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tv   Southern Japan by Rail  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2021 10:15am-11:01am CET

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following for you here today on the news in other states the e.u. and canada have called for the immediate release of kremlin critic alexei wkno bought it was detained shortly after landing back in moscow he had returned from germany where he'd been treated after being poisoned with a nerve agent nova trumped last year. you are watching v.w. news from berlin coming up next got a documentary for you southern japan fire rail and terry mark thanks for being with us. and you hear me now i guess we don't need you and i lost a chance gentlemen sonce now bring you i'm going to back off and see if cars have been surprised himself with what is possible who is medical really what moves that important. whose jobs are people in full along the way maurice and critics would
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like to join us for metals law stopped. getting around in japan means taking a try. because japan isn't far it's a whole round way. we're
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going on a trip through southern japan. it'll take us across the island of cuba sure we're starting in the metropolis of hack attacks continuing to little ya may to the spa town of your food. then and to the volcanic region around mt are so true kumamoto to head to yoshi and its temples and finally to kaggle shima and to. on the southernmost tip. around travel as a culture of its own in japan lending a touch of elegance even to everyday life. as well as efficiency the cleaning crew has just a few minutes to clean a home track. every
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gesture has special significance granting reassurance have i seen and done everything. the hustle and bustle and strongs of people in phuket our station are typical of the japanese metropolis. there is no chaos with everything moving along in an orderly fashion showing discipline in public is a highly regarded virtue. and everything everywhere is constantly getting wiped down because tennis also takes top priority. is the train station in the city of folk who are caught. which grew together out of 2 different
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cities and lies in the south of japan in the country's most economically robust region. trade activities with the asian mainland operative clearly active here. at the feet of the tower and buildings there are also little markets and this farm sounds green tea and of course a lot of fish. whale meat is also available but of course this delicacy is consumed exclusively for scientific purposes. the evening traffic in fuck or car is not just commuters heading home because a little tradition has been preserved here. starting around 5 pm you see more and more unusual trailers being pulled down the streets and lining the cyborgs.
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yeah ties are being set up here. in the evening for us it is ambience becomes a bit more relaxed with people going out after work. they head to yet eyes which are little mo bar restaurants that are always set up in the early evening and then disappear again at night. i meet so your she sat tall used to have a normal job but he prefers running a tight. i did was that but they get a bit of everything i you know the one that we don't. know about show
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was all about the most of all of course just like in any other business there are bad times but people from all kinds of different fields of work come to visit my yard. there are the parliamentarians of the top and the ordinary office workers of the bottom of it i see that you think that's pure humanity here in my outer it has made quite an impression on me that it's possible that. only once the guests have spent the evening in a good company is it time to head home then a 2nd rush begins. the next morning we leave the city and its 1500000 residents on a local train. in.
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japan is crisscrossed with round lives there are 2 networks the standard gauge network the high speed chain can send trains and the narrow gauge used for local and express trains with a track with of just 1067 minute meters. far removed from the big city hustle and bustle the town of yemeni is known for its traditions and still has many old buildings a rarity in japan. and it is also home to one of japan's oldest nansen mantas. and his workshop each lantern is made by hand in line with a tradition stretching back over 200 years. the shop has even made a 9 for itself in hollywood. with its creations featured in several films.
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often with. those of color yes it's paper after all which wrinkles easily you have to play with it a bit and hide the wrinkles of life through that if you apply the paper evenly the wrinkles aren't as noticeable later. with the muscles that. thank you for the ohio year where i glued the 2 paper strips together if the gap ends up being uphill wider crooked when i cut off the rest it looks weird all of them it's a little course in there. but the most important thing is the paint which the boss tends to himself. 'd this act is almost contemplated.
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just a few doors down there is another show posting on long tradition where i can each economy sounds young man his famous green team. this business also dates back several 100 years and is actually more than a mere store it's an old trading house green tea used to be something very special attracting customers from all over japan who are welcomed and hosted here can each economy wants to pursue this tradition. of soreness green tea actually used to be more of a delicacy nowadays much larger quantities are being churned out because the team used to be harvested by hand meaning that only relatively low volumes could be produced it was thus a highly valued good that of course came at a price to match at home.
