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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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damage border area. waiting for a chance that we probably never. dreams starts january 18th on d w. this is the w. news alive from berlet germany extend its 2nd lockdown while vaccinations all are under way more than 2 weeks of walk down restrictions have failed to prefer to infections found medical experts are raising at the alarm also coming up on the shelf french police shut down an illegal new year's eve that they fear could it be a super spreader of that subsumes $1500.00 people to fight
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a coronavirus curfew it took part of you through tonight. tens of oakland is making is back after a short winter break we'll bring you all the highlights from frankfurt's clash with the labor costs and. hello i'm claire it's and welcome to the show here in germany there has been a surge in covert 1000 deaths over the past month more than half of all attacks in the entire pandemic were recorded in a december calls are now growing louder for germany to extend its current lockdown chancellor merkel is due to hold talks on tuesday with leaders from germany's 16 states to discuss that lockdown which is set to end on january 10th a leading doctors union is urging for an extension saying the healthy. system is in
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desperate need of relief. and for more i'm joined by professor toby escargots he has an epidemiologist and the director of the institute of public health at the sheraton a hospital here in berlin dr carter calls for the lockdown being extended are growing louder are they justify. unfortunately yes we could expect that the numbers are not going down over the christmas holidays and in new years the hospitals are full use of full and because we have a high rate of infection still going on these numbers won't go down so unfortunately there's no out of chance but to extend the lockdown now as we're going into this new year what about schools and kindergartens the should they be allowed to reopen. it's very difficult really to make this disease but i think with the constant infection rate and the hospitals being full that opening schools for a normal school days not possible so we definitely have to find different solutions
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for that so what would be the way forward at there that is remote learning going to be the foreseeable future of schooling or is there another way that they could safely reopen. well it's a communication of things steve vaccination has started as you have reported and we hope to number of people getting vaccinated are substantially increasing over the next weeks we have to learn to really that the locked on is is is working alternately and we have to maintain to see as minimal people as possible so that the lockdown actually is working and we get the numbers down we need to get these numbers down otherwise you will not see any relief for the hospital staff and any relief for the i.c.u. use well let's talk about that mass vaccination program because it's no secret that germany has had a bumpy start there the distribution of the vaccine is falling behind what was planned so how concerned are you about that situation. well we know since weeks to the number of scenes available norma's lee in the beginning of the end that's
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exactly what's happening and i do not know all the details but for sure you could have organized in a different way in other countries is certainly better other countries are worse so we definitely have to continue to think about how to improve the situation and to vaccine as many people as possible and what specifically do you think needs to be done there to make sure that as many people as possible can get the vaccine as soon as possible well have enough vaccines available 1st of all i think the test and those are ready to stuff it's ready and as soon as enough vaccines are available hopefully we will see that more people or people get vaccinated and what are germany's locked out exit plans i mean what is the way out of this in the end there's been now multiple lockdowns here it seems like they haven't worked we're now talking about an extension is there an end in sight. well in germany we have to understand with that we didn't really have the heart lockdown where we have to stay home what is called a few at 6 pm or so and we really cannot leave the homes in many of the states in
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germany so and we decided to leave christmas open a new us open to see friends and family up to 5 people from different households so that was in my opinion not a good decision so we definitely have to understand that we need to work together now to get these numbers down and then we can discuss what we can do to open public life hopefully as soon as possible a strong call there for a continued lockdown until they make is brought under control talk yes epidemiologist and the director of the institute of public health at the sheraton hospital thank you very much. and in france a travel is limited and a large gatherings are prohibited in an effort to limit contacts now police in western france are investigating how thousands of young people were able to join in on illegal raids as the number of coronavirus cases has reached. as the sun rose on saturday the police moved in hundreds of party goers were aidid
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in fine for breaching francis coronavirus restrictions. in the cavernous warehouses near the city of the party was finally over. the police moved in to restore public order. they could please do sorest officer security area in an operation that went off largely without incident. we then issued a number of citations to people found to be in file ation of the lol. hours earlier the raid had still been in full swing around 2500 mostly young people had gathered on new year's eve define police efforts to stop the event. could listen to a sion got out of hand very quickly 3 officers were injured and so i made the
