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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2021 5:15pm-5:31pm CET

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and now they are here to fix. the news team don't go away though the trade for eggs is mixed with business and. just saw. a. german with t.w. any time any place. in music video novellas. he had at the back of his car. songs to sing along to download and use the code
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from super. to be. very courses put into active exercises are available at d w dot com slashdot atlanta on facebook in the uk still. learn german for free with the w. . us president elect joe biden unveiled a massive stimulus plan will look at washington 5 a $1.00 trillion dollars package and how it will affect millions of americans struggling touring the pandemic. also coming up with an economic environmental and geo political controversy we'll ask an expert in the pipeline for the nearly completed north stream children. and how tanzania is lowering tourists back with the promise. some deep sea adventurers. this is the new business i'm paid ferguson
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thanks for joining me. less than a week before his inauguration u.s. president elect joe biden has rolled out his plan to prop up the american economy so what's inside central to the stimulus package is a direct payment of 1400 dollars for every american citizen added to the $600.00 checks are already great it equals the $2000.00 checks outgoing president trump had wanted also in the package $400.00 more per week in unemployment pay targeted at millions of americans who have lost their jobs in recent months the minimum wage is set to rise to $15.00 per hour they'll also be additional money for states schools and for a national vaccination program as well as expanded testing to combat code that 19 the price tag for the whole plan $1.00 trillion dollars an amount joe biden says
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needs to be invested in order to ward off further economic disaster and no what i just described is not too cheap. but still you do so cautious to the consensus among lead the economists says we simply not afford not to do what i propose. the face of the north stream to pipeline that is to bring russian gas to germany via the baltic sea lies in the balance the project is highly controversial the united states argues it will leave europe dangerously reliant on russia environmentalists say it will ruin a natural markheim habitat's the german government says it will provide affordable energy while it is phasing i have coal and nuclear energy those involved in the project have no idea if or when the pipeline will be complete it let about 150 kilometers to go just before the end of the year of the north stream 2
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consortium said it had completed laying pipes for the project in german waters work is to continue in danish territory but the project has turned into much more than an engineering challenge. a 1200 kilometer underwater dual pipeline north stream one has been delivering natural gas from russia to germany since 2011 north stream 2 was to start operating last year it's nearly completed but construction work has been disrupted in recent months that's a no small part due to harsh criticism by the us government the trump administration insists north stream to undermines europe's overall energy security and provides russia with a dangerous amount of leverage also the us is eager to increase its own natural gas sales as a result washington has been threatening to impose sanctions on companies that are involved in north stream 2. in germany the state government of mecca and burke
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western pomerania has created a foundation to promote natural gas as an environmentally friendly bridging technology. but the foundation will also purchase essential equipment from north stream to amy to guard companies that are part of it from sanctions. there's talk to thomas o'donnell he's a global energy analyst from the hershey school of government in berlin mr o'donnell welcome along is this project ever going to be completed. well good afternoon thank you for having me on i love the w. . well if what i've been telling people is that if i had to bet i'd bet it won't be i would bet it wouldn't be completed and i have to add if there's a rule of law in europe in germany and in denmark then it really shouldn't it really couldn't be completed i think let me make. well 3 points ok on this these american sanctions are very targeted sanctions that have broad shotgun sanctions.
