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this is deja news live from berlin europe's top human rights court rebukes russia over the death of the anti fraud campaigner sergei magnitsky the court said that his treatment in prison led to its death in 2009 so what if any will be the consequences for moscow. also coming up brazil's president says that he won't accept an offer of aid to help fight fires in the amazon on less french president of manual not strong apologizes for his vote insults across and had proposed an
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emergency fund of 18000000 euros at the g. 7 summit on monday. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program the european court of human rights has condemned russia for multiple violations against the late survey magnitsky a russian corruption whistleblower who died in detention in 2009 his death came after he exposed widespread tax fraud that implicated russian officials he was arrested for alleged tax evasion the european court did reject a complaints that his arrest and detention were ill founded it also said that authorities have reasonable grounds to suspect him of being involved in tax evasion but it determines that he had been ill treated and was denied medical assistance in prison in russia his death led to u.s. congress passing the magnitsky. the act which allows the government to flee for his
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assets and bend these those of human rights violators around the world. and we are joined now by one time friend of sergei magnitsky bill browder is head of the investment fund and capital management which was once the largest foreign portfolio investor in russia he led a campaign to punish russian officials for magnitsky death and later lobbied the u.s. congress to pass the magnitsky act he joins us from london bill thank you so much for joining us this afternoon we know that magnitsky he was your lawyer when he said that he uncovered this massive fraud by russian officials you've been fighting for justice in his case is this what we have seen today justice well i wouldn't describe this verdict as justice per se but it's a big vindication for sergei magnitsky his family after 10 years of trying to get the truth out to the world the basically the judgment says that sergei magnitsky
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was murdered by the russian state and he was tortured he didn't receive a fair trial and that the whole thing and the russians lied about it at every step of the way and this is a very important milestone i would say it's final justice but it's a milestone in the overall campaign to get justice because as we've always believed from the very beginning after he was murdered that the only way we're going to get justice is outside of russia but bill you know we have to acknowledge the court also on the other hand basically saying that russian authorities they had reasonable grounds to suspect that dixie of of tax evasion so in other words they condemned the circumstances of the custody but not the custody itself what do you say to that. what i say to that is that the we were only allowed to submit evidence as late as 2012 and since then we've we've uncovered a massive amount of evidence proving that the russian government did this in return . ation for him blowing the whistle on
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a massive corruption scheme but we weren't allowed to ever put that evidence in we have whatsapp messages and emails and all sorts of other internal documents which prove definitively that he was unjustly arrested but the way that the european court system works is you file your claim in 2012 we wait 7 years later to get a judgment and we can't put any more evidence in after that this judgment that we have seen what if any consequences do you see the rolling having for russia concretely well the main issue from their perspective and from our perspective is that since sergei magnitsky was killed i've gone around the world and i've advocated to put laws in place named after him called the magnitsky act which would freeze assets and ban visas of the people who killed survey and other human rights violators there are now 6 countries that have this the united states canada the u.k. dystonia latvia and lithuania and i'm working on getting the european union and other
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countries in the european union like germany france and other countries to pass magnitsky acts and this judgment will make it that much easier to get the magnitsky act passed and it will get rid of a lot of the fake news lies and propaganda that the russians have been spreading as i've been going through this process to get these acts passed away thank you so much for joining us this afternoon to tell us a little bit more about those efforts and also your reaction to this verdict today bill browder head of the investment fund and retouch capital management we appreciate it thank you. brazilian president dyad of both are not always threatening to reject an offer of aid from g 7 countries to fight fires raging in the amazon french president emmanuel micron announced the group's offer of 18000000 euros but also not oh says brazil is being treated like a colony. this is gail of destruction it's plain to see. brazil's from germany
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a state is one of the worst hit regions as soon as one fire is out and not this starts. after international pressure brazil's government has sent in the army to work alongside firefights is but ministers have been blamed for allowing parts of the amazon to be developed and for turning a blind eye to forest clearance this farm of those says he has no choice or the bank will go you more than you have to make a clearing by felling trees and then planting seeds. even if you take a deserted area you still have to mow and burn to build a house for yourself to make a home for your children but. we're not birds and can't live in treat one of your lord. the way you. get at the g. 7 summit french president emmanuel mccollum secured an 18000000 euro aid package to
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help fight the amazon fire of the whole world but brazil's rightwing president jaya bolsa naro has threatened to reject the deal accusing his french counterpart of colonialism. what google. chrome offers a true rich countries to the amazon. does anyone help anyone without wanting something in return. why do they have their eyes on the amazon what if they want to . get our. micron has stressed it's not a new brazil that's affected by the fires. there are other countries in the amazon that have asked for our help it is important to mobilize it quickly so that colombia bolivia and brazilian regions who want access to this international help can have it and can reforest quickly be pretty. well on the runway for 8 heats
