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true for. the end. you're watching the news coming to you live from bali and living in fear of family members might kill them always have made me like my father you know where i am if he is. of course he will kill me. we have the story of 2 saudi a reason sisters who say they were forced to flee their country after being beaten
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by family members and being threatened with forced marriage. up a blistering heat wave in europe and record high temperatures france experiences for time highs for a 2nd straight day and germany bedroom and then evidence well as well. and taking the gig economy to the next level workers are now living in the camp of bands next to their temporary jobs and actually enjoying the lifestyle. i member that she might thank you very much for your company and they say they were forced to flee their home country after suffering beatings by family members. and
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the assistance from saudi arabia they are part of a growing number of saudi women trying to escape the ultraconservative kingdom's repressive guardianship system our reporter who myth the 2 women in istanbul turkey and heard how the system allows meant to control virtually every aspect of a woman's life. all that. i have seen so far is like this and changing hotel rooms that you are hiding from their families we can't say where they are because they are afraid of being found. 22 persisted 20. when her father took them to istanbul for a holiday they decided to run away to escape years of violence and repression they say for years and. if they are so.
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they forced me to wear. when i was like 10 years. so i can say no of course if i say no they will beat me so hot they took the decision to escape us says when her father wanted to marry her off so it was their last chance. my father told me i have friends of my. he have 2 wife and he want me to be the 3rd one. asking about his age he told me that he's one of the 50 but they don't care. and when i told him as. he told me you can't say no if at all if. the marriage. to be kept man is the only person who always knows when. he stumbles the u.k.
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lawyer 1st became aware of the case on twitter he's now supporting the sisters in their efforts to get asylum. with the girls it's consistent. consistent with a bird. so you get the impression that this is not 2 young teenagers running away from harm. during this one too early i mean this is something that they're being forced into. and is escape is not an isolated case again and again saudi women try to flee from their families when traveling abroad. just earlier this year there have mohammad made headlines for days the 19 year old saudi woman barricaded herself in a hotel room in bangkok the united nations finally recognized her status as
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a refugee and she was granted asylum in canada where she now lives. and hope for a similar outcome the sisters need asylum in a 3rd country as soon as possible says their lawyer we believe that not only the father but. this are authorities. by these girls that will. inevitably follow. their own works for freedom. so for that reason we think that there is a very real risk of them being talked to here. are not facing deportation to saudi arabia at the moment turkish authorities have granted them temporary protection they are managing to make ends meet with donations do receive but as long as there is no long term solution they feel very much under threat. across iowa look at the window when they go. for
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a year out or are they like try to hide in. our place every couple of days which. i'm afraid someone known for play somo c.s. on some i'm a father so share for us i hate sleeping i only just me for 3 hours or 2 hours it's enough for me because i always have nate maris like my father you know where i am if they. catch me of course he will kill me. and it will change their location again. where they will wait and hope they can reach safety before their family finds them. joining me now is a lot of money and she is a political scientist specializing in the middle east at 0 rick university welcome
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to you now we are increasingly caring very distressing accounts that we heard from bill and the large the crown prince of saudi arabia moment when salon has had made a big show of reforming the country but it seems very little has changed for the women there. well as long as the male guardianship that system is intact we will continue to hear about cases of young fleeing the country because they are basically leaving a system treating them because you will minors sophisticated sophisticated it's all an ability to decide for themselves can have a concrete presence the haven't been said a man has declared several measures for the forms we have yet to see them really implemented in
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a manner that brings real change the lives of women in reality and to what extent is this neal guy still link to the fundamentalist. bert period are a form of a hobby a slum that is practiced in saudi arabia. well i'm glad you are asking this question because it's very important to emphasize that the male guardianship and the system is also imposed and other arab countries specifically in the arabian peninsula yemen is one country where this system is also a privilege and but that said one has to admit that the fundamentalist interpretation of what happy islam implemented in saudi arabia seems to be going to the extreme. of imposing restrictions on women's life considering when then a source of evil that should be not only covered and hidden but also
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could trolled from birth to death by their male guardians so to what extent are activists able to work for women's rights within the country. alice lee one can detect a men's movement that has been working for these rights since more than several decades they have become more well killed thanks to the social media and. the fact that they are very effective can't be detected from their phone the fate of famous women's rights activists such as lou who are still in prison so i am my own guardian and i was the only is a hash tag of
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a campaign that is pushing since several years for an end of the mail guardianship system in addition to an end they also succeeded when may add in ending. they observed a restriction on the woman's ability to drive cars so in a way they are able to make their voice heard that authorities are able to stop these voices from coming forward but one cannot deny that they're all over the state implementing change is very important important to make it fair. right and her money after missouri can invest it thank you very much for those insights. thank you. that now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world bodies have been recovered from a refugee boaster capsized in the mediterranean after leaving libya local fishermen