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a shrine to one's ancestors is an integra part of any traditional house and can each economy also observes this tradition. we leave the quiet tea shop and head to a very lively museum actually more of a fast. each autumn the whole town assembles to put on an old puppet show everyone has a role in this there's a which is made entirely of wood and held together without nails all screws the structure has been sent up and dismantled again the 300 years it's the worst though it isn't there on the wall so for us the path the very bottom level all the threads
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of the puppet are controlled i have to be my hand in the 2nd level there rugs are controlled. the piece is about a young prince going on a pilgrimage to a temple but the plant is rather beside the point the people are here to celebrate traditional puppetry. was i mean you. know when you are. 6 6 in the art. 6 that. it takes entire teams to move the figures the lands and make a hiroki eco is also involved. the text
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of the play is in old japanese which is difficult even for modern japanese people to understand. the performances are held only once a year in the autumn. but i don't. believe that it is. the next leg of our journey as also sort of performance. first we go back to hack a town station. you don't board the train by simply heading to the
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platform before taking a trip on the 7 stars you enjoy a reception in a dead. pated lounge. this train exudes an early 20th century atmosphere. the tickets are ceremoniously punched by hand making for elegance collectibles. and the entire crew introduces themselves one by one. side to the must it was. there. just wasn't too far from the truth finally japan's 1st modern luxury train is ready for departure cleaned by hand before each trip to make the paines reza talk mera.
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the train is meant to be somewhat reminiscent of the orient express with the 7 cars only able to accommodate 30 passengers but with every conceivable luxury this there tended to explains each pattern taking special can to point out the difference between the flashing mechanism and the alarm button yet still. the toilets control panel has and share of bells and whistles. just because it allows fine ceramics join a refined light design that lights up from here on the 2nd you can adjust this kid and this one. it's nearly time for departure and the train doesn't simply get whistled off.
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a saturday as there are 10. the departure is a little shadow of its sound. everything is recorded with photos being taken of people taking photos. it is typical of the japanese to wave until the train is out of sight. we leave the city. to. get the light reflected from the star is part of the plan because the stars serve you sure have to glisten. it.
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we head out into the countryside. lunch is about to be served on the train with chefs from the 7 prefectures of key you show on board preparing exquisite males. dining in the correct order is crucial for proper enjoyment and of course a few introductory words. most of us it's all that is selfish to have a pleasant meal and feel free to ask us any questions this way to get us a look at the study of this must. be off. the train makes only brief stops and one of them we meet
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the 7 stars biggest bath who hero tasha row stands at almost every platform where the train stops. he has yet to actually take the train but he still loves it. the city's mascots also make an appearance when the 7 stars arrives rel weigh stations come to life. know has made his passion for the 7 stars into his profession and he now works at the train station just as i like the design and how it draws so many guests to our area the city of khan's akki and saga prefecture. the luxury train has only been around since 2013 and its japanese designers were inspired by the luxury trains of the ballot box. their 7 styles moves at a markedly slow pace and mostly sticks to the scenic route. in
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japan such cross-country round journeys and not just pleasant excursions with fine dining i have an almost philosophical. i'd go that's cool so as i already said this morning 7 stars gold was the 7 stars concept consists of the following 3 points firstly it gives passengers with the title a space for them to reflect on their past lives and generate a new ideas for their future peace and quiet while letting the outside landscape pass by or through the window just a 2nd but we also aim to give our passengers new experiences as they think about their daughters that was finally as i will the 3rd point is for our passengers to have new encounters with us our crew and the people of your shooting at that but i feel it is very important to enable our passengers to have these 3 experiences at the mall i just tell you that it's. offering a train ride without a natural destination with a so a aim of presently meandering past nice scenery was initially seen as an economic
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risk their announced suffer. all different luxury trains making their way through japan and these exorbitant excursions are consistently sold out. in this veritable hotel on wales the dining car turns into a cocktail bar in the evening. while cocktails are being served on the 7 styles you have the opportunity to reflect on your past and future as recommended by the crew manager this concept hasn't really getting traction and european trains. we disembark from the 7 stars and the next morning we board the ufo in no morey
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another very special train. here 2 passengers enjoy special attention on this special train with a normal take a price. the train is specially designed for enjoying the view and the seats and windows are particularly high up. you can look over the conductor's shoulder in the cabin with its big windows. heading for a particularly popular vacation region in. the train is named after the hot springs resort you fall in and because it passes through dense forest areas it was painted green.
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arm like in the 7 stars however you have to stand in line in the ufo in no more aid to get your meal but it's a special treat. this bento box was specially designed for the train. food on trains has a tradition of its own because the trains here don't usually have dining cars instead passengers can buy vento boxes at the train stations or like here in the train. they seem to hit the spot. the forest is becoming increasingly dense as the route passes through narrow river valleys the mountainous interior is less populated than the coastal regions.
