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the european population felt that it was important to be white and to stay grunt. exclusion and contempt culminating in forced sterilization under the nazis. this documentary examines the few traces that remain of their existence we call them the children. storage january 11th on d w. this is d w news and these are our top stories vote counting is underway in the u.s. state of georgia where the results of runoff elections will determine which party controls the u.s. senate democrats need to win both seats in order to take effective control of the chamber and boost president elect joe biden's chances of carrying out his agenda.
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german chancellor angela merkel has announced an extension to the country's coronavirus lockdown until the end of january and introduced tougher restrictions on public life germany recorded more than 900 coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hour period the spy's a toughening of restrictions in december. venezuela's new parliament has met for its 1st session with president nicolas maduro as party in almost complete control of the national assembly his united socialist party won more than 92 percent of seats a month ago after the opposition parties led by one boycotted the elections that they plan to maintain a parallel parliament. this is g.w. news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram d w news or visit our website d.w. dot com.
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another day another political storm gathering of the united states as republicans and democrats throw money at the crucial georgia runoff and trump diehards promise to objects to congress the electoral college presidential result these may be the dying days of his presidency but donald trump is refusing to go quietly i'm filled in and this is the day. that the stakes of this election could be higher one more. cherry. to election i won. we won 3 times.
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georgia voters have never had more power than you have today i want to feel that our january. we'll. hear your. tough germany extends its coverage down to the end of january but will it be enough to slow down the infection right. we are very very close to the limit at some hospitals. and that's prompted us to agree on more far reaching measures. welcome to the day we begin in georgia where 2 runoff elections will decide who controls the u.s. senate and therefore who controls joe biden's presidential agenda over the next 4 years if mr biden's democrats win both seats then senate will be split 5050 with
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vice president coming. as i type break donald trump's republicans need only to retain one seat to preserve their senate majority those seats currently held by republicans in november no congress it beats the 50 percent of votes needed to win outright t.w. has been out on the streets in georgia talking to people who are aware of the importance of this knife edge folks this is why we go. and get to know even who you vote for not go for all the violence. justice for minorities and for black so we've got to make it right and the only way to make it right is by avoiding. this particular election that's about. the 3 branches of government. that's what. i think about. no. complete complete control.
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well latest polls indicate 2 very close races more than 3000000 georgians have already cast early ballots so today's turnout will be the w.'s in this poll center stage from a voting station in atlanta it is here in georgia the fate of joe biden's presidency will be out to mentally decided today because it is this election that will decide who controls the senate if the republicans keep the majority it will be hard for biden to presume his political agenda as it is very likely that the republicans will block all of this bill's to undermine his success there is a lot at stake in the southern states so no wonder that a lot of money actually more than half a $1000000000.00 has been spent on campaigning over the last 2 months the biggest challenge for both parties is to get people out to vote again after an exhausting presidential election at the end of the day it will come down to who can motivate more people to go out and cast their ballot the polls will close at 7 local time
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but it is well possible that it might take days before we have the results because everybody is expecting a razor thin outcome and there is fear that we might experience violence later because the united states still has a president who is obviously not able to accept the democratic process unless he is the winner as poll reports well with so much riding on these votes the u.s. president and president elect arrived in georgia on monday to bring out the vote joe biden joined the democratic candidates in the state capital atlanta and told voters what was at stake the power the power is learning in your hands unlike any time in my career one state want state can chart the course not just for the next 4 years for the next generation. donald trump also held
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a rally but mainly use the event to air his grievances about his defeat last november his appearance came amidst another political storm over a taped conversation in which she said he was pressuring georgian officials to find votes i mean 1st joe biden's victory in the state of monday's rally he repeated his baseless claims of election from. georgia by the way there's no way we lost your just this. 1000 rigged election so we're still fighting it and you'll see what's going to happen the radical democrats are trying to capture georgia's senate seat so they can wield unchecked unrestrained absolute power over every aspect of your life. darrell and west as a u.s. author and political commentator he's currently vice president and director of government studies at the brookings institution its most recent book is divided politics divide the nation hyper conflict in the trump era a welcome to d
