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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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and online. this is g w news live from berlin tonight who will protect shipping in the gulf the u.s. is calling on europe to do its part washington has made a formal request to germany france and britain to help secure the strait of hormuz so far no reply from berlin but some lawmakers here say the answer should be no also coming out remembering the little boy who died when he was pushed in front of a passing train in frankfurt germany prosecutors have charged a man and they say he will be examined for mental health.
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it's good to have you with us who will help patrol the seems to night the united states has formally called on germany france and britain to help provide security for shipping in the strait of hormuz and the street is a strategic route for about 5th a 5th of the world's oil and you see it's a very narrow passage their relations between tehran and the west have deteriorated ever since the u.s. last year pulled out of that landmark deal which was designed to limit iran's nuclear program a recent series of tit for tat tanker seizures has only ramped up tensions further and germany's official line remains that it favors a multinational approach to protecting shipping there. well we have coverage
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tonight from here in germany and from the washington d.c. for more we want to go to our correspondent here in berlin kate brady she's at our parliamentary studio and in washington helen the humphrey's on the story for us to both of you good evening kate let me start with you the u.s. has made a formal request germany has germany offered a reply well so far brown we don't have an official reply but we did hear in an interview earlier today from all of shelties the vice chancellor here in germany and he was assisted in the cabinet meeting for angela merkel today she's currently on vacation and in an interview with the phunk media group all of shots very much made it clear that the message here from germany is deescalation he said that the goal of all responsible politicians must be to observe the situation with a sober and careful attitude and not to sleepwalk into an even bigger crisis or the attitude here in germany is very much against any kind of heavy handed over robust
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gauge men in the gulf in the gulf and at the moment germany is keeping this request at all and yes like it thinks but no things and when it's interesting that we've got the united states calling on europe to help patrol the seas. the u.s. had or has a similar plan involving nato what has come of the efforts by washington to form an international coalition to protect shipping in the strait of hormuz. not very much of a century the response from the europeans and the nato allies was not very sympathetic to that demand that demand came from or at least was voiced by the acting u.s. secretary of defense mark s. but he was speaking at the nato headquarters it was sort of his international debut as pentagon chief there in the europeans essentially said as kate mentions there
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escalate deescalate tensions negotiate through diplomatic means and then we will talk they even offered to facilitate that deescalation in those diplomatic talks as well so the message i mean if you want to kind of quote winston churchill for example was george you're a not more war because the concern is that this could take over into something even more dangerous than errant move for example from the u.s. president could see both sides engage in a war that need to side with the world right now can afford you know particularly through his inflammatory rhetoric for example at times the president has said that he would quote obliterate parts of iran that's a good point to make is that what berlin is worried about that if it does see you still hoping control the strait of hormuz that it automatically is forced to take sides if and when there is a war between the u.s. and iran. well that certainly is a concern here in berlin and does helena mentioned as well germany is very
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reluctant to get involved in something which could be determined by the next tweet to come from the u.s. president donald trump and it is also worth pointing out as well that it's very much the viewpoint here in political lynn that they see these escalate this escalation of tensions right now it's seen here at least very much as the result of the decision in washington to pull out of that u.s. pull the u.s. ari out of that iran nuclear deal so at the moment germany like the u.k. and france as well which germany's working very closely with the right now it's all about deescalating these tensions and they want to make sure that every avenue is exhausted and search for any kind of diplomatic means to see if there's some way of resolving these tensions 1st the escalating the situation before any more action is taken so more talk and less of the action which is being suggested by washington
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and helena we know that the troubled ministration talks about maximum pressure maintaining that iran does this force to patrol the seas and to protect freedom of navigation does that fit into this policy of maximum pressure. well that's very much the concern of the europeans to engage on that front the optics would be that they are then complicit in a campaign of mick's maximum pressure which they have been so critical of and let's be honest about that campaign it hasn't really achieved what the americans wanted it to anyway in the 1st place namely bringing the iranians back to the negotiation table on the 2015 nuclear deal quite the office it in fact merely provoking the eye of the iranians for example we've seen them breach the terms of that deal in the offing of the enrichment of uranium then of course we've seen them engage in tit for tat measures in the downing of drones for example in the seizure of time
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because in the potion gulf so it certainly hasn't been successful but at the end of the day the europeans also have to consider this that some resolution is also needed because the strait of hormuz is a vital waterway for them as well a 5th of global oil supply coming through that as well as a significant portion of european food supplies while held humphrey in washington kate brady here in berlin to both of you thank you. and here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a 2nd case of ebola has been discovered in goma a city in the democratic republic of congo the city of over 2000000 people is a major transport hub and health officials are worried that a major epidemic could spread from there at least 1700 people have died in a year long outbreak in the country brazilian authorities say the death toll has risen to at least 57 after a prison riot monday in the north of the country officials said brutal fighting
