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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2021 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is day that we news live from berlin recovery workers find debris and body parts after an indonesian airliner crashes into the sea search teams continue to scour the waters where the plane went down just minutes after takeoff from jakarta with dozens of people on board also coming up. thousands of national guard troops are deployed in washington after the storming of the capitol to the state of emergency is in place until after joe biden said on curation. and then the but mostly gosh alcohol voice equaling and bears thing record thanks to
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a new 19 year old hero american matthew hobby scores patrick and his team's 1st league win in 31 games. welcome to the show and in the search teams are scouring the java sea to locate the crash site of a passenger plane that went down shortly after take off from jakarta 62 people were on board the boeing 737500 aircraft the navy has begun recovering wreckage and it's detected a signal that could be from the jet's flight recorder. looking for clues to make sense of tragedy. indonesian search and rescue teams sought through debris found by divers in the java sea. body parts and children's court. were among the
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1st items retrieved from the water. pik confident its all from the missing boeing 737500 after the navy detected a signal it believes is the flight data recorder on board s j 182. from monitoring the results it is strongly suspected that according to the coordinates of the last contact the signal from the aircraft has been found. we have sent a team of divers from the special forces to that area. so good. but you know. still hoping for unlikely good news the relatives of the 62 people on board make the grisly journey to the airport where they handover d.n.a. to hope authorities identify potential victims. i know 4 people on the plane. her husband lives and works he said his
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wife and 3 children planned to visit and holiday here in pontiac but it ended like this. the series air flight left the cottage airport on saturday bound for a 90 minute journey to ponty you're now. but at last contact only minutes after takeoff. from online service flight radar $24.00 shows the plane suddenly losing altitude and speed. boards continue the search for the main fuselage and black box recorder as authorities try to piece together what happened to flight s j want to. finding us now from jakarta for more on this developing story is journalist press now. hi cress now tell me what's the latest on what happened to this flight and what might have led to the crash.
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here it was reported that. you know it has been the. ship. since you know the day. one of the. underwater the sort of a. sign of the back that action so. but it could be the signal for all. city we day out in the accident although that mean wreckage has not been found but the data from the has been deployed and more of these has been found and some of them is a small part of the fuselage we have the arrow winds that come out of it is blue and white collar so. i'm just being a. body bob has been found and it has been sent to the morgue in the hospital for identification the family of the immediate family of the 5th also has been
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asked to. go to the hospital for a. day and a identification. this was a screw in thai air flight has this airline had any safety issues in the past. for anyone else and yes. yeah it has no. safety it has a good safety record that is no no no major accident. doing the last 10 years except only might not exceed and we thought that that would be so this is the 1st time that day out has. fed ex you don't. know laura about the passengers said that families are bringing d.n.a. samples into hospitals to identify body parts that are being found right now in the
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java sea yeah i'm delighted there is no one from. identification yet but from what difference have you said that is for i did because it is i think it's still too early and it needs someone nice to have the mh right press nast traveler thank you very much you're welcome. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world at least 3 people have been killed by a bomb blast in the afghan capital kabul officials said the victims were employees of a security firm affiliated with the interior ministry the country has seen a spate of targeted killings as government negotiators prepare to resume talks with the taliban on ending decades of conflict. chinese authorities have sent supplies and medical workers to rob a province as a battles
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a new coronavirus outbreak the capital. is under lockdown and that's 10000000 inhabitants are being massed tested to help curb the spread. of cuba has signed a deal to conduct last stage trials of its most advanced coronavirus vaccine on volunteers around the agreement between the 2 countries came on the same day that a round supreme leader banned the import of american and british produced vaccines calling them completely untrustworthy. u.s. secretary of state michael peo says he's lifting restrictions on contacts between u.s. officials and their taiwanese counterparts that's likely to anger beijing and increase u.s. china tensions the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. kelly craft is to visit taiwan next week for high level meetings that prompted china to warn washington it was quote playing with fire before. tech giant amazon is removing right wing social media parlor from its cloud servers in the
