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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 6, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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the money needed urgent assistance of. the family starts october on d. w. . this is the news live from berlin a 2nd insider at the white house has told intelligence officials that u.s. president donald trump abused his power in a phone call to ukraine. the new whistleblower could strengthen the impeachment inquiry looking to see if trump asked to investigate his main political rival in the 2020 election also coming up. protestors defy the ban on face masks in the hong
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kong again on sunday police fired tear gas in several areas an attempt to stop attacks on shops and banks linked to mainland china. make spicer welcome to the program. the media in the us is reporting that a 2nd whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment inquiry of u.s. president donald trump reports indicate the new whistleblower has firsthand knowledge of a phone call between trump and his ukrainian counterpart a probe is being conducted into an allegation that trying to pressure ukraine's president below to meir's a lens to investigate trends political rival joe biden and biden's son. let's go live now to washington bureau chief for
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a phone number under thanks for being with us to tell us what do we know about this whistleblower so the whistleblower has been described as an intelligence official we don't know his or her identity about as you said this appears to be someone with the 1st hand knowledge of some of the other geisha instead were outlined in the original whistleblower complaint so that appears to be someone who can talk about directly at all it's to events related to ukraine and to this phone call president trump had with the ukrainian president and that could be someone he could undercut president strom's claim that the 1st whistle blower complaint was completely wrong. as i recall he was saying that this was 2nd hand knowledge for the 1st complaint but now we have somebody who has firsthand knowledge of how how do you think this will affect the trump inquiry going forward
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. well i think that's definitely backing up the argument against president strom it's helping the democrats to build up their kids and there are moving in a very rapid and greece aggressive way and it's quite interesting and remarkable that normally you would see members of the trump administration on the sunday morning talk shows but there was no one defending the president's today however we also have to add that of course he thinks that he can do it the best way. and he knows he in fact been reacting in any way recently. yet he has been very vocal about the topic on twitter of course. that after the 1st whistle blower goats he's conversation with the ukrainian president completely wrong and now there is a 2nd whistle blower coming from the deep state and of course he is is.
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sort of conspiracy theory he has been and his allies have been spreading for quite a lot while now that it is the intelligence community that is trying to bring him down this way however we also have to say that it's noteworthy that the top republicans are being very silent on this topic they are avoiding questions connected to the impeachment investigation they are struggling to find a unified response to the impeachment allegations ok did abuse washington bureau chief alexander thanks for that. to hong kong where pro-democracy lawmakers have suffered a setback in the territories high court a judge dismissed their bid to get an injunction against a ban on face masks worn at demonstrations protesters reacted defiantly with more marches in hong kong central business district which later descended into another night of violence. tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters continued to defy
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a ban on face masks on sunday kerry lam hong kong's chief executive had introduced the ban under colonial era state of emergency powers to try to end months of on rist pro-democracy lawmakers again went to the high court on sunday morning seeking an injunction against the ban they argued the emergency powers bypass legislature and contravene the city's constitution today is about all for terrorism versus the rule of law i would say this is one of the most important constitutional cases in the history of all but a senior judge dismissed the case that only increased the defiance of hong kong residents large crowds marched through to wrench will reign in the unsanctioned rallies. carry lam is trying to use the ban to keep us from coming out and. she suppressing our right to express ourselves this will only push us further. how much as night fell things turned ugly some demonstrators
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turning their rage on businesses with connections to mainland china and fighting pitched battles with police carey lamb has warned that the ban on face masks was only the 1st card in her hand the emergency law allows her to make any regulations whatsoever in the face of this sun rest. so where is all this heading we're joined now by the w.'s clive cohen who reported from beijing for 15 years kerry lamb got a bag and voted friday people were wearing masks. as we saw in those pictures have been asked has she failed well certainly the legislation hasn't hasn't worked as they intend to do it's meant to send a signal at the moment she's looking around for ways to deal with this situation which is escalating she said to impose this law which is actually a colonial era $922.00. very popular and also ironic given the circumstances
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that she's looking around for things to do she's come up with this legislation which people are patiently ignoring and it becomes an issue now of what can she do next she still has some options obviously both but for now she's kind of stuck with this the fact that you know she may have more power but she needs to escalate things clearly again and say and do today's court decision quite apart from the how it's perceived to empower the police in administrative terms it gives them more power we still don't have the state of emergency in hong kong we still have it there's lots of different ways of how the situation is being described but legally they have an imposed say from urgencies didn't have things like a curfew you don't have these sort of much more extreme measures so she still has some leeway there to impose a state of emergency and everything again it will heighten tensions it will expose the fact that things are getting close to 2. and it will obviously trouble in