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decision to withdraw all forces and while it's run the risk of letting the situation get even worse removing police from the scene allowed them to pursue a strategy of containment. with the police holding back the party continued for a 2nd night the organizers defended their decision to stage the event. i think there was a real desire to come together. most of us are in our twenty's and we feel we're losing our youth in this again demick. and many of us are also struggling against depression. france has the highest number of 1000 cases in western europe to contain the fire bars and restaurants have been closed and an 8 pm curfew is be . extended to many parts of the country. can leave you with
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a risk but we wanted to come together and party the whole world of culture is shut down since the crisis began we had to come and support the organizers. during a super spreader event authorities have urged everyone who attended to self isolate when they get home. and let's turn our attention now to some other stories making news at this hour u.s. senator ted cruz says he will be among about a dozen republican senators who will challenge president elect joe biden's victory when electoral college results are talent in congress next week it's a largely symbolic move that has little chance of preventing biden out from taking office. police in norway say the death toll has risen it's a 3 people following a landslide in ask northeast of all slow several people are still missing after the landslide tore into the town early on wednesday it collapsed homes and forced more than a 1000 people to be taken to safety. in the west african nation of new ruling
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party candidate mohamed but as soon as when the 1st round of presidential elections the electoral commissioner says he will have to face the country's former president in a runoff on february 20th this vote could mark the 1st peaceful transfer of power in the country since independence. we go now to yemen where the latest victims in a grinding 6 year long war are 5 women who were killed when a shell exploded at a wedding party in the port city of hadera and both the saudi backed government and iran backed rebels blame each other for the attack the conflict has been called a forgotten war yet it has left more than 100000 people dead and many more are starving. it is just a year and a half old and he is fighting for his life saeed's parents brought him to this hospital in yemen's capital sanaa. dozens of starving children arrive every day.
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but in many cases the doctors are powerless to help. the wonder why they've been however the doctors here aren't being paid we have no meds and for the sick children there's no food for them i don't know even though they are now nourished and some of the mothers are really desperate they can't breastfeed their children because they too have a starving my vision usually less than the end of sarah and as what time of the. 5000000 children in yemen don't have enough to eat the u.n. figures show. many have to go to work instead of to school. and their plight is only worsening. the country has no been at war since 2015 its economy is in ruins and know yemen is being hit by the coronavirus. charities see this as the world's worst humanitarian crisis the situation in yemen is very serious we are very close to the stage of the clearing of famine in yemen because of the
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deteriorating food security situation for millions of people across the country. aid workers say some 1500000000 euros are needed to help yemenis survive the winter money is running out as the situation worsens. and iran says it plans to start rich in uranium up to 20 percent at one facility a level that would move it a step closer to being able to produce a nuclear weapon when it comes almost a year after the u.s. assassinated whatever on top generals and a drone strike washington has cost them so they money of masterminding militant attacks outside iran's borders. who were here for the iranian revolution faithful his death has never truly been avenged hundreds gathered to honor kasem. slow money and a modest graveyard in tehran they say he's death remains unforgiven it is resulted in yet more anger at the u.s. among loyalists. new generation will keep following his path
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we will slap israel and the united states and well let's suppose it's time you have that. the elite military force and the money belong to the revolutionary guards staged a military exercise on the anniversary of his death. at the site a disputed island near the country's naval border. missiles flew as the gods lead the war on terror and it's ready for war. money as a jewish man will balls we will respond with a reciprocal and strong blow to war they have action the enemy takes against us well sure we've shot this time and time again. so the money is mission with strengthening iranian interests abroad with groups like hezbollah in lebanon on site to have been honoring the dead command. why not. in a ceremony in which they vowed victory would be there as in the name of god and. the
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u.s.'s acute saloon money a year ago because of his activities of broad including with his beloved washington hasn't directly address the anniversary of his death. but on monday put out a statement again saying iran is fostering terror abroad for its news now in the bundesliga is back after an unusually short winter break the highlight of saturday's early matches saw eintracht frankfurt inflict a 2nd defeat of the season on a visitors a buy at life a cousin. in the seventy's to get clashes between these 2 sides will nil has never been the end result and after just 10 minutes this peach got the visitors off the mark good to see of not team a myriad. of skill luck and ingenuity helping him to his 2nd goal of the season. the lead lost is just 12 minutes as i mean eunice raced clear