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there too getting your picture taken on the train is part of the experience. the guests quickly grab a stamp as souvenirs from a trip are a must for any japanese traveler and every special train and many sites offer commemorative stamps. upon arrival a new photo in almost all the passengers photograph each other to remember their brief stay. they take a hot foot bath. there is steam rising everywhere as you for in his famous for its hot springs. and its weather phenomena are impressive with the sky hosting a real spectacle. up in the mountains the hot springs trickle out in plain sight and you might almost
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feel a bit uneasy with all this volcanic activity. it's like a volcanic egg kolker here. shrine about 100 years old shows that nature here can be anything but harmless little sacrifices are meant to calm the horses of nature. the sun so more atar result is dedicated to ancient japanese garden and living culture. and aung san is a japanese thermal bath dance to drive a description for wants off or to get. the bath is deliberately kept simple you lie down inside and enjoy the hot water nobody here would even think of making
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a bubble bath out of it because for the japanese this would be tantamount to sacrilege. there is even a traditional fireplace in the suite. 'd the meal is celebrated as if it were almost a religious ritual this is just one course of many. that they have a favorite food that. i can associate was and was taken or so cut off so there was a massive passengers receive a detailed explanation about how to eat the casa karma that i was. holding i saw it's a welcome break from the hustle of everyday japanese life. next
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morning we're back at it again on a little local train getting ready to depart. and that. was. our trip is taking us toward the aso region this little side road leads into the crater area of the mt asshole volcano it. was. it is often the sparsely frequented lions that reveal the most beautiful landscapes . i've had the fans are displayed on board and here almost exclusively residents from the area take the local trains . i've. hit we reached the small town of bongo tac
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a town which has 2 special things about it. passengers are welcomed with an old folk song. was. and the person in charge here is a cat the official head of the station in bongo jackets are is named can ya. having a cat as a station manager is perhaps indicative of a certain easygoing approach to life. maybe you need it in this area too because we're approaching one of the most active volcanoes in japan. they are so area was declared a national park back in 1900. making the are so cujo national park the oldest in
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japan. the volcano spearing ash and smoke towers in the background mount our saw is a volcano with a dented craters and it's colder a extends across 380 square kilometers within which lies the city of our soul and extensive fertile land. this is the napa kentucky waterfall and the national park is famous for its streams and gorges. the vocal on a group is hollowed out meaning you can view the water streaming down from behind. water plays a big role for people here. in our so there is a restaurant situated below a small spring and built around many fountains or this in the rain that fell in
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also 30 or 50 years ago penetrated deep into the earth and is now emerging again as spring water and it's the best water you can imagine the water temperature is 13.5 degrees celsius so it is also a very good for cooling. the day ok no she towel off as little traditional dishes here. cause us these are should automaton go little rice balls all you got out they are made from rice that has been around in japan for a long time. ago which are made from sweet sticky rice and not an after being chilled with water like here to taste the best of always it was in japanese culture a great deal of emphasis is placed on celebrating the season. such clear water like here is pleasantly refreshing in the summer and when you fish so many notice out of this water and eat them it's a playful and fun experience feel good it speaks to our souls and minds which take
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joy in the seasons is the economists who will quarrel that's what my gushy soman are betting on to feel. the same cold noodles from a bamboo stam is also a way to celebrate food a piece of japanese tradition and for their part japanese people have no trouble fishing the noodles out of the water. here. contemplation and cockiness sometimes manage. to feel. the whole town is full of little fountains. everything here seems very indelicate but the a delicate scenery is fragile with a severe earthquake rocking the area in 2016. the famous are so temple was also partially destroyed.
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japan is a country of contrasts with excited passengers getting them must absolve his feet while the hitter yoshi's team triumph white said comodo station. the special train is an attraction and few show especially since the japanese don't get much by cation time making short outings by popular. n.q. show people have discovered the appeal of special trains it all started with a luxury of 7 stars and now nearly every region has its train. was. it each of the trains has its own character meant to exude more than
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a stone juergen luxury and with cars boasting an old fashioned but completely modernized designed. was that the route takes passengers through the kumar river valley. following the course of the river for about 2 and a half hours. the car with a viewing window reveals majestic scenery i am the train is driven by the oldest still operational steam locomotive in japan belts in 1922 i. bought the view outside is the main attraction the river is one of the fastest flowing waterways in the country however
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it is also dammed in some places. this route used to be one of the most important transit cargoes to the south. now however it is mostly local trains and of course the steam train giving herons a start. we will reach head to yoshi in just a moment where passengers are welcomed by a big name in japanese gastronomy. forward the horror. the horror you. know you only show who has been selling bento boxes containing local delicacies for 50 years. before. they had a pretty got outside 30 there's almost nothing but mountains here what you see.
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this area is great for collecting chestnuts which are a specialty here they're an absolutely local product iraq and prepared here from our oregon i wanted to i you freshwater salmon also come from the cooler every year and are famous. i. think. many people come here just to see mr show book but he is now in his late eighty's and his watching by. this is starting to get heavy for him. can an icon like him just throw in the towel now. but 1st. what yes i've been doing this for 50 years so my physical strength isn't what it used to be and i'm starting to consider retiring. but my clients while that may be pretty much they. hate each still means something in japan.
