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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm CET

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more. choice do you scott because even though we're going to transfer to drew's. men in the crash moment and i will. do to you. this is d w news and these are our top stories vote counting has begun in uganda after an election pitting one of africa's longest serving leaders against a young challenger president yoweri museveni is seeking a 6th term in office author ruling for nearly 4 decades his main rival form a pop star bobby wine has inspired a new generation of voters the election campaign was mobbed by widespread violence and a social media blackout. german chancellor angela merkel is pushing for lockdown
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measures to be tightened according to several media reports michael wants to meet regional leaders next week to discuss new restrictions they're lucky to include measures to ensure more people work from you cases have remained stubbornly high in germany despite restrictions in place since november. german magician sig fried fish has died aged $81.00 just days after it was announced he was suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer he was best known as one half of the world famous siegfried and roy les vegas magic acts as long time partner roy horn died last year after contracts uncovered 19. this is d.w. news from the lead follow us on twitter on instagram d w news all this is our website w dot com. the f.b.i. is warning of a green armed protesters in all 50 us states ahead of next week's presidential
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inauguration the threat even greater in washington d.c. 20000 u.s. national guard troops have been activated to prevent a repeat of the capital siege that left 5 people dead on wednesday lawmakers blaming the president for that violence impeach donald trump for a 2nd time he'll be tried by the u.s. senate but only after he leaves the white house if he is convicted donald trump will never hold public office again i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. like all of you i was shocked and deeply saddened by the calamity at the capitol as too little too late to see what he wanted to do from the beginning i'm just surprised so many trade as well only to go through supporter of mind could ever
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endorse political. think it is serious that. they have to make a stand against things like that i am all for a. while and goes against everything i believe i'm very late and i feel. that us to move forward united for the good of our family the communities and our country he's literally a psychopath. also coming up in the presidential election in uganda that the entire world is watching a long time authoritarian incumbent against a singer by the name of bobby wine today wine said the government is using violence offline and online to intimidate voters. we know that. because you know there's not one. does not want.
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to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with a time impeached us president it was just 24 hours ago when the u.s. house of representatives democrats and republicans voted to impeach donald trump he is the only president in u.s. history to be impeached twice lawmakers are holding trump responsible for last week's deadly siege of the u.s. capitol the article of impeachment against him reads the president threatened the integrity of the democratic system interfered with the peaceful transition of power and imperiled a co-equal branch of government now it was one year ago when trump was impeached for the 1st time accused then of abusing his power to influence the presidential election you may remember not a single republican voted to impeach him then not the case yesterday 10 republicans voted to impeach the president here are some voices from both sides of the aisle in
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the debate and we know that the president of the united states incited this insurrection this armed rebellion against our common country he must go the left in america has incited far more political violence than the right for months our cities burned police stations burned the 117th congress must understand that we have a mandate to legislate in defense of black laugh the 1st step in that process if to root out white supremacy starting with impeaching the white supremacist in chief democrats can say. quote you know there needs to be unrest in the streets while there is unrest in the streets but they're going to impeach the president for saying peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard let's be consistent all of us are donald trump is now facing a trial in the u.s. senate and an unprecedented trial of a u.s. president who will no longer be in office to discuss the trial the president and
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the future of the republican party i'm joined tonight by richard painter mr painter was the white house ethics lawyer for president george w. bush he joins me tonight from minneapolis minnesota mr painter it's good to have you back on the day let me start by getting your thoughts on where the united states is tonight a day after donald trump became the 1st president to be impeached twice. well donald trump deserves to be the 1st president page to light he did incite a seditious riot he called on people to march on capitol hill and he knew there was going to be violence and they flee from the threatening violence for a long time and he has spread law is about the election this election was clearly won by joe biden and i've seen close elections the united states including the 2000 election where i supported president george w. bush won by only 400 votes this election the bottom line is that
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the president elect biden won the popular vote by 7000000 and we won in several states 550-607-0000 votes these key states this wasn't even close furthermore we heard lies told on the floor of the house of representatives again no elected democrat indorsed any of the violence that took place the summer the vast majority of the black lies matters protesters were peaceful protesters they were very small number of people engaging in violence and some of those people actually were white supremacists this summer pretending they were black was matter supporters so the idea that democrats or that any sane american endorse violence this summer or at capitol hill on the 6th of january is absolutely absurd and put people to get up on the floor of the house of
