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faces d.w. news live from the catastrophe of the coronavirus the world prepares to mark them a card new milestone nearly 2000000 deaths and no signs of the pandemic is evaluating frontline medical workers in the u.k. told today w. about trauma and hopelessness in the face of the disease also coming out. from the syrians and burley in protest against germany's new willingness to deport people convicted of crimes back to syria and accuse the government of pandering to
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the right wing. plus u.s. president elect joe biden unveils his plan for a massive new stimulus program and other measures to counter what he calls the twin crises of a pandemic and a sinking economy he says the time to act is now. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program the corona virus pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down that's global death toll is expected to hit 2000000 today even as countries race to vaccinate their populations the covert 9000 death toll continues to rise at an alarming rate new strains of the corona virus wish which scientists believe a more transmissible have been blamed for the surge in infections across the world countries are facing a 2nd or even 3rd wave of infection with many. governments tightening even further
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the lockdowns already in place. one country that's been plunged into crisis by a new strain of the corona virus is the united kingdom there the number of cases and deaths has been skyrocketing since december many hospitals are overwhelmed with coated 19 patients and as a result i'm no longer able to carry out other operations as charlotte charleston pill reports this is taking a huge toll mentally and physically both on the population and the medical workers trying to save lives i never see save many hundreds is queuing and i've never spent such extended periods of time with people waiting for a space though. we were asking for which there were corporations hold now road of irish. people every region and that has more people hospital now than they did in the 1st wave in the spring. you know trace we forgot or got old enough to purchase the 7 and then admitting the parent of
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a really big hospital every single day whilst having higher numbers of staff from our staff who are off sick or isolating or tested positive themselves i've just finished 10 days of isolation because my wife tested positive she's also a paramedic the person potentially created that we were wearing was fallout perspective not quite enough and a number of our friends and colleagues were in the same situation and they do say tested positive over the last few weeks. phoebe impact 2 of the. moods it is just. more infectious you know 50 percent more infectious where we were at the beginning of the service thinking we had stored suddenly we had the surgeon over those so huge with the proof of the margin being spared and that's he will sit here and spread so he's exposed that while for the school to sort what supports the new variant just made it absolutely explode and again you know we waited too long
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to stem damage but a still more to come from this wave of the pandemic if you. will see follow people being admitted syria tends to k.b.'s that are now becoming overwhelmed synopses in the southeast and now canceling a cold 28 day cancer staging by the people he had to say he's counsel and now having to add knowing that he was carrying on for some of them by the time safe again they might not be operable anymore and that they have lost that wind you know so i mean that to me is a kind of our kind of mental torture at. hold a. lot of people that find it very tough one of my friends said he was just helping someone having a panic attack the other day that people are having nightmares about really hard thing about big stuck a hospital for 5 hours is there only to tell you that you know that you're here
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with your colleagues in the control room hosking for ambulances to be available to get there to other imagine seasons of people that need your help and you can't get that constantly in a situation where they know not doing the best for the patients that trying to pass but i just know i don't position to be able to do that and that's something that people are wrestling with quite a loss of is that i mean you never they did they might have better to do some more if they had a rifle the other day they might have been able to. change the outcome for a particular patient bunch shorts having a toll walking down the country i don't think we have a choice we just threw up this. true and that's what the crew were trained to do and. crucial were its. heart and it's taking its toll but we know that we're doing the best we can it is a start and. we didn't go out there more people would die it would suffer as a result of not having. people working on the front line.
