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you know what i've only said that our current number 13 from 2. point 0.0 conceived kids are seriously. this is deja vu news live from berlin britain's prime minister and france's president hold talks on bragg's it's in paris boris johnson wants to renegotiate britain's withdrawal agreement and get rid of the irish back stop president because that's the backstop is indispensable though he is holding out hope that a deal can still be done also coming up nearly 10 years in jail for the migrant
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a convicted in the stabbing death of a german last year an attack that sparked riots in the city of kenneth. brazil's right wing president charleson r.-o. retract his accusations that environmental activists are behind a record number of fires consuming his country's amazon rain forest. and they hit the ground running in sudan the country see male football players waste no time in a new political climate and start their own league with clubs. i'm sumi so much gonda it's good to have you with us we start with fresh efforts in paris today to break the brags that deadlock british prime minister boris johnson and french president in myanmar call have wrapped up a meeting and jump starting negotiations over britain's departure from the european . union talks have stalled of the so-called irish backstop which is the e.u.'s
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current plan to avoid a hard border in ireland after britain leaves the bloc now johnson wants to get rid of the backstop but my call said the british prime minister has yet to present a better alternative. boris johnson striding towards what he hopes will be a new deal with the european union over breaks it has meetings this week with french and german leaders like the british prime minister sounding optimistic. oh i think we can get a deal and a good deal i was totally encouraged by our conversations last night in berlin with our mutual friends johnson's key goal is to convince the e.u. to scrap the so-called backstop it's the fallback policy that would prevent a hard border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland following brags that. a day earlier johnson was in berlin where chancellor angela merkel told him the backstop wouldn't be necessary if britain could propose an alternative solution
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quickly. i admire that that can do spirit that she seemed to have that i think she's right i think that the technical solutions are readily available can have trusted traders steams you can have electronic clearing of the goods moving across the board. to meetings main revelation a pledge that britain won't install controls on its border with ireland. but under no circumstances will the u.k. government be instituting imposing checks or controls of any kind at that border and we think i understand your desire to protect the integrity of the of the single market but have you had hopes that concession might soften europe's stance macron had bad news the e.u. has neither time nor intention to reconsider the brig's a divorce deal. or been any good the e.u. has negotiated at length
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a withdrawal agreement with the united kingdom i will not get into details and it's not for any member of the e.u. alone to negotiate or renegotiate this agreement leaving with nothing but a handshake if a hard break that happens this week's visit could be seen as johnson's way of showing he tried to avoid it and to lay the blame on europe. brussels bureau chief mike huffman is in paris where he was following today's events here is his assessment. the fundamentals didn't change here in paris they are still the same boris johnson the u.k. prime minister wants to get rid of the backstop and everyone else in the european union including called the french president want to preserve it to preserve the integrity of the single market but one thing seems to be different boris johnson has started saying that no matter what happens on the 31st of october the u.k. will not enforce border checks border controls on this border between northern
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ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union that potentially puts the pressure on the european union what will they do in case of a no deal brags that if the u.k. does not enforce this border will they do it and risk having more violence like in the past decades if they don't then they cannot preserve the integrity of the single market so this once again has become a high stakes poker game and the question is who if anyone will blink 1st. let's get around some other stories making news around the world italy's president sergio says he has agreed to requests 5 political leaders for more time to form a viable coalition government and he has given them until tuesday to do so italy's populist governing coalition collapsed in 2 days ago after the far right league party withdrew its support of the lawmakers in kosovo have voted to dissolve
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parliament and trigger fresh elections it comes after prime minister. resigned in july over a war crimes investigation the step is likely to further delay stalled talks between cote kosovo and serbia and south korea says it is scrapping an intelligence sharing pact with japan and the agreement was due to be automatically renewed this weekend as you countries are in an intensifying dispute over history and training. and thousands of high school students in hong kong have turned out in a square in the city center to rally for political reforms student leaders announced a 2 week boycott of lectures on kong has been gripped by more than 2 months of sometimes violent protests led by young people demanding more democracy. a syrian migrant accused of fatally stabbing a man in the eastern german city of cabinets last year has the vote guilty and sentenced to almost 10 years in prison the killing sparked a wave of anti immigrant protests and riots. the verdict for the 24 year old