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w let's start with georgia how close do you expect this result to be. georgia's very closest certainly the early voting favors democrats but the people who are voting today actually are much more likely to be republicans so i think the one big unanswered question is what impact the trump this from yesterday will have on the election as well as the truck from call which basically attempted to undermine democracy will that trying or some of those key suburban voters those republicans are going to need in order to curious interests and if it's that close in such of such a volatile political atmosphere what happens when we get the result it's contested day and contested and contested what he expected to happen. well americans are more divided now i think than any time since the civil war of 150 years ago so
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liberals and conservatives are going to have very different interpretations trump will continue to basically say his election was stolen this election was stolen because of the heavy emphasis on mail ballots there's no evidence that there was a ballot fraud but you know america is just highly polarized right now the media system reinforces that social media exposes people to extreme rhetoric are in either side so it's a very challenging time in the united states right now. i don't top of that we have a number of republican congressmen and women who say they will object to certify the electoral college vote what effect is that likely to have it's not going to have an effect in terms of the actual outcome i mean joe biden is going to be inaugurated 2 weeks from now he will be the next president he's putting together his administration it's a really good team and a team that's going to be reaching out to european allies but you know it's very
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disappointing as someone who studies of politics to see republicans treat the constitution as a piece of paper as opposed to a secret document that undergirds democracy this is an anti democracy attack on their part there's no evidence of ballot fraud there's been dozens of lawsuits that have been heard in various. courts around the country including judges appointed by a dollar trump all of them have basically said there was no ballot fraud so yeah you know his whole divided politics divided nation hype a conflict in the trump area does the trump era end with joe biden's inauguration in 2 weeks. the sad thing is that trump ism is likely to outlast trump himself even though the president is going to be leaving office quite shortly the underlying conditions that enable him still are going to be there and that the
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high level of income inequality that we face the large geographic disparities my colleagues at brookings didn't alice and found only 15 percent of american counties generate more than 70 percent of our g.d.p. so much of america is being left behind they're upset those are the people who supported trump and they're still going to be not doing well economically are still going to be disappointed and they're looking for people to blame and trump and other people like him are basically going to be appealing to those individuals even after truck himself leaves office it was what we now have a situation is where we have this this volatile political situation that you have outlined there and one wonders where noble now is because you have a u.s. president who has openly boasted about his ability to sexually assault women who was appointed family members to keep positions in his administration an administration that separated children from their families and lost track of them so with joe biden's inauguration does politics go back to normal in quotes all old
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has that needle been shifted to find how to bounce back. well it certainly has been a crazy time the last 4 years the united states i mean my lifetime i've never seen anything of what we have endured during the trump presidency but the good news is there is trump the cheek in america i mean trump clearly has some people who are supporting him and will continue to support him no matter what he does but keep in mind joe biden won this election by more than 7000000 votes suburban voters who traditionally have leaned republican rejected donald trump so i'm actually optimistic about 2021 even though we're probably never going to return to the way things were 4 years ago i do believe we are going to have a period of much greater stability far less chaos there'll be more predictability in terms of american foreign policy which i'm sure our european allies will
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appreciate joe biden is going to put a very high if this is on rebuilding of those foreign policy relationships that the united states needs so given the stress testing that the last 4 years has provided i wonder where you are on this how the constitution's checks and balances prove themselves to be fit for purpose. actually i am impressed with the number of republicans who have stepped up just in the last few weeks to really secure american democracy i mean you're absolutely right our democracy has been tested and we actually came very close to a much worse outcome than what we're going to face of this year but in the end there were state and local election officials all across the country that up help democracy there were republicans who confronted donald trump there are 8 increasing number of republican senators who are basically saying anough isn't enough and are