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meanwhile germany has passed the 2000000 mark in recorded coronavirus cases it comes as chancellor i'm going to merkel pushes for an even stricter lockdown america has told top officials from have a party that she wants a quick action to stop the spread of war a new coronavirus variants and offer a roundup of some of the other developments in the pandemic france will impose a nationwide 6 pm curfew starting on saturday from next week everyone travelling to france from outside the european union will have to show a negative test and then isolate for 7 days the u.k. has banned travelers from south america and portugal amid concerns about a virus variant that is emerged in brazil and it comes as brazil's health minister says hospitals in the amazonian city of manno are running out of oxygen to treat covert 19 patients. germany has decided not to renew a ban on deporting syrian nationals convicted of crimes is means that any syrian involved in terrorism or found guilty of an offense can be sent back to syria
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amnesty international has criticized the move saying syria is still unsafe and that such offenders could be tried in courts here as data abraham reports members of the syrian community here in berlin also fear the worst. of the berlin winter has not stopped these activists from protesting germany's decision to lift the ban on deportations to syria which came into effect at the beginning of this month. this released after anyone who commit serious crimes or pursues terrorist intentions in order to seriously harm our state and our people must leave our country and for those officials insist that this is or will only affect a very small group of serious offenders but that has done little to come from here in berlin syria community one of them is away from most of our she fears opening the door to deportation might be a slippery slope. it starts with talking about the putting criminals but he does
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not stop i feel that i'm also at risk you know it's now a matter of time and maybe in a few years i will also be deported to syria human rights organizations like amnesty international have also condemned the decision they accuse the bashar assad regime of gross human rights violations including arbitrary executions and see internationals not standing up for criminals saying that they are great we are standing up for their rights and they also have a right not to be sent back to that under the rule of law that we have in germany it is really possible to deal with him not a bar or german we do have courts that will maybe find that people should send to prison berlin has yet to announce any concrete plans to deport someone to syria and it may prove impossible in practice to do so germany has no diplomatic relations
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with damascus but interior minister jose who 1st said he's open to the idea on a case by case basis he's been accused of pandering to the far right in an election year. i think it's not a question of moving to the right or of moving to other political positions it's a question about securing our society if you have clear indicators that these people planning attacks are radicalized we don't want to wait until the attack takes place and then react always purnell law we wanted to get before because we have to save our people and our country as well. to watch sending anyone to syria so long as assad is in power could cast a shadow over germany's reputation as a beacon of hope and justice. last april she spent days outside a courthouse in western germany holding up photos of people who disappeared in syria including her own father but there are 2 alleged former syrian intelligence
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officers who are on trial under germany's system of universal jurisdiction for work crimes crimes against humanity and genocide germany besides that they will not compromise they will not forgive war criminals and they will prosecute them even though they are not germans and now we are here today talking about a few g.'s even criminals. to be the ported to syria so it is a contrast and it doesn't make any sense to us that for that reason why 1st says she will continue taking to the streets against any deportation to syria. i'm not joined by stephan mio he is the state secretary to the interior minister and a member of the parliament for the conservative c.s.u. party mr maya sending people back to a country even if they are criminals is that entirely necessary. i have
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to underline that the only thing which was decided in december was not to continue the china road deportation band to syria it wasn't decided to. to report now in the next weeks or months syrians syrian citizens to syria but we made the experience that this general deportation band to syria meant for for some potential fend for radical jihadists islamists that they can commit crimes in germany and there is no fear to be deported to syria and i am deeply convinced that this lifting off the general at the foot haitian ban now means very important progress in order to secure our citizens ensure me and to
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enhance the standard of security in our country all right the body of these people are criminals and offenders as you just said why send them back to their eventual freedom instead of trying them either here in germany jan courts or international courts. suddenly when when they when they commit a crime which many they have to be proud to in germany but off to a while it must be possible to the point at least potential offend us all or persons who committed serious crimes in germany we do this with regard to other countries as well i think there is no understanding and sure many that potential offend us which pose serious threats to a. country and to our citizens or persons who committed a very serious crime like for instance the one who murdered another person in
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interest and in 6 only out on the 4th of october last year there's no understanding that these persons have the right to stay germany as long as they they want also 'd . to to leave our country because they have no legal right to stay no legal right to stay but if they've offended in germany surely biffle be imprisoned in germany sending them back to syria will is basically sending them to their freedom is it not. no because in every single case it must be checked if there is personal threats to the ones life or health in syria so now our expectation is that the foreign minister has to in to really evaluate the situation in syria because i'm not so sure if if the. the stand out of security is the same in every corner of
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syria. certainly it's not just not easy to live in syria but i'm also convinced that it must be necessary to evaluate more often the situation in syria and now that's the cost of the foreign ministry well just briefly before we run out of time we heard in that report that the protest is said they were this is a slippery slope could this ban extend to ordinary syrian citizens no this won't be expanded to other syrian citizens it's only concentrated on potential offenders who pose serious threats to our to the security of our country and to persons who commit to very serious crimes like murder in germany all right steffen maya state secretary of the interior minister thank you very much for your time thank you. well let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world thousands of people