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migrant was handed down one year after the stabbing death of daniel age 9 and a half years imprisonment for manslaughter and aggravated battery. immediately after the attack a year ago germany was witness to the kind of racist riots not seen for decades some demonstrators were seen giving the hitler salute which is against the law here the shocking images from the city in former east germany made international headlines and police were criticised for failing to act sooner. this cell phone video appears to show a man chasing a pedestrian and shouting racist abuse the footage supported eyewitnesses claims that people had been targeted for supposedly looking forand to their assailants. video footage showing people being hunted down on the streets a crowd arriving and he crimes. this has nothing to do with the rule of law. but germany's domestic security agency chief at the time hans-georg mohsen disagreed with chancellor merkel he claimed without evidence that the videos had
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been faked his comments exposed deep divisions in germany's governing coalition he was later forced to step down according to the defense team the debate surrounding right wing extremism that gripped germany for weeks directly affected the trial. i'm not implying that this was the judge's motivation i'm saying the court could have been influenced by the political events in cannons that's. the courts will be dealing with the case for some time defense lawyers plan to contest the verdict. our political correspondent mark civilian akashic has been following the story for us she's with us here in our studio hi max what you make of this verdict and also the sentencing well as we've heard this may not be the end of this case the defense has already said they have launched an appeal though the court has said that they found the defendant guilty he has insisted on his innocence and there have been
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some issues with the trial there has been for example a lot of gaps in the evidence the evidence of the prosecution was last seen mostly on one evidence given by one employee of and snack stand nearby and as we've heard the defense has also been saying that they don't think that this trial would have gone in the same way in the same direction in another more western part of germany we have to say as we heard in the report it's not just this case it triggered a series of events that caused huge political turmoil here in germany tell us more about that this or the killing itself took place during a city festival in canada in the city in the east in germany and after this event was cancelled there was a series of protests and almost riots incident or like course by far right. extremists they've been also clashing with the police income nets and these events
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have also like calls for example we've seen footage of people chasing foreign looking people through comics and this has also had political implications within berlin so the german chancellor angela merkel at the time denounced this footage and saying there was more blight what we saw in cannes that's happening and the head of then domestic touch intelligence service hans mos and then said without giving any evidence all of his experts that he. claims that he thinks this footage was not real and the questions ability of this footage and subsequently because he couldn't give any evidence of this and made this political statement was then kind of removed from his post in 2018 and now a year later essentially we're seeing a verdict and it comes we should say also at a sensitive time i mean facts and the state where this all happened is heading to the polls on september 1st yes this trial has been overshadowing the campaign of the regional elections that are happening in the federal states of saxony in
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brandon back on september the 1st but also next monday will see the 1st anniversary of this killing and this court has this trial has been. used also by far right groups for example the far right party a few they've welcomed the verdict that has been given today and this group so far at a state party has been seems to be one of the strongest forces in the upcoming election in brandenburg in saxony in on september 1st all right our political correspondent maximillian our courtship with us here in our studio thank you very much. now the latest attempt to repatriate refugees from bangladesh to me in mar has sailed after no one turned up to board the waiting buses mean maher has agreed to allow more than 3000 refugees to return and even issued them with documentation but it seems that they all feared what would happen when they were turned this is the 2nd time that bangladesh has tried to send the word just back after the failure of another attempt back in november nearly 750000 of the persecuted muslim minority fled
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a military offensive in myanmar's trucking state in 2017 both of them and conrad is after men were henge a refugee camp in the bangladeshi city of cox's bazaar on the border with me and maher she sent us this assessment some people here told us that if they were full is to go home they'd rather kill themselves 1st because they don't trust the government of myanmar to actually provide them with safety to give them their land back you have to remember the spike they say muslim minority has gone through but some people close to ethnic cleansing their villages were bombed in some cases women were raped they simply don't trust the government back and be a mob to provide the safety and provide the human rights that they want a lot of people say once these. months have been fulfilled they would go back but at this point they all prefer to stay here and no one we talked to and no one who's talked to the u.n.
