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even if they jones there's there's actually a retreat sown here close suits of where we sounds and if people are harassed or feel just committed against they can go there and they have people help them money next house at the berlin pride parade thank you very much. for watching w. news up next our technology show shift i'll be back at the top the hour with more headlines for me and the entire team here and roland thanks for watching. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the. code is in germany to learn german and why not with him simple online on your mobile and free to suffer from d w z e learning course nikos free german made it seem slim is certainly. true sky for germany.
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i love berlin. 50 nations a 50 story and 50 very personal to berlin is very best feature. planet for our back series every week on t.w. . this might soon be a thing of the past. who needs cash when you can just as easily pay with an easy wallet worldwide digital wallets and our smartphones are growing more and more popular what systems on the market how do they differ from one another and how safe are they i would topic today on ship.
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most evil that's common smartphone apps. that biometric solutions to sure your own hand might replace your wallet a scanner authorize the payment and that's it businesses are paying up on the trend and offering more payment services facebook even announced its own app recently but which one is right for me. that might depend on where you live and what you plan to use it for. a bouquet of flowers without any cash to many it's already an ordinary part of daily life. let users pay quickly and easily there's a wide range of apps to choose from. you can get the wallets through your bank then it's basically an extension of your regular account on your smartphone the other
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are connected to your mobile plan they conduct transactions via text message there is also a growing number of other providers whether global players for worldwide payments like google pay or pay pal or that's for certain countries and currencies like hourly pay in china. in india. the main principle stays the same. are for storing money. the balance usually comes from a bank account or credit card or is topped up in cash the months you pay by clicking a button scanning a q.r. code or with near field communication i use mostly because they're really kind of because you can pay everywhere and anywhere with your mobile phone and it takes away the hassle of dealing with cash or do you thing with physical credit cards with payments you can just scan a q.r.
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code and comes directly from your bank account. user should look out for fees though often sending money to friends is free of charge but many providers make a profit on other transactions charges 5 percent on international money transfers for instance that can become costly in the long run. so here's a checklist for farming be your wallet that's best for your needs what countries and currencies doesn't work and how can i top it up what payment options do i have and what does the option i use most cost and as always it's also important to look out for your security personal data. expert julie martin some basic advice for choosing the right provider look for multiple factor authentication look for making sure that there is a backup. and make sure that they are warning you about how you should be interfacing with the technology. whether or not my money is safe depends on how i
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keep it leaving my wallet is probably a bad idea using 1234 as a password for my. also not the best but providers need to maintain security standards to. technically speaking most do you want to buy sirius provider well protected the data reason crypted and stored on secure service it's recommended to use the wallets which have been checked by at least 2 i.t. security companies one risk remains humans passwords need to be protected and you want to use are a popular target for phishing attacks which enable criminals access to what this digital wants. this is the power and the danger of mobile banking you are your own bank and if you have bad security practices you lose your phone or something happens then you are the one who is
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going to suffer the consequences of that like online banking most do you want to use 2 factor authentication for example password and fingerprint what if a transfer feels as though some providers have accommodating rules similar to a bank but that is not a given equal it usually circumvents the middlemen making a profit and if there is no longer an intermediary there who is making money off of you. then you have a danger that you're not going to get that charge back there's nobody to charge it to send it back to you. so. some risks but doesn't money always. how does mobile payment compare to other common methods we took a closer look. how secure is using it compared to using a credit card online the only way to answer that question is it depends it depends on the wallets and on the online payment system there are you well it's systems
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that are more secure than some of the online payment systems that are in use today and vice versa. i would prefer the wallets to using the credit card in the store because you've removed the human element you don't have the cashier taking your credit card you know copying it or memorizing it or whatever. and you want it definitely more secure in the sense that. you don't have to worry about terrorists physically keeping the cash with you all the time and having enough to pay every time i give my kids cash they seem to lose some of it for example if they never lose their falls. so when it comes to security let's make a good impression but what about user data and the electronic transaction leaves a digital footprint when it comes to wallets that information is not only available
