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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2021 12:00am-12:45am CET

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as it did over the years line from berlin supporters of us present donald trump of storms the u.s. capitol they reached the inside of the chamber where lawmakers had been meeting to certify joe biden's election victory meeting is now in emergency very sest there are reports that tear gas is being used to disperse the protesters a matter of washington d.c. has imposed a citywide curfew that starts at 6 pm local time. i'm
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for girl welcome to the program hundreds of supporters of us of president donald trump of stole the u.s. capitol in a bid to overturn his election defeat lawmakers had been meeting to certify joe biden's election victory but were forced to 1st vote in the session some protesters reportedly broke windows and police deployed tear gas in an effort to clear the building the mass of washington d.c. has issued a citywide curfew that begins at 6 pm local time. let's go straight to washington d.c. where we join d.w. so bureau chief minister welcome back what's the situation there now. well obviously this is in front of the capital has calmed down a little bit the police with the support of the feds have cleared. the location
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we don't know when the lawmakers will come together to as you just said phil to confirm the election will vote kind of to put an end to these ongoing election process to finally make joe biden the president elect but we don't really know what is going on in other parts of the city the curfew is just about to start at 6 o'clock and we see police all over the place in the mall this is kind of the big big area in the heart of washington between the white house and between the capitol but these most disturbing pictures from earlier on our gun it seems to be that the situation is coming down a little bit at least for the moment at least in the area of the capitol ok so
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as night falls what actually looking at pictures of the capitol building now there's a significant police presence as night falls we can see from camera angle and the processes of them i would but a very different picture from just a couple of hours ago in this. yeah right it was. 2 it was actually really kind of unbelievable so this march here started early on today and it was pretty peaceful until donald trump delivered his speech around 1130 local time like repeating the false claims that he won the elections in a landslide and then and this is very important for the development of this sick self generated in 20 to 21 he asked his supporters to march towards the capital and i was down there and the tappan actually really quickly you saw
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hundreds if not thousands of people marching with their flags towards the capitol shouting let's this is our house let's take a bag that was exactly when the. electoral college formation process was a bollard to start as well and then the situation unfolded and people really were able to storm the capitol and stop this democratic process one woman was shot we hear reports that she even died windows were broken the police used tear gas and it took them a couple of hours to really gain control over the situation and fill that for me is quite astonishing because i mean there were thousands of trump supporters gathering down at the mall and that it took the police so long to gain control back i think
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sure that some officials will have to answer some questions later in the process ok so that's where we're as far as the the business of the day goes as you say the lawmakers were there gathering to certify the results of the november's that election process has been suspended. right it was. stopped right away and we shall see what happens now 12 senators and hundreds or so congress and women have announced that they won't confirm they like szell load that they will of checked it. they are die hard to trump supporters that was kind of an act of loyalty towards the outgoing president it shall be interesting to see what they do now off to the things which
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happened this is today the day where the election will of all attest to be confirmed and. again it shall be interesting to see if they know it just like try to rush the process through so it's a done deal if they still kind of play this political game because they won't be able to stop joe biden from becoming the president this whole kind of objection is just. a political stand or a sign of protest but not really. a possibility to stop a joe biden from becoming the next president of the united states so over the last couple of hours what we've seen he's charm supporters rushed the capitol actually break in to the capitol building disrupt the proceedings of lawmakers inside no sign of police for a long time where we see
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a significant police presence now and in the course of those 2 hours in this we heard from the president elect and we heard from the president 2 very calm trusting messages that we have. right so joe biden delivered a very presidential speech he try to spread calm. he. i repeated his message that this country has to come together that this country has to overcome the divide and to hades and he asked he addressed actually president trump explicitly to arsk his supporters to step down to come fake to stop these riots it was a real speech and then later on after. i don't know how many hours after these riots took place finally. donald trump
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came out with a prerecorded 42nd message repeating the false claims that he won the presidential elections that the victory was taken away from him he said i understand how you feel addressing the people who have just stormed the capitol of the united states again the president of the united states says i understand how you feel and then finally he said go home and that was that were important words because fill his supporters only listen to one person and that is him so we really saw the kind of a shift in the movement many people left after they learned that the president of the united states asked them to go home but it took him a long time and it wasn't kind of the the peace making message some
