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tv   Blasrohre gegen Bulldozer  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2021 3:00am-3:45am CET

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not an option. i'm on and gravity are stuck in the spanish border area. along side other young people there is leaving for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts january 18th on t.w. . this is news and this is our top story in the u.s. hundreds of donald trump's supporters have stormed the capitol building in washington protesters entered the chamber where lawmakers had been meeting to certify joe biden's election victory the mayhem forced lawmakers to take cover as police try to remove the demonstrators congress went into an emergency recess but the members have reconvened to finish the certification process police have since
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to secure the perimeter and confirm that one woman shot in the unrest inside the capitol building has died earlier president elect joe biden addressed the nation calling for president trump to demand an end to rest then released a video message in which he told the protesters to go home while also praising them as quote very special he also repeated unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud meanwhile the mayor of washington d.c. has issued a 12 hour curfew which started at 6 pm local time the pentagon has confirmed that vice president mike pence approved deployment of the national guard this is news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram at g.w. news or visit our website w dot com. chaos in the u.s. capitol trump supporters take over congress and hope the station as lawmakers try
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to confirm joe biden as president elect this after president trump fires up the crowd still trying to fight and brought the november election tonight america holds its breath anyhow in bilin and this is the day. we will never give up we will never get does it don't. democrats attempted the most brazen and outrageous elections. it's never been so pure that. everybody knows it does the right thing.
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welcome to the program we start with a to mulch of us 24 hours in the united states a day that has up ended the nation's capital it started with purely political drama with democrats poised to win control of the u.s. senate and republicans attempting to sabotage the come from asian of joe biden's election victory election victory and a special session of congress but outside chaos erupted protesters had massed in washington as part of trump save america march but after hearing trump speech and more false claims of election fraud the crowd stormed the capitol some making it inside the building police say one woman shot in the arm rest has now died the mayor of washington d.c. issued a citywide curfew to start at 6 pm local time. with me here in the studio the reporter and member of our election coverage to. welcome what's your immediate reaction to what we saw today well i think it's
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similar to reactions that were coming in from all around the world that this was not a historical moment because of what it is symbolically historical moment it's been building up to this moment for a long time during the elections before the elections there was talk on both sides democrats and republicans wondering if there was going to be an outbreak of violence after the election there was a lot of moments when that could have happened and hadn't happened yet i think today we're seeing the culmination of a lot of rhetoric from trump a lot of a lot of preparation from extreme. areas on the right wing in the united states and but i think what is going to be investigated in the next few days is the unpreparedness of law enforcement to stop a break into one of the most secure buildings in the country or what should have been the most secure building in the country at that moment and also the culpability of politicians donald trump of course and also the culpability of the senators and congressmen who congresspeople who had decided to challenge the
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election results despite the fact that there is no evidence of widespread election fraud and they have no reason to do that it's possible to plot a course to how we got here in hindsight but. there's a kid if you are in place do we know of any other security measures that are taking place in washington well the army has announced that 1100 troops have been sent into washington at 1st there was a denial of the request for national guard troops to be sent there but i think they've decided to do that now there's troops on the ground of course they've secured the building now at least that's the latest news we have is that the protesters are out of the building the building is secure. the announced earlier just a few minutes ago actually that the voting will continue tonight. congresspeople once members of congress get back into the building so it looks like the situation has been largely secure you said there is the curfew there are still protesters around the area so they haven't gone home as donald trump had said on twitter that
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they should do but it looks like the worst is over ok i mean stay with us and we'll move on as we plug away for the day because those inside the capitol when protested into the building and classed with police have been tweeting about what they experienced at that incredible moment democrat congresswoman and then logia wrote i just had to evacuate my office because of a pipe bomb reported outside supporters of of the president are trying to force their way into the capitol and i can hear what sounds like multiple gunshots she continued i don't recognize our country today and the members of congress who have supported this anneke do not deserve to represent if americans and other democratic member of congress then phillips tweeted they've asked us to take cover on the house floor and get out gas masks ready this is inside and journalist matt fuller brush they slamming on the doors everyone has gas masks i can see some flashes
