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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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up and systems. collapse stuart aug 14th on d. w. . this is d. w. news live from berlin hong kong residents are back on the streets as the territory reacts to violent clashes between police and pro-democracy demonstrators dozens are in custody after a police crackdown you are looking now at live pictures as proust gather in the city center our correspondent is on the scene and more than
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a 1000 arrested in moscow when the biggest crackdown in 2 years the russians were attempting to rally in support of opposition politicians banned from running in local elections and protesters got glamour putin's government. also coming up a surprise winner expected at the tour de france 22 year old a gun there now is on track to win cycling's top race will be the youngest winner in more than a century and the 1st ever from colombia but he still needs to cross the finish. welcome to the program carl assman on kong citizens are gathering in the city center today defying an official ban as they seek to protest the police response to their pro-democracy rallies last night sa violent clashes between police and demi.
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traders with dozens arrested and injured authorities fired tear gas and rubber bullets as they attended today's 1st the crowds today's protest is taking place in the wrong one district a central area off either with tourists and close to the chinese government offices the protests are part of a week long campaign for greater democracy in hong kong and autonomy from main land china. and joining me now is our correspondent much longer he's been covering these protests since the beginning in hong kong now the ts today is the 3rd straight day of demonstrations that seem to be escalating can you just bring us up to speed on what we can expect today. as you mentioned it today's march has not been approved the assembly in the beginning has been approved by the police but the march was considered too risky by the police and they have not approved protesters are going to march anyway and this is
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basically what we've seen yesterday as well the police trying to stop the protests and the protesters marching anyway this is the mixture that led makes tensions rise during these days in hong kong we've seen 3 straight weekends of clashes between the police and protesters and i've talked to some of the protesters they were saying that they were still hoping that today might be peaceful but that they had little hope that this might be possible protesters of course blame this and tiredly on the police but we see anxiety intentions on both sides rice now police are being criticized for a bloody crackdown yesterday on protesters in the exact same train station where armed thugs attacked protesters last week do you think in the end this weekend will be seen as a turning point in these demonstrations. i think the turning
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point has already happened 6 weeks ago when the police 1st used massive amounts of tear gas and rubber rubber bullets against the protesters this was something at the time that had never happened in hong kong police had never used this amount of violence to disperse protests and since then. the situation has been hardening and the police tactics have also been hardening police interfere much earlier now and with much more violence there have been doing things that were not seen before like chasing people into buildings and then to gosling them into in side these buildings and this is what what has made protesters stance also hardened and now the protests are basically about police violence the demand to investigate the actions of the police much more than about the initial extradition bill that would allow extraditions to china that was at the beginning of this protest movement we're watching those dramatic pictures of clashes between police and protesters i
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mean after seeing that where is carrie lana why hasn't hong kong's leader addressed protesters as this situation seems to be coming becoming increasingly unstable. this is something many people here asked themselves many up servers many citizens of hong kong the government has basically not seen the only times kerry goes out and meets the press is when she wants to condemn violence but this is always weiland by the protesters she has not distanced herself from annie of the police actions of although some of her. ministers or secretaries that called in hong kong one of them has sad that police has interfered too late when try it attacked protesters this is the only thing that they have admitted so far and it's an example of an extreme bad handling
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of these protests a government that disappears when hundreds of thousands go to the streets is a government that gives the impression it's basically not able to handle what's happening in the city and this is of course fueling the protests for. years marty as well and in the heart of things in hong kong today more people taking to the streets thank you very much. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world president donald trump has aggressively criticized black congressmen and democrats alike to comics trump fired a volley of tweets calling cummings district of baltimore a quote rat infested mess after cummings criticize conditions on the us mexico border it's the latest in a series of attacks on congressional leaders of color by the president top democrat nancy pelosi called it a racist attack and want to make it after a national alert thunderous has deployed its military in
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a giant operation to combat dengue fever the outbreak has affected more than 28000 people and killed at least 58 more the military has been using shovels and fumigation machines combat the mosquito that spreads the illness. prosecutors in sudan say 8 military officers will face charges for attacking a peaceful protest camp in hard to last month 87 people reportedly died in the incident but civilian opposition groups say the death toll was higher they're demanding an independent investigation. to moscow now where the number of people arrested in yesterday's opposition rally has reached over 1000 they were attempting to rally outside the mayor's office to protest the banning of opposition candidates from upcoming local elections activists say it is the biggest crackdown on dissent in many years. a show of force from moscow police
