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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2021 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is day to day was coming to you live from deadly violence on capitol hill an angry mob of trolls supporters storms the building rioters break into the chamber where lawmakers were meeting to certify joe biden selection victory outside violence police fired tear gas to disperse the run.
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hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us we begin with unprecedented and deadly scenes at capitol hill in washington d.c. where supporters of president donald trump stormed the building in a bid to overturn the election results one woman was shot and later died of her injuries as rioters attempted to stop congress members from sort of tying joe biden's election victory we're going live to washington for an update in just a moment but 1st a look at how those dramatic scenes unfolded. chaos unraveled at capitol hill as the building was stormed by hundreds of trump supporters. a battle ensued between riot police and the protesters as they broke past security. they stormed the senate chambers to
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prevent congress from certifying joe biden's election victory literally bringing democracy to a halt. at. the. trunk released a recorded message telling his supporters to go home but failed to condemn their actions we have to have peace so go home we love you you're very special you've seen what happens the violence was branded as a siege by president elect joe biden who warned of the threat to democracy. stormed the capitol to smash windows to occupy offices the floor of the united states senate rummaging through desk on the capitol of the house of representatives threatening the safety of duly elected officials it's the protest it's insurrection. the crowds dissipated
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once the 6 pm curfew came into force but national guard troops remain to let for potential violence throughout the night. or washington correspondent carolina chinmoy has been following events in washington colleen an extraordinary day on capitol hill we hear one person has been shot and killed what more can you tell us . well the basic geisha is that woman that died and on several other people that were injured are still ongoing carole's that is probably the right war to describe what we witnessed in washington d.c. yesterday and especially in front of the capitol where these happened and one of the proudest service was apparently shot inside the capitol but this case has still to be clarified what we can say for sure is this the pictures we saw are
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going to mark generally success the day when the democracy in the united states almost broke apart the day of a of a coup attempt and this also this is also why why it seems to be so important for the lawmakers right now to get the certification of the electoral vote the congress restart of the electoral count that was interrupted after trying to have for a storm to the congress but both leaders now the democratic message pelosi and a republican mitch mcconnell they have both both said that the senate has to go through that certification on the house of representatives as well and the confirmation session in congress resumed after the building was cleared of the rioters here's what senate majority leader republican mitch mcconnell said when the chamber reconvene you notice they will not be intimidated
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we will not be kept out of this chamber by. mobs or through. we will not bear all the lawlessness or intimidation we are back at our posts we will discharge our duty under the constitution and for notion and we're going to do is going to. colleen it is mitch mcconnell there the members of congress are but. what impact has the violence not on the proceedings there on capitol hill. terry this was a wake up call for the senators from the lawmakers they saw how this division of the united states has almost killed in this country also a wake up call on the impact of donald trump's rhetoric some are even saying that
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adult trump is unfit to remain in office for the next 14 days president trump published a video you already talked about it on twitter after this riots asking his supporters to go home and to repeat it again after the riots and after we all learned that this woman was shot and killed he is to repeat it i know your feelings and this was an election with fraud so immediately afterwards his account was locked on twitter and on facebook now in the senate most of the republican senators who are planning to object to the electoral vote of several swing states that voted for a democrat joe biden have rejected their objection like for example the republican candidate for the senate from georgia on his left or one of the most conservative ones but there are still some senators and congressmen and women who are willing to maintain their objections besides the mob boss the congress we saw some hours ago
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this is why the procedure has just been interrupted again this is the 2nd time after the interaction are rezone and this time it's pennsylvanian and this means that at least a congressman a senator object of the electoral votes from pennsylvania this went to both childbirth in order to be debated and voted in both chambers the senate already rejected this objection and where was it waiting for the vote of the house of pennsylvania alina thank you very much that was our washington correspondent carolina should more. let's bring in peter mathews he's a professor of political science at cypress college and joins us from los angeles professor out there what do you make of the assault by violent trump supporters on capitol hill it was horrendous constitutionally and inference with human terms as well because this was not a riot this was an insurrection that was attacked and actually they stopped the
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procedure of a presidential president elect getting actually confirm they were blocking a government from to being able to take its position the legitimate government that's joe biden's administration by not allowing it to be certified this was a physical act of violence to stop the government from working its insurrection that's to be dealt with very firmly so people get the message that this can't be tolerated in a democracy that's why you mentioned insurrection the president elect joe biden described it as bordering on sedition how much responsibility do you think president donald trump himself bears for what happened. tremendous responsibility he's been provoking these people inciting let's break with incitement to violence with his words with his actions he in fact addressed this crowd i think today at noon before they started there at the insurrection he was addressing them i believe noon and besides i've been talking them throughout the last few weeks in saying that the election was stolen he was making up lies about it and get them to believe
