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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2021 3:15pm-3:46pm CET

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you don't believe that this battle began the outcome of it categorically rejected taking part in any event in discussions with the committee that the supreme court is the person to settle. quickly outline for us what it says about these changes that has so upset the farm's. feel either man and wish these changes will cost they were passed at a time to depend pandemic brand the opposition was boycotting bali once and the fine was not consulted and that's the 1st big thing if you look it was simply not consultants and secondly they feel that they will be true in at the ministry of large corporates specially when it comes to selling their crops and they were dependent on the short minimal tricep they would get from the government and these laws into usenet and they feel they should be left in the lurch and they'll be left at the mercy of large corporate funds so this sounds like a victory along a long road i guess the farmers must be very happy about this. until they're not happy i think they are really worried about these developments it's been
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a boost for their protest but look you really want is not a state on these laws what they want is not another panel discussion they don't want these laws repealed and they want good discussions to be directly with the government because if the government just passes laws and they want to have directors and discussions which. similarly is a government they've said it process is going to continue they've also got place to have a large tractor rally on the 26th of january which is india's republic day and the usual no sign of that the result is breaking of the bill and it will test any time soon good talking to thank you for joining us on recent chamber danny. drug maker astra zeneca has applied for authorization for its coronavirus vaccine in the european union if approved the drug developed with oxford university would become the 3rd available for the e.u. after those from pfizer bomb tech and medina the european madsen's regulator says
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it is accelerating its approvals procedure and the decision could be possible by the end of the month. meanwhile the premier of the german state of bavaria has raised the possibility of mandatory vaccinations for staff in nursing homes this call comes as many medical professionals in germany are openly questioning whether they want to get in knoxville inoculated despite their collective proximity to danger some are still reluctant to get the job i d w tessa val to visited a hospital in berlin to find out why. putting on his protective gear before entering the room of a covert patient diverting for intensive care nurse sebastian schmidt he has been working with corona patients for months now and knows how important it is to protect himself when coming into contact but an even better protection would be the corporal and jab. we see. every day i see people dying from perona
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i see how patients are suffering how seriously ill they become because of this virus that's why i would definitely like to be vaccinated against it is a real horse. going in for nasa and i also find that i have a duty of care towards the public mcgrane of who wrote it. but not all doctors and nurses in germany share this opinion. is not against vaccination in general but when it comes to the corona she says she would rather wait and see. is condemn us f. i am still very cautious when it comes to the vaccine and still of the defrayed of it because it hasn't been around for a very long time so i can say right now i'm 100 percent convinced of it on the right. skepticism about the jab is apparently not rare in december a survey of the german society for intensive care medicine t.v.
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show that one in 4 doctors and one in 2 nurses do not want to get vaccinated against the corona virus but according to devi that might have changed now that the vaccination process started health minister ban has appealed to nurses and doctors once again. that's why i can only keep calling for health care workers to get vaccinated not only out of a sense of responsibility for themselves but also for those they careful and treat him from the. more information about the corona backs the nation is therefore planned to be provided and more information is also what nurse vivian kaufman would like to see with that she says she would probably be totally convinced. well take a look now at some of the latest developments in this pandemic starting in germany where a daily newspaper built says the chancellor angela merkel has told lawmakers in her
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party that she expects the lockdown to last until the beginning of april in order to curb the spread of the new variant coronavirus world health organization has warned that herd immunity from corona virus will not be achieved globally by the end of this year as even if vaccine makers are managed to increase production and malaysia's king has declared a coronavirus state of emergency spending parliament until at least organist amid political turmoil comes as much of the country is about to begin a 2 week partial lockdown. this is the news live from still to come now the roosters president president bush on thin ice will look at why his country's co-hosting a coming ice hockey championship is fueling a backlash. purser china says experts from the world health organization and you're in the country later this week to investigate the origins
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of coffee 19 w.h.o. has long pressed for the mission beijing has faced international criticism over its lack of transparency in the initial stages of the outbreak the w.h.o. team is expected to visit the city of would have a corona virus was 1st detected just over a year ago the harsh restrictions at the height of the pandemic are long over and today the city is pretty much back to normal but the experience has given some a new outlook on life. they're back on the floor together a dance teacher and his students dykey is one's only teacher of vogue the style that came out of you york in the 1980 s. brings them a sense of freedom and exhilaration. tuns in the new can be yourself in the moment when dancing no matter how you dress up others will not discriminate against you it i think this is very good it lets me enjoy being myself very much.