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not tolerating his efforts to overturn this election so i think from that standpoint it's encouraging news the system did hold it certainly was tested but i do believe american democracy will continue and ensure well into the future well i had my optimism thank you so much for joining us and darrell and wes from the brookings institution. in the final weeks and months of his presidency donald trump has been conspicuously absent from his presidential duties but has managed to spend a lot of time on the golf course there's not speculation that he might skip joe biden's you know gratian on the 28th of january and travel to his golf resort in western scotland well today scotland's 1st minister nicola sturgeon poured cold water on those rooms you know we're not allowing people to come into scotland for
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with an essential purpose right now and that would apply to him just as applies to anybody else and come into play golf is not what i would consider to be and central purpose. let's end told now german chancellor angela merkel and the country's regional leaders have agreed to extend and tough when they come corona vote the country's coronavirus lockdown until at least the end of january in batches include limiting nonessential travel for residents of hard hit areas all over the country the lockdown had been due to end next week but officials are alarmed at the country's high numbers of infections and deaths occur and measures keeping non-essential shops schools and services closed have been in place since mid december. said the family to curb the spread of infection in germany had left her with no other choice than to tighten contact rules for the on a book that we call an all citizens to reduce their contacts to others to an absolute minimum and in an extension of the country strictures on private
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gatherings people will only be allowed to meet those from their own households plus one other person from another household i know better than most that we even knew at the start that's a significant reduction from the contra of 5 people from 2 households wholesale than they are muslim because of regarding the previously agreed strategy on what happens in areas with more than 200 factions per 100000 inhabitants. we've decided on a further possible measure which is limiting people's movement to a radius of 15 kilometers from the home unless they have a compelling reason to do otherwise these are of course doctor's appointments or places of employment which must be visited tourist day trips in particular are not compelling reasons. came to 15 point. let's hear more from the dubious chief political editor i mean him. today's decisions or this
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clearly signals that the government believes that there are still yet worse times to come i'm going to michael also stressed that the data was a bit shaky that they had to decide on and that were grave concerns particular king towards person where this new strain of the virus is far more contagious than the corona strain that is currently seen mostly in germany so big concerns looking into the future and that's why this goes beyond those appeals we saw before christmas that there now will be also legal measures in place essentially forcing people to give up those contacts restricting even more how many people can gather only one guest can come round for tea basically visiting one family and also once again the appeal to that already stricken economy here to employers to let people work from home in 3 weeks there will be the next gathering and clearly it's not
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being ruled out that we could see yet more restrictions put in place. it can occur for parts of britain where i have a prime minister barak's jobs and has knowledge that people across the u.k. are making another huge sacrifice as a new lock down takes effect people in england are under a stat home order that will last for at least 6 weeks scotland wales and northern ireland are also imposing tough measures now this comes as the u.k. because more than 60000 new coronavirus cases in a day. 5 days into the new year brits woke up with a covert hangover the. streets once bustling now all but to serve as a few highly contagious period of the by recess reach havoc throughout the country forcing england into its 2nd straight lockdown since the start of the pandemic. you may only leave home for limited reasons permitted in law such as too short for
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essentials to work if you absolutely cannot work from home to exercise to seek medical assistance such as getting a k.p. test or to skate domestic abuse. for many pill to swallow but most agree there is no where the cure as england has seen a 50 percent jump in covered hospitalizations since christmas day. my view he said i think it's something that needs to be done to. people take responsibility for themselves and then ultimately i suppose the central government has responsibly. yeah i definitely think it was the right decision today. i just hope that everyone doesn't. again so sure that the opposition is calling on the government to provide the 8 needed for those affected. by the
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parents will need support in the coming days because the schools the shops businesses will support because they won't be able to operate the package needs to be put in place as soon as possible because compliance needs clear messaging but also support for people to make sure that they comply in wales where patients were among the 1st to receive the 2nd approved vaccine produced by astra zeneca tough luck measures have been in place since the 20th of december. before johnson's announcement scotland's 1st minister nicolas sturgeon imposed similar restrictions while northern ireland's executive is expected to follow suit oh british hospitals now have more patients than at the height of the. with resources slow and stuff overwhelmed the prime minister warns the coming weeks could be the hardest yet.