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representatives and try and blame this on the democrats when it's clearly donald trump's the person who incited this riot he deserves to be impeached again if you're convicted by this on it you know 10 republicans in the house they voted to impeach but the rest of the republicans did not in fact during the debate yesterday we heard lawmakers challenging the fact that trunk had been involved in any way with the seizure of the u.s. capitol last week i want you to take a listen to what trump his son and his attorney said just moments before the violence began take a listen and mike pence is going to have to come through for us and if he doesn't. that will be a sad day for a country. this is done drugs republican party it was in this is the republican party that were part of america farce it will we will never give up we will never concede it doesn't happen you don't see
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the it was the right let's have a trial by combat it was a trial by combat i mean the words the events of last week and the president's role they are clear but now listen to what a member of the house republican lauren they've heard said yesterday before the impeachment vote were the accountability for the left after encouraging and normalizing violence rather than actually helping american people in this time we start impeachment that further divide our country icon bull crap when i hear the democrats demanding unity sadly they are only unified and hate mr painter she represents the trump republicans in congress it's unclear that enough republicans in the u.s. senate will vote to convict the president would a non conviction in your opinion be tantamount to
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a republican indorsement of that insurrection. yes it would and it would be an endorsement of the lies that you just heard spoken of once again no elected democrat no decent person indorsed violence over the summer and that's just a lie that was told there in order to justify what donald trump did donald trump is the one who said there ought to be trouble come back combat means violence and that's what occurred on top little hill i was a republican for 30 years but donald trump came into the republican party turned it into something it's not and there is a fundamental difference between conservative political the it was and fascist and authoritarian views and the latter category we have people who are willing to use violence to get what they want and those are the people who bring the downfall of republican governments and it's happened in other countries and we do not want to
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happening in the united states you know today there are reports suspicions that republican members of congress may have given tours of the capitol building to some of the rioters a day before they stormed the building knowing that do you think the republican party has a future and does it deserve a future after what we're witnessing. oh i believe the republican party should take the step of purging every member of the republican party who endorsed this right and also these election fraud theories are just sheer nonsense we need to get back to a world in which objective truth is understood and recognized in politics we can agree and disagree on a number of things but when you have objective truth it's so obvious that joe biden won this election by an overwhelming number of votes both the electoral college and
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the popular vote for people to be perpetuating lies and then saying that they're speaking for the republican party is an embarrassment to the republican party and so the party was to survive that i have to get rid of all these people not just donald trump. and also people tell lies what you just heard there about democrats indorsing violence which just didn't happen. mr payne i'd like to ask you about the standing of the united states especially for its european allies after all that has happened during the trump presidency i want you to take a listen to what germany's foreign minister said about the impeachment. trial donald trump has disregarded the democratic decision of the american voters and he has championed democratic rules and will cop there should be a bigger truce and get in the minds again we must seek the closing of ranks of all democrats against the enemies of democracy within our societies but also beyond them worldwide listed right and when you hear that coming from the heart of europe
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can the credibility of american democracy be restored and can it be restored as long as the republican party remains a force in u.s. politics. the credibility of the united states will be restored beginning next wednesday when joe biden is sworn in as president of the not it states i am nonpolitical and of and i'm no longer with the republican party but i do very much hope that the republican party will expire all the extremists the racists the fascists these various extreme elements that have caused great damage to the body if they wish to embrace a very conservative principles they they certainly are free to do so but within the democratic. model lector people boat to choose their leaders and we respect the results of elections we do not riot in the
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streets we're not going to have fascists and other people battling the streets to try to put their person in the presidency that's just not acceptable in the republican party needs to make a decision to expel the trumpeters and move on or the republican party will no longer have a place in american politics royds richard painter joining us tonight from minneapolis mr painter as always we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you stay safe thank you so much well who are those angry supporters of donald trump who stormed the capitol f.b.i. investigators say that most of them are men most are white and many view their loyalty to donald trump as a license to fight against the government even if that would mean civil war. thousands of people across america have joined armed groups in recent years
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a worrying sign for democracy and 2020 there were a series of incidents that now look like warning signs a self-styled militia members shot 2 people dead in protests in wisconsin a group in michigan occupied the state capitol and allegedly planned to kidnap the state's democratic governor. but what motivates people to join a militia experts say distrust of government fear of having gun rights taken away but there's also the rise of conspiracy theories which have now become widespread in the us on social media encouraged by donald trump. who are experiencing here is the american people and now they live in an alternative universe of facts they have committed so it's a complete conspiracy theory and this information about the election. that boiled over on january 6th when a mob storm to the u.s.
