see you tomorrow everybody.
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is go india. there is a big buzz behind this small. bees in the indian region of the dash. kumar is a beekeeper here using traditional methods he wants to protect the native species they are endangered and of course so very important for the farmers and the ecosystem. w. . violence and abuse was part of daily life in the cold
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colonia dignidad in chile. decades of human rights violations isolated from the outside world. the perpetrators are still connected to politics and businesses the victims have been ignored and forgotten the long silence colonia dignidad. in 45 minutes on d w. it's about billions. it took about an hour. it's about the foundation of a new world order. the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with these trade networks also. china is promising its partners
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rich. but in europe there's a sharp warning whoever exception money from the new superpower will become dependent on it china is a great way to europe. starts feb 19th on d w. a sure when b. is a animal mandate is to use our minds to maintain balance and harmony not to create. that a millions of different species which.


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