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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2021 8:30pm-9:00pm CET

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looking at the shaking the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal. and that's how it's expanding and asserting a status and position in the world to be fair if above board. china's gateway to europe was february 19th d.w. . last. night. just when you think you know everything about the bundesliga it shows out some big surprises. it's a result sigma shock waves through the bundesliga fine i'm not invincible.
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shall cut off capable of winning. sunlight safe so small it hurts. the does league is full of champions league contenders went head to head on match day 15 and face catches had sensational outcomes. mention got showed by any make no mercy. united states were confident they could then go top. flight but erling home and had other plans as verity adult meant not to like off their high horse. on the brink of matching an unwanted been his legal record shell crowbarred from a year long slumber and stuck in a big surprise on a day to remember. one does never cease.
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losing. part of the game.
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at the start of the game. to marry confidence. also putting on his famous. show but he has now conceded 24. years ago. but the 1st friday night game didn't come from the visitors. just inside his own. one thing buying can count on is robert leaven dusty who slunk on the spot kick to make it one mil was buying when seen from for the 1st time in 8 games the kind of start hands a flick could hope for before the match paul and now we need a different mentality from the off and not just from the 48th minute of it 6 and on foot 6 moves on from. well geir were very alert in the opening changes. after trading passes were says can average gorecki line him self up. i'm sure some
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just finished the ball though his initial interception was open to interpretation by as i'm sure that is something i thought i took it on the chest and wasn't aware that there was an issue so it wouldn't be a off intervene if there is a handball and the hunk of is no. no v.a. are no handball and client didn't mind but marco was a side did show reaction by defense spitting pinpoint pass from last until set up join us horsemen. one back 10 minutes later game on was blocked but we're now in the front foot ball by my left backtracking and caught out by their own offside trap. was all too easy for hoffman. 2 goals in 9 minutes and neuer wasn't the only one looking stunned.
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well on the break and scored 2 goals from 2 chances i thought the 2nd one may have been offside it was really close a few things went against the set a. few things. quickly is no. time to get them back into gear. apparently not 3 minutes into the 2nd half the blind offense looked at c. as the host running rings around. neuer house making up for his 1st top. held on to complete a thrilling comeback yet again proving to be. no money buy on the line when you come back from to kneel down to be by in the team have all this he put in an excellent performance so we're really happy. by game to
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remember. for the loses ones. conceded at this point in the season since the. surprise result of. man is known for his visionary approach to football. before the game he found himself. counting on to win because we're in good form and have great stats. well as. he should know by now it's not stance that matter in this game but go as.
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an august man could only cut. his pre-match musings to pieces if you expected to make such a huge statement in that convincing win the way that life. now goes man's team had only lost once this season and were favorites in the saturday late game with the best home record and best defense 3 points would take them top but despite enjoying 60 percent of possession by danny almost was their only chance in the 1st half. to men's new man at the helm tells it should put the onus on defense with the most leading by example the vice captain had given his young teammates a public dressing down last week telling them to grow up on the pitch. and on saturday they said to have manned up even if it times playing the man rather than the ball. but after another forgettable 1st half dome and
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were a team transformed after the break. they exploded into life with alan ball and firing down the wing before his cross eventually found jayden sanchez for a simple finish. but it wouldn't have happened without this genius backing him from skipper marco royce. to my left and it was the logical decision so i don't think he would now goes man responded by bringing on his own norwegian frontman september signing alexander show a lot. at the other end his compadre it was now looking too hot to handle. this far from done. not 6 did still show signs of life. but they were left floundering as the whole and garlic goes on their way off. they don't sing his way past find opponents he put sun chips right on the left.