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to my bank but also to service providers like google pay pal digital wallet is just another step towards transparent customers i mean cash has a certain anonymity to it. that people like. you don't quite have in the same way with with digital currency. digital transactions create footprints which many providers also use data about payments absolutely is being used about you absolutely some huge industry people making lots of money by analyzing payment flows from many users however the advantages outweigh the risks. all these private corporations know exactly what your spending behavior is like what you are like as a shop your and your behavior patterns essentially and that might be uncomfortable for some people but i personally it's not
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a big issue i would rather my transactions be tracked. safe rather than not tracked but not saying. in the end we need to choose what's most important to us. fun fact in germany we're huge fans of hot cash hardly anyone uses. other european countries unless cash crazy is going to navia more people prefer a mobile payment and in many asian countries it has long become a part of daily life china expects harf a 1000000000 customers to use wallets in 2090. and it's no wonder it's simpler less expensive and quicker than your classic bank if i wanted to transfer money from my regular bank on a friday afternoon for example i have to wait until monday morning for it to be processed when i use my wallet the recipient instantly receives the money along
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with the message that it has arrived and the best part is i don't always need a bank account for about. the world bank estimates that globally about 1700000000 people don't have access to a bank account for them if you want it could enable access to the financial system . one example is the digital payment system. that started in 2007 in kenya and is available in other african countries in india and in parts of eastern europe. the account is linked to a mobile phone number users can pay bills or transfer money by text message a large network of employees agents allows for the digital wallets to be topped up one of the interesting things about electronic quality is that in places where the banking system is less developed the least developed you find the highest levels of comfort with using digital well that's simply because people will grasp on to any
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alternative that works back in the unbind has come to facebook's attention to the plan to its caliber is supposed to be integrated into facebook messenger what's up users couldn't do worldwide payments in facebook's own currency libra the project has raised international criticism but facebook's entrance onto the strongly regulated financial market should give mobile payments another boost i think most likely in the next 5 years we will see big movements towards global capabilities because of players like we chat and facebook and others with this massive platform reach pushing the sector forward and. they. sort of help break down the barriers with governments to get on board and allow this cross jurisdictional use country to country use of these kinds of currency it will become easier and easier. facebook's idea isn't necessarily
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new ebola it's using crypto currency is a bit coin have been around for years they encrypt transactions with block same technology which makes them particularly safe. crypto currencies only exist digitally and are not regulated by any bank the most well known ones are bitcoin theory and. the term comes from the greek word kryptos meaning secret or hidden it points to the cryptographic encryption used for all components of the currency system. this technology is much safer than usual encryptions all information from balance a transaction is secured in a block chain meaning in a cryptographically encrypted protocol this way user data is stored safely. depending on the type of currency some of them are fully anonymous and nobody can see your payment history and that is a much more secure way of maintaining anonymity and payments. could potentially be
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as secure or more secure than cash. but this anonymity only comes with specific crypto currency so the advantages of digital wallets are they're easy to use they allow for quick transactions with a high level of security at least when you follow basic data protection guidelines one big disadvantage is the sensitive data you leave behind when you pay how much money i spend on water and when is very interesting to businesses and they're willing to pay huge amounts to know what's it like for you. to do you use and why. that does not become a part of the shift community on you tube and subscribe to our channel we look at everything from artificial intelligence and robotics to gaming and gadgets see what they are by by.
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the 7 percent we talk about big issues stuff too few. african fashion is on the rise rwandan design or just something new once it begins to ration from. councils run around the world i can bring if you fall down which has a story something which is quick to my kotter. next t.w.a. . flight. hillsborough 98996 football fans were killed in the stadium in sheffield england. we talked to survivors 30 years after the disaster. they talk about their memories
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and their long struggle for a satisfactory resolution. in 60 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind these me. find an immersive experience and explore as an aging blues cultural heritage sites. the d w world heritage 360. welcome again to the 77 percent africa's magazine for that you at the mike a junior. if you're thoughts of 5. this show is for you today's edition is all about jobs building your business but it's also about migration because that's what some people do to find jobs right.
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now some of the 7 reports that come on e younger students can often gonna talk about the lack of job prospects.


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