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outside the chamber as well amid the violent clashes with law enforcement it was joe biden not donald trump who 1st called for come this hour or democracies under president saw like anything we see in modern times. you saw the citadel of liberty the capital so an assault on the people's representatives in the capitol hill police sworn to protect the public servants who work at the heart of our republic in assault on the rule of law. to turn over she. no assault on most secret of america not undertake it's the doing of the people's business the may be
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very clear the scenes of chaos in the capital do not reflect the true america do not represent who we are but we're see a small number of extremist dedicated to lawlessness this is not the scent it's disorder it's chaos it borders on sedition and it must and now. that was joe biden meanwhile donald trump and only tried to talk down his supporters on twitter then quickly released a video message of his own but you have to go home now we have to have peace we have to have law and order we have to respect our great people and law and order we don't want anybody hurt it's
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a very tough period of time we have to have peace. so go home we love you very special seen what happens you see the way others are treated that are so bad and so we've even telling them we love you you're very special what do you make of the contents of the message of course trump if he's asked about this will probably say that he meant the protesters who didn't storm the couple has done this before when we saw violence at white nationalist protests re said the people who were not the white nationalists were good people of course that's understandable are democrats also do this when there's violence in the black was not a protest to say we condemn the looting but we support the idea behind it that's what he's doing here the problematic thing i guess that he's going to be challenged on especially he's already been challenged on by republicans is the fact that the idea behind the storming of the capitol building today was anti-democratic in nature it wasn't saying we're oppressed we want justice it was saying we want to
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stop the counting of electoral college votes and overturn a legitimate election which the vast majority of republicans in the house and senate say we're going ahead with this we've counted the results it's over donald trump your term is over and so that was what donald trump was saying these are good saying that i understand you which in itself is anti-democratic in nature least that's what people are probably going to say after this is anyone wondering whether they say things would change she's mando change is time we soon found out he also repeated his unsupported claims of electoral fraud that's not exactly trying to defuse the situation right the video was just over a minute long and i think of only a few seconds of that were him trying to deescalate the situation a video begins with him saying this is a fraud on the american people he says this is we've never seen anything like this before which is an echo of the speech he gave right before people are stormed the capitol so it is just a ruse repetition of the rhetoric he was using which encouraged people to go there
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during his speech just. hours earlier he said that you can't take back your country with weakness we have to show strength and this was in the context of him saying that i know you guys are going to march toward the capitol i think democrats have already jumped on this and said that trump is directly responsible for what happened and in that short twitter video that donald trump posted he didn't really say he wasn't responsible. joe biden meanwhile was the one leading it to his future role the role he'll be sworn into just quickly in a couple of weeks time that's right he was acting very presidential i think he was aware that he's already assumed the role that he is supposed to soon later in the month that he is the legitimate leader of the country at this moment he's not the one calling for the overthrow of the election so i think you assume that role and that's what he was projecting today he also called this unprecedented and i think
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the way that he characterized it was that this is never happened in american history of course american history is a very violent history i think he was laying it on thick with a lot of what he said but that's been his role from the beginning that he's the person who understands tragedy and has big historical events i mean he can stay with us because trump for his path remains defiant despite critics saying the month since his election defeat has been nothing but a desperate to attempt during his speech on wednesday trump repeated multiple claims of election fraud he also piled pressure on his vice president mike pence to overturn biden's victory even though pence has no such power on the congressional rules. states want to revoke the state's got to fraud it they were given false information they voted on it now they want to recertify they want it back all vice president says to do is send it back to the states to
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recertify. and we become president and you are that. donald trump they saw the same time inside the capitol building the joint session of congress was on the way it's held off to every us elections tally the electoral college and it's usually just another formality in the process of transferring power in stayed it descended into a partisan political fight several dozen of president trump from republican allies had threatened to challenge the results in an attempt to block joe biden's final certification as president elect the state's alphabetically and it took trump's allies until arizona to object mr president this typically be electoral vote of the state of arizona seems to be regular in form and authentic and it appears there from that josephs are biden jr of the state of
