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fergusson it with your business is. don't forget you can always get all the latest on the websites. other recommend you follow us on twitter instagram a 100 is d.w. news. from the other team thanks for joining us. live from new york and i'm game did you know that 17 trillion landed on him or killed worldwide issue so that we can you know but it's not just the animals little suffering it's the environment we went on a journey to find ways out of the nutrition if you want to know how one cliff to the priest and the whole truth changed as we 3 says listen to our podcast on the green. this you know i mean in your minutes i'm going.
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to miss you know what i'm what it organize you don't know where it's at them. but i caught it going on where they're being funded. germany post their biggest economic decline and the financial crisis the country's economy minister called dramatic of but not as bad as expected we'll get reaction from our financial correspondent into frank 1st. also coming up breakfast thinkin to buy food for markets in northern ireland are warning of food shortages and new rules flows and trade. on one theory as 1st feature length animation film is that it will tell you the story of how it was made. this is. a very different welcome to
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the program. germany has posted its biggest economic contraction since the financial crisis more than a decade ago last year g.d.p. declined by 5 percent a faker economy minister peter maya cold dramatic but not as bad as had been expected. many businesses remain closed as the lockdown across germany continues. the pandemic has dragged the country's economy into one of its deepest post-war recession. lotion 1st witchcraft is 2 minutes the german economy contracted 5 percent last year that's a dramatically high number but it was one percent less than we feared during the early phase of the pandemic which is some consolation us. it's how to post. the recession could have been much worse but the economy has been resilient and the government has pumped billions of euros of aid into it and this
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year the outlook for europe's largest economy isn't so bad the government expects a rebound but it won't be quite as strong as previously hoped earlier we asked our financial correspondent in frankfurt conrad who is in for his take on the state of the chairman economy. 5 percent contraction of the german economy what do you turn after a decade of continuous economic growth all of the sectors of the economy were hit hard by the pandemic only one sector managed to increase and that's the building industries mortgages are easy to get to finance and also the german housing market needs more supply that's what kept and keeps the building sector robbing now in this situation of course hope by the government is needed but businesses report that a particular one program announced by the government in autumn has made many obstacles payments were delayed nobody knows really why. there were disagreements between the
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e.u. commission and the german government which resulted in the government to draw parts of its original promises. britain's leading supermarket group say urgent intervention is needed to prevent disruptions in northern ireland's food supply some shops are already facing shortages of fresh projects since britain left the european union northern ireland which is part of the u.k. but shares a land border with the e.u. has occupied a unique status when it comes to trade. these lorries normally return from mainland britain packed with food but since brigitte was finalised 2 reaks ago many of them come home with nothing. i've never seen disruption on r.a.c. movements on the scale. of talk the last of all or all years i'm reporting 40
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percent of trailers are coming back from g.b.m. that's just something that holy shit could not afraid of it's being felt in supermarkets too i was in tesco out there is lots of that you see also that i was mostly the frozen food as well i was looking for like fish and stuff and i was on there my i was no food despite promises of frictionless trade many products from england scotland and wales now require extra paperwork to cross the irish sea. well working with supermarkets in order to ensure that northern ireland consumers can have an uninterrupted supply of the products that they used to enjoy he said that it would be some initial disruption we're only running it out but the situation will get worse before it gets better german freights devi shankar has suspended shipments to the u.k. after just 10 percent of consignment had to correct paperwork morning sir and in the netherlands british drivers had their sandwiches confiscated on arrival at the
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border yeah ok can i take those to meet the great no everything will be. rugged rocks a thorough search. hard to stomach but as many in britain are finding out there is no such thing as a free lunch. china's trade surplus has risen to a 5 year high that's despite the coronavirus pandemic and the country's difficult trade relationship with the u.s. covert 19 disruptions in the rest of the world helped fuel demand for chinese goods medical supplies on work from home products in particular helped push exports up 18 percent in december compared to the previous year the strong domestic recovery also drove up demand for foreign products. time now for a look at some of the other business stories making news the united states has scrapped plans to ban americans from investing in chinese tech giants alibaba to 10 cent the 3 companies are now exempt from
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a block list targeting chinese firms with ties to the military the decision was reportedly made over fears that a bond would have a negative market impact. the governing coalition initially is on the brink of collapse after former prime minister matteo renzi pulled his party's ministers from the cabin is frenzied said the government's covert 19 economic relief plans were in adequate prime minister is that they can take now means to cobble together a majority or face a no confidence vote. disneyland has a new attraction and it's targeting mostly senior citizens the theme park an arms kind of tea has been turned into california's 1st corona virus vaccinations supersize it has the capacity to vaccinate thousands of people every day the parts hotels restaurants and usual attractions are currently closed the c.e.o. of parlor a platform that's popular with right wing voices says its ops may never go back