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people would have wished for. whole washington bureau chief thank you so much in this poll keeping an eye on developments in this extraordinary evening that's introduced into the conversation and make ackerman who's a former assistant watergate prosecutor welcome to the w a you've witnessed a lot of political turmoil in your time it was seen anything like this before. this i have never seen anything like this i mean this is this really is way above and beyond what we've ever seen in this country at least in my lifetime maybe since the civil war but this is really off the charts what do you think we are seeing though is we seeing a rabble who have got over excited are we seeing an actual concerted attempts to to stop the certification of the electoral college what do you think actually happening. well i think what's happening you have to put this in the context of
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what's been going on since the election donald trump has been repeatedly lying to his supporters and everybody else that the election was rigged absolutely no evidence to support that statement or any of those statements he's gone into $45060.00 court proceedings every single judge has turned him down they have all found that there is no substance no evidence to anything that he is saying but there is a certain group of his supporters in this country that will believe anything he says and they will take action based on whatever he says and you heard him i mean the tape that came out a couple days ago with him with the secretary of state of georgia he is still trying to get somebody to fix the vote for him and he's he'll do it every can to try and stay in office and this is just pop art of that entire process he thinks
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for some reason that he can stop the electoral college vote from being counted it's just not going to happen this is a ceremonial function. joe biden has won the election the electoral college is voted he has gotten 303 electoral votes he's won the election by over 7000000 votes in the popular vote but you've got some people out there that think they can do this i mean the problem is from day one since donald trump has become president of this country he has fomented that this kind of our resistance by people this kind of. violence i mean we had a situation where the governor of michigan there was a plot that was uncovered to kidnap her try her in killer i mean this is the kind of thing that we've had since donald trump has become president and thank goodness 2 weeks from today. he will be out of office and hopefully will be done
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with it but there is one person in only one person who's responsible for all of this and that is donald trump and amongst the many the book the wealth of questions of people will ask about the this evening's proceedings all today's proceedings one of the biggest will be where the police set up the hundreds thousands of them now but 2 hours ago when we had there were crowds of people the storming of the capitol building not a cup inside that's a good question because even when the various state capitals were counting their votes for the electoral college i mean some of them were done in secret so that they couldn't be disrupted others were done with nobody else around or with plenty of law enforcement protection that is a very good question as to why there was nobody there to protect the capitol particularly when you had a joint session of both the house and the senate i mean it's really kind of
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a 3rd of the american government elected government was in one spot today and when you consider the kind of protection they give to the president united states the president elect of the united states and in fact the vice president was present for this session as well it does make you wonder why was there not proper protection you're asking an excellent question and this is something that i hope will be investigated out once come returns. dev you have the opportunity to a saving to speeches or even of the speeches that made by the president to president elect. i did in it's totally night and i mean joe biden is a statesman he comes across as being presidential he's thoughtful he's smart donald trump is a rabble rouser i mean he doesn't care he's looking to incite violence
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and he really has no concern for anybody other than himself i mean he did that in his initial campaign in 2016 inciting violence at his rallies he's done it since then i mean we had this. demonstration in virginia where he said there were good people on both sides when the ku klux klan and and these right wingers essentially killed a demonstrator at that event donald trump has really brought out some of the worst possible people from underneath the rocks here to come out and a give them the light of day to be able to spew their hatred and the trial of his victory off of him or that for interrupting but that just all not point pots of joe but during joe biden's speech he made the point a number of times he said this is not who we are but i think people
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aside it's a ask the question well maybe this is what america has become. well i hope not i don't think it's what who america is in what it's become there are a certain number of people we have a past history that goes way back to our civil war and probably before that of racism of violence of the use of guns of people taking law into their own hands and i thought i thought that we've come a long way and the problem is that donald trump has really given voice to those people he's given voice to that faction and he's brought those people out from underneath their rocks into the daylight and we've had that problem since day one when donald trump decided to run for president we've never had a president before who has basically been overtly racist has
