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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2021 12:45pm-1:01pm CET

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suddenly the number fell 213000 cases and now supposedly it's just 1300 that has out of i be outputted as award a. qur'an doesn't expect to do anything about her plight she hopes that when her son marries he'll tell his wife not to have a hysterectomy and she says that if she knew then what she knows now she'd never of had the operation. they break gender barriers in sports give unsung heroine a voice. and help others become more independent minded in our impact series we meet entrepreneurs human rights activists and bloggers fighting injustice and to abuse in their societies. people making an impact people making a difference.
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you know humans on the planet why is this ad. because we have culture and we have culture that have for whatever reason taught us that this is an embarrassing part of life which is strange because it's one of the most miraculous pieces of our biology and. the crew is an app to help women facing understand what is going on in their body in contract with your peers their you contract paints and mood swings and sexual activity and many other things that are all scientifically related to the cycle and then when you get back inspection and see what's coming up the next couple of days you can start seeing carnations across in cycles. 3 tried to cation. maybe there's that when women thing men well with their biology they can have
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a stronger voice in the world and i think the world needs to hear many different types of voices. i grew up traveling on motorcycles around the world with my parents and my older brother since i was an infant so i've seen a lot of the world and seen many women's lives in many different settings so since really deeply in the sense that until women have control over their own bodies and their own childbearing it's really difficult to start having the good developmental cycles i would want to see in the world. one thing that we're proud to be with the use they use as data is to do scientific work so with carefully selected research institutions we do science work and from our hearts with that aim to advance the knowledge around through our house so that we can get this knowledge also back to the people who tracked the data. but knowledge in itself is of course not gender
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you know a car is a car a space rocket is the space rocket but some take is really just saying there is a group of technologies that addressing needs that women have specifically because we have a specific body that is different to that of male. in the house and still not talk about the mouth it's under research it's also under-funded there's a lot of work to be done to really have a world where people can talk freely about those us they can talk about their headaches. was my. new. music connects us it doesn't differentiate between where people come from or what gender they are it's a language that's understood across the globe almost every child around the world longings to learn an instrument because making music dancing and singing don't just
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tap into our emotions they can unleash our deepest potential for. the. the last few minutes before the performance begins when stage fright is at its most intense when the audience is waiting expectantly that's the part that rosie enjoys most it's the culmination of a journey one that was anything but easy. but i mean for me some music saved me i used to have terrible family problems for me at. the. for tourists via give it a novel is a lovely place to spend a relaxing vacation but in the mountainous hinterland most people struggle to make ends meet. rosie's mother earns
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a few pesos selling tomatoes door to door. and i am not very rosy grew up in abject poverty. her family still can't afford a modern stove. and immoral says they are not our financial situation is difficult and my parents just don't have any money they have nothing in. the family has been through some dark times rosie's father is a recovering alcoholic he'd come home from work drunk angry and with empty pockets . don't blame me my mother would cry my children would cry papa stay with us but i just go off drinking again. is ok you might go but i want to use. rosie's mother was determined her children would have more opportunities than she had she signed them up for a new orchestra project offering disadvantaged children free music lessons it was
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a decision that would change their lives. the orchestras musical director is crossed for elias he's not interested in working with professional musicians chasing fame and fortune you want to move the ball girl select their students carefully they want the best in the world i don't care about the best kids i'm interested in all kids that is on. the field or moony of ideas santa is an orchestra financed by donations it's specifically for children from poor backgrounds who can't afford music lessons let alone instruments what they do have isn't. as members of an orchestra they're learning more than just how to play their instrument they're learning about creativity team spirit and responsibility.
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the idea is to make the learning music fun there's no pressure the students even get to conduct and have a turn being in charge it boosts their confidence for rosie the orchestra was a lifesaver. this is a bit i don't see that get them i'm so grateful to have discovered music it lifted me out of the misery and loneliness i felt that music is my whole life now. if. you learn music media. i've also. oriole feels like he's found a family to a friend and i'm an orphan. this is my family really i love it but. if i didn't have this then i would really be badly off. there's no mistaking his commitment on foot orchestra practice is 2 hours away from where he lives. i have
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also passes on what he's learnt to other children in his village. but i mean. ok with me in sharing what i can do with others is what drives me. you must going to was a killer my village patterns over music. and that really means a lot to me. rosie now studies music at a university a long way from home. she takes piano and saxophone classes. it's a demanding program. slow down you're rushing you're nervous concentrated. but rosie knows she can't take anything for granted accommodation food going to
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university costs money the university supports rosie as much as it can she's clearly a gifted student the feel armani of bias on a trained her well it's an excellent they'll know. she's an excellent student 1st class we're doing everything in our power to make sure she can carry on because they love it and. you seem to be here like this it can get i mean if someone asked me if i wanted a different life i would say no i'm proud of who i am but i had to grow up fast. and the best part is that when i began with music my father told me he would quit drinking and win back his family. and that's what he did rosie's father no longer drinks and he works as a technician with the orchestra. today is a special day for the young musicians they are performing invited but i have
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a main square. one that it's so important it's a milestone for the confidence for all of you know your. rosie is proud to be here . i am i am i am when performing the orchestra gets to bask in the glory of everything it's achieved. it's when the underprivileged young musicians realise that their accomplishments are an enrichment not just of their own lives but everyone's. to it was such. 'd that's all from us a global 3000 this time we're back next week of course with more stories from
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around the planet in the meantime don't forget to write to us let us know what you enjoyed about the program and what you'd like to learn more about us you can reach us at global 3000 at g.w. dot com and of course do check out our facebook page the women see you next time take cat.
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india. protesting speech to congress. in such a could have been reagan's 4th delicious current urban farmers are preventing the spices from kindergarten in. the desert and the common man i'm going to follow similar to a normal single drop of water is wastage and parent land quickly turns green. 30 minutes on t.w. .
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people knocking for garbage. there are many answers. there are many reasons. and there are many alternatives to. make up your own mind to. make for minds. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating
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boards heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get kidnapped now. story of producing propaganda. they were called the rhineland bastards born after the 1st world war. their mothers were germans living in the occupied drawing land their fathers soldiers from the french colony. these half of the german children had a hard time because they were reminder of the german defeat of. exclusion. they did against forced sterilization under the nazis. this documentary examines the few traces that remain of their existence. they call them the children of shame. starch january 11th on d. w. . what about the.
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above. this is d w news live from a british judge blocks julian assange just extradition to the us supporters celebrate outside a london courthouse the judge ruled the wiki leaks founder would have been a suicide risk is handed over to u.s. authorities we will take your life like that. also coming up the u.s. president recorded trying to change an election results and there's nothing wrong with saying that you know. 2 2 that you're prepared to lay that donald trump president election official this.


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