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beijing which is obviously watching events very closely and one does beijing's patients run out well it's interesting last week as you know we had the 70 on the verse 3 of the of the p.r.c. people's republic of china they've made their display now they've shown that they have these incredible missiles and if they're angry they can they can take action so they're watching closely i think for now they think the hong kong police have got it under control and has it under control because despite the scenes there is still they are still containing things but you just wonder if things keep going on and on and on our whole point china is going to say we have to intervene and then we'll see what form that takes ok thanks for that insight. officials in baghdad least 5 people have died in protests on sunday taking the death toll above $100.00 since violence erupted last week iraq's prime minister has announced social measures designed to end the deadly government protests package
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includes new homes in poor areas job training schemes for the unemployed and free health care for the injured late on saturday gunmen attacked the offices of several t.v. broadcasters. the work of unknown assailants were attacked media offices in the target several t.v. stations yet been receiving threats for days and see a link to their reporting on the ongoing anti-government protest in iraq. because we went faking reality we transmitted the truth as a tape. to how much it seems that this state cannot bear the truth. he said i heard that the premier would announce his stance but he stayed silent about what happened . to her. life in baghdad has become increasingly dangerous says tuesday demonstrators have been taking to the streets to express frustration over a lack of jobs and basic services the interior ministry claims are 3 te's didn't
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shoot at any one however more than 100 people have been killed during demonstrations late saturday the prime minister again tried to deescalate the situation. i will go and meet the protesters without weapons and sit with them for as long as it takes to listen to their demands if this will ease. this is a change in the prime minister's approach on friday he said the protesters demands have been heard after the violence of recent days they may be reluctant to accept his offer. polls have closed in tunisia as parliamentary election early indications suggest turnout has been low around 15000 candidates are contesting 217 seats in the country's parliament results aren't expected till thursday current governing alliance between islamists and the secular party looks
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set to lose power to missions vote again next week in the 1st round of presidential elections after turning their backs traditional parties in favor of an independent candidates in the 1st round. the vatican has opened the possibility of married men being priests in the roman catholic church the suggestion comes as part of a plan to include isolated indigenous communities in the amazon in the church speaking on the 1st day of a 3 week meeting of bishops with special guests from the region pope francis condemned destructive as destructive the self interest which she suggested was behind fires devastating the amazon. they'd come all the way from the amazon to make their case joining bishops from all over the world they're hoping the catholic church will help them save the world's largest rain forest fis
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year manmade fires set by loggers have been raging destroying the homes and livelihoods of local indigenous communities. in his sermon pope francis blames destructive interests. the fire of god is warmth that attracts and gathers into unity it's fed by sharing not by prophets the fire that destroys on the other hand blazes up when people want to promote only their own ideas. but there's a shortage of priests in the amazon cutting off many remote communities from the church to remedy this the 3 week meeting of bishops will consider allowing married men in the amazon to become priests in a working document it suggested this should quote be studied for older people prefer to be indigenous respected and accepted by their community even if they have an existing and stable family. if everything continues as it was if we
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spend our days content that this is the way things have always been done then the gift vanishes and smothered by the ashes of fear and concern for defending the status quo. would be controversial go catholic priests are required to be celibate so they can be fully devoted to the church and traditionalists fear the move could pave the way for getting rid of the celibacy requirement altogether. we turn to sports and bundesliga soccer now and there are new leaders and a new 2nd place team after sunday's games. moved top after a 51 thrashing of book will spook beat union berlin at one nil to go 2nd frankfurt and bring in drew previous leaders byron munich were stunned 2 to one at home by hoffenheim on saturday while dortmund slipped up again and a quick look at
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a surprising top half of the bundesliga table shows gladbach are now leading the way by a point from will spark biron a freiburg argue leipsic shock and live accusing are all level on points dortmund are down in 8 and at the other end it is more predictable pattern borne are adrift at the bottom after just 7 games into the season with fellow promoted side union also struggling. the iconic cabaret in paris has markets 130th anniversary with you guessed it an open air cancan show. the cabarets high kicking dancers performed in front of the building that has hosted some major entertainers from france and abroad over the decades including shot out of snow and ella fitzgerald.
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this is due to the news live from berlin i'm nick spicer thanks for watching coming up next is reporter with a look at a german champion triathlete i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour and no forget you get all the latest news from our website dot com. go to its. with its own gravitational pull. the finest musical compositions. with some mysteries terrific.


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