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have been killed and hundreds injured in a strong shallow earthquake on indonesia's sort of ways the island the disaster agency says the tremors flattened the hospital leaving patients and staff trapped inside a hotel is also among the collapsed buildings. north korea has held a military parade to celebrate the end of the country's party congress it was the 2nd such parade in just a few months and showcased soldiers marching and artillery paces reports say it included ballistic missiles that can be fired from a submarine. was. this a variant region of york a 2 to eat your can yak a 2 excuse me has experienced its longest cold spell in 14 years temperatures have stayed below minus 40 degrees for more than a month and forecasters say it's due to get even colder many residents were caught off guard due to an unusually mild term. us
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president elect joe biden has outlined a $1.00 trillion dollar coronavirus an economic recovery plan if passed by congress it will include one trillion dollars for households and over $400000000000.00 to combat the pandemic directly including accelerating current back same programs and support for businesses he's previously promised 100000000 vaccines in the 1st 100 days of his presidency biden acknowledged his plans a high price tag but said the country couldn't afford to do anything else that's not hard to see there were in the middle of a once in several generations economic crisis with a once in several generations public health crisis i'm joined now by a database pitiful and he's been watching joe biden's lead his press conference hit it tell us a little bit more about biden's economic plan. right well this is really biden bringing the big bazooka to fight the pandemic you know to put this in perspective
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2 trillion dollars is more than double the stimulus that the obama administration passed in 2009 during the great recession their one of the big criticisms back then was that they did not do enough to help average americans and it seems joe biden's really learned his lesson from the crisis which is to go big or go home you know this whole big stimulus package is a sweeping very ambitious plan and almost clearly african americans you want to affect of we send them a $2000.00 check it's really hurt their provides an immediate relief but also want to increase jobless benefits prevent landlords from taking out people were who are down on their rent who can't pay their rent buy paid sick leave raise the minimum wage to $15.00 and a whole lot more sobeit and really want these measures you know often place through september which is a clear message that the incoming president does not expect the condemning to go away any time soon while this financial crisis is of course triggered by the coronavirus pandemic biden has promised to deliver
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a very ambitious kind of it 19 vaccination rollout but is it too ambitious. i think that there i mean biden really learned that lesson during the 2008 financial crisis that there is no such thing i think as 2 ambitious you know fighting here is also you know ask congress to pour another $400000000000.00 into fighting the cope and demick saying that the nation will have to move heaven and earth to get more people back sunday to realize and there that obviously the economic struggle and the pendennis are interlinked and to do that he really wants use the full force of the government that's something that the trumpet ministration refused to do you know from creating a national back to nation program to building a federal infrastructure minister in the back to the extent testing and hire $100000.00 more community health workers which would be nearly tripling the current workforce so as i said there really ties in with the economic plan to get to
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a point fast where the economy can begin to reopen and american can get back on its feet this transition of the biden administration into power has been anything but snape it is just briefly what's the latest on the 10 miles since the capitals told me last week. well we've we've seen security forces their brand of security ahead of an operation most. you know that the malls where the inauguration rip equate will almost be completely closed off to the general public that is unprecedented more than $20000.00 national guard and we've also seen a lot more red including a lot of people who are apparently on the f.b.i. terrorist watch list a lot of which were you know. suspected white supremacists over money needed of you know incredibly deep resentment facing the incoming biden terrorism ministration. they take office a lesson that we want to pay to stay with this because i want to to play this pace
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80 ladies are also preparing for a new era in relations with the united states when joe biden comes to power especially given the host of international crises that need to be resolved but one question many are asking is if they can expect a return to the way things were before donald trump took over and even if this would be desirable alexander phenomena reports. they've already sent him an invitation to visit and for them to plan fun join transatlantic action for europeans joe biden's you know gratian is a chance to get relations with the united states back on track here in brussels do you commission has been already working on a new e.u. u.s. agenda managing and older coming the coronavirus pandemic is definitely the most urgent issue that we all have to face and it is clear is not cooperating with the united states on this is definitely something. we will promote as
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forcible with the new administration. coronavirus pandemic climate change the run nuclear deal trade disputes the list is long joe biden has also made it clear that he wants to form united front to counter china he's a. urged iraq to delay a planned investment deal with beijing but the you push to hat and decision the european lawmakers like to call for believe sent washington the wrong message isn't really war important to demonstrate so-called european strategic autonomy towards washington but demonstrating. that they have to reckon with a reinvigorated transatlantic partnership i think that's just the wrong priorities geopolitically the new e.u. china investment agreement is facing a lot of criticism but after 4 years of donald trump in the white house many europeans believe it's time for the you to put its own interests 1st even if the
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u.s. doesn't like it. and last week's storming of the you asked capitol served as a reminder for you leaders that a deeply divided u.s. will continue to look inward even with a democrat in the white house it can no longer be taking for granted as a benefactor and protector and that's why europe has to enhance its strategic autonomy says clement bonn french secretary of state for european if that means that europe should take more responsibility should define its interests its values itself certainly not against the united states we should work together i hope we can work better together with the new biden harrison mr asian but it means we have to be clear about what we want as europeans when it comes to nato joe biden is likely to push europe to spend more on defense just like his predecessor trump's goal was to withdraw u.s.