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for dykey and his students that's gained a new importance since last year when will han endured a grueling 76 day lockdown and experience china's heaviest death toll from coded 19. during the pandemic a few of my friends and i would practice with each other online in our bed we would start doing vogue. we could only practice from a distance because during that time everyone was at home. and could not go out. to ikea and his crew shot a promotional video for vogue to popularize in china the dance that's become a part of their identity. they say the experience of the pandemic has taught them some valuable lessons. just eating which is just now after the pandemic i feel vogue dancing has given me
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a lot of emotional support because it made me realize that we need to seize every minute and every 2nd to be who we are true to you that we have to cherish ourselves and live a more fulfilling life i see a whole ya'll fish or some such only when you dance like this will you truly feel that your soul belongs to you. there's a feeling of letting yourself go and just being yourself i like this feeling very much. and you're going to. there's growing opposition to better rusco hosting this year's ice hockey world championship starting in may president alexander lukashenko security forces been brutally cracking down on opposition protests the president had a warm embrace for international ice hockey federation chief that ran a fence there in minsk on monday and promised a safe and secure tournament it's of his own said he hopes the championship would
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unify rather than divide co-hosts latvia say a better wrist should not be rewarded with this tournament now european politicians have joined in the criticism of calling for the country to be stripped of its hosting duties. alexander lukashenko is a big ice hockey fan he's often seen showing off his skill from the rink but look at the cues to abusing the sport to critics a world championship in better ruth would be used his image it's a process of like it is a shameful question because. all understand when example delegations from other countries will call on countries from canada from you say money from your countries come to means it's means it's a concept. the question. is the government's own government and it's all the question from critics how can
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a country be allowed to host an international competition when peaceful protesters are being beaten up and thrown in jail members of the european parliament have now taken up the issue writing to the international ice hockey federation and calling for better reefs to be stripped of the tournament's there is a federation should not. play a common gain with the regimes which are using so much violence also against women children and peaceful demonstrations. the federation the i ate jeff and its president switzerland is ready fossil of so far resisted taking the tournament away from better roost they did the same when the country lost hosted in 2014 even though they'd also been a crackdown on protests against because. this is nice that this it's not the job of sport to somehow exert political pressure on something the politician isn't normally supposed to so the political system. behind the scenes
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officials are looking into replacement hosts france rheingold president of the german federation told the i.h.s. was having quote intensive and important technical discussions he added we hope that sports can make a difference here in the role of mediator. switzerland's could step in to host matches the country was supposed to hold last year's world championship until it was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic and battery spend might get its chance again in 2 or 3 years' time a classic compromise in the murky world west sports meets politics. watching b.w. coming up next in the news asia the u.s. i guess china by sending a top diplomat to taiwan so what will it mean for the island's complex diplomatic relations we speak with taiwan's representatives. and as china chips away at
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taiwan solvency we ask how real is the threat of a military takeover. perish prodigy will have those stories on just a moment i'll be back at the top of the hour the meantime of course as always the web site at state of. the day.
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the nose. there's no news no love for the weekend. doesn't. work history or love her the. can't sleep. her closely a. bug killer loose. this is. coming up today and i did visit. matt. jonathon's to punish the u.s. for sending u.s. diplomats to tie rod taiwan's representative to germany what government expects from the visit. china has vowed to reunite with taiwan with force if necessary
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but how real is the threat we talked about the possible scenarios. welcome to news glad you could join us an island with no formal diplomatic ties with most of the world is about to welcome a high ranking u.s. envoy on wednesday u.s. ambassador to the u.n. cruft travels to taiwan an island which neither the united states nor the united nations recognize as a country in fact up until a few days back official u.s. policy restricted interactions between u.s. and taiwanese diplomats. and that's because china has always claimed taiwan as a part of its territory and the u.s. like other u.n. member states recognizes china not taiwan but u.s.
