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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2021 6:00am-6:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the u.s. capitol is in a security lockdown at head of joe biden's integrations as divisions over the impeachment of the outgoing president deepen donald trump supporters accuse the democrats of twisting the knife house speaker nancy pelosi insists no one is above the law not even the president of the united states also coming up the world health organization calls an emergency meeting to tackle new variants of the coronavirus it's scientists dr in china to investigate the potential origin of the pandemic.
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uganda's long time president yoweri in the seventies 66 hurt in an election 5 august form of the wind as his main challenger a favorite among young voters. like a welcome to the program security is being ramped up in washington d.c. ahead of the inauguration of president elect joe biden next week the f.b.i. is warning that trump supporters are planning protests across the country to protest the change of power $20000.00 troops of the national guard are being deployed to protect washington president trump meanwhile now faces trial in the senate after being impeached for an unprecedented 2nd time. in the.
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last 4 years the white house has perhaps never been so quiet this after its top president was impeached a 2nd time. fencing has cut off the 1st residence more significantly to president trump twitcher has cut him off from his supporter. but supporters aren't necessarily turning away even after congressional democrats and 10 members of trump's own republican party sided with democrat house speaker nancy pelosi she called trump a clear and present danger to the country even with under a week to go on his term the eyes are 232 nays are 197. there is a resolution is adopted without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the total well that motion to reconsider is a formality in the decidedly red republican state of texas trump supporters see cause for congress to reconsider namely an impeachment backlash against seems like
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they're just doing it just to dig the knight deeper and twist in the believe in what they believe and that's that's not going to change because of somebody else's political path to. his presidency is over but his base is going to be stronger i think that as a very divisive thing to do i think it's a very vindictive thing to do that's not going to help to heal this country but speaker pelosi says the impeachment resolution she signed is simply about justice and to have demonstrated that no one is a far from law not even the president of the united states. the next step is a trial in the other chamber of the capitol the senate where the proceedings will likely wait until after trump leaves the white house trump and his supporters are confident an impeachment backlash will help prevent a conviction in a polarized senate for the needed 2 thirds majority to convict democrats are banking on a call for bipartisan justice. correspondent all of us solid joins me now from
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washington d.c. good to see all of the president elect joe biden will be integrated in 6 days how is this historic impeachment trial hanging over his upcoming presidency. well joe biden preferred not to have a drilling because he wants to move on as quick as possible and focus on what he believes is the most important topic right now and that is fighting the covert 19 pandemic but biden also said it's up to congress to decide and he really wants to get this trial done as quickly as possible so that senate can then move on and focus on new legislature. with regards to covert 19 for instance so the big concern of course now is that donald trump will not just a disappear overnight and will also be overshadowing joe biden's presidency as something like a shadow president who is sabotaging his presidency and inciting his his followers and supporters against joe biden right now since the siege of the capitol last week
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authorities have implemented a security lockdown in washington what's it like moving around the city these days . it is really a surreal atmosphere although i would go to work by bike every day and have to drive alongside money kilometers off a fence that was set up in the in large part has a razor wire on top and that's essentially cordoning off large parts of the downtown area so you can't get anywhere near the capitol near the white tolls also the national mall is locked off that's the giant park that is usually used for protests some 20000 soldiers are patrolling there up and down behind those fences and behind that cordoned off area and it really reminds of something like a green zone like in baghdad rather than all of the u.s. capitol but authorities are very clear about that this is a necessity if they want to have a situation like the one we witnessed
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a week ago the storming of the capital if they want to avoid that be repeated right so it sounds like washington is well protected but the f.b.i. has warned of potential protests not just in washington but in all 50 states capitals what more do we know about the. well the f.b.i. director christopher ray said there is a concern about chatter online chatter and far right groups about violence surrounding the inauguration day the f.b.i. is also looking at individuals that might repeat violence on that day and the security that we see in washington d.c. reflects that very much the concern about all of course not every state has the same security in place so we will have to see what really happens then on inauguration day or as correspondent all of the salad there in washington d.c. many things let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president elect joe biden has unveiled a plan to jumpstart the u.s.