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delaware received 11 votes for president and kamel id parents of this state of california received 11 vote for vice president. mr vice president i polled those are from what ferguson does the gentleman from arizona writes i write for myself and 60 of my colleagues to object to the counting of the electoral ballots from arizona thank the 2 houses will withdraw from joint session each house will deliberate separately on the pending objection and report its decision back to the joint session the senate will now retire to its chamber. and so we know how it ended i mean it's still here with us what was the plan from the republican object is to stop this that's a good question what was the plan i don't know if they believed that they were
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going to stop biden's basically becoming president here i think it was also some balik they wanted to show support to trump who is seen as more convinced than anybody else that he can remain in office i think republican senators like ted cruz who kind of led this movement know full well that would have succeeded but basically what they were saying is we're going to object to the counting of electoral college votes and send this back to states so that they can recount the votes so it would force it would give states the opportunity to to reassess the elections and of course there's plenty of republican states that have at least signaled that they were willing to go along with terms of plan of staying in office but like i said it's very unclear how many people planned on getting an outcome out of this and how many people are just hoping to please donald trump before they come up for reelection have to face his supporters so speaking of placing tunnel trump we're saying the pressure on mike pence he was a role player in this and he was asked to step in and recertify the election now he
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is a trump loyalist but this was a big ask from the president not just a trump loyalist he was a running mate and it was interesting to see trump go after him in the speech earlier i was wondering if they're even going to talk after this is all over because he said this is a big day for mike pence we have to see what he does now i will point out which is very interesting to me is that. believe it or not this similar slightly similar thing happened in 2016 when trump won several democratic members of congress objected to the counting of electoral college votes and it was actually joe biden who presided over that count and he laughed it off his own democratic. fellow congress members so he laughed it off that never came to fruition this is gone much further than i think a lot of people expect. with the senators joining in but like you said mike pence stepped in and said i'm not going along with this i took an oath to the constitution i mean stay with us as we continue to plot our way through this
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extraordinary day because democrats meanwhile are poised to take control of the u.s. senate following georgia's 2 runoff elections media projections now. also off headed for washington that means democrat chuck schumer will take over from mitch mcconnell as the majority leader breaking the g.o.p.'s blockade in the senate president biden and vice president elect harris will have a partner in the end my caucus who is ready willing and able to help achieve a forward looking agenda and deliver bold change to the american people for too long much needed help has been stalled or diluted by a republican led senate and president trump. that will change with a democratic senate democratic house democratic president it's reminding us that among the chaos a major turning point for rational politics today how crucial is control of the
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u.s. senate for biden it changes a lot doesn't change that everything of course because biden would have been stopped by a republican controlled senate and we saw how mitch mcconnell was not willing to go along with anything democrats with very little democrats had tried to do over the past 4 years so that would have been a repeat mitch mcconnells the would have been in charge of the senate there this shifts power within the senate not just by one or 2 votes it shifts all the structural power to the democrats that means that you have democrats in charge of the senate overseeing committees and things like this so it does shift a lot of the power to democrats this is a major loss for trump and as we can see i think trump had miscalculated he bet that they would win back the seeds i think and he didn't realize what he was putting at risk by challenging the election results here we don't know a lot of what's going to happen but one thing we can say with some surety is that
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winning candidates themselves now could face challenges either days like this results. that's true with this but this was already a runoff election we'll have to see what happens because you have to remember that in a few days joe biden is going to be the president we're going to have a democratic congress so whatever happens over the next few weeks is suddenly going to change when the new congress comes in the new president comes in ok let's move on and point out so the new administration will have both the house and senate to push through its agenda but as we've seen today the date division in the u.s. is a highly volatile and not just for americans leading risk consultancy has just put joe biden's presidency at the top of its list of global. threats 2021 the annual report from the u. brazier group is a keenly watched assessment of geo political risk it says trump's baseless allegations of voter fraud and refusal to concede defeat means that half the country see joe biden as illegitimate and was seen the consequences of that.