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online after being banned by major service providers those include amazon apple and google parlor which has $12000000.00 users is accused of allowing violent content on its surface. germany's retail federation says thousands of businesses are at risk of going bankrupt as a result of coronavirus restrictions with non-essential stores closed at present many shop owners are looking for new ways to reach their customers in our next report we'll find out how one family one store is pulling out all the stops to stay if. needed also the hope of devising customers via video call that's the case for charlotte her her parents' stroller store is closed due to lock down so she's been advising customers from afar it's. one of the services a slum in by contrast and. it's nice to have this option because it's
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a bit easier to imagine then with pictures only. stroller retailer for the fonts in berlin i had to come up with a strategy to survive since the 1st lockdown last march sales at the small family business have plummeted. you know this was a. difficult for us once a month i told him that we typically sell between 300-3500 strollers and i think in 2020 we sold less than $1000.00 reasons. for this mother and daughter team and delivery services are now part of daily business. most of the time i write them on facebook and say you have this or this maybe if they didn't have it there they've taken care of it right away and we could get it quickly. more and more retailers are delivering products in lockdown but other sales channels are also making inroads according to the german
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retail association. you can call it there is the classic click and collector example customers order the goods on line in phone or by email and then can pick up the goods from the retailer under corona save conditions all. these parents are expecting twins they're picking up their double stroller here in the store in a pre-booked time slot after a video card salt come on here. we thought it was especially in these times with coronavirus and company to support retail so that afterwards it's easier to go back to business as we know it was what a good few of us rather cared. for the funds is also expanding beyond products to offer services like repairs the company is mastering its way through the crisis customers won't want for much even after the pandemic. many
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businesses in southern poland say they are on the brink of bankruptcy due to the government's coronavirus restrictions they say they'll open ski slopes and hotels regardless of possible repercussions businesses in southern regions that depend heavily on winter tourism have a nice their own against restrictions earlier this week polish health minister out of said that the present carbs will continue until at least the end of the month. now when you think of animation big names like pixar and disney come to mind but there's a whole lot happening outside the u.s. to nigeria and production company hot tickets has just released the country's 1st ever feature length film. the lucky mobsters tells the story of a little girl who encounters a host of characters who changed the course of her destiny. scenes from the trailer for nigeria's 1st full length animated feature film lady
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birkett. astonishingly the film cost less than $1000000.00 to produce it set against the background of the 1st oil field discovered in nigeria. were very you know we tend to be risk averse you know but i believe that this production. you know that's you know we can actually you know i think that there will be a lot of experience to show you know. the idea for the film emerged in 2017 but it faced a lot of problems when it came to actually getting it on to the big screen. in the end it was produced in lagos and not in the u.s. . 29 and many just spent 8 months working in parallel in the images and famous
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sentences gave the animated characters their voices. so also statements the system and culture of who we are africans bring in something like this has given most to put. children to hear stories and preserve culture. even as the film is shown in nigeria cinemas ideas for a sequel are already being developed. and finally a painting that was supposed to feature on the cover of a 936 tintin comic book has fetched a records 3200000 euros on a paris auction and the artist painted it for a comic book titled adventures of tintin in the far east the blue notice it depicts tintin and his loyal dog snowy inside a porcelain vase facing a red dragon in the end it wasn't used for the book because the publisher deemed the 4 color reproduction to be too expensive and adult if they know how valuable
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the image would one day become. and that's it for me for more you can visit our website at www dot com business you can find us on facebook and twitter to find me on the team it's goodbye and taken. to the point. opinions clear positions international perspectives. after urging on the angry mob to storms the capital last week donald trump continues to claim he's the victim of which times so dangerous to us. remains that's our topic on to the point. to point time to the story you know 60 minutes to an r t
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w. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore the mating world heritage sites with. p.w. world heritage 360 getting up now. this is steve happy news africa on the program today uganda as decides uganda is have voted on a heavy security and an internet blackout it's a tense election long time needs a new way was safe and he wants to extend his role his main challenge above the wind saying is it's time to remove the dictator. and him to be a central african republic wriggles have mounted their closest attack on the capital. they were repelled by security forces and one peacekeeper.


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