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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2021 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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traces the remains of their existence. the truth. scorched 11th on g.w. . this is the live from congress confirms joe biden as the next u.s. president. dissolved. objections from republicans fail to derail the democrats' victory over president donald trump having refused for so long to accept the election results from finally pledges a quote orderly transition of.
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congressional affirmation came just hours after an angry pro trump mall stormed the capitol forcing lawmakers into hiding outside police fired tear gas to disperse the rioters one woman was shot and killed by police the president elect condemned the violence as an assault on the nation's democracy. threatening the safety of duly elected officials protest insurrection and. world leaders react with shock at the chaos in washington germany's angela merkel slams president trump for stoking the violence by failing to admit defeat. thanks for joining us the u.s. congress has certified job by. as the winner of november's presidential election
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after a day of chaos and violence in washington the session was forced into emergency recess when a rampaging mob of president trump supporters forced their way into the capitol to try to prevent lawmakers from certifying the vote congress later reconvene for proceedings that went into the early hours and saw several republicans abandoning their planned objections to the election result. i'm not joined by our correspondent who's standing by in washington the oliver certification is complete written statement from trump is there is this now over. well certainly not hard and this is exactly the type of missed mixed messages that we've been getting from donald trump over the last 4 years throughout his presidency so on the one hand yes yes you mentioned he commits to a peaceful transfer of power but then just yesterday in his speech delivered at the white house he said this is not the end this is just the beginning and he also
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let's be very clear did not distance himself from the protests or from the violent protesters that entered the capital to them he said we love you and you are special people and you'll have to take into consideration that 4 people die it's been in the events last night and that simply shows that he will not let go as easy as that the next 2 weeks will be crucial then is the in all the ration of joe biden as next president of the united states but even after that trump isn't will not disappear as easy as that there is a big danger for joe biden that these events will overshadow his presidency all of this comes after an extraordinary day it's on capitol hill with scenes never before witness let's take a look what happens. on travels on capitol hill as the building is stalled by hundreds of trump supporters . battling shoes between riot police and the protesters
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as they break cost security. based on the senate chambers to prevent congress from certifying joe biden's election victory literally bringing democracy to a halt. the black. police been through that god's law. and woman was shot by police offices and was laid to clean dead. some protesters also turned that anger against the media yet i do not feel like we're. at a rally near the white house president trump had repeated his unsubstantiated claims that the election had been stolen from him and search his supporters to
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rally at the capital here we're going to walk down to the capitol obs and we're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women and we're probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them. trump then released a recorded message telling his supporters to go home but failed to condemn the actions we have to have peace so go home we love you you're very special you've seen what happened trump has now been suspended from several social media accounts including twitter after tweeting to supporters who attacked the capital. when lawmakers finally got back into the senate chambers several senior republicans condemned the violence including trump's vice president mike pence today was
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a dark day in the history of the united states capitol we condemn the violence that took place here in the strongest possible terms. that violence was branded as a siege by president elect joe biden who warned of a threat to democracy. stormed the capital to smash windows to occupy offices the floor of the united states senate rummaging through desks. on the capital of the house of representatives threatening the safety of duly elected officials it's not as it's insurrection. the crowd dissipated once the 6 pm curfew came into force but national guard troops remained alert for potential violence throughout the night. well of course one of the result is still with us in washington all of this violence on capitol hill have any consequence for the can he stay in office
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well he has officially some 14 days left in office but of course there is a growing fear in washington that a lot of damage can be done in the remaining time frame until the inauguration of joe biden as next president of the united states and you see some republicans breaking loose now as we've seen in the report senate majority leader mitch mcconnell vice president mike pence also one of his closest allies which is lindsey graham the senator of south carolina are openly criticizing him over last night's action now there is some there are some thoughts about a 2nd impeachment proceeding especially by democratic lawmakers there are reports about preliminary talks which are underway of some cabinet members were thinking about invoking the 25th amendment of the constitution that is an amendment to remove a president from office is he if he is considered fit for office that would make vice president mike pence the president for the remainder of the time but let's
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also be very clear no matter if that happens or not on january 20th is the inauguration of joe biden as the next president of the united states. what do you think what's your feeling there still be more on rest like that to come. well this is certainly a possibility and you have to take into consideration that this is not the 1st time that violent protesters storm a capitol here in the united states that happened at the beginning of the year the state tells of michigan when militia members stormed that state's state tells protesting the governor's call that code it locked locked on their. militia group in planned to kidnap the get the governor there we filmed with our militias earlier this year for a d.w.i. documentary and they were openly admitting that there are training and working and