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so far wants to go back willingly. brazilian president says his country lacks the resources to fight the record number of fires burning in the amazon rain forest brazil's space research agency has recorded more than 74000 wildfires this year and 80 percent increase on the same period last year around $10000.00 fires have been spotted in the last week alone in a speech broadcast live on facebook president boston are also were tracked in his earlier accusation that the fires have been started by environmental organizations . and we can speak now to. a ph d. candidate currently researching the amazon rain forest in mato grosso in brazil typical thank you for joining us how traumatic are these fires
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alright it looks like we're having some trouble hearing tiago rice there the ph d. candidate in mato grosso in brazil unfortunately we'll have to leave it there now officials in they paula recommended a series of measures they hope will reduce the number of fatalities on mt everest more people than ever are attempting to climb the world's tallest mountain and overcrowding on everest has helped make this past climbing season one of the deadliest on record and pos government now wants potential climbers to prove their good health and past climbing experience in order to get a permit they also want climbers to pay a $35000.00 fee everest the holy grail of many avid mountaineers scaling the peak was a dream few realized until the poll removed its strict limits on expeditions in the early 990 s. . this year in the paul 100 i was
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a wreck or 391 permits to climb everest images posted online showed the queues near the summit as climbers took advantage of a short window of clear weather in may to make their ascent. this year was also one of the deadliest yet on everest 9 people died on the nepalese side of the mountain sherpa guides and experienced mountaineers say overcrowding contributed to at least some of the deaths there is currently no cap on the number of climbers who can attempt to some us at the same time they also point to inexperienced climbers alive out on the slopes. commercial operators dominate the peak today offering wealthy thrill seekers the chance to make it to the talk but they often lack training as extreme altitudes endangering themselves and of
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their main to nears critics say the new requirements proposed by the nepalese government could easily be forged like proof a climber has scaled another major mountain or a certificate of physical fitness nepal has refused to list the overall number of everest permits it's relies on the climbing industry as a key source of revenue and it wants to maintain the booming allure of the world's highest peak. ok let's return to the story we brought to you a little bit earlier the fires burning in the amazon rain forest in brazil we have been able to get the rice back he is a ph d. candidate as we said was researching the rain forests of mato grosso in brazil are we can hope we hope we can hear you this time around we want to know 1st of all how dramatic these fires are that we're witnessing in the amazon rain forest for about . hi good evening thank you for having me here well the situation is very dramatic
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right now because the number of fires have more than doubled compared from last year to these year of course this is a period of natural fires occurring in many places in the amazon and in the brazilian saurabh but as i said there have been many criminal fires taken place these here as well. what can you tell us about what or who have caused these fires . well 1st there is a widespread save the leg got it see the countryside of brazil right now especially because of the curfew ministration the government is basically fostering crime it's weakening the forest and agencies it's weakening the elimination of environmental legislation and it's still publicly discoursing me in favor of criminal activities like illegal mining illegal fire illegal logging in protected there are deals for
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example so it's a very hard situation where we feel the lack of states in the amazon and you can see how the right no but deforestation was an issue before a job also narrow came to office so what has made the situation so much worse can it really be linked to his policies alone. yes absolutely the 1st station record yes it's true but it was mostly residual the 1st nation so when most a lot of the explain it takes off is in jugglery easier we observe it in the increase in this size of the 1st asian lots so all these means that there has been an increase in speculative and cultural difference station and also we see that the legal mind there is illegal loggers are feeling free to act in the i was a and the z. directly motivated by it he's just would also by his actions in terms of the more
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the latter using all the environmental policy and all of the environmental agencies that work before. you're describing a really dramatic situation can these fires still be stopped i mean can the situation still be salvaged. it's hard to say because you know most of the the. grieg games and fire fighters that we had before especially funded by the amazon fund for example they are not all bosses they are the mobilize the air block to war they don't have the funds they don't have the resources the teams are in the mobilized soul who these fires are spreading and they don't have the means their results is to fight them that's the very and these one of the liberated action by the government the government cuts the resources and the funds from these teams and these brigades that usually every year they fought does fires at the
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spirit of the so take a what would you call on the international community to do right now to make sure that the situation doesn't continue while i think the current government is committing some crimes and the international community should. stop negotiate scenes should stop importing goods from brazil because this is not the best solution of course we need a group cultural implementation we need the economy development but we also need the states we also need environmental agencies we need health we need a new creation we need the coming to development sustainably in these regions of the country so the international community should should really act with the powers and the forces that they have and i truly believe that trade and commerce is the main possibility right now. ok researcher tad alright speaking to us from mato
