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special. care all true for. northern. on line to get out of. this is due to the newsnight from berlin arrests in moscow as russians rally demanding frayne fair local elections hundreds of people have been detained including opposition politicians banned from running for office we speak to a correspondent in the russian capital also coming up. in hong kong police move into to pro-democracy protesters marching against organized gangs who attacked
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earlier demonstrations they also accuse the place of deliberately holding up their holding up their response their soldiers. and hundreds of thousands are album crowd on the streets of berlin as the city celebrates its annual pride parade and this year it's marking a special anniversary. i'm rebecca read his welcome to the program police in moscow have arrested more than a 1000 people as they attempted to rally outside the mayor's office the protestors were demanding free and fair elections after a raft of opposition and independent candidates were bought from running in the city's upcoming polls the demonstration was declared illegal and police began to detain people before it started. this is our city the protesters defiant chant. but most goes police see things differently arresting
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one demonstrator after another for the people here a sign of thirty's in vladimir putin's russia are afraid. they counting how many of us there are and that's why we need to come. to me tonight we need you can't be indifferent if we don't start with these local moscow elections when will ever begin russia is a big country and i hope people will see us and understand we can't go on living like this. but the russian seeing scenes like these is what authorities seem determined to prevent. as the protests began police stormed the offices of opposition leader alexina found the who had been streaming the demonstration live on the internet they arrested his studio head they also raided internet t.v. station and ordered its editor in chief to undergo questioning. for
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now the strategy appears to be keep the protestors and their anger against the ruling party contained. a correspondent is following that very tense situation in moscow emily tell us what's happening now. well things seem to be slowly quieting down in the capital but that is probably just because so many people were arrested throughout the day and even into the night there were arrests continuing the police presence at the demonstration was really really strong from the beginning there were police lining the streets arresting people left and right there were big buses set up to put all the arrested people in to drive them off to the police stations several of the candidates that were fighting against the decision not to let them register for the upcoming moscow
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elections were also arrested and even my colleagues. who works for our russian department he was arrested while he was filming the demonstration on his mobile phone he told police that he's an accredited journalist but they still took him to the police station he's now been released. which is good the police were blocking protesters cordoning off areas pushing people back so really strong moves there from the author or it is still the protesters are showing their defiance just recently one of the candidates has called for a new protest next saturday as well he was then arrested one of the protesters trying to achieve here. so i think the most notable thing for me today rebecca was just how much of a mix there were was of protesters out on the street really young and old and people were really showing despite all the arrests how the. how strongly they felt
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about this issue of the upcoming elections they were chanting for a city in the city's mayor to resign they were chanting this is our city they were chanting all for one and one for all which is kind of become the rallying cry of this movement of this movement which is really united the opposition here in russia russia which is usually very divided but they also told me that this is really about much much more than moscow they said that everyone in the whole country is looking to moscow now and they need to show that russians are prepared to fight for their democratic rights and he just gave us a sense of what how much support the opposition has in russia. well that's always really hard to say rebecca what i can tell you is that support for the ruling united russia party is dropping one of the state pollster is this
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month found that it reached just over 32 percent that's a record low the lowest number that they found since 2006 and that's one of the reasons why the united russia party candidates are actually running as independents in these upcoming moscow elections they don't want that label even to be attached to them and i think you can really sense that across the country there have been protests about a variety of other issues as well in the north of the country there were protests against a planned garbage dump there were protests against the unpopular pension reform so really dissatisfaction with the ruling party and with the government i think is on the rise emily shown in moscow thank you very much for that update. turning to hong kong now where hundreds of thousands of protesters faced off with riot police today to find wardens to stay home the demonstration took place in the neighborhood where
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a violent mob attacked pro-democracy pro-democracy protesters and bystanders last weekend on kong's been rocked by weeks of civil unrest with mass protests calling for a stronger commitment to democratic values and up holding the city state's autonomy from my. view. violence begets violence the quote attributed to civil rights leader martin luther king jr is playing out on the streets of hong kong police had banned the protest in advance citing safety concerns but organizers say close to 300000 people turned out police fire tear gas when they refused to disperse several protesters were reported injured police threatened arrests but made none for much of the day them. strangers appeared undeterred. are opening in an hour for is this important to change hong kong we have to up what happened last week i think that's why we're here that i am
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right that's what a mob of men and whites swept through a train station here injuring dozens of clubs and pipes victims included journalists lawmakers and bystanders but the real target appears to be the ones in black pro-democracy protesters. they've been rallying for weeks against their government's ties to mainland china protesters have blamed police for acting too slowly against the mob violence police deny the charge saying they've made arrests including those with suspected ties to triad a chinese gang. that has and satisfy the most hardcore protesters as night fell they hunkered down in the train station. iran. some hurled objects. the police ultimately storm the station clearing them out by force.
