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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2019 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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this is c w news night from violet world leaders gather in the french resort all fair it's for the g. 7 summit and 3 days of talks are already deep divisions on a broad range of issues including trait climate change and the wrong nuclear program some opposed to my new one back home hopes to defy expectations by finding common ground and uniting the group of wealthy countries also coming up. brazil deploys tens of thousands of soldiers to help extinguish massive fires in the
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amazon rain forest the blaze is a prompting anti-government protests and an international outcry. i'm having a home free good to have you with us while leaders have arrived for the g. 7 summit in the french resort of berets touring 3 days of talks are expected to discuss a broad range of issues but disagreements on global trade climate change and the iranian nuclear program a consensus on likely divisions is so deep that for the 1st time in more than 4 decades that we know joint statement at the end of the summit. the host greets perhaps his most difficult guest french president emanuel mccrum hopes that he and his counterparts can find some common ground at this g. 7 summit. despite smiling for the cameras the leaders of the g 7 nations are more
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divided than ever before the europeans are worried about an economic slowdown and partly blame the escalating trade war between the u.s. and china president micron has his work cut out. for. this subject if i have 2 main objectives the 1st i want to convince all of our partners that tensions and trade tensions in particular are bad for everybody to more voters we must succeed in reaching a deescalation stabilize things and avoid this trade war which is already taking place everywhere that it's possible but trade is not the only issue dividing the once close allies the us and europe are at odds on climate policy iran and taxation the last year have shown it's increasingly difficult for all of us to find common language in the world to meet our cooperation more north with the maybe the last moment to restore our political economy macron has set an impishness agenda
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for the g 7 ranging from gender equality to the environment but with so many points of tension as the summit begins the way ahead looks rocky. and every correspondent matters is in the air it's respect and honor and ask about decision not to issue a communique from this g. 7 summit. the french president hellenized really here is in damage control mode at the g 7 and b a it's he wants this meeting this this important summit to be a success and that is why he has scrapped this communique the reason being simply that he knows very well 1 that he remembers very well that almost trump walked away from a common declaration at the last g.'s of meeting in canada he's also taken another step in order to make sure that the benchmark is not too high for commentators to criticize this meeting by broadening the agenda lot of topics are on the plate of
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the leaders everything from the environment the world economy global conflicts he's invited african leaders to really to at the end of the summit to be able to say look we've worked on a number of fronts and here we have some results to show. we know and go do you have to ask why are these leaders still meeting. you're absolutely right and clearly my call tries to find a common denominator on the big questions for instance such as iran or world straight where he has said after or a role rather diplomats have told us here that after a 2 hour lunch meeting of trump and mark all marco has identified a partial areas off agreement when it comes for instance to questions like iran and that is where diplomats said that my call has started to circle the idea that the european nations could start buying again oil from iran. in return for
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iran following again the nuclear the conditions of the nuclear deal and staying calm in the persian gulf we'll have to see if donald trump goes. long with that and what the leaders have all arrived now what can we expect tonight and tomorrow then . all eyes tomorrow will be of course on the big meeting of donald trump and boris johnson who is attending his 1st g 7 meeting expect donald trump to say that he will be happy to make a free trade deal and boris johnson dram for size that free trade is important apart from that german chancellor angela merkel and the french president will meet and really the best outcome of this summit many commentators here i've said is if leaders could find some answers to the big questions for instance world trade everybody in principle agrees that the g 7 that new rules have to be brought up for
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china in order to deal with trade power trade a huge straits giant that subsidizes its companies at home and throws cheap goods at the world markets the only question is will the answer to that problem be one like trump who tries to go it alone or will they be able to hammer out something together for instance a reform of the w g o that really would be the best outcome is certainly a tall order d.w. correspondent gave matheson barrett thank you very much indeed. just down the road from the g. 7 summit riot police faced off with anti capitalist protesters offices briefly used to she can and to disperse about 400 demonstrators in nearby by someone wearing face masks a few protesters 3 rocks at police and offices to gas facing down the demonstrators after more than an hour several people were arrested. and the much knowledge of
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protests made up of thousands of antiglobalization activists ask a separatist and yellow vest protesters marched peacefully from the spanish buddha demanding action from the g 7 leaders. protesters from around the globe set out at midday from france's border with spain you have many here are anti globalization activists who have long been critical of the g 7 is noted that we're here because we think the system has to be changed radically prophets have to be invested in changing the economy to socially responsible and ecological production methods. at their side local basque octave it's an organic farmers they're using the proximity of the g. 7 summit to get their demands onto the world stage on the seat of school serve here because we're calling for an independent agriculture we want to see local methods of production and social transformation this summit is different because the host address the concerns of the g 7 critics the head of the protests what they think is
