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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2020 12:45pm-1:01pm CEST

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scientists hope to catch any potential new ones before they make that leap so what can we do to prevent another worldwide outbreak spreading from the animal kingdom to us. this is your cover 19 special here on the. bill and a warm welcome to more than 11000000 people worldwide have officially contract at the corona virus so far almost 550000 deaths are linked to covered 19 and while we are still battling this pandemic and prepare for future ones scientists believe it's wise to trace back the steps the virus has been taking. scientists believe the corona virus outbreak in humans may well have begun in a market in the chinese city of. researches say leaps between species happened when humans and animals are in close proximity one hypothesis is that the corona virus jumped from bats to pangolin to people into and causing
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a global health emergency. such leaps can happen in so-called wet markets that's where viruses can easily change their host crossing from one species to another. china is home to several wet markets and the international community has been calling for that closure. i think i should shut down those things right away we can clearly see. the great risk to the your who work with risk to go through. its curly thought there are over 200 diseases that are spread from animals to humans known as do no seas about 40 have the potential to cause a pandemic. sars aids all are examples of viruses that jump from animals to human beings 3 out of 5 new infectious diseases that emerge originate
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from another species one estimate puts deaths from diseases caused by you know sees at 2700000 a year and that was in 2012 china is home to a major wildlife market industry and many chinese rely on it for their livelihoods the question is whether the will is there for people to change some practices the put everyone's lives at risk. now in china researchers have discovered a new version of the swine flu it belongs to the h one n one virus type which in 2009 kicked of a pandemic that killed more than 800000 people scientists warn that the recently discovered version also has all the current characteristics to pose a threat to humans. this farm in guangxi province in southern china is clean
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and well run but it doesn't reflect the reality in many other parts of the country where things look more like this. poor hygiene and cramped conditions increase the risk of infection of all kinds including swine flu now against the backdrop of a global health emergency scientists are warning of the danger of a group of flying flu viruses that have adapted to infect humans the chinese government has criticized the study in question. so the experts have concluded that the sample size of the report is small are not representative and the relevant departments and experts will continue to strengthen monitoring center early warnings and handle things in a timely manner would you. after the devastation caused by covert 19 it's in china's interest to take the threat seriously after all the country does not want to become the epicenter of another pandemic it's something that still is
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in the stage of examination it's not so called an immediate threat we're seeing infections but it's something we need to keep our eye on just the way we did 2009 with the emergence of the swine flu so far there's been no evidence of person to person transmission of a new strain of swine flu virus but the last few months have shown just how fast that could change. in a short while ago i spoke to when king zhang she manages the global influenza program at the world health organization and i asked her how worried she was about this so-called g 4 strain of the swine flu. so the cheapest rent oaks lie in fresno iris is not new iris cece virus comes to from a surveillance program from tucson that you live in and 2018. they were human infections e.c.g. for group
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a slam virus reported so of course well we are concerned of the seris as well as our west swine virus he said in any infrared ara-c. but otherwise reminds us that we could we should remember vigilance and be aware of just read around in friends or does it have the potential to cause a similar pandemic as the corona virus now. where it is very difficult to to say back to all is it or is it more in friend about or is he sister lost so why maurice isa has a potential when only don't know which maurice would jump out and cause the next in friends of him then. how does this do these viruses transmits give us an idea. well see surface why virus is as amounting in friends are a sweet meaning sent to infect humans spar ethically just recently there was
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a human infection of swine virus is reported from germany was this is a slam virus infection in there in a child who heads that i reckon contact with pigs so he's typo's a magic infection or occurs from time to time. and he'll use virus to get out of. efficient human to human transmission well where it has spread his ear but to set limits not or append emic that to what it is causing. one thing 3 out of 5 new insects is diseases that emerge originate from animals where you see the biggest risk for the transmission of pathogens from animals to humans. yeah of course well anymore is a vast reservoir owning a virus east so is there a sea circulating in morris and most shows us
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a silent what in and mars which means in most what they want to present it is easy by the if a well of so sabera sees a jump west's rule that species is the area infecting human and also well causing sufficient efficient human to human transmission then it will be a problem problematic so what we really need to look into is the human animal interface where to lead what exit to stage what is possible any virus he said jumping out front end was species went to humans so that we could pick those up and of course the well other efforts into those who are hands on granma when we talk about the animal or human interface what sort of role do what markets play when it comes to the transmission of these viruses well human and more interface of course a lot oh well well from certainly aware markets
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a wet market to what is wound zos and also the assa well as you are see as a agriculture amount well for example as a backyard was a better than poetry well as well so i think what we've been doing is that we said . no i improve oh my rock we stray cats it's a practice what human then morning to face is a great culture ceteris etc so i think was it the other efforts made in parallel with street cats a was that with market where becky at as well as those were commercial farming except for one can just as the world health organization speaking there now sign for our resident coronavirus expert here is our science correspondent derek williams answering your questions about covert 90. do people who are a symptom attic carry the same amount of viruses people who show symptoms.
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spread from asymptomatic or precint to mattick patients is one reason covert 19 it has moved with such such lightning speed through our populations live viable sars cove 2 is clearly being shared by people who often show no symptoms of the disease when they when they test positive for it so so we know they're playing a role in transmission much more of a role than they did for example during the sars epidemic when when patients were most infectious $5.00 to $10.00 days after they began showing symptoms the european centers for disease control say it's difficult to quantify how contagious asymptomatic people are because studies simply don't agree but the general consensus appears to be that they're less contagious than patients with symptoms or
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or priest symptomatic patients people who are going to get sick but just don't know it yet however there's also growing evidence that there are no significant differences in viral loads between the groups so to sum it up asymptomatic people appear to carry just as much of the virus as someone with symptoms but they seem to be at least a little less likely to spread it. and of course you can post your questions to derek on our you tube channel if you'd like to keep up with the latest developments on the corona virus pandemic to subscribe to our newsletter just log on to w dot com slash corona stash newsletter. the coronavirus crisis is having a major impact on millions of hiv patients who are reliant on lifesaving drugs it is estimated that nearly 40000000 people across the world are living with hiv
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although there is no cure for the disease that causes aids anti-retroviral medication helps control it but the government's in pandemic is interrupting drug supply lines leading the world health organization to warn that long term disruption could result in an additional half a 1000000 deaths. we'll talk more about the relation of corona virus on tomorrow's program for now thanks for watching state of economic.
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justice for the victims of the scripture in the genocide that's catherine bond backers mission. to human rights advocate wants to identify much of the cause of the use. of. this huge undertaking that is still under way 25 years after the infamous massacre of bosnia herzegovina some kids from europe.
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and 30 minutes on t.w. . enter the conflict zone the front of the caliphate 4 months ago show the presidential elections in america donald trump is sinking in the polls full knowledge form a national security adviser says he is fit to be for. though there any one job also is my guest this week from washington how much damage from the gulf coast to america and the rest of the. conflicts of. 90 minutes w. . hy a meal and i'm good welcome to the 2nd season of on the fence of the planet on the
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this is deja vu news live from berlin a massive spike in corona virus infections in serbia followed by talk of a new lockdown now an explosion of violence and police on the retreat protesters say the president is using the pandemic for political gain also coming out of global hunger a crisis that's dramatically worse than because of kobe $1000.00 the humanitarian
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group oxfam says the pandemics knock on effects are more widespread than the virus itself. and in china a wave of human.


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