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earlier we spoke to our correspondent bellinger has been following the protests in hong kong for us. we have not seen what most people feared most that these white clad thugs would attack the demonstrators today but we have seen extensive clashes between the police and protesters both sides are hardening more and more more and more protests and in violent clashes this movement is really getting more radical and the police is getting more ready to use force and at an earlier stage of the protests isn't it intervening with massive amounts of chagas driving away the protesters at the bottom of all this is a deep mistrust between the hong kong government and a big part of the population people accuse the government of being. of acting on behalf of beijing rather than on behalf of their own population and the government has done little to counter these accusations it has almost not been seen leaving
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it to the police to deal with these protests these protests are going to continue in this heated up atmosphere in hong kong we are going to see more protests over the next few weeks and chances that they are going to stay peaceful are lower than ever. our correspondent duty is building up speaking to us from hong kong let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least 11 people have been killed and dozens more injured following a raid on a rebel held town in northwestern syria a rights watchdog said government more planes targeted in the province since april less sad forces have been trying to oust the country's last remaining rebels from the region. after a 2 day flight space x.'s dragon cargo capsule has successfully reached the international space station it's delivering lab equipment and supplies for the astronauts it's the reusable spaceships 3rd flight to the i assess the mission had
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to be postponed several times due to bad weather conditions. now right here in berlin hundreds of thousands of people have been out in the streets for the city's annual pride parade despite germany legalizing gay marriage 2 years ago harassment and discrimination against the l.g. beatty community still takes place for many people attending the parade taking a stand and speaking out is just as important as having a posse. the colors of the rainbow taking over the streets of berlin it's the 41st christopher street day here in germany scap until a celebration that the same time is a statement and a protest for equal rights and acceptance for the gay community. in germany especially in berlin we have a lot of freedom but we know about our sisters and friends in the east of just in the east of europe and other parts of the world which is why it's
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a really really dangerous to be homosexual if the kind we are not monsters we are loving people like everybody else we should not be beaten or killed and we have the same rights as everyone else. in the world groove mojo our grandmothers and grandfathers fought for this for us and we're with them we're fighting every day for diversity and equality for all and it's great fun to look at this year's parade owners and those who fought for equal rights for the l g b t community in the early days of the mall to stonewall 50 every riot starts with you force. a reminder of the 28th of june in 1968 when police raided the stonewall inn in new york the gay bar on christopher street the event that to protests and triggered the modern find for l g b t rights. to take this fight still
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continues and it's reflected here in berlin where hundreds of thousands from all over the world take part in europe's biggest christopher street day. radio strauss has been covering the events joining the revelers marina what's the atmosphere been there in the center of berlin today. it was really good rebecca there was a huge party it was like a fast seville atmosphere never a lot of people outside on the street the weather of course very summery very nice just like a lot of leather and sat there and some people wearing clothes leads to nothing and said now the price has got into now and you can see behind me close to prime guy there's a potty going on and not just here but also another places are for len people keep on celebrating tonight with such a party atmosphere it's not how much of the origins of this event as a political protest is still evident during berlin's christmas straight day.
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that actually looks like a party some people i talked to they told me yeah it's not me and so i this is not going out having a party having a couple of drinks but there's also something deeper truth most people are actually here because they want to protest because they want to protest that l.c.d. t.v. people towns have the same rights in most parts of the world i mean we all know that there are still countries where you could be punished with death penalty when you're a guy you know less than or transsexual so that's half it you still has political points and this is a christmas tree it's a marina strauss in central poland thanks very much for the update. of to cycling now and you can bet molly is set to win this year's 2 it affronts he held on to his late through the penultimate stage the colombian held off his closest competitors on the steep climb up to val trends as italian engines on
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a bali one the stage that means banal simply has to cross the finish line on the shops and is a paris on sunday as the final stage of the race is only ceremonial. now watching d.w. news up next wild stories the weekend reports i'll be back at the top of the output in the meantime you can stay up to date on our website that's coming from a on the entire team here and violent acts for. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn with him simple online on your mobile and free. w z learning course nikos fake german.


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