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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2020 3:00am-3:03am CET

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artist one day looking for new perspectives. to help you know we can we play you should break with the camera doing things differently i come to the place where we really were conscious sorry. marched. me up to date don't miss our highlights w. program. w. dot com hard. this is the news these are all top stories chinese also orgies are closing transport networks and he will haunt the city at the center of the code vote rhone of ours outbreak that has killed 17 people the government is urging people not to leave in a suspended all slights when the 500 cases have been confirmed in china and several
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other countries. in the united states democrats have set out the opening arguments in the impeachment trial of president donald trump they accused him of a corruption scheme to pressure ukraine to help him get reelected and how up to 3 days to make their case in the republican controlled senate. u.n. experts say that a phone all of those and founder washington post owner jeff bezos was likely hacked or a file sent from an account used by saudi crown prince mohammed bin so none the experts allege this hacking was an effort to influence the post's reporting on saudi arabia . was a large crowds have protested on greek islands to demand the immediate removal of thousands of asylum seekers sometimes held more than 10 times the number of people they were built for. this is the. website.
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u.s. president just spent 2 days in the swiss alps boasting about america 1st and those new trade deals with china mexico and canada before he flew back to washington today truck fired a parting shot straight tonight we ask is the european union now target number one for the tariffs. this is the day. of trade barriers where you can trade they have tariffs all over the place they haven't wanted to negotiate with past presidents but they're going to negotiate with they are frankly more difficult to do business with than china going to be able to make a deal otherwise we have to do something else i don't have
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a timeline but maybe i do in my mind. also coming up it has.


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