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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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77 percent this weekend on d w. this is g w news live from berlin tonight russia's enemy of the state the kremlin's fiercest critics returns to moscow and is greeted by the police a white city of all he is now behind bars and says that his treatment makes a lot of justice in russia also coming up tonight tougher coronavirus restrictions are looking ever more likely for germany as concerns grow over new and more infectious strains of the virus and
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a new video emerges of throat trump wires inside the senate chamber as the u.s. capitol was being stored and it comes just a day before the outgoing president prepares to unleash a wave of presidential card. i'm burnt off our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome to we start tonight in russia where the kremlin supposed vocal critic alexina of all me has been put in jail for the next 30 days of all he was detained immediately upon return to russia on sunday russian prosecutors say that he violated the parole terms of a suspended sentence for embezzle mut now he says the charges are politically motivated germany has joined many other countries in calling for an of all these immediate release. oh god i will not let him go
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chanted supporters outside the police station in him the facility holding a volley doubles as a makeshift courthouse in order to quickly process his case after learning he'd soon be jailed of all he took aim at vladimir putin and urged his backers to rise up. what is the most afraid of what are these thieves hiding in a bunker most afraid of you know what perfectly good people taking to the streets because this is the political factor they can't ignore it's the most important thing is the essence of politics don't be afraid to take the streets not for me but for yourselves and your future. you know that on sunday as he returned to russia from berlin authorities claim he was violating the terms of a suspended prison sentence. he had spent months recovering in germany from a near fatal poisoning he blames on the russian government germany and other
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western governments denounced his arrest. to witness the german government condemns the arrest of mr neville me immediately after his voluntary return to his russian homeland. to charge mr noel neighbor to the violation of his probation after an arbitrary verdict that is against any principle of the rule of law. the russian government has denied any involvement in of all news poisoning on monday the kremlin dismissed criticism over his recent arrest. she was through so you can feel the joy of their carbon copy comment joy because i knew returning a partly helps the western politicians to think that they can now distract their citizens from the deepest crisis the liberal system has found themselves in was the . president's several countries have called on the e.u. to consider imposing sanctions on moscow for throwing of all me in jail he will remain in prison pending a trial. or more now i'm joined by one he is
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a member of the european parliament and a vice chairman of the parliament's human rights committee he is an outspoken critic of the russian government mr goodman it's good to have you on the program what went through your mind when you learned about the late scene of all the being put behind bars. well i mean it's a total disgrace of course i was expecting like he was expecting these are as i mean try vission now and there are good things regime to open on b.m. bowzer all to kill them i mean. it's an absolute disgrace and. it has to be met by a very strong international reaction and especially your and reaction you mentioned there was problems by europe and leaders there are very good down it's not we need action and good news making fun of all our principles or way too long but was that
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action going to look like mr grossman. what we are trying to call are following for your grandparents it's actually to you came and went. and i mean farah told us to do when he came to the european parliament right after committing yassar to if we want to help this regime that niger or. diplomatic or 3 of the european union even want to have this regime we have to. touch the money and and to make a very send a very strong scene on that we're going out there as your opponents like that's you cannot you throw your own rights like that and at the same time send your guards and their holy days in the could as your will this but when you. if i could you know you're talking about putting sanctions on members of the russian government people that are close to surrounding vladimir putin i mean that has been done
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before and it still hasn't stopped president putin why do you think that it would work this time. because it was not done enough an issues issue strike. europe then it went well but with with who remember is that within the regime and at the press the end of kleptocracy and their thieves their robbed of their stores the money of the russian people and we need to strive their want it used to have the people would enjoy the benefits of the good since regime bending is their money in our towns in our pepto in our resorts and asked us if we want the regime to crumble or beads then you need to make sure that people who was reporting it play or their strength and it's
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a bit of money if you were benefiting from it can not spend their money in our countries and they can walk much better now since or against the russian people you know just what we have to understand that the situation has changed with mr no any it's not the usual dissidents you know your weight had dissonance and with the regime consigner them but this time you are somebody will actually became very popular our you know position to to let you know would soon and that's white goods when you strike them and as. on a very brave pair phones and when they're confronted with a strong one of them then they panic so we have to support him ok rafi able to swim with the european parliament mr goodman we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you. our let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world germany's foreign minister heiko moscow was in the turkish capital ankara on monday he welcomed turkey's announcement that it will seek a diplomatic solution to his dispute with germany's fellow e.u.