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to calmly put away the equaliser his 1st goal for the french i was fully defending have opened to get out and off to the break leaving couzens back line once again look shoddy with daiichi come out as cross finding little coups and defend the edmonton poked it into his own hands. i rub of the green but enough to frankfurt to claim a deserved to one when i was leaving lose pace in the title race. and the bundesliga as early saturday games are now over so let's take a look at all the results from match day 14 so far when you're on a berlin a b. to bremen gladbach and down to below felt freiburg hoffenheim colona last 2 hours by. shaka schuchat host in saturday's later game and on sunday dogman to play evolves black and whites travel to byron. and french champions party sounds i have confirmed. tino as their new coach took english side tom hotspur to the champions
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league final in 2019 but was sacked after a core run of results shortly after he's not coached a team since starting time replaces a thomas to the german coach who was recently fired by yes. despite having won the domestic league and cup last season. that is your news update at this hour of course you can always get the latest on our web site. and i richardson embedded with the whole team takes on trucks and. is a master of the art of confrontation and this is wrong a veteran of verbal combat doesn't mean you're going to see very dark sly undisputed champion of top political talk trying to frighten people you know they're so funny everybody understands it except you enjoy the conflict zone and join tim sebastian as he holds the powerful to account this is
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a fix for your whichever way you like to spin the conflict zone. d.w. . we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters d. w. made for mimes. this week on the world stories. dangerous abortions in kenya. a stork layover in the jordan valley. but we begin in germany even corona infections that only until mild symptoms can cause lifelong consequences
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a young woman tells her story. pretty good and is battling the long term effects of coated 9 tain when she became sick in march she had few symptoms but it's now devastated hurt locker. but he's confident i think. i only became really ill months later in june and. at the time i thought that everything would eventually be fine but things didn't improve i was extremely ill for many many weeks which turned into months and i never got better. is what and that's a. pity is one of 40 covert survivors here suffering from long term effects of the illness germany's baltic sea coast their symptoms are being treated at a rehabilitation center. after the virus probably felt burnt out she suffered from
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dizzy spells and chronic pain. the cognitive i'm seeing in some cases i also had cognitive difficulties that my head wasn't functioning properly i couldn't hear at po-r. vision and couldn't follow conversations well. often covert patients like peggy say their concerns aren't being taken seriously by the doctors. it's very difficult for some doctors to understand when they look at me i look healthy physically i'm reasonably strong at least i appear to be and then you get dismissed very quickly they say her mind is not ok. i'm not afraid but i still wonder if i will ever be the same again.
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as a covert survivor peggy has officially recovered from the illness but she says it feels like corona virus has stolen her healthy body and left her with a sick one in its place. the world is just falling apart because of the pandemic right now at the moment life is dramatically different for everyone. i think i'll be a different person than i was before. says that's ok. and has 3 more weeks of rehab ahead of her. all she wants to do is get back to a normal life again. according to experts more than 1000000 people mostly beakers are being held in detention camps in motion jiang region in china despite this faux falcon is the only major car
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manufacturer that has a factory there. a room key the capital of china's western shin jang province home to we goes and other muslim minorities this is one of the most heavily policed regions in the world china's repressive policies against ethnic minorities have been called a genocide by some a room key is also home to german carmaker folks flagons most controversial investment v.w. is the only international car maker to have a plant in the region. we made the decision to build this factory more than 10 years ago it was a decision made solely for economic reasons there was no political motivation for the fact it is no in a politically and socially sensitive environment worries us. china has covered the region with a massive system of prisons internment centers and reeducation camps australia's e.s.p. i instituted has documented 380 facilities across the region hundreds or thousands
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possibly millions have disappeared in these facilities. on a recent visit i was constantly followed around and stopped from throwing some of the facilities are official prisons some are unmarked and some are cynically designated as vocational training centers. some are country a cassock born in china has spent several months in one of the so-called vocational schools and 20. what they had to learn there had little to do with professional skills he says. we make it in this camp we had to sing the chinese anthem and other communist songs. they taught us that china was the strongest country in the world and we had to study materials about the 19th communist party congress. that's in there with. china is portraying the master tensions as a means to provide opportunities on the job market but there is growing evidence of forced labor inside the camps or after release and former detainees have been
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forced to sign up with employment agencies v.w. says there's no indication of forced labor in its operations a lot of you act here but we hire all our employees directly they send their resume and we have a job interview and then the hit charge apartment and the operating department make a decision based on the resume and the impression they gave me was happened to them before is something that is hard for us to know all this stuff that's yes it's through extreme shriya and after footsie v.w. says it will stick to its investment but the control this is likely to remain economically w.'s investment never paid off instead of planned $50000.00 vehicles a year it so is below 20000. in kenya terminating pregnancies is only permitted under specific circumstances every day women die as a result of illegal abortions and aid organization is trying to improve the
