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come to germany. and figure out my license to work as from the instructor to shine our 2 children $100.00 just one of those to just. what's your story take part charity on info migrants dot net. i. believe. football is an unforgiving arena. a stroke of luck can make a club's de la a slip in concentration can lead and deflated and who better to blame than the main
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man on the sideline. 5 coaches have already been sacked in the bundesliga this season and the pressure was mounting for a few others ahead of match day 16 marcus keys dollar and bruno loveseat were putting on a brave face despite feeling the heat as cologne and healthier were desperate not to lose. the pressure is off for those fisher after performing a public spectator shifts and one young but linspire on another big surprise against labor accusing. the guys pelligrino months around so he is in the same enviable position he must to minded another impressive result against blackburn. yet for those at the top like eden says it wins are the only currency worth counting and dortmund failed to strike gold with a drag showing against minds. aspect pansy flick let's. up with the buying coach
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these near perfect start to his coaching career had come crashing down in recent weeks. has hanzi flick lost his or a invincibility last time around byron munich squandered 2 nil lead away at man 2 bloodbath going on to lose 32 having the weaknesses in their tents badly exposed. and then mid week things went from bad to worse when they got knocked out of the german culture in just the 2nd round by the 2nd division side full shankill their defense once again not up to the task. and now they have to face 1st chance tice fribourg good been in red hot form the team came into the alley on serena on a 5 game winning streak and brimming with confidence held flick to change his
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defense to get them back into form. well unlike last week he had it starts to set homeboys hang up but was amount and dotted all about and under heavy snow flake was confident his attack at least wouldn't let him down with just 7 minutes gone off to have levelled off he opened the scoring for bahrain. the pole is now the 1st player to ever score more than 20 goals in the 1st half of a book in this latest season thomas miller providing the assist. byron mainly kept 5 borg pinned in their own half. the visitors 1st real chance came in the 15th minute with all on showing firing just wide of the net. 10 minutes later sayers can happily unleashed a rocket. but the song this effort saved by claudia i'm a lucky. flake would have loved to extend the lead and take the pressure off
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his defense but levi's son a also missed the target. still byron wanted to have time one nil up. on our mark 11 dosti very nearly scored his 2nd of the day but could only get the crossbar and the scoring manged one miss. miller reacting well to pounce on the follow up shot from laon carets. 2 minutes later on the phone so davies needlessly conceded a corner. the kind of laughs and concentration that has transpired dearly in recent weeks time or it made their hosts pay for the ensuing kick had a sense that it was the mothers or. the former byron striker scoring less than half a minute after being subbed on and suddenly flip side had thrown away the lead.
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manual neuer doing his best without luck to mask his teammates for defense. byron were not to be held in check for long though thomas millar putting them back in front in the 74th minute. it might not have been the prettiest goal but biron will take it. could byron's defense keep things sealed at the back and ride out the lead for a win. the us pedrosa nearly spoiled that plan and added time his shot spoiled only by the woodwork. and that's how it ended like spire and sneak away with a tough 21 victory. ties could only shake his head as if he had fully expected to be the league leaders by unsweetened defenses making their opponents. balder is that now the new normal in the bundesliga.