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aftermath of the u.s. capitol siege this follows similar steps to limit access to the network by google and apple parlor bills itself as a free speech alternative to mainstream platforms and has seen a recent surge in popularity following moves by several tech giants to ban president donald trump from their apps. and security around the u.s. capitol in washington d.c. has been bolstered following the breach by a mob of donald trump supporters that led to 5 deaths a growing number of republicans have been trying to distance themselves from the president in the aftermath as the democrats push to impeach him a 2nd time gains momentum. the u.s. capital. violent scenes of a few days ago have made way for this a state of emergency and unscalable fans and more than 6000 national guard troops strict a security measure is a jew term maine in place until after joe biden's inauguration this month residents
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meanwhile are still coming to times with wednesday's riot we were just here i think less than a week ago with our son running around on the. same spot sort of taking over with. the protesters and. writers with how easily everything was overrun on wednesday it definitely makes it. it's very hard to see in reports of potential violence happening on you know days before . and that's that's really disconcerting. dozens of those who stormed the capital have now been arrested with more arrests expected in the coming days the f.b.i. has appealed to the public to help bring more riotous to justice. house democrats are pressing ahead with an article of impeachment on monday
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a move which would make donald trump the 1st ever president to be impeached twice it could also mean that trump would be unable to run for public office in the future it's a move that has received support from some republicans but critics say that 10 against trump has come too late it doesn't seem to matter. that sustaining the law is a trump ism has damaged the country they don't care about that they're a little worried of the short term about their political positioning but in the long term they're not worried about anything as to president trump he's now been banned from twitter as well as other social media platforms who are quoting concerns over inciting further violence. tech giants and members of trump's own party may now also be turning against him but across the country this still no shortage of people who support the outgoing president. how are is gradually
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being restored across pakistan after what's being called an engineering fault caused a disruption in the national grid that left the entire country in the dark overnight pakistan is no stranger to outages but this was the worst it's experienced since 2050. plunged into darkness streetlamps replaced by vehicle headlights kharaj he's normal nighttime glow black and. i left my home thinking only our house had no electricity but then i saw it was dark everywhere i was shocked and i said there's no light in karachi businesses are closed other activities are shut down. people are worried because they can't contact anybody because their mobile phone batteries have drained this situation is causing a good deal of trouble the blackout happened suddenly nobody anticipated. this weekend's outraged brings back memories of 2015 when around 80 percent of pakistan
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was left without power. the country's energy minister omar you can said that sunday's blackout was caused by a fault in the power transmission system here people to remain calm while the all stars he's dealt with the problem. in the meantime only those with their own generators can get some light relief from the darkness. for it's now and a teenager who is the toast of south after scoring 3 goals in awake during that save the club from equalling and wanted on this late hour record saga got its 1st win of the season and beating hoffenheim 4 nil as matthew harvey became the 1st american to score a hat trick in the bundesliga. the world blues hadn't won any of the last 30 league matches and so any gold was going to be good as it turned out the open it was a real beauty that came from the feet of matthew hoppy an american nobody about to
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become a real somebody in the space of 20 minutes of football in front of pretty much no 1 . 1 goal in the 1st half followed by another just before the alamar was the stuff of pure teenage dreams. and when the 19 year old scored his 3rd to all but in shock as with most run. the game had taken the shape of pure football fantasy. so it was with a huge sense of relief that childhood the final whistle they do not equal the league record for games played without a win even if the california didn't catch much of the wood of the post whistle team talk that i don't understand some of it i'm going to be honest. i really just to stop about the way i'm happy and relieved beyond words the stadium d.j.'s tribute a song certainly not lost in translation.
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and saturday's top game are the line 6 ways that the chance. take advantage of barring munich's defeat to glom on friday they could have gone topped with a win but lost 31 at home to dortmund jayden sanchez scored a classy opener in the 2nd half and then norway striker ending holland started a fine with 74 minutes in dortmund toyed with the lines of defense and some superb passing. can see it here and holland eventually finished it himself for 2 nil who scored again before a late lead to consolation document and winningly did all rivals veyron a favor and the champions stay top. and before we go a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you and the news is navy says it has recovered body parts and debris from a missing airliner and has deployed divers to verify the crash site the aircraft is believed to have plunged into the sea just minutes after taking off from jakarta
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$62.00 people on board. wanting to deal with the news next up is shift living in the digital age with a closer look at 5 cheated knology more headlines for you at the top of the hour in the meantime remember you can always get all the latest news on our website w dot com and thanks for tuning in. so you want to there will be to determine if he did join the love. making a profit. on live. and everyone with lida holes in everything. get it are you ready to read that the evidence that joins me right just do it on details.


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