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the as. you're watching v.w. news coming to you live from berlin living in feel family members might kill them over satellite merrick's like my father where i own it. of course he will clearly. riyadh the story of 2 saudi arabian sisters who says they were forced to flee their country after being beaten by family members and being threatened with forced marriage or to come pick up. a blistering speech we're
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going to europe and record high temperatures prongs experiences or time highs for a 2nd straight day i'm sure many branches and the netherlands swelter as fat. and the price of shares in google's parent company jumps on to the company defines expectations and pose a big hike in profits to. a very warm welcome to you i'm under touchy about thanks very much for your company now this say they vote forced to flee their home country after suffering beatings from family members and the law are sisters from saudi arabia they are part of a growing number of some of the women trying to escape the ultraconservative kingdom's repressive male guardianship system our reporter julio han met the 2
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women in istanbul turkey and heard how the system allows men to control virtually every aspect of a woman's life. all that. i have seen so far of use like this and changing hotel rooms. from their families we can say where they are because they are afraid of being found. to work 22 persisted 20. when her father took them to istanbul for a holiday they decided to run away to escape years of violence and repression they say koreans and. if they are so. pleased when you force me to wear. when i was like. so i can say no of course if i say no they will beat me so hot they took the
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decision to escape us says when her father wanted to marry her off it was their last chance. and my father told me i have friends of my. he have 2 wife and he want me to be in therapy. about his age he told me that he's one of the 50 they don't care. and when i told him as. he told me you can't say not. at all if. the marriage. to be kept man is the only person who always knows which are in istanbul the u.k. lawyer 1st became aware of the case on twitter he's now supporting the sisters in their effort to get asylum. with the girls occur and it's consistent.
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for it is also consistent with. certain. so you get the impression that this is not 2 young teenagers running away from home. during this winter early i mean this is something that they're being forced into. and as escape is not an isolated case again and again saudi women try to flee from their families when traveling abroad. just earlier this year there have mohammad made headlines for days the 19 year old saudi woman barricaded herself in a hotel room in bangkok the united nations finally recognized her status as a refugee and she was granted asylum in canada where she now lives. and hope for a similar outcome the sisters need asylum in a 3rd country as soon as possible says their lawyer we really have to follow.
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this area thirty's. these girls and girls that will. inevitably follow. their own quest for freedom. so for that reason we think that there is a very real risk of them being talked to. are not facing deportation to saudi arabia at the moment turkish authorities have granted them temporary protection they're managing to make ends meet with donations stay receive but as long as there's no long term solution they feel very much under threat. of course i always look at the window when they go. for a year out or are they like try to hide in. our place every couple of days which. i'm afraid someone older
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place. i'm a father searching for us i hate sleeping i only just lay for 3 hours or 2 hours it's enough for me because i always have nate maris like my father you know where i am if you. catch me of course he will kill me. and it will change their location again. where they will wait and hope they can reach safety before their family finds them. and that report by our turkey chorus far yahaan be our salvia parties for a response but so far we've got none the saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin said a man says he has a big reform agenda but has anything really changed for the women in his country i
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put that question to political scientist. who specializes in the middle east a direction of a city well as long as the male guardianship that system is intact we will continue to hear about cases of young fleeing the country because they are basically leaving a system treating them as perpetual minors sophisticated sophisticated it's all an ability to decide for themselves can have a concrete prince the haven't been so man has declared several measures for the forms we have yet to see them really implemented in a manner that brings real change in the lives of women in reality and you want to extend is this. link to the fundamentalist form of the hobby islam that is
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practiced in saudi arabia. well i'm glad you are asking this question because it's very important to emphasize that the male guardianship as a system is also imposed and other arab countries specifically in the arabian peninsula yemen is one country where this system is also a privilege and but that said one has to admit that the fundamentalist interpretation of what happy islam implemented in saudi arabia seems to be going to the extreme and. of imposing restrictions on women's life considering when then a source of evil that should be not only covered and hidden but also could trolled from birth to death by their male guardian so to what
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extent are activists able to work for women's rights within the country. alice lee one can detect a men's movement that has been working for these rights since more than several de kids they have become more well cooled thanks to the social media and the fact that they are very effective can't be detected from their phone the fate of famous women's rights activists such as liz you know had lou we're still in prison so i am my own guardian and i was only is a hash tag of a campaign that is pushing since several years for an end of the male guardianship system in addition to an end they also succeeded 1 may add in ending.