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up the amazon continues to. the lungs of the wild in desperate need of help. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world dozens of women who accused jeffrey epstein of sexual abuse have been heard in new york in a court the hearing was set for the criminal case against the wealthy financier to be formally dismissed following his death but the judge said that he wanted to give the victims a chance to speak epstein committed suicide in prison while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. russian president vladimir putin and his church's counterpart wretch of type marijuana have said that they will work together to meas tensions in syria's province relations between the 2 countries have been strained as they support opposing groups in syria the leaders also discussed defense industry cooperation during their meeting in moscow. and british opposition lawmakers led by labor leader jeremy corbyn have agreed to work together in parliament on
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legislation to stop a new deal brags that corbett has also invited conservative lawmakers who oppose the new deal scenario joined forces against prime minister boris johnson's plans to leave the e.u. even if a deal cannot be reached. health officials in the united states say that a person who has used cigarettes has died after developing a long disease at least 200 case. of respiratory illness have been reported across the state of illinois but it is still unclear if the death or the illnesses were caused by the use of cigarettes which is also known as vapor. they've been marketed as a healthier alternative to tobacco the cigarettes are now a $1000000000.00 industry popular with teens and young adults but after a wave of a ping related illnesses including a death in the u.s. experts are scrambling to pinpoint the cause. at this time here in illinois we do
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not know what is contributing to these respiratory illnesses a common link among our 22 cases is that all individuals have a reported history or recent taping or use of electronic devices urge people to use caution and consider avoiding the use of such material while tobacco use is at an all time low in the u.s. they ping is on the rise more than 3 and a half 1000000 teens used electronic devices last year. no clear link has been established between east cigarettes and illness but the devices do contain heavy metals and cancer causing chemicals the american dating association has rejected claims that vaporizes are harmful blaming the cases on quote tainted black market t.h.c. products the team from the center for disease control is now investigating the cause of the on the says. the survival of asian big cats is high on the agenda at a wildlife conference currently being held in geneva one of the world's rarest big
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cats is the persian leopard there are just over a 1000 left and they are rarely seen in the wild but now a new nature reserve is being planned in northern iraq to help repopulate the species it's partly the work of one biologist who has long fought to preserve the endangered persian left. summer temperatures can exceed 40 degrees celsius here in qatar in the kurdistan region of iraq. that's why biologist and her colleague koresh other routes like to get an early start. they're looking for traces of the biggest predator. that's considered the spirit of. the law provides a flagship species so it's very important it's on the top predator so it's on top of the food chain. the fashion that is virtually invisible. people who live in the mountains of qatar know of the leopard but very few have ever seen it. even 100
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who's been working and doing research here for years now has never encountered that in the wild. that's why they use camera traps. so this through our growth. and we get a lot of pictures of them on our camera trance which is a good. indicator of their prey and a bit of an apology for the persian heard this is one of the reasons why we get a person like production like. this leopard is their 1st photographic record of the persian leopard for iraq that we had. and this through this we dissed rediscover the persian leopard in 2011. this one is a new individual that we discovered in canada in 2017 and this way we know for sure that we have 3 adult love birds living in rome in these mountains.
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worldwide the population of persian is estimated at less than $1300.00 disgraceful yet ferocious big cats is listed as endangered. for years now has been negotiating with iraq your thirty's to establish a protected area in karada. africa seem to have paid off $2300.00 hectares of mountainous terrain to be designated and make sure that. the locals have to be convinced as well years of unrest forced people to leave so there aren't many left and the younger generation often look for jobs in the big cities but after mohamed salah state. well la but for me the leopard is a kind of natural heritage i'd like to see more of them in these mountains or do on . the new nature as his also meant to attract tourists a much needed source of income. a tourist lodge is now being built with the support
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of the are you c.n. the international union for conservation of nature. a lot of people wouldn't expect that this you know iraq is for vacation and for having fun but actually i can promise that this region is very safe. the isolation of the mountains in the kurdistan region of iraq is the best protection for the leopards. only if the area is left untouched. does the spirits of cut it down have a chance. a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you at d w news the european court of human rights has condemned russia for multiple violations against russian corruption whistleblower sergei magnitsky who died in detention in 2009 his death came after he was exposed or rather he exposed widespread tax fraud that implicated russian officials. and still to come after a short break
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a major ruling on america's opioid crisis a quarter in oklahoma orders drug maker johnson and johnson to pay back more than $500000000.00 for fueling the epidemic that kills thousands in the united states every year all that more coming up in business africa i'm sara kelly in berlin because so much for joining us here and you have a great day. and . cast language courses. video or you know. anytime anywhere. d.w. . quiet melody rizzo's michael white.


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