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economy and ramp up the federal response to the coronavirus biden is proposing a $1.00 trillion dollars stimulus package that includes relief payments to households and small businesses hit hard by the pandemic. brazil's health minister says the amazonian city of man hours is running out of oxygen to treat cope with 19 patients intensive care units are so overwhelmed that patients are being airlifted to other states the city is experiencing a devastating 2nd wave after being badly hit early in the pandemic. chancellor angela merkel is pushing for a stricter lockdown in germany michael has told top officials from her party that she wants quick action to stop the spread of worrying new coronavirus varian's daneyko 19 deaths reached a record of more than 1200 on thursday in germany and you cases remain high despite restrictions in place since november. at least 7 people have been killed and
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hundreds injured in a strong shallow earthquake on in the nation's soloway sea island the disaster agency says the tennis flattened a hospital leaving patients and staff trapped inside a hotel is also among the collapsed buildings. it's. scientists from the worlds world health organization have arrived in the chinese is your woo hans to investigate the origins of the corona virus pandemic the international team will spend 14 days in quarantine before they start researching how the virus may have moved from animals to humans early on it was traced to this west market which has since closed where it was under most was sold as food the delayed trip followed months of diplomatic wrangling china initially barred of the scientists arguing that the virus may have originated elsewhere. meanwhile the w.h.o. is holding an emergency meeting to discuss new variants of the corona virus there
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are concerns that they may be more infectious than the 1st strain that emerged in china it's also unclear if the new variants could potentially reduce the effect and effectiveness of current vaccines at this london hospital doctors are treating 3 times the usual number of patients in the intensive care unit. they say they are struggling to cope this is going to be with you in in the form that they live with and this is. something very good. stuff either way it's that. way for the holiday wherever they work you know for a shopping increase in serious cave in $1000.00 cases and record deaths come a month after a new variant of the corona virus was detected in the u.k. many countries have since restricted travel juge the british variant but it still spread to at least 50 territories according to the world health organization are
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the new variants have also been reported including in south africa and brazil the consequence of an ever changing virus. it is. the bears being in there more the more it spreads. madness in many places and the chances of getting that. here really empty streets again a feature of countries worldwide as governments extend over time pop restrictions to try and limit the spread of the virus variant while authorities say there's no evidence that british and south african variants make the virus more severe they share a common trait that's believed to make them much more contagious. and now for a look at some of the other developments in the pandemic lebanon has entered
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a full lockdown after some hospital started running out of intensive care beds the measures include a 24 hour curfew it's now forbidden to go grocery shopping and residents have to rely on delivery services france will impose a nationwide 6 pm curfew starting on saturday from next week everyone travelling to france from outside the european union will have to show a negative test and then isolate for 7 days and the u.k. has banned travelers from south america and portugal amid concerns about a virus variance that has emerged in brazil to uganda now where vote counting is underway after a hard fought election pitting one of africa's longest serving leaders against a charismatic young challenger veteran president yoweri museveni is seeking a 6th term in office off the ruling for nearly 4 decades his main rival the former pop star bobby wine has inspired a new generation of youthful voters the election campaign was marred by widespread
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violence and an internet blackout. one by one each boat from this polling station is called out to onlookers supporters cheer for their preferred candidate. it's been quite chaotic like expected this progress into i think everything's more fluid going on but it got to the polls are now closed in uganda as people settle in for a tense count election day sore excitement in the long lines to vote mixed with the threat of violence with riot police patrolling the streets the election campaign has seen almost daily violence and crackdowns on opposition supporters but ugandans remain on deterred. this nation. and we hope to make you student. it's a clash of generations in one of africa's youngest countries incumbent yari most of veiny is one of africa's longest serving leaders the former guerrilla leader has
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spent 35 years in office in a country where the average age is less than 30. our economy is strong the army is strong and experienced the british and i would. vote thursday for election pits him against opposition frontrunner for the one who voted new compiler with his wife. perform a reggae artist has managed to channel the frustrations of a generation into a viable challenge against most of amy's ruling national resistance movement. pre-election violence has also taken the lives of dozens of opposition supporters and recently appeared at one of their funerals. was
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a lecture on. how not preparing for the election was. right thing her father was president for of the back of the group that did not divide by the military and the money. the ruling and blocked access to the internet for the election challenger bobby wind calling it dictatorial tendencies the n.r.m. promises the elections will be free and fair but with the blackout on communications those looking for change are worried the void will lack accountability and transparency. german magician sick fried fish has died aged 81 just days after it was announced he was suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer he was best known as one half of the world famous last vegas magic act 6th grade and roy the geo rose to fame around the 1960 s. and performed and sold out venues well into the $990.00 s. their shows often featured dozens of white tigers and lions sick for his long time
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partner roy horn died last year as a result of complications from co that 90. you're watching the news live from berlin that's it from me rebecca resist will be with you after top of the hour. for me and the team karen gillan thanks for. the for. love. were all set. to go beyond beyond the usual that. we're all about the stories that matter to you. and really. whatever it takes. to get the running now trying to ensure that alcohol d.w. made for mines.
