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intelligence spreading throughout our society is stupid. to be subjected to continuous stream surveillance. experts to be able to agree on the guard. with this technology to create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. aug 14th on t.w. . this is news asia coming up instant divorce becomes a crime in india it's a victory for women vulnerable to the controversial customs practiced by some muslims what is their political agenda behind the law plus. bangladesh struggles with its worst gay outbreak ever thousands are sick what's driving the spike in cases. and cambodians are unhappy their countries become
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a dumping ground for the global trash industry it's an unwelcome import in a country that's already got its own plastic waste problem. i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia thank you for joining us we start in india where parliament has outlawed so-called instant divorce practiced by some muslims it will now become a criminal offense punishable by up to 3 years in prison the controversial practice allows a muslim man to end his marriage simply by saying the arabic word talaq which means divorce 3 times to his wife it's been a lightning rod issue in india for some time the supreme court declared it unconstitutional in 2017 and asked lawmakers. to act against it however the bill
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was blocked by the opposition in the upper house of parliament for more than a year this time a split in opposition ranks helped prime minister narendra modi's government push through the bill here's more from correspondent in delhi in the. primaries some of the ins more of these b.g.p. and somewhat slim women's groups have applauded the criminalized reaction of instant divorce or the lockerbie that the prime minister has said the new law will be a whip treat for gender justice he called the practice medieval and said that this practice will not be confined to the dustbin of history several civil society groups however have criticized the new law saying that it does not prove women but actually i'm tired minority they have said that after the supreme court had already declared the practice unconstitutional back in 2017 there is no need for this new law and that it simply targets the muslim minority in line with what is seen as this government's handling nationalist agenda the civil society groups have also
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written to the president of india opening him not to sign this bill into law but the president's nod is largely seen as a formality once both houses of parliament have pasta but to bangladesh now and the country's worst ever outbreak of dengue fever which is turning deadlier by the day as we go to air the mosquito borne viral infection has killed at least a dozen people and hospitalized to styles and of children and the rate of new infections continues to soar at least $61.00 out of $64.00 districts have now reported dengue cases he visited a hospital in dhaka where emergency services are stretched to the max. never before has bangladesh been faced with a dangly outbreak of these proportions hospitals across the country are flooded with patients including this children's hospital and dhaka i saw my son's condition turn critical. his hands and legs were sweating and then he doubled over his fever
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keeps coming and going now it's back again there is no vaccine against dengue fever and doctors say it's children who are most at risk of catching the potentially deadly virus. and should have. children are affected in large numbers by dangly because they go to school he does mosquitoes bite early in the morning or the evening. the risk for babies is also high because they are asleep at those times you know blocked out or smoking would be going to. bangladesh capital has been worst hit by the deadly outbreak and city authorities have launched a fumigation drive to kill the mosquito that spreads the disease in the meantime doctors are working overtime and are struggling to cope with a seemingly endless stream of patients. we have dr mere johnnies sabrina flora of the institute of epidemiology disease control and research in bangladesh
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for more dr why has there been uptake of dengue a in bangladesh. actually you know that this is there is. no climate change because of global warming we cannot observe a lot of changes in our reader saw in the current years we. usually bet on of rainfall and also the game pretty and he would it is being increasingly though that resulted into increasing eighty's musketeer and so unless it appears and we deal with environment for the. now this is a regional concern and last week we looked at the crisis in the philippines is the government. doing anything with countries in the region to combat this crisis.