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the base of one such magic and poland popped up by the far post to finish up a very nasty. who was a very tough match they were good in 1st half worth but we kept going in 2nd half and. we knew that we would get the chances and. important win. and the nightmare wasn't tell you that for this guy yet with 6 minutes left it was royce again with the clinical pass to set up a whole into his seconds and record breaking 25th goal in his 1st $25.00 but this league games his fellow no wage unsure not managed to grab a consolation goal right at the end stopping him almost at least one decision not bozeman got right. on the 1st offer but about a team 2nd half of what is better to be near the end reduced. that's analysis was certainly closer to the truth than his forecast before the game. but now let's have
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a look at what you football philosophy has made of the match day's top clashes. here's how the world so the big games we start in argentina where this fine call holmes 1st the goal of the day. sunny in the u.k. greek and fellow brit lewis has a new nickname for the norwegian. one about leipzig presuming that she complains her team keeps failing to take advantage of fun and defeats. speaking of which there's a lot of love to flow benoit house will tell you when you're in spain called the wonder goal british bundesliga not run it is right 60 football indeed fire fans on taking a hard just the middle man. was amazed they ended their run of 8 straight games conceding 1st qualifying the u.s.
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pretending the match finished faster 34 minutes smocks. so it dormant in 4th place back in business the bundesliga has a title race on its hands. and. sometimes the beautiful game is made just a little bit more peaceful with this stunning move like. my i just want 16 blocks of defense because i went back. to sleep but. he stuck to the same south. defender and his wife
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had set up a free flowing fluid. number 11 of the season so i. was really back in business he's doing it in training day in day out so he sees one of the hungriest play on this planet. thank. god. they have a coup isn't looking full of confidence before their encounter with better blame and after 2 defeats in a row they were expecting a straightforward home win for those expectations came to nothing as braman showed some real fight they took the lead with the only shot on goal in the whole game defended them a top back celebrated its 1st goal in nearly 4 years. live acoustic. only force a target smile but at least his side managed to equalise. somehow manage
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to squeeze the full hope of a one old rule was good for their. crews and. it is a sad but we want to win against. all the respect against burton by blaming all next week frank for. that's the that's the goal we're we we want driving the season we want to be. when you want to be there you need to win these games as well. new mind. and could afford to be relaxed before his 1st game in charge of payments frank church had never won a match in minds this would be the 1st time there and that thanks only to a mind player defended was taken to penalties. foul number one. the penalty scored by andrei sell for one nail frankfurt's. after the break there was more contact from you in the bronx that led to penalty number 2 and another
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composed finish from portugal so to nail the final school frankfurt coach and you could tell it was all smiles small minds even with the new coaches still winless at home and now rock bottom of the table. sniffing around champions league places while visitors both share similar lofty aims and thanks to their superior luck they took the. step. before half time though. with the equaliser. the break with. the sync is not because. he touched him but it was. when i. didn't
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care about that calling in the resulting free kick. despite being a man down. penalty. for this 10 goal to seize it. with. this arrow from. one. to make it. even more straightforward. how to take advantage of some sloppy defending. open for the hosts. concede one game.
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with 3 more goals for my. heart and 2 cars from celebrated yet another when they come. in for. a defeat. like that we have to ask ourselves whether everyone really gave their all we have to show reaction next week. continue to surprise everyone. thanks to an impressive performance. from the lead was a gift. to me that people.
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came just before the end. post. league leaders. the 2nd promoted team. are all safe airing while they claim against tessa but lynn was a scrappy affair one no doubt enjoyed by fans of mixed martial arts tackles flew in from all angles. nobody could accuse these 2 sides of going soft on each other. it was hardly surprising then that the decisive goal was also contested cata cried foul when my and holds yobbo shook off his marker to school midway through the 2nd tom. cush i shifted my body at exactly the right moment for him because of
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that i gave myself an advantage which is completely within the rules of business robust maybe but it fit with the game and took nothing away from yobbos clinical finish. he was the man of the moment and speed ahead held on for that one nil way. and unlikely to write. something that shall come will also desperately looking for . shelter rejoice for the 1st time in what felt like ages after being down in the dumps for way too long. you can't believe how they're happy of the one year not winning. it's a fantastic atmosphere actually in the dressing room where the 13 is going to be bringing together it's going to me tonight. say our closing at the back of shock on
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low from arsenal played a pivotal role but he was far from the only hero. take keeper. he crucially kept the shot to go safe in the 1st half as his team showed the kind of full. has had them rock bottom. letting your opponents walls through your defenses are asking for trouble this level. was. but up front i mean how deep was another decisive factor and when he set up matthew happy for the opening goal in the 42nd minutes by heat of thought they'd won the champions league was it was a world away from so many timid performances over the past year the goal came after hoffenheim attack was shocking and the kind of battling qualities they've so sorely missed. was a happy and shocker took the lead for just the 2nd time this season was how
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he was deemed surplus to requirements in the fall was a live wire from the off as was hopping i was 12 minutes into the 2nd half and they were 2 nil up for the 1st time since november 29th team. ah ah as with the 1st i was happy the accomplice and hoping the executer. and just off the hour mark it's become a training ground routine how to eat a hockey. 3 nail was hard to believe the 19 year old only made his professional debut this past november he's now the 1st american to score a hattrick in the but in this league. and out to setting up all 3 of those goals the tireless i mean how it showed that he's not just good for assists.