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see how we got here and where we go from here we'll take a broader look at the situation with a mission he's a senior scholar at the johns hopkins center for health security welcome back to d.w. dr we're talking on a day when germany's followed a number of other western countries in intensifying and extending its lock down to the light so that measures failed politicians generally too cautious about imposing severe restrictions or perhaps only acting when they appear to have no other choice i think and in many cases what we find our politicians are being reactive and you have to remember that lock downs are an evidence of a policy of failure because if you can test trace and isolate countries like taiwan have done you don't have to do lock downs but clearly we see countries including in the united states where we say we kind of go up and down where we have cases go up and then they have a lock down they go down but then nothing is done in between there's no public health infrastructure built there is no test trace isolate capacity there's no home testing all of that doesn't occur and then cases inevitably go up you have to
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remember this virus is here it's with us so we have to come up with a sustainable approach and not usually trying to do blanket things temporarily and then not fixing the problem in the same thing repeating the same mistake over and over again so part of the german approach seems to be to try and get infection numbers down so that they can reimpose they test and trace system. put that back in place but we got the good news we got the vaccines and then we had the worst news we got the skyrocketing infections and death rates and now more virulent mutations so that there seems to be a sort of psycho never to pull cycle to this. right and i think it's not surprising when you look at this virus that we know that coronaviruses can transmit efficiently and now we're about a year into this pandemic so i think it's really not the case that this is the only tool that politicians can run for is it is a lockdown i think you have to ask what did they do all of these these 12 months why isn't there test trace isolate capacity in many countries this was all
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predictable we knew that this was going to continue to plague us and i think many countries thought magically that this would go away or that they would be able to control it but a virus like this is unforgiving and if you don't have the public health infrastructure to keep cases to a manageable level if you don't have enough contact tracers if you don't scale up back to nation fast enough this same cycle will continue to repeat itself over and over again and it is not sustainable so let's let's see about let's talk about the lessons learned because one has to wonder what do you think is the biggest lesson but we need to take from this pandemic in order to prepare or prevent the next it's being proactive this virus appear in china it was discovered in china december 31st 2019 and most of the world gave the virus a major head start at least until february or march before they started to act if you give a virus that has efficient transmission capacity that level of a head start you're going to have undetected chains of transmission that put your
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hospitals into crisis so you have to act very rapidly when a new virus is identified to make sure you have hospitals fortified that you have tests that you will start vaccine development that you have enough personal protective equipment but no country really did that except for a few asian countries and i think that's the lesson is that if you don't follow tried and true principles of pandemic preparedness you will be hit hard and you can't we can't let this happen with the next pandemic we have to move into action very quickly with targeted public health interventions and the sort of the lessons been to thank you for talking to us dr doctor a belgian from the jones hope consent for health security. away from the pandemic talks on the future of afghanistan a 2 to resume this week stakeholders who include the afghan government and the taliban are trying to and decades of conflict with the desire for peace deal hasn't holton the violence instead there has been a string of killings across afghanistan targeting the educated elite judges doctors
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and journalists and t.v. biloela may 1 who was gunned down last month. miller ghoul's wife was murdered by the taliban years ago now their daughter has also been killed malala my wife and was one of the few female journalists in afghanistan until she was shot dead last month in cold blood. she was brutally murdered for no reason at all her only crime was that she spoke the truth and fought against injustice she gave her life because she wanted to help other women in particular. malala was an anchor at the afghan news division any cas her boss zalmai latif he remembers her as a fearless broadcaster on the day of her death she was shed you to present the morning show. to your colleagues who are waiting for
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her in the studio at some point a call came telling us she was dead. it was tragic we all started crying and couldn't understand who would do such a thing to malala. and. her father shows us where his daughter and her driver were killed by unidentified gunmen attacks like this are growing more frequent in afghanistan in 2020 more than 10 journalists were killed malala former boss is concerned about this constant threat. all. of course this puts a lot of pressure on us it was tricks our reporting we expect the government to take necessary security measures so we as journalists can once again report freely in the country and in the future. what the.
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malala as funeral was well attended. there are many here who feel the recent uptick in violence against journalists and intellectuals will find the silent civil society. beyond that of them while malala just wanted one thing peace in afghanistan she was so happy when the peace negotiations with the taliban started and she was so sure that everything would finally get better once she told me that she was ready to die for peace no she's dead but there is still no peace. as legacy hangs over afghanistan a defiant reminder of the victims of violence and the peace for which they fought. and that was the day as ever they conversation continues online on twitter at the news of a good day. electric
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how the virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss them. just through the tactics that we've covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you like and the information on the clone a virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at twitter dot com or on slash science. is this what the future of transportation looks like probably not at least not anytime soon but when today's inventors and visionaries look at the streets sidewalks.


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