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actually we are not. working with them but indirectly we are closely monitoring. trying to follow their lives and by those countries. controlling the #. managing gas situation and at the same time not their word going to ease helping us in finding our dissolutions to. be god great and. expose those who have experience in working. so that we can. get some experiences from them and until our mission. dr amir judie sabrina flora thank you in cambodia officials have announced a hefty fine of $250000.00 for any company caught illegally importing waste and by that i mean trash into the country and why would anyone do that but the global trade in trash for recycling and landfills is actually
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a $1000000000.00 industry and once seen increasingly in southeast asia the irony is not lost on locals who already deal with a lot of rubbish here's our story out of phnom penh. the water in this dream can hardly move it's full of plastic and it isn't an isolated case. the plastic tide starts to rise at 5 am in the street markets it's the packaging of choice of these traders and it spreads across the city as their goods and sold and distributed discarded plastic is simply swept to one side of. the market traders all use plastic because it's best fish and vegetable merchants use plastic because it protects their goods from rain and damage. with a population of 5000000 phnom penh accumulates 3000 tons of garbage every day
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waste disposal workers a simply overwhelmed by the amount. gangs of scavengers go through the waste at night to find any recyclable plastic waste. so someone is one of them. i don't know how much longer i can do this work more and more people are looking for plastic bottles so i find less and it's hard to earn that much. the next day so delivers what he's collected to a wholesaler and because there are no recycling plants in cambodia the plastic is exported to neighboring vietnam history big sacks of plastic burn him 15 euros. in cambodia only about 20 percent of plastic waste is recycled the rest ends up in landfill or strewn around the countryside. but that's not all $83.00 sea containers full of plastic waste have been found at the port of
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. they were there for months without being picked up so customs or dorothy's opened them to find that they were full of illegally imported plastic waste from the usa and canada customs of dorothy's want to take action against the perpetrators we turn to get rich. so can we. truly a company. cambodia can't cope with even more waste coming from abroad the country already looks like a garbage dump in many places and while some private initiatives are trying to tackle the waste even they don't know where to put all this plastic. lots going on in that story so joining us is journalist adam minter who covers the
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global recycling industry he's the author of junkyard planet travels in the $1000000000.00 trash trade and very soon he'll have another book out 2nd hand travels in a new global garage sale adam let's start with those illegal shipping containers they came from the united states and canada what's going on there. well for the better part of 30 years china actually was the main or of that kind of safely and waste and the reason it was imported is that it said plastics in the china's manufacturing sector when in 2018 china shut down its its acceptance of precisely the factories that were primarily responsible for recycling that material which wasn't always done in a very nice way oh you located to various places in southeast asia or they resort to import he resumed importing from their consumers into canada in the united states and continue recycling in the same manner that they have been doing in china which is not related now let's talk about up plastic
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a waste recycling in general the report talks about cambodia not having a plant or not having enough and the stuff has to be transferred to vietnam tell us a little bit about the trade going on in southeast asia right now sure well it's not exactly correct the employee doesn't have a recycling facility so it has recycling facility it's just that those are cycling facilities dark alleys that are you know are really meet the standards that many faults and developers should expect they tend to be on safe polluting but they still do recycle the plastics and cycle them in a manner that can be used by manufacturers in southeast asia and as china's manufacturers leave china and part of the trade or they're going to southeast asia where labor rates are very cheap and they can get this material in from europe the united states and from canada and so that's what's happening is you're seeing a relocation
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a process that used to happen within china in israel any places like cambodia and other ports in southeast asia i want to take a further look into the domestic situation and looks like they've got their hands full with the domestic waste what do you know about what's going on there. yeah i mean cambodia like most of l.t. countries generates an enormous and growing volume of solid waste a lot having the best estimates are that it's generating about $7000000.00 times per year and because they don't have modern waste management that might be landfill with a liner so it doesn't leak it may be an incinerator scrubbers or that the emissions are very bad and it may be on a cycling plant that doesn't explode people who are in the environment chemicals because of that they have a real problem their hands are not able to manage the stuff in a safe way and so because of that you see many of these scandals that are not
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whether the scams are. being tossed into reverse which you know ultimately drains of the ocean temperatures ocean plastics adam minter thank you very much. thank you. that's it for now check out our other stories on dot com forward slash asia or on facebook or twitter thanks for watching and goodbye. what secrets lie behind the small. find out in an immersive experience and explore a fascinating cultural heritage science. d.w. world heritage 360 getting up. every
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journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word i'm going to include coaxing germany to cut. why not born with the fine. it's simple online on your mobile and free. course called street journal made easy. no breakthrough no progress no trade deal the 1st face to face talks since her truce was declared last month between the u.s. and china is allowed to stock markets wobble as investors await what could be the u.s. federal reserve's 1st interest rate cut in over a decade. and drinking water for india's prout stricken city of chennai all else
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fails then bring in the precious cargo via rail. and then for one let's do business the reality couldn't be any different chinese state media describes the trade talks as constructive today's meeting in shanghai only lasted a few hours in the americans said goodbye all they could basically agree upon was the next date in september in the us. if you pleasant smiles and exchange of niceties then u.s. trade representative robert light ties are in treasury secretary stephen minucci got down to business with chinese vice premier heard. there was little expectation of an agreement being reached before hand found the likelihood of that probably wasn't helped by the coinciding harsh criticism of china's economic policies by president trump one of his complaints that china makes promises but fails to follow through and beijing wasted no time in responding to
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a shot 19 shuffle me i think it's meaningless for the u.s. to pursue zs maximum pressure attacked.


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