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they observed a restriction on the woman's ability to drive cars so in a way they are able to make their voice heard that authorities are able to stop these voices from coming forward but one cannot deny that there are all of the state implementing change is very important important to make it effective. right. thank you very much for those insights. let me now bring you up to date but some other stories making news around the wind bodies have been recovered from a refugee boat that capsized in the mediterranean after leaving libya look at fishermen and the coast guard rescued about 140 people but the u.n. refugee agency says up to 150 others are still missing libya's
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a major departure point for refugees attempting to reach europe. in sao paulo in brazil armed men reportedly took 2 hostages and stole $40000000.00 worth of gold and other precious metals from a cargo terminal at the airport the 4 suspects arrived in black pickup trucks disguised as police cars and proceeded to threaten airport workers until they filled up the trucks with cargo a spokesperson said no one was hurt but the men and the hostages remain at large. palestinian president mahmoud abbas said he would stop implementing agreements with israel is the 1st time a bus has announced such a clear break in cooperation a sign of worsening relations between the 2 sides earlier this week israel demolished 12 palestinian apartment buildings for security reasons abbas called it a crime against humanity. britain's royal navy has this quarter to commercial
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ships through the strait of hormuz after a reversal of policy by the british government it had previously said it didn't have the resources to a scorch ships through the streets where iran seized a british flagged oil tanker a week ago. now in many parts of asia and africa summer temperatures over 40 degrees celsius are common but here in europe it's highly unusual so millions of people here are sweltering in the 2nd heat wave of the summer in the french capital of paris the mercury reached 42.6 degrees celsius shattering the all record by 2 degrees here's a look at how people here are trying to beat the heat. paris's top landmark doesn't offer much shade but at least has a chance to cool off in the truck at aero fountain a welcome relief on paris's hottest day ever i mean i'm from indonesia so i know
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why i. like is there and hard this is like too much. especially common sense what they share in their role or i am foreign noir conditioner and also it's very hard it's not just the lack of air con that's a problem on public transport across europe the heat has sent rail services into meltdown in the u.k. passengers in some areas have been advised not to travel at all as tracks and overhead wires struggle to cope with record temperatures in belgium to the heat has sparked safety concerns or trucks even hotter than the outside temperature when it's like 40 degrees outside the temperature of real. mounts to 10 maybe 15 degrees hotter so we have measured $55.00 degrees celsius so that makes it more or less given or taking a few the hottest spot in belgium right now the hottest spot in germany on
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wednesday was the western town of garland cation where the mercury hit 40.5 degrees celsius. 4 out of luck bismarck go on for another day it's supposed to stay hot here temperatures of over 40 degrees are being reported maybe we'll even break our own record. most of the locals though aren't fans of the hate and were relieved that by thursday the record breaking temperatures had moved on surpassing 42 degrees further north. recent series of violent attacks is focusing attention on far right extremism last month the fatal shooting of a pro refugee politician sent shock waves through the country and this week they've been to more incidents with suspected extreme right wing tips on monday an editor in man was shot and seriously wounded near frankfurt and then a leftist politician in eastern germany was the tag target of a bomb attack the violence has left authorities searching for. these politicians
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from across germany were invited to berlin by president font. united by a particular cause they've all experienced severe hostility some have even received death threats. i received anonymous letters saying i should die a miserable death sooner rather than later because after all no one would miss me there was a nail in one of my cars tires and i was driving down the autobahn it was clear the nail had been put there intentionally my car was also smeared with excrement. politician vonta look had also received explicit death threats before a right wing extremist allegedly shot him dead at close range in front of his home look i had become a hate figure on the far right because he stood up for refugees hatred of refugees and of those who support them the rallying cry at so-called white power music concerts like this one in the town of. white power music is the gateway for many