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troops from afghanistan and biden's decision on that will be crucial for the nato alliance says he unless a vice president of the german marshall fund the objective an exit in afghanistan but i do think this administration absolutely accepts this long held nato idea. in together out together joe biden see no gration will see the white house become home to a trance atlantis is twice again but a simple return to hope things were before trump isn't likely america has changed its old conceal rock. paid holiday are still with us paid it will biden's swearing in mark a new era in a relations well i think we're heard a lot of right there in that report you know the biden election have been welcomed pretty much universally across the you even start proponent multilateralism so as president he is expected to mark an end to trump's america's 1st doctrine which resulted in
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a lot of sleepless nights for you leaders and i think you know he's also committed to going to parrot climate court the world nope organization both of which trump abandon so i'm much closer alignment of interest and a return to a world or what are they think that many leaders in europe have been pining for for the passport radek years of donald trump him thanks very much for that update. well since for now and that was unwelcome news for track and field as the athletics integrity unit announced olympic 100 meter hurdles champion brianna rollins mcneill has been provisionally suspended for adopting violation rowland's mcneil to gold in the hurdles at the rio olympics in 26 states to add to her well championships victory in 2013 the i know you has challenged the american with quote tampering with the results management process without giving further details rawlins mcneill is the 4th fastest woman ever over the 100 meter hurdle. and for the bad news for the sport a doctor is due to be sentenced early on friday after
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a doping scandal that's rocked the german athletics the at the athletes' alliance is hoping a long jail term will be handed to the doctor who under german privacy laws can be identified only as mark s. along with 4 alleged accomplices he's accused of systemic blood doping. it's the biggest german sport to doping trial in years dr mark s. stands accused by the munich court of systematic blood doping in more than 150 cases over 9 years taking in the 2800 lympics and ending with his detention last february following raids on his home. it's the 1st major prosecution under anti doping legislation introduced in 2015 making it a landmark case in germany. the man you're talking to care on top of a mind for among other things the defendant is accused of breaking anti doping laws this trial is probably the 1st to invoke the anti doping law that doesn't concern
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sports in general but specifically professional sport. mark s. has offered to share with authorities his knowledge of doping methods a bit he says to make up for the damage that he has done but the doctor has confessed to involvement in illegal practices and the judge has told him to expect a jail term of 5 and a half years. you're watching data up next series talks to the point looks ahead at the to the incoming biden administration while asking just how dangerous does is done does donald trump remain i'm rebecca rate has we back with more news at the top of the hour.
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mama's. boy. oh boy.
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it's going. to. come. to the point. pinions clear musicians of international perspective such. after urging on the angry mob to storm to the capitol last week donald trump continues to claim he's the victim of a witch hunt how dangerous does he remain that's our topic on to the point.
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about which is it going trying to cut out the story the middle touchable or. the residents can finally party again and who hunt china where things are almost back to normal it was from listening to the corona virus spread over around the world. now it's considered defeated here china's crisis management seem to perform well. but the more one tale has many flaws and many losers 3000. and 60 minutes on d w. in a globalized world. where everything is connected. all it takes is a scorched earth to set things in motion
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a. local hero show called their ideas can change the world. global 3000. on t w. the u.s. is preparing for a presidential transition like no other in history after inciting the violence storming of congress donald trump now says that he will break with tradition and stay away from his successors inauguration it will be a sober ceremony for president elect biden. next week with security services on high alert amidst warnings that right wing groups could be planning to repeat the angry protests at the capitol congress has responded by the to the storming by initiating a 2nd impeachment against trump who has been banned by social media.


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