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and coast guard rescued about 140 people but the u.n. refugee agency says up to 150 are still missing libya is a major departure point for refugees attempting to reach europe. britain's royal navy has a score to 2 ships through the strait of hormuz after a reversal of policy by the british government it had previously said it did not have the resources to scorch ships through the strait where iran seized a british flagged oil tanker a week ago in many parts of asia and africa summer temperatures over 40 degrees celsius are common but here in europe it's highly unusual so millions of people are spread to ring in the 2nd heatwave of the summer in the french capital paris the mercury reached 42.6 degrees celsius shattering the all record by 2
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degrees here's a look at how people here are trying to beat the heat. paris's top landmark doesn't offer much shade but at least as a chance to cool off in the truck or taro fountain a welcome relief on paris's hottest day ever i mean i'm from indonesia so i know. the sun is hot this is like too much. common sense for station. rory i have a horn nor air conditioner and also it's very hard it's not just a lack of acol and that's a problem on public transport across europe the heat has sent rail services in some out down in the u.k. passengers in some areas have been advised not to travel at all as tracks and overhead wires struggle to cope with record temperatures. in belgium 2 the heat has sparked safety concerns or tracks there even hotter than the outside temperature
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when it's like 40 degrees outside it's the temperature on the rail. mounts to 10 maybe 15 degrees hotter so we have measured it at $55.00 degrees celsius so that makes it more or less given or taking a few the hottest spot in belgium right now the hottest spot in germany on wednesday was the western town of garland cation where the mercury hit 40.5 degrees celsius. 4 out of luck this mark go on for another day it's supposed to stay hot here temperatures of over 40 degrees are being reported maybe we'll even break our own record. most of the locals though aren't fans of the hate and were relieved that by thursday the record breaking temperatures had moved on surpassing 42 degrees further north joining me now is fabien schmidt from the science desk in bonn welcome 5 so 1st of all tell us how do you still keep waves that we've seen
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this summer linked to climate change. actually i think what we're witnessing here is really a case of climate change has arrived in reality t.v. and people are realizing that this is a case. couple years ago probably about 10 years ago skeptics still were arguing that maybe insulin isolated incidents and island effects that sometimes it can get hotter and sometimes less hot but we're seeing a very clearly. increase in general even slices of weather events so yes whether as a result of climate but in this case it's clearly assume we are seeing the results of climate change and the data the majority call data over time i think confirms that so current government efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions tied to climate change are often centered on taxing carbon dioxide emissions like those
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created much air travel for example and let's take a look on this image we have for you we see a shop increase in air travel it shows that or frys that took off a one day this week for the 1st time the number of flights tracked exceeded 225-0018 single day so far bit what reducing the number of flights or a carbon dioxide tax have any impact on rising temperatures. i think one should be very cautious was saying that any kind of individual measure has an effect on the rising temperatures as such i think what we have to realize that air travel altogether makes about 2.5 maybe maximum 3 percent of all the carbon dioxide emissions the real big polluters in this sense brome coal oil and to some extent gas and when we're looking at the global industries who are seeing that basically the tendency is just continuing when we're looking at the figures of
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carbon dioxide in the atmosphere it's basically a linear. development and certainly every single helps to reduce the carbon dioxide will be good and helpful to prevent or to reduce the effects of climate change but i think we also have to be aware that there is a certain development and just by not taking the next flight is not going to change it but still one might to consider that also i think we have to consider that flying generally internationally is still takes free trip train travel card travel as us other ways of travel out text and this is an issue that for example in the you could be easily addressed by by making train travel airplane travel just as taxable as us right fabens. sign says thank you very much for that information.
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it's the gay pride season and this saturday thousands of people will watch and join in the parade through the streets of berlin as gay people celebrate the growing equality of rights courts are growing here in germany for a ban of so-called conversion therapy the controversial practice which claims to cure people of homosexual tendencies it's guide dog around the world currently only 3 countries have nationwide bans that's brazil ecuador and more into a handful of countries of other countries seen here have also set the ball rolling with local regulations and recommendations but they don't have explicit nationwide bans now in germany wants to become the 2nd country to ban the controversial practice did it ever spoke to one man who underwent a controversial conversion therapy and his this report about him is
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clouded haven't i think i 1st became aware that something was different during kindergarten but of course i didn't know what it meant my kids just one of thousands of people in germany who have undergone a controversial therapy in an attempt to repress the harm and sexuality christianity shapes mike's life from an early age but as puberty hit he began to have sexual experiences with men. this published issue it was a nice time in life but then the conflict started to grow because at the same time i felt at home in christian circles where it was made very clear god doesn't want that you should lead another life. how can you stand before god this is a mortal sin. and other similar comments came from all sides. that i have to follow in terribly seeking out so-called conversion therapy might committed himself to ending all contact with homosexual friends and partners for
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a decade he was abstinent the loneliness brought him to the brink of suicide unemployment i reached the point where i couldn't go on anymore. but it was also because of my faith that i was too much of a coward to do it. because then i would have been granted eternal life today i can laugh about it how stupid that it was but i was actually the reason that kept me from ending my life. not practitioners in germany of the so-called homosexual conversion therapy currently face no consequences but german health minister is preparing to take drastic action. should conversion therapy in germany sexuality is not a disease and does not require treatment. the german health minister hopes to present a draft by the end of the year but like many other critics mike worries that the so-called therapy will be able to continue under a different guise but for him it's still a step in the right direction. she finished and i think it's important for example