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secretary of state mike bombero has overturned the u.s. restrictions saying there were meant to court appease the chinese government naturally the change in u.s. rules and kelly craft upcoming visit haven't gone down well in china. we advise u.s. secretary of state pump to have a clear understanding of history to stop manipulating taiwan related issues to stop acting insta trend and not to go further down this wrong and dangerous path otherwise he will be severely punished by history needed to move on. and spoke to taiwan's representative to germany should you where and i began by asking him what taiwan expected from kelly crofts visit we are expecting weise great preacher on to work come the visit the official visit out there to support that visit of
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the ambassador of the us to united nations. craft i think it keeps a sign to the work that just like. the state secretary or us is pointed out in his press it's. really crazy that he is that one shares their us in their view we say us a we share the democracy we oppose to democracy is we should come to use of individual freedom the rule of low in the respect for human dignity and because china because their infrastructure not have one has been treated very very unfair for the last 4 or even 5 take the case and so. i'm certain propped the main question really is the. crofts visit and there's a closeness if you like between the combat ministration and the government in
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taiwan do you see this carrying over into the new biden administration which is ridiculous for in just a matter of days. it where people would say that will be the last the parting gift of trumped government for taiwan but i think it's also it's also in a part of inferior use for the trump government from the truck come into department government because it both democrats and republicans of the usa are not worth our friends has been kept in always been the friends of the tyrant governments sue i think it's going to be a pretty good inference that one of the inference for the biden government that would take it off because it goes into the sim direction which by didn't know what to do for taiwan because it's in the interest of the usa not in the interests
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of trump government i would have to say that right now the relation between the us and taiwan of historically being supported by the so-called taiwan donations from the center to the us is required by this law to support taiwan with arms sales so it can defend itself against china but there is no legal requirement for the us to actually defend taiwan in the affair event of an attack by china do you think they need to be a change in this. their terror one reaches act is to hip and 10 the security this step step edited to freedom skewed against a pretty in-depth racist and pacific not the in the telling street suit the importance of taiwan the strategically importance of taiwan is not only for taiwan is oso for usa but your pen took in the south korea and for the engine countries such as the i could even say for australia new zealand to end indian so. it should
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it be should see it comes to the country it's a war if it's china it's very true in the it's probably one that would mean not only a war between telling turner but those who were declared from the china cuba usa to japan today. in the pacific i would say that is the question should be putin it and not the way if taiwan is going to be invaded by china then it means. is it were of china against the would of freedom so i would say if china would do the earth usa japan and i would they say even the e.u. e.u. countries because their interest their trade interest would be damaged shoot taiwan be taken over by turn stark warning from there where taiwan's are president into
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germany thank you so much for joining us. and taiwan has lived with the threat of the chinese a vision for 7 decades but with china dramatically building up its navy and military in recent years the threat has presented new levels double international editor richard walker looked at the threat as part of the largest special report. february 2020 taiwan's air force releases this image to the media it shows a taiwanese jet fighter intercepting a chinese boma flying near its airspace a rank glimpse of the dangerous tension in the skies so we are spending our skies defending all our waters every more but in the last few decades this constant pressuring from the chinese side is like a stress test on multiple levels it's hardly going to demoralizing the taiwanese
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public but it's also simply wearing down time once planes. one has to scramble. not only. made their number of hours and it also takes 'd away all their activity that would prove their right. and perhaps most importantly all of these probing generates hugely valuable insights for the chinese military james final who led u.s. naval intelligence in the pacific explains you have to know your adversaries defense a structure and its network. there's radar system where the weaknesses were the strengths how long does it take a fighter of 16 fighter i want to get off the ground to respond to a dream. based on their mapping all of that out in the cyber realm to china continues to probe and chip away. at least an assumed building in shanghai