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initially they prevented the one ship that could lay pipe in very deep danish waters that was required. you know they sanctioned the ship it left last year now since then the russians have made various adaptations in the german side as well and the americans came back with another tranche this trench puts particular sanctions and certification companies that are needed in every step of a major project like this to certify the construction the materials and then perpetually every year after that a huge company called d n v g l n or know we can company was sanctioned and of course it had major exposure has lots of projects other places in the world including with the americans and they left now the insurance company now there's an insurance company would zurich insurance which everybody you know in germany probably has heard of and i understand that the discussions were going on just recently with the american officials and i can't imagine how they were it would stay in this project they'd be
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exposed to sanctions in the business all over the world so they would have a sort of they would have an internationally recognized certification company they won't have this major internationally specialized insurance company for this kind of work and thirdly there's tens or dozens i should say probably of german companies that had very unpleasant phone calls from american officials in the last 23 months and a list has been drawn up say and they've been told that look we know you're participating in this project. if you do anything in any water over 30 meters deep which is where the sanctions apply. sanctions and they would immediately that would go to the treasury department bank accounts would be frozen you know how that goes state department probably put sanctions should say visa restrictions you know pull visas and it's quite likely a company will go bankrupt so there's a lot of maneuvering on the russian side and somewhat on the german side also with we know up of mecklenburg palmer in all this maneuvering different try and find
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loopholes postbox companies so it's a kind of knocked around it drag out fight but if the authorities insist the danish and the german authorities who are going towards if they insist on proper companies i don't see how they could go forward and finally does germany really need to this pipeline of it faces coal and you care and actually what you think. no it doesn't you could get plenty of gas through ukraine much more this is political. this gas is no new gas it comes from the same fields up in russia it's not new gas what's going on here is that as we all know putin has designs and ukraine and designs and bell routes and these pipelines 80 percent of the gas that germany that russia sense europe goes through these countries and this is a this is a problem because putin has started wars and so forth in these countries so germany has skin in the game and it doesn't want to have skin in the game to put it bluntly
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they agree with putin he also does not want the gas to anymore go through those countries instead of something that he can use for corruption and control for elite capture and and that kind of thing because of the resistance in both these countries he wants to get them out because if he's going to proceed to suppress these countries he doesn't want to risk his business with europe and the german leadership has decided that they're not going to take a risk either they agree with them and they'll get out now what's going to happen if they do build north korean one into. you know what germany will be threatened by the russians if you interfere with what i'm doing in ukraine if there's another blow up another war or something. your gas off but germany will be you know guaranteed their gas if they do that and the gas is 80 percent of this guess is not for germany they're simply replacing the transit that went through ukraine and belarus through germany and supplying the european customers so this is a geo political decision by germany it's
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a clash with washington over 3 administrations now over what should be the policy of europe and the americans the transatlantic policy to stand up to russia but if you just policy of germany or the other one yes mr i don't know thank you found much by fighting this complex issue thank you ok well thanks. time now for a look at some of the other business stories making news a top french railway executive says eurostar is in a critical stage following an 85 percent drop in travel between britain and the european continent last year eurostar is currently operating just one service a day between paris and london before the pandemic it offer 2 trains per hour during peak times. germany's health ministry says deliveries of the vaccine developed by biotech and pfizer will be delayed in the coming weeks as pfizer modifies its plant in poorest belgium the company is changing its manufacturing processes so it can bolster vaccine production by mid february its ending to
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produce 2000000 doses this year. the cape verde islands off the coast of west africa are famous for their tropical climates and beautiful beaches making them a much sought after holiday destination but new figures show just how dramatically the pandemic has crippled the economy as countries around the world went into lockdown in the 2nd quarter of last year cape very days g.d.p. shrank by nearly 32 per cent compared to the previous year that's the worst contraction on record it was followed by a slightly less dramatic but still sizeable decline in the 3rd quarter. of the steep drop was primarily driven by the decline in tourism which as you can see here plummeted last year according to the world bank the sector accounted for a quarter of economic i've pushed in 2019. and staying to the topic of african tour as well as take you to the other side of the constant night 2 tons of media well the country has also been badly affected by
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the pandemic some international visitors are now returning in the hope of encountering a very special ocean well in china and. off the tanzanian coast one british couple is getting ready to see some wildlife now not on safari or a mount kilimanjaro hike these 2 are looking to swim with whale sharks. we screw the dog a lot it may be forced to close and we never see squirrel show seal well shot every dot history. eco tourism companies hope visitors will continue to pay guides to bring them close to these protected and gentle giants because after years of declining populations these big fish are on the rebound the local population has nearly doubled in the last 10 years thanks in part to local protections. locals know that will sharks are
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a special attraction for tourists who are willing to spend money which supports local industries. protecting the sharks is a generations long commitment of a tour guides are visiting a school to share the environmental but also economic importance with the students and it. is important because on the chris if you're one of carmel prosumer divorce shock is my feeling fans on the up so we are vox of them so we have some mission going for your generation. the kids seem to take the lesson to heart. which is good news because after all in a few years the fate of their large sea dwelling neighbors will be in their hands. and finally looking for a meal with a kick since the start of the year a restaurant in a hospital outside the thai capital bangkok has been serving kind of us infused dishes the aim is to de stigmatise its usage and eventually troll and tourists to
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in december thailand and removed kind of us from the narcotics consecrate patrons say the dishes aren't very different from what they're used to but they do get a craving for a so it's up to where it's. not what we call dessert that's it for me thank you so much for watching take care of by. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. coronavirus of data the coded special monday to friday on w. in the light of climate change.
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africa is a. story. for the future. called for the major cities to incite. enter. this is deducted use a shot coming up today a new crisis in the middle of a pandemic. indian authorities begin calling drug. across the country to tackle rising cases of avian flu could this affect the country's fight against the corona virus plus. under threat livelihoods are at stake as water levels plummet. biggest clicks. and the chinese body of them start making your mark in the sport despite a physical disability.


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