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basically been overtly directed towards other ethnicities he started his campaign going after mexican citizens calling the rapists and criminals and he's continued in that vein straight through i mean this is not who the united states is is people who think and i said this i just say that i says this is not who the united states is and yet it's reco and numbers of american voters voted for donald trump voted for everything that you have just talked about record numbers. except record numbers voted for joe biden they voted for donald trump out of office by 78000000 votes they also just yesterday voted out 2 republican senators in georgia that basically supported
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everything that donald trump stands for and now joe biden comes in with a majority in the house he has a majority in the senate and i think. that would donald trump not in power and not on the scene it would make a big difference going forward and we said we almost had during the great depression we had a nother demagogue from louisiana who came very close to being in a position where he could have beaten franklin delano roosevelt but for the fact he had been assassinated so that there is this strain out there in american life that's been out there for a long time and hopefully we're going to be able to move forward from this now with joe biden and with a new senate a new congress and that's the hope but figured with a pushing this point given those record numbers of people who voted for donald trump given the fact that at this point it appears that he is not going to go
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quietly into the night. joe biden as president. he's going to have to deal with a significant shouty loud contingent of people who say you are not my president you stole this election i will have no truck with you how can you rule a peaceful law abiding country under those circumstances. well i think it's going to change once once donald trump's out of office he's gone i think it will move forward on a much more normal basis i mean it is true that there's a certain number of people probably it now i don't there would say it's a certain percentage and you saw them today in the capital but i don't even think that's who the real trump supporters are i mean he is basically a flim flam man and he's he's such them all in to his his his lies basically and i think once he's gone from the scene he's going to
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dissipate fairly quickly i don't think he's once he's out of power 'd and he's no longer able to be the center of attention i think joe biden is going to be able to bring this country back to order and i think a lot of the republicans are going to be happy that that's going to happen as well good talking to thank you for joining us nick ackerman a former assistant watergate prosecutor thank you for having me you're watching. live from berlin as recover the extraordinary events going and going on in the u.s. that capitol you've just been looking at pictures of police around the capitol building after people after hundreds perhaps thousands of people surrounded the building and then invaded it disrupting the meetings going on inside it let's go to correspondent teri schultz who is in brussels having a look at some of the reactions from the european capitals what have you been
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seeing and hearing tony. hi phil well it's clear that europeans are not going to sleep early tonight i think that they are mesmerized and horrified by the scenes they seek continuing to unfold in the capital there i was perhaps most struck by the fact that the secretary general yen stoltenberg hours ago tweeted about this and this is a man who really cannot be drawn into commenting on internal affairs in any of the allied countries and yet he tweeted that these are shocking scenes in washington d.c. he said this the outcome of the democratic election must be respected and then as as the hours tick by you saw all the leaders of the european institutions the commission the council and the parliament all making similar comments to you foreign policy chief dose of burrell's says in the eyes of the world american democracy tonight is under siege this is not america. joseph burrell
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says the election must be fully respected 1st lavonne alliance also says the peaceful transition of power or is that the coup or of american democracy show michel the president of the european council saying the same to witness tonight scenes in washington d.c. he says is a shock we must ensure the peaceful transfer of power now one thing about all of these comments is that they do not they are not directed personally at donald trump we saw some leaders of e.u. nations actually getting stronger and now we have this the prime minister of sweden saying that trump president trump and many members of congress have a great responsibility for what's happening in washington d.c. also the german foreign minister saying trunk and his supporters should finally accept the results of the elections so clearly europeans are are extremely concerned they can't believe what is happening in washington d.c. and they are very much hoping that it comes under control what what happens in
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washington definitely sends a shiver down the spine in brussels to brussels thank you so much. for your reaction. fiduciaries let me bring you up to date on what's going on now we're focusing on the united states much of the rest of this evening were supporters of president a trump have stormed the u.s. in capitol hill and the chamber where lawmakers had been beating to certify joe biden's election victory will make his words into an emergency recess with several senators confirming electoral college ballots were rescued before protesters and their imports the tear gas was used to disperse the protesters and that washington d.c. police chief concern has confirmed that one civilian was shot inside the capitol 12 hour curfew ordered by the men of d.c. has since come into effect so as all that was happening