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capitol during the campaign trump repeatedly had the chance to tell his followers to calm down but instead gave the moments like this. give me a why is a problem he doesn't like me that can die out process on right proud of my words stand back and stand by. taking their directions from the man they perceive as their boss many extremists accept what he says as truth. that the traders are actually the ones in in you know in congress and who are supporting. peaceful transition and so they believe they're now called upon and be mobilized to stop it so they think they're being heroic. peace groups are likely to remain dangerous they show no signs of backing down or even as their favorite president's term comes to an end. or the 2nd story now to washington your
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correspondent all over salad good evening to you oliver the f.b.i. is mourning that armed groups across the u.s. view last week stormy of the capitol as a success what does that mean for the for the near term well that means is that authorities believe that those groups groups are a serious threat of course and not only for washington d.c. the disk of the city is currently preparing for the inauguration as you mentioned but all across the united states so a success let's put that in brackets but that could have also been a lot worse you know there were kidnapping some kidnapping will supplant they are also all the people shouted hang my pants the vice president an extremism expert that i interviewed recently that we've also heard in the report cynthia miletus told me that there's a broader far right coalition in the united states currently openly advocating for a new civil war so you can tell those groups feel emboldened right now and there's
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a tight security in place especially in washington d.c. off the likes that we have never seen before i mean i understand 20000 national guard troops have been sent to the u.s. capitol with this is unprecedented. it absolutely is and it is such a surreal atmosphere there is a big fence cordoning off large parts of washington d.c. especially the area where the capitalist capitol hill the national mall will approach protests usually take place also though why tell us so you can't get anywhere near those areas the fences are topped with razor wire there are concrete barriers blocking important avenues and streets police cars with their flashing lights on and then of course the $20000.00 soldiers are currently some of them are still arriving thousands are they already sleeping on the grounds of the capital it really reminds you rather of the green zone in baghdad rather than off the capital of the united states of course but what it really shows you that bizarre situation
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here in the u.s. capital is that all saudis just want to make sure that the situation that happened a week ago in the capital won't be repeated yet the green zone down the street from the white house who would have imagined then it's all over salad with the latest tonight from washington all over thank you. movember is a presidential election in the united states will go down in history as one of the most divisive in polarizing but american politics and elections they're not unique that way just ask the voters in uganda they went to the polls today to choose a president on the ballot a fine term authoritarian incumbent or a former pop singer turned politician they are already claims of vote rigging and there was violence at some polling places. one by one each boat from this polling station is called out to onlookers supporters cheer for their preferred candidate.
