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this is deja vu news live from berlin living in fear of family members might kill the. owners have like my father you know where if you. catch me of course he will kill me we have the story of 2 saudi sisters who say they were forced to flee their country after being beaten by family members and
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threatened with forced marriage also coming up. a blistering heat wave in europe and record high temperatures for france experiencing all time highs for a 2nd straight day and germany belgium and the netherlands sweltering as well. and the price of shares in google's parent company jumps after the company defies expectations and posts of big ai and profits. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us. they say they were forced to flee their home country after suffering beatings by family members and the law are sisters from saudi arabia and they're part of a growing number of saudi women trying to escape the ultraconservative kingdom's repressive male guardianship system
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a reporter on meant the 2 women in istanbul turkey and heard how the system allows men to control virtually every aspect of a woman's life from birth to death. all that. i have seen so far of use like this and changing hotel. that you are hiding from their families we can't say where they are because they are afraid of being found. 22 persisted 20 when her father took them to istanbul for a holiday they decided to run away to escape years of violence and repression they say for a reason or. if they are so. pleased when they force me to wear. when i was like 10 years. so i
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can say no of course if i say more they will beat me so hot they took the decision to escape to us says when her father wanted to marry her off it was their last chance. my father told me i have friends of my. he have 2 wife and he want me to be a therapy. about his age he told me that one of the 50 they don't care. and when i told him it was no. you can't say not. at all if. their marriage you are not muslims. catman is the only person who always knows when. you stumbled the u.k. lawyer 1st became aware of the case on twitter he's now supporting the sisters in their effort to get asylum. with the girls it's consistent.
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consistent with regard. so you get the impression that this is not to young teenagers running away from home. during this winter early i mean this is something that they're being forced into. and is escape is not an isolated case again and again saudi women try to flee from their families when traveling abroad. just earlier this year there have mohammad made headlines for days the 19 year old saudi woman barricaded herself in a hotel room in bangkok the united nations finally recognized her status as a refugee and she was granted asylum in canada where she now lives. and hope for a similar outcome the sisters need asylum in
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a 3rd country as soon as possible says their lawyer we believe that not only the father but. this are authorities. by these girls that will. inevitably follow. their own works for freedom. so for that reason we think that there is a very real risk of them being talked to. are not facing deportation to saudi arabia at the moment turkish authorities have granted them temporary protection they're managing to make ends meet with donations stay receive but as long as there's no long term solution they feel very much under threat. across iowa at the window when they go. in for a year out or are they like try to hide in.
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our place every couple of days. i'm afraid so more no place. i'm a father so sure for us i hate sleeping i only just leave for 3 hours to get to our it's enough for me because i always have nightmares like my father you know where if he catch me of course he will kill me. do we change the location again. where they will wait and hope they can reach safety before their family finds them. let's bring you up to date now with some of the other stories making the news at this hour of the un's refugee agency says up to 150 margarines are missing from a boat that capsized in the mediterranean after leaving libya local fishermen and
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the coast guard rescued some 140 people libya is a major departure point for migrants attempting to reach europe. 2 cambodian journalists have gone on trial for spying in the cambodian capital and one chin young shusterman are working for a us government funded radio station that was until they were arrested during a crackdown on the government's political opponents it was in november 27th teen rights groups say the trial is an attack on press for. european union leaders have rejected a call by britain's new prime minister boris johnson to reopen talks on the country's departure from the you european commission president john clogg younger told johnson in a phone call that no renegotiation was possible. well millions of people here in europe have been sweltering in this summer's 2nd extreme
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heat wave an across the continent records are being broken a wall of hot sahara air trapped over north western europe is the cause of these record highs let's take a look now at some of the temperatures germany 42.6 degrees celsius the numbers rising there netherlands 40.4 a belgium 40.6 and a special attention here with a france 42.6 that shatters the old record by more than 2 degrees now in a moment we'll be talking to a climate scientist who says this could be the new normal for summer's 1st here's a look at some of the effects weather is having. temperatures are rising and transport systems across europe a feeling the heat. part tracks there even hotter than the outside temperature when it's like 40 degrees outside the temperature on the rail will mounts to 10
