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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2020 11:00pm-11:03pm CET

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it's a nicety of days for centuries to come to me my country too is falling this is. until the day. i do. this is do w. news and these are our top stories recently has reported a shock jump in new deaths from the coronavirus of nearly 800 it's the largest one day rise recorded anywhere since the pandemic began nearly 5000 people have died and need to leave now the world's worst affected country.
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it's one in 4 americans are now under lockdown the number of coronavirus cases in new york state alone has soared to 11000 president donald trump urged americans to stay at home bought ruled out a nationwide lockdown after. the german states of bavaria and silent have imposed restrictions on movement for at least 2 weeks people will only be allowed to leave home to work buy food or help relatives. china has reported nor locally transmitted cases for the 3rd consecutive day authorities say old new cases came from overseas china is now providing aid to other afflicted countries. this is d. w. news from belgium for more followers on twitter or visit our website
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w dot com. this is the story of a man who was very good at selling things that didn't exist. manfred shmita was at the center of the biggest financial fraud case in post-war german history. he served 6 years in prison for his crimes. at the high service tower big money had his own jess his own airfield and several luxury homes. politicians gathered around him. banks lend him huge amounts of money nothing was too good for him. we wanted to find out how he managed to scam billions in a complex pyramid scheme.


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