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making his site was among the challenges for aid in tells it she in his 5th outing as dortmund can't take a coach not least given the supposedly weaker opposition. might says man on the sidelines was taking charge of just his 2nd game spence and used to play for the club and was recruited from austrian 2nd division side lease for a fee of $1.00 and a half 1000000 euros. and amid freezing temperatures are the best follow the bonus points for toughing it out certainly went to the guess. what is the game kicked off were quick to show the boss. the. 2 minute scene and an incumbent had the ball and then my. poor mites looked to be on to another hiding
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but after consulting they are the man in black belt the goal is cross provided thomas many marginally offside. while dortmund dominated the 1st off they just couldn't capitalize thanks to sterling work from robin sent. the post getting in the white. and sometimes just missing and. that. goal is that remind going into halftime with dortmund once again left for straights it. we had a few good opportunities in the 1st half it was nil nil a tough time and then we started in the 2nd half not the way that we liked so we we lost ball position too early we didn't keep the patients we didn't keep them moving and might certainly keep the hosts moving in the 2nd half including the net to run bookies go. by letting us to know lee gave the visitors. the shortly just
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before the hour mark with an absolute stock but questions will again be asked about why nobody buys him down. the gold seem to put a damper on dortmund's game as mike's now became the most threatening site. that i thought alexander came desperately close to making it. was just a drop and fail to clear down a lot so was then also denied by the would black was not there was a sensation in the making suspense and present except his side then showed why the bottom of the table with the kind of defending that suggests to opposing teams and thomas money was a grateful recipient. of my exit celebrations from the belgian after his 1st goal in the bundesliga perhaps due to meit's his complicity. yes if only because he's passed a slumbering miss and you can't say to cross into the box before more slapstick
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defending many a perfectly i would there be better luck in store for my tz. if he had no as the rest pointed to the spot at the same end just one minute later the hack taking a poll and the mile. marker roy stepped up to convert. the ball completely i won one at hunter rock bottom lines and it's not the 1st time dormant have stumbled against a supposedly we can't. we play to win that's the only reason you know i even i prefer to lose the game down than even the draw it's even more disgusting they open them as they come to do with one thinking that they can take points and that's the problem because on the scene that can never happen. but it did happen months picked up a deserved. point to the delights of the new man at the helm was fence and. the way
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he wants us to play is the way we show today we want to put pressure on our on our opponents and don't let them grease still and that's what we keep training every week spence and was no random choice for meit's apply is player who earned his spurs on the pitch on the previous coaches like thomas circle and you have been close we have to work on our game we have to work on the group we have to wait go work on the culture we have to work on the mentality so. like i said the list is long. one guy who certainly has been showing the right mentality is robin said now that he's on match day here off to helping to secure that precious point some minds . mind school people have been sent down the homegrown product of mine says youth system kept his team in the game against dortmund with his saves in the 1st half.
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and brown show which to rick say that having said no. of course his goal so well to make a stilton says that. they're only seem to be in the right place at the right time. mako really should have once again sidney comes up takes a little look at the goalkeeper spreads himself feeling wonderfully to make this a. safe there may have been heroin but mine says man between the posts was also humble. yet i'm largely satisfied with one goal conceded i did like to keep a clean sheet with a missed penalty and one goal conceded we can live with one point i can believe in the dim. dog man who left the pitch frustrated banks to have been sent nah.
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now for some other. not so heroic moments from match day 16. said to have their eye on marco rosa as the next long term coach they might struggle to prise him away from god about where he's currently doing a pretty good job. and they were looking good again against took us in the 34th minute following stuff on line i gave last in the chance to put them ahead. which he took with aplomb. but stuttgart have coached pelligrino much the right side with the right head games and nicolas gonzalez with the right diving head. applause from his coach but just 3 minutes later dennis are korea gladbach back in france. leaving rosa with the last long.
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or so he thought until such a large it went down in the book. and see last one minute to get fired up by the penalty. a meeting of on the day like sides and perhaps like minds. and here's another promising if more high profile coach. using the knuckles mines line 6 were brought back down for the previous weekend. but when norty move fairly put his team ahead against wolves forward after just 4 minutes and looks like they balanced back. until midway through the 1st half went out their course but somehow some level turns. an awful stuff and made it 21 in the 35th minute courtesy of a wicket deflections. let's not. all of the clubs are celebrating.
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but in the 2nd half of the sides love again without there is a message but they are still right. it was to be a painful debut for felix i grew against our. notes entirely. and florian know that they're far from the site. and it was a grueling match for bugs one that required commitment. from neither side really looks that clinical. one young man however would make the think difference towards the end felix 1st with this cross selassie.
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before sealing his 1st full day with a goal. believe a. it was a crappy goal but i'm just glad it went in. so good. mill. which is back in frankfurt after things didn't work out that way all madrid. shall come are also looking to recruit some former favorites after say out to last a notch also to laura and christina. but again shall come frankfurt didn't take the lead andre silver did just that in the 28th minute. the hosts.


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