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president elect joe biden addressed the nation and asked the current president president trump to demand an end to what he called a sage sorry not just an inconvenience but i'm sorry for the reason we delayed delayed could be down to speak you initially was going to talk about congress but all of you all of you've been watching what i've been watching at this hour our democracy is under unprecedented saw. unlike anything we see in modern times. you just saw the citadel of liberty the capitol itself
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an assault on the people's representatives in the capitol hill police sworn to protect the public servants who work at the heart of our republic an assault on the rule of law like few times we've ever seen. an assault on most sacred of american undertakings the doing of the people's business the may be very clear the scenes of chaos at the capitol do not reflect the true america do not represent who we are but we're sane or a small number of extremists dedicated to lawlessness this is not the scent is disorder it's chaos it borders on sedition and it
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must and now i call on this mob to pull back and allow them work of democracy to go forward you heard me say before a different context the words of a president matter no matter how good or bad that president is at their best the words of a president can inspire at their worst they can incite therefore. i call on president trump to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the constitution and demand an end to this see. the storm the capitol to smash windows
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to occupy offices the floor of the united states senate rummaging through desks on the capitol of the house of representatives threatening the safety of duly elected officials it's not protest it's insurrection the world is watching and like so many other americans i'm genuinely shocked and saddened of our nation so long the beacon of light hope for democracy has come to such a dark moment through war and strife america's endured much. and we will endure here and we will prevail again and will prevail now the work of the moment and the work of the next 4 years must be the restoration of democracy of decency honor respect the rule of law
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just plain simple decency the reno all of the politics it's about solving problems looking out for one another that's stoking the flames of hate and chaos as i said america is about honor decency respect tolerance that's who we are a salute always bad the certification electorate college the electoral college vote supposed to be a sacred ritual which we have for our purposes to affirm the majesty of american democracy but today's reminder a painful one at the marcus is fragile and to preserve it requires people of goodwill leaders of the courage to stand up
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who are devoted not to the pursuit of power of or the personal interests pursuits of their own selfish interest at any cost but of the common good think when our children watching television is thinking think with the rest the world is looking at for nearly 2 and a half centuries we the people in search of a more perfect union ever kept our eyes on that common good americans so much better than the received today watching the scenes in the capitol i was reminded as i prepared other speeches in the past of mind of the words of abraham lincoln and xander a message to congress whose work has today been interrupted by chaos he's a lincoln said. he said we shall mobilise say or really lose
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the last best hope on earth went on to say the way is plain peaceful generous just a way which if followed the world will forever applaud and god must forever bless the ways plain here to actually are this the way of democracy of respect of decency of honor and commitment as patriots to this nation notwithstanding what i saw today we're seeing today i remain optimistic about the incredible opportunities there's never been anything we can't do when we do it together
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and this god awful of the splay today bring it home to every republican and democrat independent in the nation that we russ step up this is the united states of america there's never ever ever ever ever been a thing we've tried to do. that we've done together and i've been able to do it. the president trying to step up to god bless america. god protect our troops and all those folks at the capitol are trying to preserve order thank you and i'm sorry to have kept you waiting. as president elect joe biden responding to this evening's events this is not who we
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are his big message that we are better than this let's speak with cynthia miller dress she legs as an american university in washington d.c. on the far right extremism welcome to d.w. . as you watch these events unfold over the last couple of hours what's been going through your mind. thank you for having me and sorry about the circumstances you know for people like me who have been studying these kinds of far right extremist events for a long time this is infuriatingly predictable but nonetheless shocking and i think anyone this is the city i live in to see those images to see people you know violently breaking in the windows storming the capitol to hear now that a woman has died who was shot inside the capitol. even when we could see the predictability unfolding of the kind of the scaling up of violence that we've seen