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situation. we call her mercy but that's not her real name she was 16 when she fell pregnant she was scared because she knew her mother would not allow her to keep the baby her mother forced her to have an abortion now for fear of repercussions nursy hides her face. i went to a local medicine man i stayed there for 3 days he gave me herbal medicine and i took it and where. on the 2nd day i started seeing blood and i was very afraid. there are people who abort and they seemed fine and that i thought i would die. the she was lucky many girls and women don't survive such ordeals it's estimated that in kenya 7 women die each day from unsafe abortions like the one mercy had marginalized and poor women are especially
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vulnerable such as those in the math or islam abortions are illegal in kenya there are only a few strict exceptions women cannot simply go to the nearest hospital for help instead they come to this man he's well known for carrying out abortions along with other procedures even though he has no medical training he's respected in his community as a christian medicine man for people who can't afford hospital treatment mercy says she came to him to she paid the equivalent of 8 year olds for the abortion we ask the man directly he denies performing abortions but still wants to hide his identity you're going to know if you do it in the government finds you you'll be jailed and i refuse that. nevertheless he knows exactly how an abortion is done i'm not. given an injection drug and they're sent home so the pregnancy can terminate there many of these women die if there are lucky they do die if they're lucky the
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pregnancy terminate safely it's usually bad however if. you assign them by that's why in most cases the women need professional help after the abortion international aid organization marries stops offers around the clock help for women who can't afford hospitalization there but with dramatic experiences i'm deaf or will finally put in that we start with the counseling part we also offer emergency treatment which includes. what we give you a 2 baltica spain kill last and even sometimes you have to take it to theatre if the injuries that have happened to the will of course mercy would have preferred to have seen a real doctor 3 years later she's still suffering from the traumatic experience i mean is this in the bill i would save someone wants to get an abortion they should go to a hospital. because those men will just give you some kind of medicine and then
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tell you when the pregnancy has been terminated they only want your money in the end you are the one who has to suffer in a battle. despite the stigma she faces from her community she thinks every woman should have the right to a safe abortion. the white stork which is native to germany flies each year from europe to south africa and back. many of them avoid the route over the mediterranean and cheek a pit stop in the jordan valley. time short break for flocks of white storks in the jordan valley and the occupied west bank at dawn on the solid just ya see leshem is up early to observe the birds at this huge garbage dump twice a year distorts navigate their way thousands of kilometers from europe to southern
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africa and back israel and the palestinian territories are like a bottleneck there one of the main micro-targeting routes for millions of parents. because they avoid to fly over their mediterranean so we are like a highway because or treasure between 3 called goods so we are lucky to have effect 600000 stalks of flag twice a year over year although almost all the world population of whites talks about how that $50000.00. 6000. so we are lucky to be at their best high rate of the job would still. rather than taking a shorter route over the many to reigne and like smaller birds stalks fly over land to catch up board streams of warm pockets to write a thermos to conserve energy. the landfill is like a pit stop for the storks to just stay for the night to rest to feed and gather
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strength before setting off on the next leg. but you get last 10 years they are not to look for. yet you are places so if you catch a thief but for garbage that of course they have plastic bags and stuff like that which is of course the jewish. goal will be easy for although bird migration happens twice every year it still amazes he was studies to birds for decades unlike most humans to storks don't need g.p.s. to arrive at their destination it's time for this truck to take off every day they fly between 300 to 500 kilometers next on the egyptian sinai before they continue their exhausting journey towards their winter home in southern africa.
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mozart meets meanspirited dancing. at a pretty cool musical. past. european classical plus cuba. and playing sarah willis joins with gusto. of arts 21 and the next. africa. south africa bolstered energy initiative. supports john environmentally friendly asked to generate real energy from florida and hydro. is always energy.
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to look out for a cup. 60 minutes from t.w. happiness fears for everyone shimon penises are very different from primates you know we have a totally unpredictable as romanticized view of nature either david as this is climate change brags that sex how fetus increase books you get smarter for free don't you books on you tube. again a quote i had an employer moving moments ago. was i might go home again quite good cus i did all want to see him but i asked the question was are you but i mean they had no more going all you lovely as i work at i'm a good thing.


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