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state greece tensions between turkey and greece almost boiled over into conflict last year in disagreements over gas exploration and maritime boundaries in the eastern mediterranean rescuers in china say that 12 miners trapped in a gold mine are still alive but another 10 remain unaccounted for the miners have been stuck underground for more than a week after an explosion on monday footage from state television showed a note being passed through a rescue shaft with the requests don't stop trying to reach us. brazil has kicked off its nationwide mass vaccination program against the corona virus a 54 year old nurse in sao paolo became the 1st person to receive the chinese sin of shocked after it and the astra zeneca vaccine were approved for emergency use brazil's kovan 1000 death toll now stands at more than 209000 people 2nd only to
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the united states. well the trump presidencies remaining time can now be measured in hours and u.s. president trump is not wasting these final moments he is reportedly preparing to issue more than $100.00 pardons on tuesday his last full day in office the list of clemencies include some white collar criminals and high profile convicts but reportedly we understand will not include trump himself meanwhile video footage has emerged from the new yorker magazine showing rioters inside the senate chamber as the u.s. capitol building was being ransacked last week take a look. at that. the airline and the jets and they're not going to sell us out all over but yet.
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we know that from. the fight on. there is just. what i. 7 heard. from them. as troubling a video there showing that the trump supporters were not even aware of which senators they were supposed to be for and against let's talk about this and a lot more i'm joined now by cynthia miller idris she's a professor at the school of public affairs and school of education of the american university in washington d.c. she researches extremism it's good to have you on the program we are learning a lot about what went hat what happened inside the capitol on january 6th but what
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have we learned though about the political beliefs of these people who stormed the capitol. well thank you for having me i mean what we see here is that there is a toxic mix of groups from across the far right spectrum who combine in that day in a sort of spontaneous and planned violence so we have white supremacist in your nazi groups we also have anti-government militia groups there wide variety of curan and supporters and pro trump voters as well as groups like the proud boys so what brought them together was a fervent belief in the dissin from ation around the election the idea that it was illegitimate that there's government tyranny and that they were called upon to rise up against it so they really do think they're being her roic here we know there have been allegations that some republican lawmakers cooperated with some of the protesters by taking them on guided tours of the capitol just
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a day before it was stormed i mean do you think that there are direct links between members of congress and the extreme right wing. so there are a lot of troubling allegations and information coming out that still has to be investigated and i think that what we don't yet know is how how much people knew about the groups that they were giving tours to how transparent the reasoning was did they think they were doing favors for for people who are within their district but didn't actually have an understanding or is there something more nefarious at work and i think that's where we just don't know the answers to this in the investigations are going to have to unravel in the coming weeks and require a tremendous amount of resources we know that the f.b.i. is investigating current and former members of the u.s. military and law enforcements you were allegedly among the people who stormed the capitol we understand also the f.b.i.
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is vetting all 25000 members of the national guard who are now in washington d.c. does this tell us that there is a link between security the military and the extreme right. i think for a long time we've had anecdote after anecdote revealing that there are problems with then law enforcement within the military the intelligence community security services and veterans where we repeatedly see one when their arrest for violent action often in particular veterans are involved or that they're made that their anecdotes about law enforcement involvement in white supremacist or neo nazi groups what we don't have is evidence or data that tells us how big the scope of the problem is and in germany in fact where there had also been scandal after scandal there now have finally been national investigations and i think that this is something the invited administration cannot push off any longer is. a real mandate
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to ask department of defense and department justice to create reporting mechanisms that require public accountability for these situations ok cynthia miller interest joining us tonight from american university in washington d.c. is religious we appreciate your time in your insights tonight thank you thank you for having me. if in politics now to the pandemic a south african variant of code 19 has been found to be more infectious than other strains of the virus that's according to one of the nation's top epidemiologists scientists say the variant binds more readily and strongly to human cells but there is new evidence that it causes a more severe version of the disease the buriat is behind a recent surge in cases across south africa scientists are still trying to determine whether current vaccines are effective against this strain. we're german chancellor angela merkel she is due to meet with germany's state premiers on tuesday to discuss tightening coded 19 restrictions here beyond january now