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grosso thank you so much for joining us on the. thank you for listening to me. now the changing political climate in sudan has prompted plans to kick off the country's 1st ever women's football league it will include 18 clubs and the 1st match will be in september under the rule of the post president omar al bashir sudanese women's football was almost nonexistent but today some female athletes see change just ahead. a year ago the idea of a women's football league in sudan was far fetched females wanting to follow their football plain aspirations in the past were without hope. before the revolution i could not have imagined myself being a player in a woman's football team or even expected myself to be able to play the sport i've loved there were many restrictions on sudanese women and it was not possible to
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play football. but now a joint military civilian sovereign council is in power and it's seen as a significant advance women are part of the ruling council in measures are being taken to further women's rights and promote sports and the arts. that building he got in the past it was difficult for women to play football or because there were many complications that prevented them from participating in this activity but now everyone is looking forward to a new reality and has new ambitions now society has become more receptive to this idea and more accepting of the participation of women and all the areas of life of the people in mission at a new reality where sudanese women athletes can follow their ambitions. a team of explorers have taken the 1st images of the titanic in 14 years now the
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video material was taken in a deep sea submersible specially designed to to reach the nearly 4000 meter deaths where the ship sits researchers say that a rust eating bacteria is breaking up the ship faster than previously thought. 4000 meters below the waves the world's most famous ship emerges from the darkness it took 3 years to build a submersible capable of the dive it's pilot recounts the journey into the deep 1st impression it's big it is a big rock i wasn't fully ready for just how large it was and when it came up on sonar it really stood out and there was a very strong current and visibility was quite poor there are so much particulate matter there was just in the water and we have relatively small view ports because it's a full ocean dub submersible but eventually got properly oriented it was able to
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see some of the detail on the bow and eventually i got to the bow and saw it and the most amazing moment came when i was going along the side of the titanic and the bright lights of the submersible the 1st time when they reflected off of the portal and team right back it was like the ship was winking at me it was it was really amazing. the biggest ship of its the titanic sank on its maiden voyage in 1912 from southampton bound to new york. rescue efforts came too late for most passengers and crew in the i.c.c. 1500 people drowned. are we've heard the warning before robots are coming for our jobs well it's already happened in many factories and now humans are also increasingly being replaced in the service industry take china's biggest restaurant chain it's now opened its 1st branch where kitchen and service staff are being replaced by machines. it's not easy to grab
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a quick snack on weekends in beijing you need luck assertiveness and a lot of patience but waiting is all part of the game on a typical evening one of the largest restaurant chains has perfected the art of waiting had heidi lao customers by their time getting their nails done of course everything on the house management doesn't want anybody to get bored and now the company is committed to its 2.0 version opening its 1st smart restaurant in beijing everything here is digital the waiting room is a big computer game with a cinematic atmosphere everyone plays against everyone with the winners getting a discount on their meals this is the interior of the smart restaurant with a vision of tomorrow small robots are the attraction here they bring the food to the tables. customers place their orders with a tablet a few clicks on the pictures and the meal is ordered. the data center director each
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of the kitchen the restaurant doesn't prepare fresh vegetables or meat itself the robots pack the orders on a tray. everything is already prepared in small servings and then thanks to a lot of i.t. and many scans it's delivered directly to the customers table. maybe a future we would like to pull some very smart to the wise sees in the red on the table and then you can very easily to communicate the ways of the device but even much more funny. the founders shang young a publicist as shy drop out started with the snack bar 25 years ago now he and his wife are billionaires their empire is worth more than burger king and he says he doesn't spare any cost on good staff. people who do reply the move from the search
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zone to others less such kind of a new open the restaurant was so instead of full we have. multiple infected we have less people we need more people in progress at any rate the food is delicious that heidi loud there's only hotpot a kind of fun do a chinese national dish and that in all variations and with everything the customer desires. a rider in our top story on boris johnson and model on how talks on president paris johnson insisted once more that the e.u. scrapped the irish backstop president not hong kong the measure indispensable. thanks for watching t.v. we're back in a few minutes. welcome
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to the buddies leading here for adult. transplants to talk about. the stars our
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coverage. more for. us all we have going back let's have a look at some of the other matches around the league is still shaking in their food for the briefest supply of relief so you don't want to miss the. just gut d.w. . s.o.s. europe. is in crisis. which has a future champions young champions. bottom is what i just bought spear now for a long time i took a piece in a piece we valued about europe for granted that now i sense this need be something that we can people in particular need to find like oh my god it will. come some. food. for activists from for a new country. music to dream for united.
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and they say to european idea. most but i'm sure you can stand up to the european fan was there and contribute to something important i know that should come up see in. the future as europe starts september 2nd on d w. it's the lungs of our planet the amazon rain forest and right now it is burning forest fires are raging in brazil and the consequences for the fight against climate change could be devastating who is responsible and what can be done i'm sumi so misconduct in berlin this is the day.


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