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reportedly houses the military hacking unit 61398 the taiwan suspects of launching many attacks they're constantly going in taiwan with cyber attacks with this information misinformation. and of course espionage. and with its open society taiwan is highly vulnerable to disinform ation camp. pains for those of us watching from the outside we owe it to the people of the region to sit up and pay attention. to the flash point they could blow up into a devastating conference. that special report of course from did of an international editor richard walker who joins me now on the line richard good to have you is taiwan in immediate danger. well the rest as we just saw in that clip there and as we heard from the representative here in germany taiwan is under pretty much constant threats. almost under constant
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attack whether it be cyber attack or other activities that are in this kind of graze so kind of hostile acts that have below the level of of outright military action now china says that it prefers to seek unification is stated goal by peaceful means and that it would like to implement a one country 2 systems approach in taiwan of the kind that we've seen in hong kong but of course if you're sitting in taiwan of the last couple of years watching what's been happening in hong kong that doesn't look all that appealing right now one country 2 systems essentially collapsed under the weight of its own clear contradictions and china is rounding up all sorts of democratic activists and pushing them in jail so if china is seeking to unite with taiwan by persuasion it's going about it in a pretty funny way so that leaves the question well what kind of military options
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might it be looking at and that is very important to stress here that the chinese do reserve the right they say to use force to unite taiwan with china so in the course of this film we look at 3 different scenarios one kind of continuing at this chipping away that we've just seen that one where they mount an attack on an outlying territory you know in the way that we saw russia do with crimea and then finally a full scale invasion the most dangerous scenario what is the role you see the united states playing in the event of such an attack by china. well it's interesting because as we just heard from the representatives there and as you pointed out in your introduction to be rushed the united states is not fully committed to defending taiwan in the event that there is an invasion it is committed to providing taiwan weapons and it is also committed to provide for maintaining the capability to defend taiwan but not actually promising to defend it
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so there's a debate going on about that about whether that is too mushy whether the u.s. needs to make a cost on commitment with supporters of that with saying that that would stabilize the situation that would create a clarity strategic clarity in this in this flashpoint area but others say no this would be too provocative towards china and also runs the risk of a taiwanese government behaving irresponsibly just knowing that it has that american support i think one thing to point out is that everyone agrees that taiwan is particularly vulnerable when the united states is weak or distracted if you look at what's going on in the united states at the moment if you can imagine whether it would be anybody in any position politically to step in in favor of taiwan at the moment that's a big question so taiwan is very much on edge at the moment just about 30 seconds left richard what does this mean for the incoming biden administration and its relations with taiwan with the by ministries we know is going to want to stabilize the united states and stabilize the situation internationally too so it's not going
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to want to rock the boat massively but there's an early test that we all need to be watching out for joe biden says that he wants to call a summit of democracies partly as a way of kind of generating unity in the face of chinese authoritarianism he invites high want to that or does he not that is a big dilemma for the incoming administration reserve oka under so much. and you can find richard book a special report on our new 2 page robot. about. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update 19. and d w. 2 children 2
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continents. one giant problem and it is normal to see. a change in a flu shot getting. how will climate change affect us and our children. and e.w. dot com slash water. as. the coronavirus keeps evolving. as it spreads it's mutating taking on new characteristics that can make it harder to fight. variants found in south africa and the u.k. a more contagious straining health services. this mutation has led to more
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cases than we've seen ever before numbers that cannot be explained away by the meteoric rise in testing. japan is trying to isolate a new variant from brazil there's no proof any of them are any deadly but the virus is constantly changing and could eventually make vaccines less effective. or watching evolution take place right in front of our eyes the new coronavirus is doing everything it can to survive the coming clever a jumping from host to host the hope is that where doing everything we can to survive many big economies are back in lockdown including south africa. this isn't a waiting room it's the treatment room for coffin 19 patients at the hospital in kyle each. one patient calls out to tell us she's been sitting and waiting for 3 days waiting for a bed to become free next door you'll recall certainly to do with the do more good
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than industry do for her who work for. dr susan mccown colet has been working.


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