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treat rehearsing for scenarios like the ones we're seeing here in experts on right wing radicalism have been warning also throughout the year that this could happen that this could repeat spontaneous violence erupting out of protests but also it is certainly possible that those groups here and i'll feel the insights of to take action. is there concern in washington that american democracy and its institutions have been damaged certainly it's been a dark day in american history especially for democracy and there is a victim it's done to the institutions also consider the misuse of power by president trump inciting his supporters. to storm the capital or at least to take to the capital so the office of the president is damaged also by his willingness to condemn the actions and the reputation for american democracy that has been leading
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by example trying to export democracy over decades so there's a lot of credibility lost on that and certainly all of this will over bill will be a shadow cast over joe biden's presidency a big challenge for him. as begins his term in 2 weeks from. our correspondent all of us on that from washington then thank you all of a. and around the world there was disbelief at the scenes that unfolded in the u.s. capital just look at the front pages germany's builds newspaper here talking of a coup attempt and a moment of great shame in britain the daily telegraph is not a mincing their words democracy and see the picture of trump supporters storming the capitol also dominating the united arab emirates gulf news daily and the
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nigerian tribune with this blistering verdict from supporters defile democracy as we've seen the news from the u.s. traded shock waves here in germany chancellor angela merkel has expressed regret president strums persistent with usal to accept the election result and the consequences of that refusal. to violence in washington has been met with disbelief in the german government the condemnation was led by uncle americal herself. we all saw the unsettling pictures of the u.s. congress being stormed yesterday evening and these images made me angry and i very much regret that since november president trump has not acknowledged his defeat and failed again to do so yesterday doubts about the outcome of the election was stoked and that set the stage for what made wednesday's events possible in the 1st place
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germany's president finds time i was even more outspoken. is a seen and even the scenes that we saw the result of lies and ever more lines of divisiveness and just paying for democracy. of hate and incitement from even the very high school just. adding to the sense of alarm just months ago here in berlin a far right more tried to break into germany's parliament during a protest of a pandemic restrictions they failed to get in now events in washington are chilling echoes. the president was very very shocked at these pictures reminded me of the situation at the german parliament when conspiracy theorists storm the bundestag yeah yeah what was really bad was that in the usa of all places. people managed to get through. dimension. and there was no police no one to stop them.
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terrible i didn't expect something like this but i guess you can expect anything else from trump. trumps time in office is nearly up but the aftershocks of this week will last for much longer not just in washington but all over the western world. chief political correspondent richard walker. what do you make of statement was it unusual. what they heard it was a strong statement there's no doubt about that into some extent it carried echoes of the statement that uncle americal made at the beginning of november 26th seen when donald trump won the election against hillary clinton at that time she made what was seen as really quite a nixon extraordinary sort shot across donald trump's rouse saying that if you govern this huge country you are responsible in a way that is felt across the globe and went on to say that she would really limit
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germany's cooperation with the areas where they saw eye to eye on the same values i think is quite plain from her statement today. who feels that donald trump has not lived up to that responsibility of the office of the president of the united states and very clearly as we just heard in the clip there pointing the finger at donald trump for at least some degree of responsibility for stoking the atmosphere that made those events from last night possible in the 1st place and also sending a very clear message indorsement towards joe biden and karma harris saying that in 2 weeks' time the united states can open a new chapter of its democracies are trying to end on an optimistic note so in general in the political class in berlin how big is the concern about what happened last night. you know i think i think people you know this there's
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a genuine sense of being unsettled by what happened to me and partly what we just saw in the report there about what happened here in august here in berlin where a far right bob tried to get into parliament here and of course you know that ended up being far less serious they didn't get in and of course the key difference was they weren't being egged on by the head of state but still what you're hearing from many observers many politicians is that they feel that this is something of a wake up call for democracy that there's a fragility to western democracy right now that we're seeing not just in the populist wave of the last few years since the election of donald trump and and the bricks in vote for instance in great britain but also this sense that western democracy is struggling to deal with the pandemic and you have a thorough tarion powers out there in the world for instance china saying that it's handling these issues these modern issues better than democracies are so that a widespread fear here in germany and around europe the democracy is on the back
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foot it has to do his homework. our chief international correspondent richard walker.


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