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maybe 15 degrees hotter so we have measured it at $55.00 degrees celsius so that makes it the hottest spot in belgium right now the record breaking temperatures can cause train tracks to expand putting them under strain or at risk of buckling. in the in the u.k. trains were delayed or cancelled all down to the heat. the flip side of the disruption the chance to enjoy yourself while trying to keep cool but concerns about what's causing the high temperatures is also on people's minds i'm enjoying it but yes i am worried about the i'm pot so you know climate change are very concerned and trying to do my bet. is of course it's climate change there's no doubt about that this is a story that goes without saying the ice caps are melting everybody knows that storms are still here. officials say we're seeing some of the hottest temperatures since records began. this is these are the highest recorded temperatures for
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belgium in history since the beginning of the measurements in 1833 yes. as the weather sets new records across europe climate scientists say such heat waves are likely to become the new normal in the coming year is. all can we expect more summers like this i'm joined by clare fison a research with climate analytics which worked with the un on crafting part of the climate of course welcome to show thanks for being with us now now you're linking europe's to heat waves the summer to climate change can you talk a little bit about the data that. absolutely. as you described we've seen a lot of terrifying he took streams hit records broken this month but also lost last month in june it was the hottest year on record around the world and france in particular many many heat records were broken and i think many of our viewers will remember the heat wave last year also in europe all of these can be tied to climate
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change scientists can play to show that climate change is making these wess so on the one hand it's making them more frequent more likely to occur and on the other hand is making them more extreme more intense so for example when we look at june in france scientists have shown that this was about 4 degrees hotter than it would have been. last century without my main change effects ok no current government efforts to reduce c o 2 emissions that are linked to climate change are focusing on a number of measures among them air travel and when you look at air travel we have an image now that demonstrates the sharp increase in that it shows all flights that took off on one day this week for the 1st time the number of flights tracked exceeded 225000 in a single day when when you look at these statistics claire does these kind of
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numbers what are you thinking and and if people around the world were to take fewer flights would that reduce the temperatures here in europe so as travel is a very carbon intensive form of transport and as you said it's growing more and more people are taking flights that is obviously very concerning for the climate and will become a challenge in the future something that will need to address how to either reduce flights with other forms of transport or find low koppen fuels for flying but we we have to say that this is only one part of the picture it's at the moment quite a small proportion of global emissions and in the near term what we really need to do is phase out fossil fuels from our power sector so phase out coal and if you. i buy about 2530 but if we took fewer flyers with that help that would certainly help ok now i'm here in germany green party leaders have just issued a call for immediate efforts to create more green spaces in urban areas could that lead to lower temperatures at least at the micro climate level so at the local
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level yes that will absolutely helping everyone's experience working for a pocket feeling that the temperature is colder than it would be when surrounded by concrete so i think this will be a really important adaptation measure for cities in the face of heat waves people to deal with very high temperatures. clarifies and with climate analytics thanks so much for coming in this morning thank you all severe flooding caused by the annual monsoon in south asia has killed hundreds of people millions have been displaced as well and others are simply trying to cope with what's happening there we have this report now from the region. most days mom of the monitor uses his boat to fish and nobody ever. knows now he uses it to get home. when the floods came he
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and his family waited out the downed board in this small boat to. put dendy if it was the safest place to be. a. relief workers have come only once to give the family feud. mark has had to sell off 10 chickens to buy extra rice to eat. but i do worry about what ghana do we don't have drinking water and there's no set time for meals. and then i've got about 10 pm. despite the difficulties in manners designed to these conditions. even though families to continue living in their flooded homes it is no easy choice millions have been affected by the floods and scores have died in assam alone.