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it's been quite. like expected at this point going to see in time i think it was things moved to the moon but it got through the polls are now closed in uganda as people settle in for a tense count. election day soar excitement in the long lines to vote mixed with the threat of violence with riot police patrolling the streets the election campaign has seen almost daily violence and crackdowns on opposition supporters but ugandans remain on deterred. this nation has been through a lot and with of to make you student. it's a clash of generations in one of africa's youngest countries incumbent yari mr veiny is one of africa's longest serving leaders the former griller leader has spent 35 years in office in a country where the average age is less than 30. a week when i'm a strong the army is strong and experienced
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the dish and i want to. go out and vote thursday's election pits him against opposition front runner wine he voted new compiler with his wife. to form a reggae artist has managed to channel the frustrations of a generation into a viable challenge against most of a nice ruling national resistance movement. pre-election violence has also taken the lives of dozens of opposition supporters wind recently appeared at one of their funerals. was a lecture on. radio not preparing for the election one. rising drive over the private sector of the group that was brought divided by the military
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and that money. the ruling and i am blocked access to the internet for the election challenge of bobby wind calling it dictatorial tendencies. the and iran promises the elections will be free and fair but with the blackout on communications and those looking for change a warrior devoted to lack accountability and transparency. for more now we want to go to washington i'm joined by paul mental you know from the africa center for strategic studies at the u.s. department of defense mr dan tell you it's good to have you on the program our report talks about a clash of generations taking place in this election is uganda's older generation is it voting to keep the status quo. yes this is definitely 1st of all thank you for inviting me to the show we did put out a report that was looking at the demographic. situation in uganda this election is
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definitely being driven by that demographic the older generation the generation that liberates of the country which was involved in an armed struggle going all the way back to the immediate pre-independence era wants to hold on to that legacy the older ones the legacy of liberation they are holding on to the legacy of having delivered to the country from a very very difficult. post-independence period we all heard about the. misgovernance in uganda under india mean under milton obote is so that's the kind of legacy that they're trying to hang on to but then of course in these types of situations and it's by no means unique to uganda we've seen it in many other african countries and post liberation settings where you know political power it comes incumbency also comes with certain benefits with economic benefits with financial benefits so it's may well be that members of this generation that are in
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government would want to protect those interests as much as possible you also have you know. issues of accountability there's been a lot of a lot of talk about that there's been a lot of talk about issues of of of injustice those issues are not going to disappear so it is also conceivable that people that are within the governments of our us are also looking at the possibility of prosecution so you've got all these issues combine extend it then give them gives us a sense as to why members of this generation would want to hold on to office but like i said it's not unique to uganda there are many other post liberation settings where you have this where you have these days well what would a bobby wine victory in this election what would it mean then for the country. well again going back to the demographic reality the 1st thing is that it would basically be. a signal uganda 1st peaceful transition of
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power since independence the country has never had a peaceful transition of power so if that were to happen this would basically it would basically. you know be a 1st in the country's history 2nd it would basically signify the alignment of the country's political leadership with the demographic realities in uganda as i mentioned before over 75 percent of the ugandan population is below the age of 30 is the main opposition eligible 70 right now is basically from that generation so these are 2 issues out in case in the event that. the wind. this up particular election mr netanyahu got one minute left i want to ask you based on the demographics of uganda then it would make sense that bobby wine would win this election if he does it when would you say then that would be that would be proof that the election has been rigged and tampered with. well
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irrespective of what happens in this election irrespective of who wins and who loses this election there are 7 issues that are not going to go away the 1st issue is the question of transition what kind of transition is uganda going to have even if not 70 were to remain in office a question you know you know of being being asked and it being raised about what happens after the 70 does he hold on does the handover to a new generation within the n.r.m. what happens you know you know there's still open questions about that the other question that will remain out in the open is the issue of the social contract as i mentioned earlier there are issues of accountability issues of injustice that have been raised in this election you know some opposition leaders have written to the international criminal court i mean all these issues are going to remain a freeness and fairness of the election will have to be resolved in a court of law but all these issues will remain in respect. all right mr pollin
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until your joining us tonight from washington essentially we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you very much. well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either you news or you can follow me of brant goff t.v. net remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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going. into the conflict zone to sebastian coe stroh's democracy us my guest is free from germany's goons are chris found. a new affairs committee in the foetal column and why the big gap between his rhetoric about the rights of muumuu business and poets of the new conflicts.
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word can include the coaxing germany to such. a success why not come with telling her. to do stuff it's simple our money on your mobile and free. t.w. sing he learn in course speak german made easy. why did this person. there are. there is a lot that can be done. make
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up your mind. double. you have 10000000 e.u. citizens living on the authoritarian rule we can not tolerate the sick democracies in europe yet we have for all of us only. 00. the insurrection in washington has focused attention on the apparent fragility of democracy in the us but how strong is democracy in europe my guest this week from germany is going to.


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