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he's lots of the for the way him self picking a happy occasion to end his 22 game drought and definitively silencing his critics . the last time shock of 4 or more goals possum of a side was in september 29 teams. at long last shot we're back to winning ways. oh. special in the 1st selfie i've been lucky because. we could score but tonight 3 had a fantastic performance by our goalkeeper and that front we have a young in kolkata from america who really surprised no me but to everybody. matthew hoppy who was drafted into the 1st team in november of scoring ones for shockers reserves in the 4th division now already has 3 and has been this league accounts and it wasn't just any old chalco win but their 1st in the league
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an entire year after all the anguish shocker don't just have hope they are hoping for good reason he's a man of the match day. it's magic. 6 trick to shut him. up nights to speak like this one today. the 1st. school in
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the district and shall kiss junkies to the triple in the business. of. phenomenal yes especially the finishing a kid it was unloaded. but not anymore go to the good scones become things. in a day hope take and showcase bloom. yes. master a 15 show just how unpredictable the point is that you can be the top 2 both failed to catch that tallies as pine in life's a combine for a grand total of 0 points while shall manage 3 amid a glass of goals on the top 3 moments oh elicits. heroics helps really provide us living hall arms off and away 6 royce conference
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a concert show my best yet put a seat up after a fantastic touch by marco rowers. every state until last super bowl struck it's. sad to see. your asshole spot it with a lovely fish but it is so much to the past from last stick don't. give it away to our requests in the pool means in today's inadvisable. i reach cause and hope you'll never run again and never not do her play a pass the hat trick i mean i arranged with the master class to show him just. the title race is wide open again by hand and not say stay 1st and 2nd despite that
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defeat but they now have labor couzin and do it much breathing down their necks with just 5 points separating the top full. at the other end there was no new coaching found for months placing from the bottom of the table things that looked. you're a bit rosier for shell but despite there we came when they're still 6 points from guaranteed safety. they say the early bird usually gets the worm but in the industry get everything is possible for who knows maybe even shall could still take the lead by stone with matching up people as they can he come to the rescue again the fact. is that hope the down and out mind dispose spence and have a plan up his sleeve to outwit the young from the line from don't let. my town see flicks play and have even bigger wire raise after the upcoming visit
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from freiburg after old christian strikes team are in the best form of any club at the moment. we play by and twice a year and we always look forward to it so. there's a long way to go in the bundesliga season and surely a lot more surprises in store. as always stay tuned to kickoff for all the latest action. move.
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early. of the morning. cannot sleep because your war zone love. in those wars smaller. than these low burns lows. there's no use no love word for the wicked. those under your word is freedom for the. arguments new. earth couldn't sleep. the currents.
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cutting through the noise. where i come from people are known for being tough but fair new york can get loud and people tell it like it it. they call it the concrete jungle the melting pot the city that never sleeps it's this energy that makes it feel like home but amid the hustle it's important to listen and pay attention because it's not just the loudest voices who needs to be heard we all have a story that's how i see it is my job as a journalist to go beyond the obvious now i'm basing europe and my work takes me around the world it seems for me to say to tell the important stories behind the headlines what is the heart of the story why does it matter who lived the impact. of say focus if you want. to cut through the noise to get to the truth. by this era kelly and i work at the depth of.
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business g.w. news live from berlin tonight not taking the blame us president donald trump says he's not responsible for last week's riot at the capital trump is defending the speech that he gave that many say in song to the violence today democrats renewed their push to remove him from office immediately or face being impeached for a 2nd. also coming up tonight divers recover a data recorder from the crashed into the passenger jet it's hoped the divine.


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