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although infection rates have improved slightly they are not declining as quickly as was hoped according to germany's robert costa institute december saw a spike in coronavirus cases which you see right there it peaked just before the christmas holidays in the numbers went down going into the new year but here's what's troubling around january 9th you see right there they rose again they now appear we hope to be on a downward trend but the country is not breathing a sigh of relief just yet there are concerns that new covert 1000 variants are more transmissible in germany southern state of bavaria certified in $95.00 masks are now mandatory on all public transportation germany hopes that a new round of even stricter measures will bring down the stubborn spread of infections. another bleak and wintry week in berlin the streets are mostly empty and many who do need to go out where a mosque seems to be helping there's been
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a slight drop in 1000 infections but it's not enough the government is preparing to tighten restrictions and berlin is saying that's a good thing. nobody is doesn't i think being strict to make sense and i'm hoping this will finally bring it all to an end. in this league be great if people just realize that it's not getting any better and that they should stay at home. i really hope that we realize that we'll have to put up with these restrictions until at least the summer. the government he said to want to stop office workers from commuting and push them into working from home all that's partly because travelling on public transport poses a particularly high in fiction risk politicians and health authorities are also extremely warrant about the threat posed by covert 19 mutations we. to a steep rise in infections in some countries so i hope hunched. highly infectious variants of the corona virus have been detected in germany one variant is sprayed 3
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great britain the other through south africa and at the moment we have fitted the warring reports from brazil. always present in right now the pandemic has a film hold on germany he even though the situation in hospitals and intensive care units is showing signs of easing. so more than 20 c. food trucks descended on central london on monday protesting breaks that related bureaucracy that they claim is ruining their businesses the lorries lines freeze leading to the british parliament in the prime minister's residence it comes as many fishermen say that they have been unable to export to the european union since the introduction of extra documentation which delays their deliveries prompting buyers to reject them prime minister boris johnson is calling these issues teething problems promising to compensate companies for losses that are due to bureaucratic
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delays. but many lifelong fisherman worry that this will not be enough. scottish fisherman ian mcqueen would much rather be out on the water right now but what would be the use the language he catches are no longer reaching his main customers in the e.u. since bret's it became official he's only been out twice off the west coast of scotland. the forced. catch never go any farther. because the paperwork wasn't. shipped it was written off it never made it never made it to the cauldron of life neil the queen's langoustines usually end up exclusively at fish markets in the e.u. like here in bologna assume air france but at the moment hardly any cargo comes through from scotland since bret's it an array of additional paperwork is required including new health certificates for live cash no mistakes are allowed. to then
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correspond with the travel. on the correct lot of the plane. and if the slightest if the paperwork doesn't notch up in the slightest way then it's rejected. many fishermen in scotland feel the same way as mcqueen in the scottish port town of oban there are a few trucks waiting for fish crabs or mussels destined for europe. but many fishermen like mcqueen want to wait and see if the problems can be solved before they send their precious cargo into the unknown. an entire region has nearly come to a standstill many people here are angry i think it's a load of nonsense absolutely these lots of the end of the line that. just had no help whatsoever then playing in the all weather service for arson and trying an 11 in the coming month official figures show can be in line 62 percent of the scottish
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population want it to mean what breaks it and this is exactly why because. the we know it just for the shellfish but for lot of the projects from scotland was going to. be on the queen usually works with 3 men now their futures look shaky. but. we're really strong and prices increase. to get to where we were and it looks as if it's all just been wiped out i'm going to have to start again neil mcqueen is convinced there's no easy fix additional bureaucracy is the least of new problems that come with bracks it for many fishermen in scotland and elsewhere there's no clear vision for what their future will look like. it was in sports news now bill reuss has been stripped of co-hosting the ice hockey world championship and make the move comes amid growing pressure following president alexander
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lukashenko his brutal crackdown against opposition protests and just last week met with the international hockey federation chief rene foss all who had hoped that the tournament would unify rather than divide but now i saw his world governing body says quote it's currently impossible to ensure the welfare of the teams in speculate spectators in. joining me now for more on bill russell losing its rights to co-host the ice hockey championship is g.w. sports reporter checked in for good evening to you chuck so was this the right decision. absolutely i think there was you know human rights organizations probably wanted to hear this decision a lot earlier but as they have said in the statement there was no alternative you alluded to in your. opening words to what is going on in belarus right now