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that repeating it often enough we know from fascism and other naziism that when a big lie is repeated over and over again people come to believe it and these folks worship them up good like a cult and that's a real big problem for democracy and he's has a big responsibility here as having decided this run this riot or this insurrection and i believe that it's too late right now is going to be done about him he's got 2 more weeks left and many people are concerned about what he might do during the last 2 weeks of the presidency president trump has had his accounts on twitter and facebook. stopped because of him continuing to say that there has been widespread voter spread fraud when that is completely unsubstantiated do you think there is a legal case for removing president trump from office before his term ends. this certainly as i was very short time but there are 2 methods or could be done this the impeachment method which was already tried before he wasn't he was impeached but not removed this time who are done quickly could be done i think
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maybe the senate might vote for it but this probably not likely but the other ways the 25th amendment where the vice president gets together with the cabinet and majority the cabinet votes to say that the president is it incapacitated he cannot carry out his duties and if they do that then he has to step down let the vice president take over if he actually rejects that and protest that and wants to stay in power then he goes the house and senate have to vote by 2 thirds majority to remove him so it's a bit of a complicated process process but there's some real talk among significant leaders now in congress and also in the country itself about him having to be a 25th amendment used to remove him and it's quite remarkable that that's we've come to a point right now ok we might have lost your audio tell us if you can hear me how do you explain the persistent belief among republican voters that the election has been stolen from them. well 1st of all many of those voters are just not
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well read about this issue or they don't know the details of how the electoral college works and where it went in the appeals of trump made all they do they have watch him and listen to him and they follow him you know because of his charisma for them he's able to manipulate them into believing that he's telling the truth and that the media and all the other mainstream people i'm in studio people are lying and so in this is the their belief system that's why they follow him blindly and it's a very dangerous thing he got 74000000 votes for joe biden not 80000000 or so but still he got 34000000 and a big percentage of people are very gung ho and there's an element of racism also involved there he uses that to divide and conquer to separate the quote true americans which he says that they are from the other americans who are all the other people in america are coming together all in this city's to unite and have a rule of law principle so you have a whole different vision of america than the rest of us do quite often as a matthews thank you very much for your insights that was a peter matthews he's fessor political science at cypress college in in the los angeles thank you very much thank you. around the world political leaders watched
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in disbelief as the chaos unfolded in washington secretary-general younge bolton back tweeted shocking scenes in washington d.c. the outcome of this democratic election must be respected here in germany the foreign minister. was not mincing words either tweeting the enemies of democracy will rejoice in the troubling images from washington d.c. inciting words turn into violent acts on the steps of the reichstag and now the capital contempt for democratic institutions has grave consequences and this from turkey we are following with concern the internal developments happening in the u.s. we call on all parties in the us to maintain restraint and prudence we believe the u.s. will overcome this internal political crisis in a mature manner. let's bring in our chief international editor richard walker
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richard the whole world has been watching what's been happening in in washington and we just got some sampling of some international reaction there fill us in on more. here that's that's right terry i think you said disbelief was the emotion to sell you and i think that's pretty widespread particularly here in europe you know the comments you just read out there being echoed by by many leaders one person who everyone is really going to be watching a jury in the course of the day is angle americal who hasn't said anything yet of course she's something where it's very well known there's a very little love lost between her and donald trump who will be closely watching for reactions from her but i think one thing that is also quite striking is that it's not just donald trump seasoned critics who are coming out. expressing this disbelief at the moment it's also people who have been seen as close to him during the course of his presidency in the u.k. for instance boris johnson the prime minister breaks it britain talking about
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disgraceful scenes in the u.s. congress that the united states stands for democracy around the world and that there must be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power and similar also from the renter of modi in india a man who has been very close to donald trump over the last couple of years saying distressed to see the news that the democratic process cannot be allowed to be subverted by unlawful protests. you worked as a correspondent richard in the us yourself you cover the 2016 election there did you think you would ever see something like the scenes we saw unfolding on capitol hill. well terry of course i've been thinking a lot about that campaign over the last 24 hours or so and of course i can't claim that i foresaw the storming of the capitol but what you can really do is draw a straight line between some of the things that we saw back then in 2016 and some
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of the things that are happening now i would particularly kind of pointed to one of them donald trump even back in a primary campaign against his republican challenger has indicated that he wouldn't necessarily respect the result when it came out so really disrespect for democratic institutions and rules and then all the other side the fanaticism of some of his supporters and i think what we've seen coming here together is those 2 things haven't been heated up of the course of his presidency of the last 4 years richard thank you very much our chief international editor richard walker there. for reaction from germany and joined now by a good a yes and she's a member of the german parliament for the free democratic party and shares his thoughts human rights committee thanks for being with us this morning ms yes and 1st of all you've worked in washington what do you make of the assault by trade supporters on the joint session of congress. well i've been watching c.n.n. news even in yesterday and c.n.n.