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into the neo nazi scene. the concerts also earn money to help pay the legal costs of neo nazis facing criminal charges. experts are convinced that right wing networks are formed here. with the networks are dangerous because they attack injure and kill people as with walton look they're also dangerous because they create a sense of being threatened in which people no longer feel safe doing their jobs or voicing their opinions. lawyer met dime a gorilla represented victims in the trial of members of the right wing terror network the national socialist underground or n.s.u. for years b. out to cheaper and 2 accomplices played active roles in that and a few killing 10 people almost all of the migrants but to this day it's not clear how big the n.s.u. actually was although cheap it was convicted much of what went on in the shadows still hasn't come to light. the n.s.c. was not and is not just a trio it's part of
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a network most members of his network are at large and there are threats to many people the militant right wing extremists network combat 18 the number 18 stands for the 1st and 8th letters of the alphabet and the initials of hitler combat 18 has carried out attacks in greece and the u.k. . germany's interior minister says more needs to be done to tackle the problem and he's looking into banning the group. we believe there are as many as 12700 violent right wing extremists these figures are especially alarming considering the great affinity for weapons that the right wing extremist scene has . the far right north clients are northern cross network compiled a list of political opponents and even planned to kill them. while most of those
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targeted are unaware those politicians invited by president or at least had an inkling for a long time many didn't talk about the hostility they faced and they often weren't taken seriously when they did. above all else we need an awareness throughout society the wii's are not just attacks on individuals but that the roots of democracy are under attack. germany's head of state may be focused on the issue but his position is largely symbolic ultimately only the government can take action. and now if the tech where 2 of the biggest names have published their. results for the quarter and to quarterly profits at google spare and company as for bet triple to just under $10000000000.00 the figures beach most analysts expect ations and with the result
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of higher advertising spend on searches and. some 2000000000 of the profits. a figure. but things are not quite so rosy for its rival amazon sales growth division fell 40 percent for the 1st time in here yes. and let's discuss this figures with of rob what's from his business day welcome rob now a crippling of profits at as for bid what is google getting so right now the thing that it's really doing well is advertising now not advertising itself but helping other companies to advertise themselves we know that google points people in the direction of other people's websites and towards their products and also people are able to advertise on you tube and that is what actually makes up the bulk of alphabets business now i mean of these enormous revenues for the 3 months to june
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389b3x2 of that came from advertising something else that they're getting increasingly good at is cloud services so that's when people or businesses pay to be able to use alphabets massive services to store and exchange information on the amount of money that pulled ensuring that quarter that most recent quarter was 2000000000 which is double what it was this time last year so they're doing a couple things right obviously quite right it seems that quite a different story at amazon and i thought they were the biggest going to you know people were shopping a lot of amazon what's gone wrong for that well i mean their revenues are up 20 percent on these latest results the problem is they may have been getting more business but they're not making as much money from that so dave for the 1st time in 2 years failed to meet the expectations of analysts with their latest profits the reason for that well jeff bezos says it's because we're focusing on improving our
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one day delivery target so you know if you're a member of amazon prime they try to get some in the you buy from them to you within 24 hours they're spending a lot of money on improving infrastructure so that they can do that so it's i suppose investment hoping that in the long run they will get more people and they do now have more than 100000000 members on amazon prime ok so that's the nature of regular people against optical in many countries. the world on these moves a threat to google and amazon in any way well what we've seen recently i mean for example yesterday facebook were fined $5000000000.00 in the us of a previously concerns nevertheless in the next breath they announce some stunning financial figures google has been fined 9000000000 by the e.u. over the past 2 years that's 3 separate fines that add up to 9000000000 and still it posts healthy results so it seems like they've proven that are able to absorb these problems that said it seems like not