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and you know it was even controversial when belarus was allowed to host the 2014 world championship there were complaints from a human rights organizations then about that situation has completely changed since then of course the we have the august just putin presidential election which like the should go one of the opposition oppose that and now we've got this big crackdown so i think it would have been a black mark on the i.h.s. and maybe the entire sport of hockey if they were to have let this go ahead and valorous you know you know the situation about the rooms it's not new or didn't just happen overnight why did it take so long for this decision to be reached well you know whenever you think of it they were chosen to host this world championship back in 2017 over finland i believe it was and presumably over that time the you know contracts have been made and. you know they have said it needs to do it's due diligence before making a move like this which i must say is unprecedented i can't think of any other case
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in which the jeff has removed the right to host a tournament or co-host of tournaments in this case before it's done so with belarus so i think they were reluctant to do so because it'll probably cost money and it you know is a bit of a pain to be honest but in the end they saw no choice there's no other choice i should say you know cause money you know they always say follow the money i mean you know was there financial pressure here. yeah you know yes somehow there was a couple of things i think with these the contracts i don't know for sure but i assume when you make these contracts normally if you break this contract whichever side does that will have to pay some kind of compensation or penalty so that's $1.00 thing but the more important thing is that this decision came today just 2 days before or 2 days after scott to the czech carmaker which is the main sponsor and has been for almost 3 decades of the world championship i mean i can hardly remember when there was a world championship where the show got
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a logo didn't make up the whole center circle of the ice so when they said if you keep it in russia we're pulling out and then german oil maker liquid multi another sponsor said the same thing yesterday that seems to have been the major factor. all right check and hold them to courts struck as always thank you. are by now we have seen all kinds of creative solutions to make art and performance possible despite social distancing of the we've seen concerts on balconies concerts on rooftops concerts on tiny islands now a project focusing on the possibilities of art in isolation take a look. jammin out to slowly and may not have found an interesting way of visualising social distancing he's put actors from the fido kids here in southern germany inside giant p.v.c. bubbles. for example the musician plays in his bubble only
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he's himself and cannot communicate with the other musicians at all the actor also only he is himself and i tried to depict these areas of culture and also in the interest for example of an old person. with his photo project a social distance tax flowing and me not once to illustrate how social distancing during the code that crisis might affect people and how important closeness is to us social fabric. the actors are all wearing costumes from different plays and get into that bubbles one after the other. me not ben has just 15 minutes to take his photos because condensation forms inside it will take steam what. every said i've done so far has it's own atmosphere that's just so special in itself you know just the performance as a performance. as he weeks ago phil had me not the musicians from the start got
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philharmonic to put on my concert attire and then climb into the p.c. vel's with the instruments. made for him and he took this photo. kill the enemy not as a conceptual artist and 2014 he published the video experiment human tracks on the impact. of massive am and 2015 he photographed refugees to your attention to overcrowded refugee shelters. and in 2019 he photographed young people using smart phones to illustrate the idea of humans as data roll material and now he's tackling the coronavirus crisis each scene is carefully composed the act of each tell a story during the photo shoot they accept shows fitted seems so how exactly does it feel to perform inside a p.v.c. bubble acoustic that in the acoustics are pretty extreme i've actually got a bit of
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a pressure right now but it was an interesting experience on this and they've been months it was just fun plus i'm very excited about the end result. the obvious way glad for any opportunity we have right now to present ourselves will be on so to me it doesn't even come. to now because of the pandemic we and may not is only publishing his photos on his website but perhaps one day they'll serve as a testimony to a time when all could only exist in a bubble. does not work like fun at all you're watching the news or for a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around we'll be right but.
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the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what
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does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus of data the code that seems structural monday to friday on g.w. . it's about billions. it's about power. it's about the foundation of a new mood order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network also in europe conflicts are inevitable the consequences unpredictable mean beneforti ever since a chinese investor got involved here our situation has changed again before the forum was privatized our work was much better and easier. china is promising its partners rich and famous but in europe there's a sharp warning does whoever accept money from the new superpower will become
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dependent on it the commitment of the shaking the chinese state has a lot of money that is disposal. and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status and position in the world would be fish if obama was making. china's gateway to europe starts feb 19th on d w. the united states is bracing for a peaceful transfer of power this week bracing because the threat of armed violence is that levels not seen since the 911 it terror attacks 20 years ago the u.s. faced an enemy from abroad now the enemy is from within the f.b.i. is vetting all $25000.00 national guard troops into washington to secure the inauguration.


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