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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 26, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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and create hundreds of jobs at night if this they stop the site is secret. welcome to business asia i want to get jones good to have you with us now than coal is seen as the greatest climate threat we face contributing more to global warming than any other fossil fuels there's a heated discussion going on here in europe how to reduce or stop coal fired plants to save the planet but only a few are actually walking the talk in fact coal is gaining market share across the globe in 2018 coal consumption grew by 1.4 percent that equals 3770000000 tonnes and experts agree coal is here to stay for years to come to meet rising energy demand china by far has the world's biggest appetite for coal india comes in 2nd consuming 12 percent of the world's coal and on the other end of the spectrum germany only uses 1.8 percent so it seems like the future health of our
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planet depends on china and india and the way they satisfy their energy needs for more i'm joined by day for a chat or g. from a business standard in mumbai dave i hope you can hear me already and here i can see you good to have you with us so 1st of all explain to us like how addicted is india to coal. we are quite addicted to just look at the static to statistics almost 74 percent of india's totally cities in rishon is from baseball stations and not only that almost 60 percent of india's in starved happens is from boston so it's we are certainly addicted to the ball and there is no way out as far as a couple of next years is concerned what is happening is the government is unable to change to change the game do doesn't want to abandon. our stations that is because if we shut down this gold base politicians it will leave
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a lot of bad debts in the indian banking sector which is already quite weak and there's one of the big problem which has happened in indian power that is now called baseball it can be easy to play as the main source of energy for a good god only such as india that's absolutely impossible right and i'll go ahead and just the model showdown or the fire stations and start with plain old policy but of course coal fired plants also contributes to absolution quite severely so so this call actually an issue for 4 people in india of course is an issue people are understanding that oil is going to be a bigger issue as far as they are held this concern and government has guns and if you if you come to delhi during the winter season you will see the entire delhi new delhi the capital city of india's blocked with the smog because of the pollution around you that's why sport people are concerned they are understanding that yes call has to be given up but granted all the out because of the power it is the main
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power. and so you have to make it more attractive i mean give us one example of what the government could do in order to increase investment in alternative or renewable energy. well the government of india is taking a lot of steps in the last couple of years to see that and it will empower the sector comes on stream and fact a lot of indian companies like doctors very law and even soft bank of japan you have already announced billions of dollars of investment into the indian solar power sector there isn't any will power in the us and blunt here talking about that this investment is certainly going to give them a lot of dividend in the future because coal as a sector supported this power station is certainly not going to be the future of india's concern right this jet is reporting for us from business done that in mumbai thank you so much. now japan has begun the process of downgrading south korea status as
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a preferred trading partner japanese cabinet officials say removing a south korea from the whitelist of $27.00 countries would be quote appropriate measure tokyo has increased export controls of a soul as part of a route of of japan's use of korean forced labor during the 2nd world war south koreans have retaliated by refusing to stock or buy japanese products. 2 of the biggest names in silicon valley presented their figures for the quarter that ended in june and quarterly profits at google's parent company alphabet tripled to just under $10000000000.00 and that figure beat most analysts expectations and they were down at too high advertising spend on searches and aunt due to a different story though at amazon where big spending on speedy shipping meant profits were lower than expected. and amazon of course is working hard to increase
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profit and to do that it needs workers they should be flexible and not too costly in the u.s. it's now become quite a trend for workers to camp in vans close to warehouses of online giants ws all of us reports. the recreational vehicle the r.v. a symbol of freedom. home is wherever you take it and were ever work may take you. to camp grow your own the warehouse in hebrew in kentucky is home to a road that doesn't work campers it's 2 pm time to get up for robert barker he works the night shift. good morning good morning robert are you doing good hours here should. it was great ok yeah easy money man you know basically