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facing off against an unauthorized demonstration as people took to the streets to demand free minutes of elections one protester after another is arrested. for the people taking part here a sign the authorities in flooded near putin's russia fear their dissent could spread. what you might want to do you cannot be indifferent if we don't start with these local moscow elections when will it ever begin. russia's a big country and i hope people will see what we're doing. and with scenes like these that's what authorities seem determined to prevent as the protests began police stormed the offices of opposition leader alexina found me who had been streaming the demonstration live on the internet they arrested his studio head they also raided internet t.v. station. and ordered its editor in chief to undergo questioning for now the strategy appears to be keep the protestors and their anger against the ruling party
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contained. pressure is mounting on syrian refugees in lebanon to return home authorities have been cracking down on work permits and i.d.'s a move that activists see as a pretext to try to force the refugees to leith and on the eastern region of our sol syrians have been forced to demolish their own homes in refugee camps as authorities say will only allow shelters made from wood and plastic sheeting. anything over a meter has to go replaced with wood and plastic tarp. more than 1000 homes that are near lebanon's border with syria have already been dismantled. syrian refugees here say those who refuse to do it themselves risk having the lebanese army come tear the place down. a punishing at least we had a concrete roof that could protect us from the snow and sun. but to do the cold
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will make our children sick. refugees are expected to live in tents like housing an effort to prevent ourselves 130 camps from becoming permanent it's part of the lebanese government's campaign to pressure syrian refugees to go back. to lebanon those fields here die in the tent if we make use of even one stone and then where do we go will be homeless children then a lot of the little. ourselves mayer says he feels for the refugees. but the lebanese are minority here and after 8 years it's getting to be too much for them. you can feel the fear because no one knows when this flow of people from syria into lebanon will end. the people here are preoccupied with this question.
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that. people here are reluctant to speak on camera privately many say they're afraid of all the refugees and want them to leave the sooner the better. all right sports now and after more than 3000 kilometers 21 stages this year's tour de france will crown a champion today in paris that's what brings into the studio look for anything strange today which we have seen and this is behavior will be an unexpected champion crossing the finish line that's right. set to become the champion of the 2019 tour de france now if you haven't heard that name before don't worry i'm not even even keen follows the big events haven't seen that much of him he's just 20 years old so with that he sets become the youngest france champion in a 110 years on top of that this is only his 2nd appearance at a grand torso one of the big 3 stage of ants that we have in road cycling he hasn't
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won a single stage on this is talk of france we haven't seen him up on the podium or whatever he only had the yellow jersey since the end of friday's stage so he's really not someone who's had a lot of time in the spotlight and yet barring as you say any strange events as long as he crosses the finishing line in sunday's event he will be the champion that's because the city is a the general classification leader is not challenge tradition dictates that they are not a challenge so this is an incredible achievement for one so young it must be a very emotional time for him so let's hear what he has to say in his own words. because we want to use those that are going to go on 1st of all i'm really proud to be colombian. knows what those medicine is that i think we deserve to win this tour. we've had really good cyclists for so many years and for one reason
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or another we've never been able to win the tour. i mean what a story how big is this when if it happens the day before colombian cycling in general it's hugely exciting. i mean firstly as i've already said because he is so young i mean if we take a comparison here with the reigning champion thomas he. lost his daughter for the 1st sort of france victory at the age of $32.00 so but now is a full decade younger than him we really could be seeing the start of a glorious cycling career here and that is of course very exciting for colombian cycling fans but of course the big deal is that he is the 1st set to become the 1st colombian champion of the tour we've had hopes in the last years from colombia that they could have a winner in china has been among the favorites for the general classification in years gone by but he's never managed to get across the line 1st place so the fact
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that. you've got someone so young someone's a promising about to break that dark about to become the 1st is of course hugely exciting in colombia so let's hear what they have to say about it. they're up sing with emotion and filled with pride colombians packed a local park to celebrate the cycling milestone for their country. yes you know this is going to make this sport even more popular and it's wonderful to feel proud to be a cyclist to see a paris and triumph a colombian who's given his all and his so young you have to remember that again is a very young paris then that is. colombia's new hero is just 22 years old and will become the youngest winner of the tour in 110 years capping off a decade of steady progress for. colombian cycling. so some wonderful scenes there from colombia but we can't talk about colombia's joint without talking about
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france's disappears employment taxes until friday look very much like julian our affiliate the home favorite was about to become the 1st french champion of the tour de france since 1985 then we had this weather affected stage 19 where a landslide caused by the bad weather conditions had actually prompted them to cut the rice off early and that is what gave that now this huge boost of massive disappointment for france the disappointment turning into joy though for the colombia it's all right ultimately thank you very much you're watching the news live from berlin more at the top of the. informal. language courses. video. anytime anywhere. w's.


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