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that's watching or i'm watching it right now as well and having worked not on the hill but on k. street and knowing this capital and great democratic institutions as we know them and seeing trump supporters and these mobsters roading the capital and trying to also sit on the very very famous and very important chair such as the chair where just vice president mike pence was sitting just minutes before about this riot came to place i think it is a very sad day for democracy in the united states and i've been i've been listening to the reports just on your program now and i think what is very striking that democracy and the concept of democracy is not my vote is the only vote that counts the majority of votes is democracy and the majority of modes come into play it's when the more democratic institutions and processes are being held so what
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president trump is doing is very dangerous to. explain to his followers that the vote has been raked and stolen even though that has not been the case one of my colleagues. has been heading official delegation to the observation. in november and he said this election has never been so much transparent and what we haven't been able to follow how to turn this process has been over the past election so this is very dangerous by donald trump how much responsibility do you have how much for sponsibility do you give donald trump himself for the violence the transpire on capitol hill. well president elect joe biden just said that. the past hours the words of the president
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they matter and i'm i'm very certain and very sure that donald trump know was that his words matters so he has very much responsibility for what is happening and he could have stopped it even even earlier because his past tweets he basically said well stay peaceful but you could have that get out of the capital and remove from from this violent riots that's right and just briefly how much confidence do you have in president elect joe biden to help america she'll as he puts it when he finally takes office but i think that is a very big task. president elect joe biden and also commander harris will have to take on but i'm very certain that they will conquer this this task and they will try to. give the people in the united states the possibility to heal and that takes
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time definitely but as chance atlantic partners and supporters and then germany and also in europe and the world we will be doing everything we can to support this course but i'm very certain that joe biden will be able to heal the wounds but that will take a little time and sense and thank you very much for talking with us today that was a good he answered member of the german public for the free democratic party thank you. meanwhile another dramatic development in the u.s. democrats have won control of the senate and by virtue of that the congress as a whole after 2 after winning 2 elections in the state of georgia rafael warneke and john also seen here with president elect joe biden both secured narrow victories over republican incumbents warner a baptist preacher is the 1st black senator in georgia's history and john also will become the senate's youngest member at the age of 33 there was
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a record turnout for the runoff elections with more than 4000000 people casting their ballots in georgia. is peter is part of our u.s. elections team and joins us now for more on this peter it seems the democrats have indeed taken those 2 senate seats for georgia what does this mean for joe biden's presidency right i mean this is got to be a huge sigh of relief not just for democrats but obviously by the ministration it means out for the 1st time in 10 years democrats now control both congress and the white house and last time that happened keep in mind that president barack obama passed health care reform which was a huge historic deal biden is hoping similarly to seize on that momentum to pass a very ambitious very progressive package of reforms you know from a 2 trillion dollar climate change package to tax reform to maybe even reforming
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health care again introducing a public option that's long eluded democrats it also means that he is more likely to get the cabinet cakes that he wants so the challenge for bite i think really will be to prioritize in the next congressional elections just 2 years away in that kind of an everything so a very narrow window for biden to push through a very ambitious agenda the georgia senate race these runoff senate races they were really quite. spectacular in. way what were some of the standout moments for you well you know words republicans were trying to very much mimic what trump did in his campaign you know running much more on fear and painting democrats as radical socialist we saw the 2 democratic candidates really speaking to the issues that a lot of average americans in georgia or worried about and concerned about jobs that's health care that's a pandemic and that appears really paid off and at the same time we saw trump attempts to intervene in the election that may actually have hurt republicans not
