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yes in john's time more design long even thought i was i was intuitive. my choice of this kind because even the way to try and smooth strokes. and i want. to tell. you. this is the dublin users coming up on the program on the streets against racism a sad day of protest brought up a walk into the shop put why do people feel discriminated against when novelist explains coming up. recovering johnno stolen treasures beijing has ramped up its efforts to repatriate antiquities looted during colonial times it's become a point of national pride plus plastic fishing nets discarded in big indian ocean
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can get a 2nd much cooler life that's so cold. i'm british welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us. none of these people on the streets in eastern indonesia want to be called monkeys that is what they and activists allege 43 papuan students were told when police detained them last week and protesters have made their anger norn over 3 days so far they have clashed with police blocked roads and set me on fire a prison and no kampala buildings have been torched as well the government has disappointed by sending trans 100 additional police personnel to west papuan and popular provinces. of these provinces were afforded to
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odan indonesia's far east right here it's worth remembering and also mentioning that aside from the common protests the provinces have also been home to a separatist movement against the indonesian government since the 1960 s. but once claimed the chemistry was illegally and mixed by indonesia they also accuse the government of human rights abuses and racial discrimination for more context on the protests in buffalo i spoke to a pretty. a puppet novelist and john list here as have you on the government's response to the demonstrators that we can't i just want you in any city government for 50 years. really can't really even not leaving our homeland because of this comedian lisa. why did you just need it if your government saw the
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want to get that. problem but also for the migrant breast pump or an author and journalist. according to one widely cited government estimate more than 10000000 antiquities have disappeared from china since 840 it's a start of a peter china refers to as the century of humiliation when foreign troops plundered and store thousands of items of trying not headed towards returning these artifacts to try to has become the mission of a number of well the chinese billionaires and art collectors but increasingly some western collectors are telling these items as well so all catches for the superstitious are parts for storing grain even in china they can't agree on what these thoughts is were for for the museum director the most important thing is that
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they have arrived unscathed in shanghai. these 2 objects were stolen from china. the cultural heritage that has been illegally smuggled out of the country will censorship at all something art collector hank newman has only found out after he bought and i'm taking good care of my former priest and they had found their way to europe via hong kong up in the car said you exhibit it or put it in a cabinet with the legislation is getting stricter so i decided to give it back to china this i think that's the best thing i'm not going to south stolen goods it's not right and it's my duty them out he bought a large part of his collection at art fairs and auction houses he finds it unbelievable that he never sounded the alarm that you'd think they'd fly gates but that's not happening and it's just ridiculous to stoughton cultural heritage and
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sold fast. food for crawford there are international agreements restricting sales but they're not always respected particularly in europe but they are fit with the right papers you can easily get more than 100000 euros as they hope his example will lead to more. how could out of the 2 i'm confident that mr new and houses approach will also have an impact abroad this really sets an example for. the pieces will soon go on display at the shanghai museum until then they're kept here safely under lock and key. joining me now is professor quentin parker from the university of hong kong welcome professor now china has a dedicated agency whose job is to retrieve lost art what is its reach like and how effective is it. 1st of all i'd like to say that every nation whose cultural
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heritage has been plundered he serves the opportunity to repatriate and looted artifacts including objects and artworks and perhaps no no more so than china now the fact that china has established such an agency gives it a greater reach if it's adequately resourced if it's given sufficient government resources then of course our china has the capacity to trawl through all the available options are going on around the world looking for objects of chinese cultural heritage value that may not have adequate provenance so they don't have adequate providence that's an indication that perhaps these objects have been acquired in nonstandard way perhaps even illegally with such an agency are to investigate this in the tower and also start to exert pressure a nation state like china has the ability to exert quite a lot of soft power to make things happen in this area and how does china exactly