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earlier my colleague phil giles'. president in brenna they got us his reaction to what was unfolding in washington originally you want to talk about they the biggest risks facing a 2021 and is now we are in a situation where trump supporters have massed on and in the u.s. capital and i think number one on your list of the biggest risks facing 2021 was that joe biden presidency just explain to us why that was a big risk for the world. the risk was 46 asterisk it was the level of division in the united states the most powerful country in the world and yet by far the most dysfunctional and divided political system and for the last week everyone's been asking me how could you not make coronavirus risk number one and i
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think we're all seeing exactly how in front of our eyes right now this is a president of the united states who has personally done everything he can to deal of jet-a minds this election outcome to say that joe biden has stolen it the spite the fact that that is indeed not the case this is by far the worst election since 876 in the u.s. and it's the 1st time an american president has acted to undermine that role of law in such a direct way since the founding of the republic it does me no good personally the say this i consider myself a patriot of what has been a great nation but this is the worst day for this country in my lifetime i mean it's right up there with 911 and yet this is self-inflicted that's what's so incredibly painful about what we're seeing in front of our eyes today so would stay
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i mean it is bad and unprecedented but we're looking at live pictures now and what we're seeing is hundreds of people on and around the capitol building police as well but the there appears to be no violence i'm putting it up there with 911 but that sounds a bit strong explain to us why. first of all a woman has already been critically injured and shot inside the capitol building the virginia national guard is being deployed to the area i fear you're going to see a lot more violence but the point is not how many people die the point is that. nearly half of the american population actually believes that this election was stolen believes that joe biden is not their president come january 20th and that is ill i that has been directly propagated by the president of the united states with the
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support of a majority of elected officials in the republican party in the house and the senate that is staggeringly unprecedented i want to be clear biden will still be the president on january 20th there will still be an inauguration but the impact on the legitimacy of u.s. institutions will be felt for decades and for the most powerful country in the world the the the ostensible leader of the free world a country that exports to mocker see perhaps we've export in too much we should have kept a little more 'd here in the united states you know when when president trump says the election is rigged he's lying but when he says the institutions are rigged he's actually telling the truth a majority of americans believe that their political institutions do not reflect or referee sent them and that that's something that's inconceivable what's happening
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in the united states right now you could not imagine happening today in japan in germany and france and the u.k. and canada and australia could not happen that's happening in the united states because too many americans have felt like their political system has been rigged against them for decades and president trump has done everything he can to accelerate that to 5 that's why this is such a painful day it's not just about today it's about something that's been happening for quite some time. that was president of you raise your group talking earlier to my colleague phil we've been talking about a day of turmoil in the u.s. where supporters of donald trump have stormed the capitol building in washington into the chamber where lawmakers had been meeting to certify joe biden's electoral election victory or mike is on now in emergency recess there are reports of tear gas is being used to disperse the protesters and mayor washington d.c. has issued a citywide curfew which started at 6 pm local time. so
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an apocalyptic weeks of the trump presidency we're in the last 2 it's hard to say where it goes from here. where do you see it going full i think trump has shown today that he has a firm hold on a least a segment of right wing of the republican party right wing voters in the republican party and that that's not going away this hold that he has on them this speech that he gave before people stormed congress before the storm the capitol building was largely. talking about the achievements that he made but in terms of him coming back to into the office of the presidency he even a one point said well my advisers say look we still have a chance in 2024 so that's almost a declaration that he's going to run again he said but i don't want to talk about 2024 i want to talk about today i want to remain in office now so you can see that
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he has plans to stay in power as long as possible and that he is able to mobilize a large segment of america's right wing so the president is staying the course pretty clearly at this point and at this month but one of the many things to come out of this is did now that trump object is holding to the i stand with the president he surely this is shaking a lot of paper with the yeah of course i think that he was making people choose up or down are am i going to bank the rest of my political career on donald trump or am i going to go with what i believe in you saw mike pence who was his vice president his running mate his last election somebody who has stood behind him and smiled for the whole presidency barely said a word about a lot of the other things that donald trump has done that will many democrats took objection to but he came out today and he said i will not do what trump wants me to
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do i mean the safe and incredible day many thanks feel with. that indeed was the dial like no other as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter at g.w. news for now i'm anthony howard thanks for joining us.
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electrics emission free assistance to sustainable future of mobility the wheel is a. foreign cleese to my colleague 19 appears to be fitting place on the development of ordinary cars comfortably victims are back on the block because there are really no alternatives. to meet and jump. into the conflict zone team sebastian. china is roiling the west and europe along with the u.s. so many countries face pushing back hard to a growing list of human life goes through the homeowner's new security hole 5 years
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me from beijing is one cool yallop splices country for so many fights news days holwell of a new movie. conflict. in 60 minutes phone d.w. . story of producer and propaganda. they were called the rhineland pasterns. their mothers were germans living in the occupied drying land their father's soldiers from the french colonies. take up in a kind of national pride and racism. this documentary examines the few traces that remain of their existence. the children.