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to tell you she along the river is now not just for its hot springs the city and its water are also famous for another japanese product. such a crafts so to hear. rice is used to produce a spirit also known as japanese foka. the rice whose 1st cooked then spread out finally and afterwards a moment is added before the mixture is fun to it and then the brew is finally distilled this tradition has been pursued here for around 200 years. of course all of it here we are at the stage of production where the rice we let ferment over night is taken out and we add he still gets it quite there they
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go then leave it to ferment a 2nd time making it stronger. and get it super stay good. and water for 200 year old pitchers have a crack. here you can see little cracks and hairs well. all we repair such cracks whenever possible but you can see there was once a pitcher here too that completely broke apart if they break completely we have no choice but to throw them away. dating back even farther than the tradition of distilling so to other religious rites practised in the hour we are so shrine founded about 1200 years ago. it was.
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in or tim every year the oaken chief festival takes place where traditional dances up a phoned in the evening. the seasons are depicted symbolically. the festival last several days the next morning nearly the entire town gathers at the temple whose complete complex has been declared a national cultural heritage site. the priests and to the temple where the lions are already waiting today is that day. was. a saturday the oaken chief 1st of all could be compared to
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a harvest festival as the harvest is blast and the forces of nature invoked. and then comes the performance everyone has been waiting for the lions jump out of the temple. was. the lions bite children on the head which is meant to bring them happiness and health but not every child seems to grasp the concept. of. a festival is concluded with a parade. before we leave hitto yoshi we take a look at a clock in front of the train station. but you know. i was always a bit of. a nobleman and his band appeared to the sounds of
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a folk song. a f. a. the little spectacled house the story of a young prince who visits the festival in the town around his castle and partakes in all sorts of feasts. the way they sort of auditing is popular in japan. the train disappears into the dense forests. these forests almost impenetrable in places characterize the landscape here as we continue onward to the south. outside this it is there is a great deal of untouched nature. and this stretch of our way has a special feature in the middle of its layout namely
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a double switch back. here way of sped up the train of it to better illustrate how it maneuvers its way through. the train has to switch back and forth twice in order to continue onward. in the middle of us right tracks lie the little bastard which isn't just known for the unusual track configuration many visitors come for a completely different reason. countless business cards line the station's walls and new ones are constantly being added. it is said that hanging your business card here in oak abbas station may boost your chances for a successful career. in the train arrives.
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sucker rajamani looms over the cityscape the volcano. lies directly opposite. and it's 500000 inhabitants. in this lively metropolis the people aren't overly concerned by the volcano constantly spewing out ash. the trams seem a bit old fashioned but that doesn't mean public transport isn't efficient. is an old trading hub and the gateway to the world when japan finally opened up. the city's mercan town tradition is embodied by the 17th century house of the heiress to craddock and entrepreneurial to family. southern japan was long the only region in contact with the rest of the world and neighboring great economic and
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political power to emerge here. the ship was to companies still exists and produces measuring equipment and other industrial products. the final leg of the journey away to the southern tip of can you show we will pass through. and then continue onward along to see once again in a special train with break windows. to. be able suki no tamati barcode limited express a striking black and white paint work. the white side always faces the sea and has the best of. our final stop is at the southern tip of japan in the seaside resort of the blue soupy also known as the hawaii of japan.
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things are a bit quieter. in the how cohesive can thermal spa there are even hot sand paths. the sand is heated up by hot springs if you can't get up again after about 10 to 15 minutes or whatever you want. japan has always had 2 sides to it on the one hand there is the contemplated quiet side that is also revealed in its many paths and on the other hand the hustle and bustle of its fiber and big cities. journey through southern japan is like looking through a kaleidoscope with. constantly changing impressions and it ends with the seat where our yarning gaze finally comes to rest.
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of the flock. and the to faces up to 10 days. since the tourist disappeared some are struggling to make ends meet for others almost nothing has changed and they are always on my cut this is how locals envision
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a new magic experience the crisis differently global 3000 cuts 90 minutes on d w. it's about billions. it's about our work. it's about the foundation of a new world order the new silk road. to china wants to expand its influence with this trade network and so in europe the conflicts are inevitable the consequences unpredicted the committal call the shell game the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal again ghost and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status and position in the world to be fair to the football game and china these promising its partners from bridge profits but in europe there's a show. the morning you could never accept money from the new superpower will be coming to an undertone of. china's gateway to europe. starts
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feb 19th going to. get a look at the. place . this is deja vu news live from orlando a wave of condemnation after a russian opposition leader alexina fall meat is arrested in moscow the kremlin critic was detained at a moscow airport just hours after he departed for atlanta where he'd been for coverage from a nerve agent attack that almost killed dozens of his supporters were arrested as
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well. also coming up they have seen their colleagues die a coded time t.v. now can get health workers are on strike coming on the cover.


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