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over the past few months and felt that this was an almost inevitable kind of outcome this type of not just protest but insurrection it's still very shocking to see right much it in the pot but start with. your conviction that this is a bizarre far right extremists rather than just. supporters who got a bit out of control you see this as being that these are from the far right. i think that if you consider far the definition of far right extremism to mean and to include anti democratic attitudes and beliefs and practices this falls within that category that they are trump supporters who have veered into far right extremism that storming a capitol like you've seen also in germany is storming of a attempted storming of a parliament several months ago that that is an extremist kind of act and so whether that comes from a group that is an identifiable you know card carrying member of
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a far right extremist group or if there's a far right extremist act i think that's what we're seeing here and that when you see that kind of challenge to democracy calls for civil war calls for acts of insurrection that is an extremist act and it should be identified as such and just as you say that this is predictable so draw us a line then join up the events that led to to where we are today as you see it. yeah i think we've been seeing i mean obviously we've been seeing over the past several years increases in extremist activity in the willingness to to mobilize toward violence and we're not just seeing here a spontaneous mob of people who moved from peaceful protest into suddenly deciding that they were going to you know try to attack the capitol and get inside of it this was planted there were pipe bombs planned also there were reports now coming from the police that they were using some kind of chemical spray to get past them
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and so you know we know that there was a planned element to this is well and i think that matters when you saw things like the plot against the michigan governor against a virginia governor coming out of militia french is when we've seen escalation and calls from the president to not accept the election and those kinds of. political rhetoric that also legitimizes a sense of people feeling like the election has been stolen and that they are somehow feeling justified in proposing a civil war are acting on insurrectionists kinds of beliefs and how complicit do you believe the president to bay. getting i think the president has yeah the president has to be held accountable for a language that that that does not deescalate 1st of all i think the most important thing would be to deescalate we heard we waited far too long to hear any kind of statement or attempt to deescalate anything or to or to or to try to steer people
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away from the violence but of course false facts false information false claims about election disruption about about votes about voter fraud about mass voter fraud all of those kinds of claims which the president has repeatedly made and we've heard even into the last week about this fuck taped phone call to georgia you know this this clearly is the kind of. language that has encouraged legitimized and normalize. behavior that that feels like an empowers people to take matters into their own hands keep going about it good joe biden speech this is not who we are and i can't help wondering if this is what the united states has become do you expect this this phenomenon to die down when president to trump leaves office. i mean it's a great question it's you know we on the one hand i think we are going to see i think what i expect is further polarization and
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a further split i think on the one hand we are going to see some legitimation. fights you know within extremist groups who feel like this was a success they plotted to get into the capitol and they did and they have images you know the photographs of them taking down the fire the american flag and replacing at hosting a trump flag i mean they they got all the way into the rotunda all the way into the chambers they got into palosi office i mean these kinds of images will be seen a success and i think that it will empower and sort of give other extremists a sense of achievement that this can't can't be done but on the other hand i do think that there will be some reaction and some backlash among the population among republicans perhaps and among other trump supporters that this was maybe a step too far and i think we will only really know over the coming days what that what happens and it's a very unpredictable at the moment i mean we're sitting in a in a curfew it's unprecedented. it's hard to know that how hard joe biden will how
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what do you think joe biden's attitude should be one season because these people are still going to be out there feeling aggrieved feeling that their election was stolen feeling that that their leader has been hard done by and that a user is now in office does he extend an olive branch to them does he ignore them does he crack down on them what do what does he do. joe biden has a very difficult needle to thread in this for sure he does have to i think convey a calming presence 1st of all a sense of security i think he also has to remind the public and reassure the public and call for equal treatment of protesters regardless of what spectrum they come from and so one of the things i think that's really disturbing from the images today is seeing the capitol police not dressed in the kind of riot gear and lined
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up in multiple rows on the capitol steps that they were the way that they appeared for the black lives matter protest the summer but actually dressed in not in right here without with a lesser kind of force a show of force out and and i think that was in the steak obviously they were unprepared they were caught off guard but not because they didn't have ample warning that this kind of thing could happen although i'm sure they were also surprised but because they were treating it in the same way and i think one of the things that joe biden has to do is ensure that that that across the spectrum that that any kind of violence on the streets any kind of violence directed against the government democratic actions are treated in the same way and i also think yes to remind americans what democracy is i think we are in an extremely fragile moment where where we do have you know millions of people claiming that an election was invalid and there's going to be some work that has to be done to to 6 to convince