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storage january 11th d.-w. . is this what the future of transportation looks like probably not and it's not a time soon but when today's inventors and visionaries look at the streets sidewalks highways and even agricultural land of the present they see vehicles that could soon be dusty exhibits in museums in the midst of change and that's our theme today are made from a to b. the mobility of the future it's good to have you with us well they're among the most popular passenger vehicles of the present s.u.v.s what began as a bare bones military vehicle the sport utility vehicle or s.u.v.
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is now one of the most popular set of wheels on the road today's versions may be better engineer than their predecessors but they are still expensive large. and not very economical critics say they clog up traffic and pollute the air they are a huge earner for the automobile industry just why are s.u.v. so popular what is it that fascinates so many drivers my colleague multi-role a common when to take a look. because . all of the world's people are crazy about s.u.v.s. been used as a status signifiers. just the greatest feeling driving around in the flesh. other problems that they cause. they don't hear they're trying to. so let's get into gear and check what's behind
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the hype why is the world so obsessed with s.u.v.s. 40 percent of all passenger vehicles sold worldwide are some form of s.u.v. that's more than twice as much as just 10 years ago. in india and you one in 3 new vehicles is an s.u.v. in china it's even more in the us it's almost one in 2 from a producer perspective it makes a lot of sense to produce as u.v. a car that looked like it because they're able to extract higher margins high profit margins that it will be not much more expensive to produce manufacture but they will be able to sell it at like price like $40.00 or so car companies profit
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from the s.u.v. hype but that's only one side of the story because they wouldn't build them if people wouldn't buy them like crazy. if you could imagine going to the. shrink when the s.u.v. boom started in the us he helped major car companies sell more of the. as a marketing consultant and if you ask him the secret as to why people are so attracted to s.u.v.s is rooted in our brain. to put it very very simply our brain is made up of 3 different brains the cortex the limbic system and the reptilian brain they constantly talk to each other but each of them has a different job. the cortex is responsible for rational thinking it helps us make decisions solve problems crunch numbers everything that's kind of complicated
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limbic system is all about emotions. and the brain is in charge of our most basic instincts that make sure we're breathing controls our sex drive and our fight or flight response s.u.v. is red area is that. you know car bible and reproduction i'm stronger bigger more powerful than you i mean if you come with a little car and i have a b. s.u.v. and we crash. you're going to die and i'm just going to have to clean a little bit my s.u.v. the media projecting this image that the world as never being so dangerous all 7 point one magnitude earthquake has hit southern california as massive tropical cyclone triggered a tsunami militants have attacked the stock exchange building you want to be honest will call when there is earthquake around you know you want to be an issue either. the road building or people. there's no.
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s.u.v.s appeal to our most basic instincts and scowl make us target exactly those but of course s.u.v. drivers would never admit that they're just following their primal urges they give a more rational justification. if you look at surveys as to why people are buying s.u.v.s many will say because they're safer and yes if you are in an s.u.v. and you crash with another car you are less likely to die. but as civilians have a pretty high center of gravity and that makes them prone to rolling over which is actually really dangerous and also kind of obvious. they know the reality is that the higher you are the more chance you have to roll over is more dangerous to have but it doesn't matter the rate you know brian. feel stronger when you're on top of might be something like
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a lamb straight so by the time most cars get taller imagine you're in a smaller car in fact big and you see all those higher. polar cars then you might be incentivized to get the pole a car to just do it right in and be like intimidated by other people and try it. people who drive s.u.v.s want to feel safe even if that means putting other side risk the front bumpus of many s.u.v.s for example are so high that. more likely to suffer serious head or upper body injuries in a crash so s.u.v. drivers are gaining something here at the expense of others and that's not just the case for road safety. board and more s.u.v.s in the fleet which means you have much leverage than the small cars and therefore they are higher yet they are all still 20 fewer i need to employ. then you have to
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do it. the growing number of as you visas in fact the 2nd biggest cause for the rise in c o 2 emissions since 2010 heads of heavy industry and aviation. emissions from other types of passenger vehicles actually went down over the same period. and all this is not really news to us we know s.u.v.s are bad for the environment but it's just too easy for us to brush aside these concerns. our cortex thinks about abstract and complicated things that way in the future like climate change and how we can prevent it our emotional limbic system however is more of a live in the moment kind of person that likes self-less you the brand new s.u.v. looks and wants to drive often it now and this instant gratification will often outweigh the distant an abstract concern like climate change to tell me that the
3:38 am
environment is going to be bad in 1520 years that doesn't really connect with me i've been there in 15 years so you know so we have to make people realize. that was today and what they can expect today as some consequences for them today. and people around the world realizing that this morning. that still doesn't stop more and more people from buying s.u.v.s. and up to it but you don't want to have to come up with more time to go i mean you have to talk about decoupling does damage it's. going to should be sacked. because she didn't you know. that time needed you just. need to have both factors working into the same direction and like more efficient engines more activity growth also worth more.