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go about exerting soft barmen there have been reports in the past a number of antiques have been stolen from the places that they were stored and is that the kind of soft buyer perhaps voting to. i don't believe personally that china is in the business of raiding museums overseas and repatriating objects to china because it did it would be immediately obvious if i put them into a museum but they'd come from a different museum in a different country suddenly reappear in china and i would cause enormous problems so i don't believe that's actually anything that's serious in terms of suggestions that are kind of activities going on but what i saw power mean that you know that with the economic clout that a country like china hasn't with that much of the world involved in serious trade with the nation of china then this does give such a country quite quite or. an ability to to exert our in all sorts of different ways
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i'm not saying any of this is bad i'm just saying you know and actions like america promise in the past written in the 18th or 19th century so this is just a real politic of the world at the moment that's such a powerful country like china has more that it can do within its armory of activities that can make things happen let's talk about the legal processes if somebody wants to. store and are trying what is involved in that about creation process. that's a very good question and then the much key pains on the kinds of objects involved who is the person or persons or in the newseum the house these are the facts and where have i was obvious facts come from is there a paper trail that shows how these objects were a client and how long ago was it because a lot of things come down to things like provenance you know provenance is just the pipe the trial evidence that's an object is gone through museums and collectors for
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a long period of time and then you end up with it being in the music him eventually and then you can go back through this paper trial and say ok we now know that it came from the some a promise in 1960 looted by a french soldier and obviously therefore you have the state so that you need to stop the repatriation process right remember we were there for the time being but thanks very much for joining us professor brenton parker from the university off on wrong it's known as a ghost hundreds of kilometers of plastic fishing nets lost to the wild orphans every year they can see life and degrade into micro plastics that then enter the food chain but now a dutch company has teamed up with around 1000 fishermen in india to retrieve the nets and read gone at them for the horn the different purpose i think that a mum. these fishermen in southern india are getting ready for a day out at sea but they're not looking for fish instead they're on the lookout
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for abandoned fishing nets floating in the indian ocean. worried about i wanted to get out by extracting these nets from the sea where no way creating the sea earning some money. nylon netting not only snags but propellers it also traps marine life and degrades into micro plastics fishing nets can take hundreds of years to break down and fishing gear and makes up up to 70 percent of surface debris in the world's oceans but now a dutch company is working with indian fisherman to retrieve discarded fishing nets and with these women to recycle them. they go we any money for our family by working here this is our livelihood. once the nets of being cleaned and cut up that turned into plastic granules one of the
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companies that uses them is the surfboard makers stardoll it in bangkok thailand. then we try to see where we can place them in great places the civil places in our products from boards to females to bikes wherever a people can see them and understand that actually recycling is like an index remaining. the indonesian island of bali is a surfing mecca that's also battling a tide of plastic waste choking its rivers and beaches. recycling initiatives like these are just a drop in our increasingly polluted oceans though the world produces hundreds of millions of tons of plastic waste every year. that's it for no other stories from the region and this episode are available on our website.
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remember now with the look of the matrix in the world of robots out of expo in a vision i'm sure next time about. the full. s.o.s. euro. crisis. if it's to have a future champions young champions. tour activists who are country. dream.
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do they stand a chance for. a safety good idea. oh my god i need to stand up for european values and contribute to something important to them that ship. future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. it's the 15 a $1000000000.00 question what is a good time for china to get listed on the hong kong stock exchange now it seems the company has just postponed the move made to the ongoing political turmoil in asia as top financial cop. also coming up on depression in germany today bosses mixed with german chancellor on. i'm acting like this to discuss what the
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industry can do to help fight global warming. and why firefighters in thailand's capital bangkok a more busy dealing with snakes than extinguishing actual fire. come to do their business asia want to get jones good to have you with us then starting with something of a surprise chinese internet commerce platform alibaba has delayed its listing on the hong kong stock market amidst the ongoing protests there the company a chinese version of amazon is currently listed on wall street and was estimated to raise another $15.00 to $20000000000.00 by issuing out shares in hong kong it's unclear when the listing growth occur but insiders steve the timing of the withdrawal as crucial some say it could send a signal to the rest of the world on the state of hong kong as a business and financial sector. well for more on that story let's bring in our
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business correspondent in singapore under your hang andrea what is the region making of a.


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