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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2021 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin. and joe biden as the next president of the united states. it's all. objections from republicans fail to the democrats victory over president. the senate and house reject objections to throw out some electoral votes for.
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this despite the efforts. of president trump's supporters to hold congress perceiving stormed the building disrupting lawmakers certification of. police fired tear gas to disperse the rioters the president elect condemned the assault on the nation. threatening the safety of. the protest it's insurrection. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us we begin with breaking news and in the past half hour the joint session of the u.s. congress has certified joe biden as winner of november's presidential election
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usually a ceremonial event the session of both houses of congress was marred by chaos and violence several republican lawmakers abandon. their planned objections to the election results after an angry mob of president trump supporters forced their way into the capitol building to stop lawmakers from certifying the. here and appropriate time. our correspondent carolina chinmoy is in washington and has been following all of this as it unfolded carol in a congress just confirmed joe biden's victory does that finally clear the way for him to be inaugurated on january 20th. pro yes so that is a date we are all waiting for now even president trying just put out a statement and he said that even though and he doesn't really agree with this result there will be an orderly transition of power this is the most important
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sentence he said in his statement and indeed all eyes are now on and generally try needs of the integration they say that this is a day when joe biden is going to start his function as a as a president of the united states and he has already picked his kavin and that is full of experts we already know people with the years of experience and also a cabinet that is very diverse including americans with a latino background black americans asian americans and it's kind of a mirror of the society of the democratic here in the united states and this is also going to be one of the next steps that the senate is going to have to come fer the members of his cabinet so democracy has prevailed but for that we witnessed unprecedented and deadly scenes at the capitol in washington d.c. where supporters of president troll stormed the building in a bid to overturn the election results let's take
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a look at that. ok there's on travels on capitol hill as the building is stalled by hundreds of trump supporters. battling shoes between riot police and the protesters as they break cost security. they stormed the senate chambers to prevent congress from certifying joe biden's election victory literally bringing democracy to a halt. why. police then drew their guns. god was a woman was shot by police offices and was laid to proclaim dead was some protesters also turned that anger against the media yet not through like would
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. have been brought up early i had a rally near the white house president trump had repeated his unsubstantiated claims that the election had been stolen from him and search his supporters to rally at the capital. we're going to walk down to the capitol was going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women and we're probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them. trump then released a recorded message telling his supporters to go home but failed to condemn the actions we have to have peace so go home we love you you're very special we've seen what happened trump has now been suspended from several social media accounts including twitter after tweeting to supporters who attacked the capitol. when lawmakers finally got back into the senate chambers several
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senior republicans condemned the violence including trump's vice president that mike pence today was a dark day in the history of the united states capitol we condemn the violence that took place here in the strongest possible terms. the violence was branded as a siege by president elect joe biden who warned of a threat to democracy. stormed the capitol to smash windows to occupy offices the floor of the united states senate rummaging through desks. on the capital of the house of representatives threatening the safety of duly elected officials is the approach as it's insurrection. the crowd dissipated once the 6 pm curfew came into force but national guard troops remain
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alert for potential violence throughout the night. carlina violence on capitol hill have consequences for donald trump can he stay in office he can stay in office terry yes but we also know that some of the lawmakers senators and representatives are thinking of invoking the 25th amendment to remove donald trump from the well 14 days he has left in office this means that the vice president and the majority of the cabinet they could declare the president and able to this charge of powers and duties of his office and if then is that asshole and 2 thirds of both senate and the house of representatives are in favor of that then a trump could be removed from office is probably also the reason why trump immediately put out that statement kind of conceding and saying that there will be
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an orderly transition of power on on gennari training. is there concern in washington carlino that american democracy and its institutions have been damaged. yes definitely but we're not talking only about today or yesterday or this specific situation we're talking about the last 4 years terry and there is this concern because the country is completely divided and if you have a country that is not only divided in their opinions on on a democratic level about that are on a completely different page that are referring to completely different fats that are that are putting their eyes a completely different realities then you can see you have to do to have at least one fad or one reality in common in order to discuss and they'd on the same issues and to know that you're talking about the same things but people here are not in