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on the north all of the great challenges for climate biodiversity technical transformation and the fight against inequality in the world we can solve all of these only if we act in unison. a statement likely also aimed at the yellow vest protesters who have presented a major challenge to microns presidency though if women were taking part in these protests because we have deep social divisions here in france many people cannot live from the work they do and that if. we hear even if mccrone doesn't like it they chant the yellow vest seem unmoved by his appeal for unity but after 3 hours their protest ends peacefully. the g 7 is also pressing for more action on the massive fires currently raging in the amazon rain forest french president and anyway michael has threatened to block a trade deal with brazil and other south american countries if brazil's government fails to fight the fires brazilian president. has ordered the deployment of tens of
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thousands of troops to help extinguish the blazes. they battle the flames deep into the night this is the meadow grass so fire department at work in a national park and extremely dry season means they have much more to do than in recent years as they watch the park turn into ashes. the brazilian president jay are both scenario has now ordered the military to join the firefighting efforts in the amazon basin it's part of an abrupt about face after both the narrow came under heavy international criticism he made developing the amazon rain forest a priority but now says he wants to protect it so will the war. we will showed 0 tolerance for people who break environmental laws. that's why we're offering the amazon states our full support of the most on the. pressure from large scale agricultural interests may have had something to do with this change of heart they
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fear the trade in exports might suffer as a result of both scenarios defiance they should do is meet the since 2012 there have been more and more fires in the amazon and the people are only reacting now because also now it was a radical statements. political pressure is also building in brazil 3 weeks after the blazes broke out. most now is responsible for the destruction because of his radical statement that got us. activists have pledged to step up their protests across the country. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world tens of thousands of anti-government protesters have taken to the streets of hong kong once again demonstrating to preserve their democratic rights but a standoff with riot police descended into violence offices with buttons and tear gas chased the demonstrators to hold bricks and petrol bombs the violence interrupted nearly 2 weeks of calm in hong kong. some $20000.00 ukrainians
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most of them soldiers and they're found these have taken part in an. official independence day parade in kiev the country's new leader volodymyr zelinsky canceled the traditional military parade hall financial reasons some marches held photos of loved ones killed in the country's 5 year war in the east with russian backed separatists. u.s. healthful thora to say that a person in the state of illinois may have died because of a ping as part of a wave of long illnesses which appear to be linked to east cigarettes no exact compound or product could be pinpointed as the cause of the response to tree illnesses but nationwide nearly $200.00 cases apparently connected to vaporing have been reported. an anti racism protest has drawn tens of thousands of supporters to dresden the capital of the east and german state of saxony state elections are being held then next weekend in the far right
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alternative a gemini party away if days expected to make large gains at the expense of mainstream parties including i'm going to macos center right christian democrats. c with all eyes turning to section 8 this is what many here wanted to see droves of people from both in and out of state converging on the capital dressed in a demonstration against racism and the far right. president has long been a flashpoint for a devotee of politics in germany the 2nd world war allied bombing like the city killing tens of 1000 civilians far right in me a nazi group to use this is recent rallying cry it was here in transit in 2018 the dislodgement nationalist group it was mounted and it's here crossed saxon and i think a decent chance i might bring a determined person my point was that the most residents. and that's why groups from across german civil society and the political spectrum descended on dresden to show there is more to saxony than racism populism and fear they call their embroil
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a movement for the title bar in divisible. teaching them one promise of the night is a show this is a climate of patriotism but also so many people who stand to solidarity and other ways of living and that's what we want to show you want to bring these people together on the streets that country is the solution for it can be hard sometimes in everyday life they're not the structures in my town of about some of the refugees and people on the left get attacked it's a problem. this is the price the seat of sex and his government next weekend voters decide who will lead it polls show the far right a.f.d. running a strong 2nd still it's unlikely they'll end up in power that's because no other part. he has agreed to work with them but what a coalition without the f.t. might look like is anyone's guess. no one from the a.f.c. agreed to comment for this story but the poles their posters and their platform
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suggest a politically savvy campaign built on a sense of loss of power status and identity that many in this state and former east germany say may feel. people here are proud of their state its history and traditions that pride is up for grabs whether on the streets of dresden or soon in voting booths around saxony moved from. here washington live from berlin we'll leave you now with a well famous balin philharmonic orchestra a brand new conduct take care of that franco get a free inaugural concert at the brandenburg gate hit him ballin and on the program beethoven's 9th symphony enjoy and see said yes. but. at. the. last.
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