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erupted between rival criminal groups at the ultimate near a prison in the state of pa many of the did were capitated or string. well here in germany a memorial service has been held for that young boy who died when he was pushed in front of a passing train at the main station in frankfurt on monday prosecutors have charged a man with murder and they say he will also be examined by a psychiatrist this story has shocked germany. grief and sympathy at frankfurt central rail station. an 8 year old boy died here after he and his mother was shoved in front of an oncoming train the mother managed to save herself just in time another woman was able to fend off the attacker. this is where the suspect will face the judge on one count of murder and 2 counts of attempted murder. the 40 year old man is himself the father of 3 children in 2006
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he left eritrea 1st switzerland where he has an unrestricted residence permit. the german interior minister and heads of security agencies in berlin gave more details they said the man was long seen as an example of successful integration in switzerland nothing is known yet about his motive be said to have received psychiatric treatment in 2019 and then a few days ago this incident. according to the swiss police. the suspect last raised alarm on july 25th in switzerland when he threatened his neighbor with a knife but. he threatened to kill her. and he also strangled her and he locked her in her apartment and fled from this west saw that as grounds to put out
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a nationwide arrest warrant for him to face. the suspect traveled from basle to frankfurt. after a series of violent offenses in recent weeks german interior minister horst as a whole for wants more surveillance at train stations. is that the call for more police officers still does not mean there will be complete security. because we urgently need increased police presence and i've been saying this since i took office 3 grand mere police presence. but 1st people in germany and the mourners here in frankfurt are waiting for an answer what motivated the perpetrator to commit such a horrific crime. where you as president donald trump has fired another salvo in his battle against bowl. all to moore 1st he calls controversy by
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calling a black majority district of the city a rat and road infested mess well now he's followed it up by saying that african-americans are quote happy as hell with his remarks about the district and its congressman here's what trump said earlier today. does people living in the hallowed halls the are there largely african-american you have a large african-american population and they really appreciate what i'm doing and they let me know if they really appreciate it people have called from baltimore thanking me so much there's all that money that's been bent over 20 years has been stolen away by people like allies you've got. or critics say the president's remarks were a racially charged attack on congressman cummings who has been fiercely critical of the trump administration's treatment of migrants use all over sell it went to baltimore to hear what residents and citizens there have to say about their
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hometown the city of baltimore faces many problems and one has been there for many years west baltimore which is prone to crime and violence and with the streets are indicate one of the last homicides happened just here a few days ago and with more than 300 people murdered last year there's no doubt that baltimore is one of the most violent cities in north america but does this make it a rat and rodent infested mess as president trump says. a series of inflammatory tweets from the y. tells its baltimore sleep problem president trump calling the city of very dangerous and filthy place worst in the usa and says no human being would want to live there president trump statements are wrong. represent a political attack and
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a lack of understanding regarding the dynamics of baltimore the dynamics of crime a city with a black population of more than 60 percent some feel insulted by the president's rhetoric but others say there is some truth to what he says he's right about some part as well like others like if you haven't been here you can't really say anything about it especially if you're not helping the city he's right about what he then it may be the way that it but that's the thing that i get is i think people who are insulted are absolutely justified in being insulted because he has no idea what he's talking about but that's the case of everything what does it mean what with his attack president trump is taking on some of his most vocal critics congressman elijah cummings who represents parts of baltimore in congress they are human beings. city council man leon pink cat says tom's attacks on baltimore are above all political gamesmanship
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a congressman cummings has been doing an exceptional job as he chairs the oversight committee in congress and. the reality is he is and as a result of his work and he's shedding light on a lot of issues that are directly respond that the president is directly responsible for when we talk about a border policy when we talk about that that the the treatment of immigrants a good reason for the president to take on cummings and his congressional district even if that doesn't improve the situation in west baltimore. a seesaw that bridges countries that's the idea of an architecture professor who's installed just that along the us mexico border take a look at this this video that shows children on the american side of the border fence taking to the pink sea soles with gusts to the creator a university of california professor said he wanted to connect both sides to
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recognize that actions on one end have a direct impact on the other that they do. you're watching the news of next business news with stephen beardsley stick around and he with what you're going to. robots are still in the development phase. but it's going to happen when they. will humans and machines be able to peacefully co-exist or are we on the verge of a robot collapse. if we just bumble into this whole.


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