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a week goes by where some country doesn't say we're going to crack down on tech giants the most recent as you mentioned is today australia saying they're going to look particularly at google and facebook and that dominant positions in the advertising markets but we've heard from the just it's departments in the united states they're going to look at big internet firms we expect both amazon and alphabets to be involved in that for their parts from alphabet to said we understand there is going to be more scrutiny and we will engage constructively oh right you know what's really dumb is business said thank you very much. germany's want. an arsenal team it a siyad. one most victims of an armed carjacking attempt in london now c.c.t.v. footage has emerged on social media showing the nash confronting the 2 unknown assailants appear to be reading knives believed to have remained inside the car
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while his teammate and former shaka defendant leapt out of the vehicle to drive the thieves away. to an end to the french where the 1st of 3 defining days in the tour de france so over a leader julia felipe felipe retained the yellow jersey after a gruelling state 18 colombian a night o'quinn tonneau won the stage to move to 6 the all in the standings but it was a felipe who took the headlines after recovering last time thanks to a frantic final descent he remains on track for the 1st 2 and a title were just 3 stages remaining. but it is considered by many to read the want capital of techno music now book by photography. has been published document in the techno scene here in berlin and showing how it took off in the 1990 s. off the fall of the berlin wall. martina chronicled
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the spaces of berlin's wild new subculture in the 1990 s. . when if you have it felt as if you were stumbling through a land of adventure and you can see every day something changed. after the fall of the wall eastern for lynn was full of empty lots and buildings abandoned industrial spaces were taken over by ravers out to dance to the new sound of freedom techno. in 1901 the club trays or opened in a one time department store it quickly became the flagship for the new party town and a launching pad for d.j.'s like paul van dyke. went in with his camera. and picked up a math model of the 1st time i was in the trees or i had a black leather jacket on my head dyed black an oreo the guys there had white gloves and bright orange safety vests on and i thought wow this is
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a completely different world what's going on here kit and you know. they've been moved to berlin in the 1990 s. and dove right into the techno scene for about 10 years he focused on the spaces where the new art in music movements were happening. the resulting photo series is called temporary spaces beads where the settings for a wild and lawless some culture clubs bars and galleries. even the nails the hard way as he calls it he captures the brief moment before the party stuff it's. tough mudder know why what you. generally associate with partying or you might call it club culture other people or what they do at the dog sing on the artificial fog and such but i was interested in the spaces it was all happening in that this is what the housing for this party or i should say this club thing actually looked
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like the start from that. this former underground club in a squat called imo is among the temporary spaces a villa has a mortal artist i'm kind of walking along here now and looking at the photos you can hardly believe the same street so much about the city's expressive power has changed they're still looking back how does a photographer now see that extatic face during the ninety's and early 2000. the front of the title that that was a totally fabulous time of the me scene from today it was a period of my life that was really good even if i feel very little connection to it now. the euphoria and the ecstasy of the beginning is over but in berlin the party goes ever on. and i can confirm that here's a recap of the top story that you're following for you 2 sisters from saudi arabia have made a plea for asylum alleging they were physically abused by their family they're part
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of a growing number of saudi women trying to escape the kingdom's male guardianship system . coming up next is tomorrow today on science magazine. and the news about.
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the blueprint for every living thing on this planet a new commission coort d.n.a. . a brilliant natural it's the most effective way to save vast amounts of data scientists in syria now want to use this code for technology they're developing artificial d.n.a. to save digital information tomorrow today next on d w.
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better. a global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th sunday that. you are tuned to tomorrow today coming up. ancient database newly discovered is d.n.a. the data storage solution of the future. we visit a crime scene what can the tiniest traces of d.n.a. tell investigators. and it's not all in our genes how exercise makes cells grow.


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