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that situation you have different realities there trump supporters who live in a different reality carlina thank you so much that was the w's washington correspondent carolina chinmoy around the world political leaders watched in disbelief as the chaos unfolded in washington they've been expressing their concerns on social media nato secretary general young tweeted shocking scenes in washington d.c. the outcome of this democratic election must be respected and german chancellor angela merkel has just given her reaction recording a video message merkel said the images of chaos in washington made her angry and so she said she president that president trumpet not acknowledged his defeat since the election and again failed to do so yesterday. about the election outcome and made the events of wednesday possible she said. in paris french president manuel my call
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had this to say i just want to express all friendship and all faith. in the united states what happened today in washington d.c. is not america differently we believe in the throwing thought of all democracy. we believe in this thread. of american democracy for our chief international editor richard walker has been monitoring international reaction for us richard the scenes from the u.s. capitol have drawn universal condemnation haven't they. you know that's right terry and you just mentioned you know just in the last few minutes i'm going to mark or was making that statement in the context of a party meeting and i can bring you a couple more details of what she said so she was very clear in her condemnation of what took place she was also very clear in her criticism of donald trump saying that she deeply regretted that he has still not in the months since november
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accepted his defeat and say that it's a basic fundamental principle of democracy is that there are winners and losers and that both the winners and the losers have responsibility in how they act in the aftermath of that and then going on to say that you know this doubt has been so in this election result has been actively son and that contributed to last night's events a really very clearly pointing the finger at donald trump there but also she did end the message on a note of hope she openly welcome the fact as we have just recently heard that the certification of joe biden and come along harris's victory has finally taken place in congress the very fact that congress got back to work after all of the disruption she said was a sign of hope and she said that she's looking forward to the united states democracy beginning a new chapter under joe biden and karma harris in 2 weeks from now so. a
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very strong dorfman really from america or for the new team in the white house but i think you know everyone here in europe is wondering what else might happen in the next 2 weeks donald trump obviously still in office what might still be to come. you worked yourself richard as a correspondent in the u.s. you covered 2016 election the rise of donald trump did you ever think you would see something in do you see like what we saw yesterday. well we're witnessing the death throes of the presidency aren't we but if you kind of track back from what we're seeing now it's i think really does take all of us thought makes us stop for a breath really seeing what happened last night but you can draw a line back to what we saw in 2016 as well in 2016 donald trump refused to say that he would accept the results of the election if he lost it so this is what
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we're seeing now playing out now he warned about that 4 years ago and also the kind of cult like hold that he had on his strongest supporters the real bedrock of his support that was plain to see also in 2016 these are the people who try to manage to psych up and rile up to mount this kind of attack on congress so the warning signs were certainly there back in 2016 even if none of us quite feared that they would get to this point richard thank you our chief international editor richard walker. or earlier you're going to hot member of the german parliament and foreign policy spokesperson for the governing conservatives what he makes of the assault by trump's supporters on the joint session of congress . i also was shocked by the pictures and rocks we saw around the boat happening on capitol hill but looking for that what is going on now that the
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congress is doing this crime to miss the birth on. duty on the basis of the constitution and i think he will sue control of the results of the presidential elections and joe biden to be formally and officially the president progun next to the term this shows that we can trust in us democracy and on the other hand we see the huge said inch joe biden and come out i don't have to face it to bridge that gap between the supporters on one side and those who believe in democracy and the new government on the other side this is a huge challenge and germany and europe should tell the president to challenge. as you're going there the foreign policy spokesperson for chancellor marcos c.d.u. conservative faction in the german parliament just remind her of this top story we're following for you this morning congress has confirmed joe biden as the next
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president of the united states this despite efforts by supporters of donald trump to disrupt the confirmation proceedings find storming the u.s. capitol one person shot and killed. in washington tell the news from berlin coming up next hour documentary new york city rich and poor i'm terry martin thanks for watching. the. young moroccan immigrants. they know the police will stop them i think that's the road use another solution. their flight could be fatal. not an option.


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