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getting around in japan means taking the train. from her. name because japan is imperative all round way hop. and. we're going on a trip through southern japan. it will take us across the island
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of cuba sure we're starting in the metropolis of hack a time continuing to littlejohn may to the spa town of you flew in. then into the volcanic. region around mount are so true kumamoto to head to yoshi and its temples and finally to kaggle shima and to. on the southernmost tip. around travel is a culture of it so in japan lending a touch of elegance even to everyday life. as well as efficiency the cleaning crew has just a few minutes to clean a home track. every gesture has special significance granting reassurance have i seen and done
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everything. that. wasn't possible and strongs of people in hock at our station up typical of a japanese metropolis. there is no chaos with everything moving along in an orderly fashion showing discipline in public is a highly regarded virtue. and everything everywhere is constantly getting wiped down because when innes also takes top priority. the task asian is the train station in the city of folk or cars which grew together out of 2 different cities and lies in the south of japan in the country's most economically robust region. trade activities with the asian mainland oppa to kill any
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active here. at the feet of the towering buildings there are also little markets and this one. sones green tea and of course a lot of fish. whale meat is also available but of course this delicacy is consumed exclusively for scientific purposes. the evening traffic in fuck or car is not just commuters heading home because a little tradition has been preserved here. starting around 5 pm you see more and more unusual trailers being pulled down the streets and lining the side boards. yet eyes are being set up here. in evening visit
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is ambience becomes a bit more relaxed with people going out after work. they head to yet ties which are little mobile restaurants that are always set up in the early evening and then disappear again at night. i meet so your she's out all used to have a normal job that he prefers running. i did was up but they got everything i. had i wonder what they were going to. show was all about to watch them all of course just like in any other business there are bad times but people from all kinds of different fields of work come to visit my god. there are the parliamentarians of the top and the ordinary office
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workers of the bought of it i see that and think that's pure humanity here in my outer it has made quite an impression on me that it was. only once the guests have spent the evening in a good company is it time to head home then a 2nd rush begins. the next morning we leave the city and its 1500000 residents on a local train. japan is crisscrossed with round lines there are 2 networks the standard gauge network the high speed chain can send trains and
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a narrow gauge used from local on to express trains with a track with of just 1067 minute meters. far removed from the big city hustle and bustle the town of yemeni is known for its traditions and still has many old buildings a rarity in japan. and it is also home to one of japan's oldest lantern mages. and his workshop each nanton is made by hand in line with a tradition stretching back over 200 years. the shop has even made a 9 for itself in hollywood. with its creations featured in several films. awful. lot of cars yes it's paper after all which rankles easily
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you have to play with it a bit and hide the wrinkles of life on the up if you apply the paper evenly the wrinkles aren't as noticeable later without a lot of muscle. thank you for the oha here where i glued the 2 paper strips together if the gap ends up being uphill wider crooked when i cut off the rest it looks weird on what's on it a little course in. the most important thing is the paint work which the boss tends to himself. his act is almost contemplated. just a few doors down there is another shop boasting
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a long tradition where can each economy sounds yom a famous green team. this business also dates back several 100 years and is actually a moment i'm really a store it's an old trading house green tea used to be something very special attracting customers from all over japan who welcomed and hosted here can each economy wants to presume this tradition. or as a green tea actually used to be more of a delicacy nowadays much larger quantities are being churned out because the team used to be harvested by hand meaning that only relatively low volumes could be produced it was thus a highly valued good that of course came at a price to match at home.
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a shrine to one's ancestors as an integral part of any traditional house and can each economy also observes this tradition. we leave the quiet tea shop. and head to a very lively museum actually more of a fast. each autumn the whole town assembles to put on an old puppet show everyone has a role in this there which is made entirely of wood and held together without nails all screws the structure has been set up and dismantled again for 300 years it's the worst though it is there on all. paths the very bottom level the threads of the puppet are controlled i have the one hand in the 2nd level there rugs are controlled.
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the piece is about a young prince going on a pilgrimage to a temple but the plant is rather beside the point that people are here to celebrate traditional puppetry. was i mean you know. when you. 6 6 6 have. it takes entire teams to move the figures the land to make a hiroki ito is also involved. in. the text of the play is in old japanese which is difficult even for modern japanese people
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to understand. that. the performances are held only once a year in the autumn. and that is. the next leg of our journey is also sort of performance. first we go back to hack a time. you don't board the train by simply heading to the platform before taking a trip on the 7 stars you enjoy a reception in a dead. gated lounge. this train exudes an early 20th century
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atmosphere. the tickets are ceremoniously punched by hand making for elegant collectibles. and the entire crewmen introduces themselves one by one this is for somebody that must know that. there is. just so much talking to find finally japan's 1st modern luxury train is ready for departure claimed by hand before each trip to make the planes resume dock nearer. the train is meant to be somewhat reminiscent of the orient express with the 7 cars are only able to accommodate 30 passengers with
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every conceivable luxury they attended to explains each pattern taking special can to point out the difference between the flashing mechanism and the alarm button yet still. the toilets control panel has end shero bells and whistles. just because it allows fine ceramics join a refined light design that lights up from here on the 2nd you can as fast as i can. and while i it's nearly time for departure and the train doesn't simply get whistled off. that they want to share.
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the departure is a little shadow of its out. everything is recorded with photos being taken of people taking photos. of the air it is typical of the japanese to wait until the train is out of sight. we leave the city. to. get the light reflected from the star is part of the plan because the stars are you sure have to glisten. it. we head out into the countryside.


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