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to put a ban in place especially for young people which makes it clear that doctors and therapists are not allowed to carry out this so-called conversion therapy and then the be a lot less of this nonsense. then proceed to monogram to make. 20 years on since his so-called therapy mike can now look forward to his wedding putting the past behind him he's been tied to nieman i'm not bitter towards anyone neither the christian circles where i learned and heard everything nor the therapist but someone from my former parish actually reached out to me and said hats off to him and he was sorry for what happened so i can see something is happening changes on the way. this is going on. with me i have visibilities the medical director of the department of psychiatry and bulletins shouted to a hospital welcome to fresh air now what of the system one of the methods used in
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the so called conversion therapy and tell us a little more about the negative impact it's having on people who go through it well the so-called conversion therapy is not grounded in any scientific. evidence so there is no one method so it range the methods range from drastic measures like watching heterosexual porn with with these victims i might say i might call them and. having for example man. who are homosexual to behave more like what we think is more masculine or women that are lesbians to behave more like grew old girlish kind of behavior which is of course very stressful if you will impose this on these people now you've been working with some of the survivors how do you have them well you know the negative effects the harmful effects for mental health of these kinds of
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therapies is actually that people might become suicidal like we just saw they might have even psychotic episodes they might fall they might acquire an addiction to alcohol or something like that so this is what we then actually treat so this so-called therapy actually converts healthy people with no disease to patients with the disorder so now we hear that jim is health minister wants to ban the so-called conversion to reducing that would help oh i would very much welcome that i think it would help there will always be of course let's say a black market for religious fanatics for example but i think that's of a very good step to take so there is a resistance to banning conversion therapy actually coming it mostly lies in the orthodox religions in of all religions actually but the
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orthodox are really very much against homosexuals they consider that to be a disease which it's not and that's where they propagate these kinds of so-called therapies and in fact jenny just last to legalize gay marriage so not just in this is a very important step professor isabel who is a career thank you very much for sharing your insights with us you're welcome. business news now and amazon is trying to speed up its deliveries and for that it needs and for most of us is thought unusual to move to a different city to take up a new job but in the so-called gig economy moving house to be gay or job can become necessary on a weekly basis while it is in the us the campaign vans in trade as close to the warehouses of amazon and other online giants and they have no fixed address and many actually appreciate the feeling of freedom this lifestyle gives them as did
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obvious all of a sudden it reports. the recreational vehicle the r.v. a symbol of freedom. home is wherever you take it and were ever work may take you. to. a campground you're on the warehouse and cheaper on kentucky is home to a round it doesn't work camp purse it's 2 pm time to get up for robert barker he works the night shift. good morning good morning robert all you do and good how is your shift it was great oh great yeah easy money man so basically robert you have your whole life inside that yeah i've been living in my van for 6 years now. working seasonal work for amazon and i've done some also i've worked
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a job in alaska salmon cannery have worked. hard and. amazon's been really good to me and it's really easy money and allows me the freedom to do what i want. robert is $46.00 he has no partner no children and very few expenses amazon pace's cam side has health insurance and $15.00 an hour when he works managing customer returns it's a temporary contract. for a couple of months. the cantor family lives next to robert. over ivan 3 to our new. 80 year old ivan cantor is the oldest employ yet amazon's hebrew and warehouse he and his wife laurene burke to top up their pensions and they say to have a better life. personally i need a home base ah but. that doesn't mean i don't like to get out.
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and this gets the staff are tentative to do that and. more financial security but you have to hit the road to get it perhaps not everyone's dream but it seems to work for something. a lot of criticism of on amazon and concern about what the growing offline trade industry would mean for work environments of the united states but one thing seems to be clear though the work tempers in kentucky quite happy with the lifestyle they chose. finally the u.s. ambassador to germany richard grenell is lord of president dollar trial but now he's showing his true colors literally on saturday one and will be celebrating christopher's free day as the gay pride parade is scored here i mean all of the events the rebel flag of gay pride has been hoisted next to the star spangled
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banner at the u.s. embassy allegedly despite an order by the u.s. state department forbidding it a master of grinnell has long been open about his sexuality and plans to take part in saturday's christopher street day parade here in berlin. you're watching the news up next equal africa environmental magazine is looking at a ban on plastic bags in sudan and south sudan among other things us here at the top of the hour with more news by bad.
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even help africa. the primates camisole on the world. you got this piece on a 1st national hockey is hidden deep in the jungle. its range is ensure the survival of chimps and other creatures. a concept for success in cutting
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tourism. next on g.w. . the blueprint for every living thing on this planet minute. d.n.a. . a brilliant natural it's the most effective way to see vast amounts of data scientists in syria now want to use this code for technology they're developing artificial d.n.a. make to see digital information tomorrow today in 60 minutes on d w. o. o. robots they're still in the development phase. but it's going to happen when they grow. will humans and machines be able to peacefully co-exist or are we on the
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verge of a robot collapse. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society maybe on the experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. or robot collapse stores august 14th on t w. hello there and welcome to the latest edition of eco africa now it's i me from lagos nigeria now best so much for coming in on the show if you have a hiding questions about the environment and what you can do on your part.


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