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people about how government how democracy works and we're in we're in a place where we're going to have to have some some healing in restoration as well it's a dead lots and in that to have a look at one of the the big things is that you talk about. the need for policing to be applied equally but we've been here before not just under this president but under the law of the last president under his 2 terms when various police forces around the united states were killing black people power in qually with impunity and it was very little that could be done from washington about these local police forces who were to their own rules. yeah i think that one of the things that has to happen in this administration and i believe well happen i think there are enough calls for it now particularly given what's happening in germany with investigations into far right engagement in the military in the security services and law enforcement there after scandal after scandal in germany we've had
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scandal after scandal here but no similar kinds of investigations we need to have the department of defense and the department of justice be held accountable for reporting data we don't even have data to know the scope of the problem and whether we're talking about a few bad apples are more systematic kind of problem when we're talking about law enforcement complicity so you know there's this issue of whether law enforcement are a part of the problem but how they are then trained to treat protesters and of course the brutality against black and brown americans isn't that is an additional part of that problem as well and so actually i think this is a perfect example of where where learning and collaboration from what's happening overseas particularly in germany is something that that has to be leaned into within the u.s. and if there is ever an opportunity to do it now particularly with the news about the senate race which got a little bit lost today in the in the in the middle of this insurrection you know we have we have
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a moment where we might actually have some movement on that good talk to you thank you so much for joining us cynthia miller idris of the american university in washington d.c. thank you for having me. are you watching the news here's a look at what's been going on in this turbulent day in washington police have been clearing protesters from the grounds of the u.s. capitol have used tear gas and percussion grenades to break up the crowds well leaders have condemned the violence that british prime minister blair is jones and describe the scenes as disgraceful german foreign minister heiko mass calls on trump supporters to stop trampling on democracy an explosive device has been found near the capital law enforcement said the device was no longer a threat the city's man has imposed a 6 pm curfew in response to the rest and urged people to go home the curfew is now in effect let's go back to washington.
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bureau chief in this poll welcome back in this has now been a fatality one woman was shot and has now died are we hearing anything more about her. yeah no we don't know anything else but that she obviously is a civilian who was inside the capital but we don't have any further information if she was working for the government. if she was just. a regular person who happened to be there so no further information of this woman and we don't have any other information that any other people of god injured seriously so far phil and what's the what's the scene in washington now it's seems a lot calmer there seems to be hundreds of police in town. absolutely it's
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no really what you probably would have expected like a couple of followers ago the police has taken control of the area around the capital all those who tried to storm the buildings are a gun the city is under curfew no for the next next 11 and something hours so the city is in the rule areas is dead as no one is on the streets but there are still parts of the mall where trump supporters are gathering so it can be those who came into washington from from other parts of the united states just didn't make a dollar to it so we will have a close eye on those people they are by yes the police seems to be in charge for now and the situation is coming down a little bit phil i will looking at
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a pictures from. just after the storm are going to happen to you with when there was this rally trump. gave a speech and the sort of the temperature changed. absolutely phil i was there from early morning on it's a kind of a cold generally morning people. gathered really early on today they started pouring into this area around 7 o'clock and by 9 the area was really filled and the situation the mood for us fairly peaceful i mean you always. kind of see the die hard supporters as these rally who've kind of wearing uniforms and come across as really strong militia. mainly man but overall the atmosphere was really peaceful people just came together
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and executed. 2 to march for their own pinion but then also donald trump. delivered his speech around $1130.00 where he repeated again that he won the presidential election that it was stolen from him and then he asked his supporters to march towards the capital and this is when the mood really changed at people shouted lance lance lance marched to the capitol to the capitol let's kind of take control this is our house and this is like initiated by donald trump and this whole situation ask elated people stormed the capitol and the police.


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