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there is an alternative relief camps. during the worst of the flooding this camp aus 500 people and their livestock. many have since returned home but dozens remain. a man keeps his cow here but refuses to bring his family he says it's too crowded and provisioning is little better. people sure say the doctor has only come once in the past 2 weeks. my daughter was sick by the time i arrived here the doctor had gone and i couldn't get any medicine. you have got nothing here. but no doctor or government official just come to check on us. billions of rupees have been invested in flood relief yet resources are scarth. this medical team visits over 20 locations
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a week to distribute medicine. each time they run out of supplies after just a couple of. beers only have 3 teams in the unit and they have to go just enough if you only have 2 bullets so sometimes multiple teams need to travel together in one boat if we had more medicine we could have more people i mean the bill got on the local market but. the worst of the rain is over but you don't improve to feel a difference and hope for many. for the people of the fam this is simply what a month to look like. was this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on the show spider fighting in the philippines is both a betting sport and a popular pastime but now fans are very worried that the hobby has become too popular. all 1st and soon the tech world where 2 of the
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biggest names have published their results for the quarter to the end of june quarterly profits at google's parent 5 company alphabet tripling to just under 10000000000 dollars the figures beat most analysts expectations and they were the result of higher advertising who would have guessed spent on searches and on you to some 2000000000 of the profits came from licensing cloud computing services now that's a figure doubled in less than 2 years but things are not so rosy for rival amazon sales growth at its cloud division while they fell below 40 percent for the 1st time in the year. ok let's talk about these numbers that was robbed from d.w. business good morning rob a tripling of profits for alpha but what is google getting so right. advertising not advertising itself but helping others to advertise i mean as you mentioned
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their revenues are up 20 percent to 38900000000 for the 2nd quarter of this year 32000000000 of that comes from advertising say that's helping companies to advertise their products through the google search engine point to be able to wards their websites or also advertising through you chew so that's one of the key things and always will be the key thing for google but the other thing as you mentioned is cloud storage that cloud services pulled into 1000000000 in revenues during that period so that's people paying to store that data on alphabets massive. concerns about security in the cloud as well which which a lot of people have expressed concern about in the cloud area but it's a different story at amazon isn't it their their cloud services aren't doing as well but i thought they had the money i mean all the world shopping at amazon has and yeah well it seems that way and in
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a revenues are rising they've also risen by 20 percent the problem is they seem to be making less money from those people they've had their 1st failure to meet expectations on profits during this 2nd quarter for 2 years i'm one of the reasons for that according to according to jeff bezos is the constant. efforts to speed up their delivery times they want to be able to deliver to every amazon prime member within a day of them placing their order online they are managing to increase that but it's costing them a lot of money to improve their infrastructure to be able to do that ok now there's a lot of concerns about google's the tension monopoly position in the search engine market i mean we have to be straight up about that and there are. regulatory pushes underway in the united states not only for google other top silicon valley companies as well now today announced the same kind of regulatory efforts you know all these type of moves
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a threat to google amazon the big tech giants well it's costing the money we know that much i mean the e.u. were perhaps the 1st to really get on top of google in terms of these things and over the past 2 years they find them 3 times to the tune of $9000000000.00 in total as you mentioned we've heard today from australia they're looking at google who have a 31 percent share of the market in digital advertising they're also looking at facebook to get a look into whether or not that i'm see competitive we've heard from the justice departments and the united states just last week saying that they're also going to be looking at sec competition issues within big tech firms and it just looks like the scrutiny is going to continue some the pichai the c.e.o. . we understand there will be scrutiny and we're going to engage constructively ok we'll see what that means if it weighs on profits in the future rob was did of your business thanks very much. well it's to britain now
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where european and european union leaders rather have rejected a call by britain's new prime minister to reopen talks on that country's departure from the european commission president john clarke younger told boris johnson in a phone call that no renegotiation was possible in his 1st address to parliament as prime minister johnson called on the use to return to the table or risk leaving without a deal the minister was forthright boris johnson making his 1st address to parliament as prime minister he repeated his promise to execute brigs that by october 31st under any circumstances. i would prefer to leave the e.u. with a deal i would much prefer. i believe that it is possible even at this late stage and i will work that hard to make it happen. but certain things need to be clear the withdrawal agreement negotiated by my predecessor has been 3 times rejected by
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this house its terms are unacceptable to this parliament and to this country but we know that european union he says should rethink its refusal to renegotiate remain to us we must turbo charge our preparation in spades you know if they do know we will of course have to leave the u.k. without an agreement under article 50. the u.k. is better prepared for that situation than many believe. the opposition says johnson is setting a dangerous course that has called for a new public vote and if the country is deeply worried that the new prime minister overestimates himself those recklessly advocating jail won't be the ones who lose out if the prime minister has confidence in his plan once he's decided what it is he should go back to the people with that. earlier
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johnson's cabinet met for the 1st time they've been labeled team leave dominated by hard line breaks it is johnson has set his government on course for a tussle with brussels. it's to the philippines now where spider fighting is a popular pastime with a tradition as a children's game but the growth of betting around spider fighting has now made it popular with adults as well and environmentalist's are warning that populations of spiders in the wild are under threat clear richardson sent us this report from the philippines. there you go. that and. that's a winner. for some it's a cruel blood sport for others spider fighting is a beloved childhood game and national pastime that's why. we call it.