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the same fired up democrats so for the 1st time ever as we just heard there we are seeing georgia a former slave state historically staunchly conservative sent a black senator the 1st black senate ever in history to washington also saying the 1st jewish senator in over a century to washington so you know this on the same day that donald trump supporters are rushing the capital in revolt against this so you know especially for a lot of black voters a reminder of how historic this moment is and a reminder to all democrats really live up to this moment i think the trump presidency was marked by discord and polarization do you think things will be any different under president biden between republicans and democrats well i think we did see some republicans beginning to soften the rhetoric after the chaos that unfolded on capitol hill but a lot of the republicans that had promised to contest the elections continue to do
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so you know keep in mind the new congress has a lot of members who were elected as staunchly conservative trim supporters they're there because of the people who still want congress yesterday and at the same time we've also seen democrats like a you know much more liberal. members so really a deeper ideological divide to maybe we even saw in the previous congress so you know as much as it sounds me to say i don't think that we will see an end to any of this division. thank you very much thank you. check out some other stories making headlines around the world today there has been widespread international condemnation of the hong kong authorities after the mass arrests of pro-democracy opposition figures 53 people were detained under beijing's new security law western nations accused authorities of grave repression and a grievous attack on freedoms promised when britain handed hong kong back to china
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. the russian orthodox church has been holding its main christmas service with elaborate ceremonies taking place across the country in moscow patriarch kirill led celebrations attended by fewer worshippers than normal because of cope with restrictions. in the race to vaccinate against the coronavirus the u.s. is leading with over a plot 1000000 people inoculated so far u.k. has treated more than a 1000000 but europe is lagging behind one reason is the e.u. is slower and more in-depth vaccine approval process but even within europe immunization programs are running at different speeds. the netherlands is the last e.u. country to begin vaccinating its population using the pfizer biotech vaccine the 1st approved for use in europe people like this no sir only now starting to get it
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it seems the dutch backed the wrong horse the government was expecting the vaccine developed by oxford university and astra zeneca to come on stream 1st. it was no longer possible to adjust the planning accordingly but has to do with all the careful steps we wanted to take but we have succeeded in getting vaccinations started and they will not stop until the last person is vaccinated. the last of our seniors. france's cautious approach has left many furious only around 500 jabs were administered in the 1st week a comp. created system of getting consent from patients is partly to blame. or she could. if you need something new and you have to get consent. could we go faster without consent or not i mean there are ethical questions and it's quite complex. it's not as simple as just saying let's do this faster.
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although p.v. . others in france point to bureaucratic delays slowing the rollouts of the vaccine . denmark has got off to a strong start leading european vaccination numbers one reason nurses can extract more vaccines profile by measuring doses carefully as a call of the obama that means we can do it faster than we thought we could. denmark is also spacing out the gap between the 2 required doses of vaccine allowing more people to get a 1st injection sooner. for the moment some states immunizing much faster than others but on wednesday the european commission gave final approval to a vaccine developed by the u.s. pharmaceutical giant mcdonough well composed in the fight against corona virus.
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just reminder the top story we're following for you today supporters of president have stormed the u.s. capitol disrupting the certification of joe biden selection with. police used tear gas to disperse the rioters one person was shot and killed. there watching the news from berlin coming up next our european affairs program focus on europe i'm terry martin thanks for being with us.
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own. groups it has a law in the middle of the kimono pandemic. it's a disaster for the british health care system since qualified personnel from the new countries place an invaluable role in hospitals and nursing homes. now many are needed in britain for good leaving
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a massive lloyd behind that. focus on the world. next on d w. enter the conflict zone mr and sebastian. china is lowering the west and europe along with the u.s. in many countries is pushing back all of that issue a growing list of human rights concerns including home homes new security law my guest this week from beijing is one cool yallop splices country for so many fights news base and web a new media conflict zone. in 60 minutes d.w. . emigrants. they know the police will stop.
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they know that the road is not a solution. they know their flight could be fatal. but going back not an option. i'm on and property are stuck in the spanish border area. along side other young people there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts january 18th on d w. a low and a warm welcome to focus on europe show and this is all very 1st show in 2021 the new year comes with some changes here in europe brags it has been fine.


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