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and also short that this is profit we are ambivalent creatures on we capable of rational thinking and yet why it's to like the very things that are bad for us. all right if cars can be seen as an extension of their owner's egos what should we surmise about those who want to ride smaller more efficient electric like this little guy created out of sheer utility and definitely not sex appeal we sent our reporter to switzerland to talk to a man whose vision of the future is much more practical and emotional. 0 emission is no accident no traffic jams then getting from a to b. will be safe healthy and relaxed maybe. i'll give it a try. this
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is a prototype that peter clipped and there is testing it he teaches at the university of the gallon in switzerland his work focuses on the future of mobility. oh why are you driving such a tiny car there's only room for 2 the range is small so why doesn't the top because that's the future. but i think we need to move billet the revolution i think and micro mobility the more intelligent use of cars cities and space is the only way to preserve mobility. what do tiny contribute to that. you know only occupies one 3rd of a standard parking space that's one aspect let's put it another is that it's electrically powered so it's more sustainable and average car occupancy no days as $1.00 and the car spends 93 percent of the time just standing around so this car
3:41 am
is perfectly adequate for getting about in town. were bought instead there is in fact if this thing would not have a better more ecological product i don't even like summer an alternative but i live in the countryside so i have a long ride into town i see the future is intermodal that is i'll take public transport sometimes take the car to transport stuff or go out with my children plus electric scooters and other new things will come along they'll be a whole range of mobility solutions and tiny cars a one element parts like mine are not perfect. as drives like a toy car. so how will we be getting around a few years from now we're going to get one example so i want to go to berlin in the future we'll have apps on our full on the. platforms where you enter your priorities efficiency cost sustainability.
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when and where you will get corresponding recommendations including an itinerary. that my smartphone will tell me where i have to go and when and which means of transport i'll be using refined it will deal with payments as well. clipping to says we should do away with combustion engines in cars and he's shared cars rather than own one. i have the impression that it's still a long way off people want to own their own cars and keep the cars they bought for as long as possible 1015 or 20 years and they run on gasoline something that is your vision simply unrealistic if we don't always be some private only shot of cars but it's unthinkable to cover the entire planet with private cars even with everybody owning their own farts like in terms of climate protection out of the question. with. the coronavirus pandemic has seen people
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shift away from often crowded trains and buses and use their cars more but clearly been there is a champion of public transport as part of the mix is his vision already obsolete. the ultimately the industry was already going through a process of transformation to a covert 19 has led to a slump in sales so the pressure to act and change and reinvention sell just as increased dramatically. in the sense a lecture of mobility can be fun it doesn't mean doing without all the good stuff as many people still seem to think he owns. says there's no way around it. or an of cars will look different in the future chances are they will also sound different a lot of us probably don't give it much thought but the noise is a car makes matter not just for the gear heads love the sound of an engine revving for everyday safety if you can't hear it you might not know it's coming and that's
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why sound is being programmed into electric cars which are otherwise almost silent finding the right sound that's an art. for sound design there's combustion engine noises are as complex as symphony. and they provide the basis for developing artificial motor sounds for electric cars at present they sound like this. in between we're going to sit at the mating call of a stag. this country or a tiger or whatever is not the chirping of a sparrow. office mature sound like that m does something to a driver or men are said to meet at your bellowing noise that signifies the. time of greatest does this buzzing sound 0 india doesn't have such an immediate and powerful impact but it could come to signify another kind of power that expressive
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in its own right amount of power. the challenge is to develop that power for electric cars. to move iti disempower also infrequent. car dealer benyamin dad it says a timid buzz just doesn't do it for him he loves the full throated growl and roar of $500.00 horsepower. figure to see it not matter too that's just part of it for.


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