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that's a local name spiders come by. this man keeps hundreds of spiders as pets hand feeding them dice tramp and making sure they get enough exercise. he says spiders are an important part of filipino culture and he's worried they're on their last legs. he cannot be saved this kind of creatures will be here to more years we're also show you a spider fighting is best known as a schoolyard game for children they cost roughly a euro each meaning almost anyone can afford to play more recently it's turned into a popular form of gambling. and illegal derbies can mean big money you will never be able to ship exactly to meet the demand spiders are shipped to buyers all over the philippines a trade scientists have warned could threaten populations in the wild. it's a trend a spider collectors have seen for themselves but they blame new housing developments
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for destroying natural habitats and making it harder than ever to find the arachnids. some dave where we go into you know on spiders if our children are going through experience these kinds of you know adventurers right no 3 me hard for us to find the spots and the place that we can. they search by night when spiders build their webs scientists fear taking spiders out of the wild could spell disaster since they protect crops by eating harmful pests but there's plenty researchers don't know about local populations and in the past hobbyists like these have provided crucial information about different species we're going see this one is making all of. my god it's not just taking.
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further the hunters know they need something left to catch in the future that's why they've brought back spider execs to release into the wild. a 3rd to clear most we are going to. expose them more aficionados like him want more research done into spiders and their habitats here as the 1st step toward saving them it's the only way their children will enjoy the same thrill of catching spiders with their friends. let's get you up to date now on some of the stories we're following for you today 2 sisters from saudi arabia have made a plea for asylum after alleging they were physically abused by family members are part of a growing number of saudi women trying to escape that kingdom's male guardianship system. and european countries are recording all time high temperatures for a 2nd straight day as
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a heat wave bakes the confidence that's kept emergency services busy in a number of areas and transportation has been affected. well don't forget you can always get to the news on the go just download iraq and that will give you access to the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications breaking news you can also use it to send us photos and. i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much.
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ico africa in the primate capital on the world. uganda is given a forest national park is hidden deep in the jungle. its range is ensure the
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survival of chimps i'm tired the creature. concept for subsistence eco tourism. up. next on g.w. . i'm not laughing out of the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up in the winter that the germans think sneak into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes to question but interesting to see if i'm trying to guide on the time. needed to be picked for this drama day out cause it's cold out there. i'm a joke join me from the german sunday w. post the finest girl in the global tourist guide for germany's booming shuttle i
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love berlin. 50 nations 50 stories and 15 very personal tips from berlin's very best features. book now planet money the euro max series every week on d w. hello then welcome to the latest edition of eco africa and now it's i mean from lagos nigeria now there's so much you can learn on this show if you have a hiding questions about the environment and what you can do on your part just stay
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tuned but for now let me introduce my colleague from the show from south africa high end see i hope you're fine and greetings to all you.


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