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robert you have your whole life inside that man yeah i've been living in my van for 6 years now. working seasonal work for amazon and i've done some also i've worked a job in alaska salmon cannery have worked and beat harvest and. amazon's been really good to me and it's really easy money and allows me the freedom to do what i want. robert is $46.00 he has no partner no children and very few expenses amazon pace's camp side has health insurance and $15.00 an hour when he works managing customer returns it's a temporary contract for a couple of months. the cantar family lives next to robert. i don't even need to argue. 80 year old ivan cantor is the oldest employee at amazon's hebrew and warehouse he and his wife law rain work to top up
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their pensions and they say to have a better life personally i need a home base ah but. that the ferment i don't like to get out. and that's good for the opportunity to do that. more financial security but you have to hit the road to get it perhaps not everyone's dream but it seems to work for some. in a lot of criticism about amazon and concern about what the growing online trade industry would mean for work environments in the united states but one thing seems to be clear that all the work campers in kentucky apply nothing but the lifestyle they chose. it could be a unique place to explore the universe from what offering jobs to locals the plans to build a giant telescope of how wise tallest mountain have met with fierce resistance from
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protest us and natives who say the place is sacred. trouble in paradise the construction of the 30 meter telescope on the u.s. state of hawaii's tallest mountain mountain sparked outrage among locals the $1000000000.00 project is set to be a massive boost to wise economy which is heavily dependent on blue paint tourism jobs but protesters say the mountain is sacred and they're blocking access to the construction site we're willing to clear out if the mare and the governor and the t.m.t. promises that they will not build on mt to kill representatives of the 30 meter telescope remain committed to the project you know we've been working in the community for over 10 years now and we have a lot of support here you know it may not seem like that sometimes in social media in the last couple weeks that we have people reaching out to us all the time who have been with us from the beginning of vising us and being partners and they're asking us to stay. it is yet to be seen whether the protests have had a negative impact on the state's tourism product which brings in an estimated
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$16000000000.00 annually. some $25000000.00 tourists travel to russia every year but only few come back for a 2nd visit a travel restrictions and complicated visa regulations are partly to blame the russian government now plans to invest what than a 1000000000 euros to attract what is it is. a trip to moscow's red square for many chinese a more attractive destination and the eiffel tower in paris. and also a lot cheaper moscow is one of the most popular spots for chinese tourists in europe easy travel regulations for chinese group tours have generated a real boom. but russians want to welcome other nationalities to tour operators have ambitious goals. we expected a growth rate of about 20 percent in $21930.00 live but unfortunately we aren't seeing it nor there are more tourists than last year you know with
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a preliminary figure after the season says it's around 10 percent says on. but there's a lot more to see than just moscow russia also has spectacular natural sites like lake baikal in siberia away from the big cities though tourist infrastructure is lacking and complicated visa regulations have a deterrent effect on many people as a tourist destination russia is a nice place to visit but very few holiday makers come a 2nd time. if i remember correctly the number of people visiting russia for a 2nd time is ear opener 2 percent of those are likely to be businessmen on a return trip where many of us who travel abroad have been to rome and paris several times but unfortunately few tourists come back to russia. the government wants to change that it's reportedly considering easier visa regulations better hotels and more servers russia wants to become one of the 10 most visited countries
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in the world. and now this to round out the show in japan has been inaugurated new imperial shrines in the nation's capital with a traditional groundbreaking ceremony shinto priests dressed in traditional clothing make their way to a construction site at tokyo's imperial palace shrines worth around $8000000.00 euros will be used later this year in the massive ceremonies for emperor and natural he to ascension to the throne they are set to be demolished after the plant is to teach us. and that's business.
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player. play. the bass player. this is the news coming to you live from blaine mo antigovernment protests in hong kong this time protests is occupy iraq the whole at hong kong's a. as for calling for democracy in the chinese territory we'll go live to hong kong. also coming up a blistering heat wave in europe and record high temperatures as strong experiences of all time highs for a 2nd straight day and germany belgium the netherlands as rat. and jill many moves to ban gay conversion.


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